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The World’s Largest context-qualified econometric Civics Library, WAOH is the reporting arm of the Global Leadership Faculty and Scientific Societies Programme of fact-tank CSQ Research

WAOH supports country builders, explaining responsible national governance, voting, and human advance with evidence-based science exclusively. Civics includes all faculties of Economics, Business, Finance, Law, Government, Education, and Social Science.

At WAOH, 60,000+ policy reports, and 50,000+ indicators and causal aggregates are organized here into Methods and Programs – as explained by the Global Leadership Book of Knowledge (GL-BOK)

Global Leadership, and its Book of Knowledge, examines the social and economic performance of every nation – from viewpoints: by role, by industry, by indicator importance (causality), by reporting, etc., as follows:


  1. GL-BOK and The Book Table of ContentsCausal, Sustainable, Neutral, and Unsustainable – Measures and policy categorized by importance, context, and track records of success or collapse
  2. Data Science – by RankTransition Economics ranks 2,000 indicators and 60,000 surveys in TEP Causality Reports (see Science of 70 ), Scatter XY Plots, and Indicator Timelines with Context, Targets, Visualization tools, dashboards, quantitative and probability sciences. TE uses techniques similar to those used in quality control, casinos, and as SaberMetrics shown in the 2011 movie MoneyBall with Brad Pitt
  3. A Right Plan – by Role – Our Aristotelean Right Plan suggests four roles of policy –  Social, Government (Public), Business, and Finance
  4. By Industry – Manufacturing, Real Estate, Imports, Exports, etc.
  5. Transition Engineering – seeding SDG -Sustainable Development Goals is essential in every nation
  6. FDR built the greatest economy in history based on strong social contracts, living wages, regulating opportunistic unproductive business, and correcting inequality. America’s greatest export is FDR’s Second Bill of Rights
  7. The Bible – is a second update of the Codes/Constitutions of Hammurabi and Ur’Nammu, and a Civics textbook that explains lessons learned in 3,000 years of civic rise and fall. 800 Constitutions are based on the Bible and all nations that follow a full list of its human rights are advancing today. CSQ Research’s CASE Study and thesis “The Book” – updates The Bible for a third time – with evidence-based science validating it in a context for today’s now-literate populations
  8. Reporting – a study of important and misleading reports. Reports can hide or identify problems that need solving. Reports should explain performance, common lies, scientific proofs, and truth of problems so that they can be corrected
  9. Indexes – aggregation permits the combining of 50,000+ indicators to act as causal indicators which are optimized to maximize a probability of success. Social Contract, Social Contract Product, and similar thematic indexes use a TE Index approach
  10. FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions offer search engines featured snippets based on WAOH’s evidence-based scientific Standard of Research
  11. ITSM Managed Services – Service Catalogs, Service-Level Management, MACs – SLA-Managed Moves/Adds/Changes; Problem, Incident, and Knowledge Management
  12. Collapse Motivators – are examples of merit and bonuses awarded within our society for our civilization’s collapse:  Pharmaceutical Treatments without Cures, HR Policy that creates Genocide, and so on …
  13. APIs – Available to universities and government organizations, TE APIs make real-time TEP charts easy and quick to display and compare using your own data science developments
  14. Epistemology –  Engineering Best Practices, Expert Systems, Highest Probability of Success approaches, Lessons-Learned, Project/Program/Case/Change Management, LEED, SCRUM, Data Science, Quality Control, Failure Analysis, Data Science Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Material Science, and Peer Review (in today’s Academia, an unscientific peer-review process has created a systemic mediocracy with near-100% false-positive endorsements of harmful Business, Finance, Law, Economics, Public Health, and Political Studies curricula)
  15. About WAOH


Scientific, meaningful, disambiguated, and measurable terms are essential to any productive discussion. See Global Leadership’s Masterlist of Terms here

Examples of scientific, measurable terms include Advance, Collapse, Causal (scoring greater than 95% and higher in TEPs),  Sustainable (often scoring greater than 80%), Neutral, Unsustainable (these measurable policies can help monetize Boom Economies short-term but always collapse with time in any economic season), Aggregates/Indexes, Transition Economics, Evidence-based science, Use Cases, Social Contract, Production & Productivity, and more …

BASIC Principles: Economies are High Transaction Systems

Economies are high-transaction systems; like a busy casino. This means that economies that run only policies with a higher probability of success are mathematically certain to Advance The opposite is true too: Nations with low Causal-indicator scores are assured to Collapse

Science in Civics is really this simple …

EVERY PROBLEM IS SOLVABLE, so at WAOH we find and fix our problems, instead of hiding and ignoring them

Confirm our calculations for yourself

To build any TEP Chart here for yourself, visit our Science of 70% tutorial and start with a basic Excel template. You can also upload a much larger sample pack on the About WAOH page under Contributions (click here for that file). There are a lot of examples in this larger pack, allowing you to create your own TEP frequency distribution charts based on any international survey. We’ve simply automated those same calculations here – and taken it to a commercial API and Console with MEMS.

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MEMS’ Enterprise AI Consoles and APIs are cutting-edge social and economic decision-support.
Country policy builders, universities, and finance industry governors can easily unlock the full power of data science to recover the $4.3 billion lost daily to every economy today

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Evidence-based Economics is a Computer Science

Standard of Research

WAOH is CSQ’s Standard of Research and it has been designed to be yours as well. Like all Global Leadership curricula, WAOH is 100% evidence-based science that requires all facts to be documented and confirmed to be “in context” with a historical track record of notable success.

Transition Economics (TE) is the simple evidence-based econometric data science that visualizes and proves the merit of economies and social policy. Like TE, WAOH always compares against successful nations and it qualifies data for context – considered together with all the factors that relate to it.

If your faculty is studying TE or thinking of adding it to curricula, please send a note to task@csq1.org and reach out to ask for help and teaching resources.

Researchers, Contributors, and Educators wishing to add research material to the library, please see About WAOH

Global Leadership

The Global Leadership Book of KnowledgeWAOH is explained by the Global Leadership Book of Knowledge (GL-BOK), which was first released in 2021 alongside a case study – The Book, which explained how to use it.

The greatest revelations taken from the scientific evidence-based study of economics – is that Productivity advances any nation  AND that there is no separation between economy and society; to suggest that there can be separation is a proven-failed theory entirely. Leaders are experts who build strong economies by ensuring Good Lives (Social Contract), monetized production, living wages, single-income families, and affordable Cost of Living and homeownership.

Belief-based theories and ideologies like Wealth Theory, Neoliberalism, etc., collapse nations reliably. Theory and ideology create collapse that is dangerous, expensive, socially irresponsible, avoidable, and correctable too. EVERY problem is solvable …


What new insights are possible with evidence-based science?

Constitutional Reform is Essential Today1. In a Case Study of every Constitution, we found that one Constitution creates advance reliably. Would it surprise you to learn that America introduced the world to it, and yet it’s not the Constitution that this collapsing nation uses today?

The Book - The Scientific Update of the Bible2. In our Case Study of the Bible, GL-BOK and TE were able to confirm that “ta Biblia” (Greek for “the Books”) was not religious, and was scientific. The Bible was used (and abused) by religions, but The Bible’s lessons are scientific because they are based on proven Constitutions (the Codes of Hammurabi and Ur’ Nammu) and observed success across 3,000 years of civil rise and fall.

A 1% literacy rate mandated its storytelling format, but the Bible’s teaching tools of a Father, Son, and Holy Spirit explain a trinity of personal values and behaviors that build successful societies reliably

Our Values are

  • Good – Systemic Empathy in actions and in law
  • Respect – the Golden Rule’s respect for family and neighbours
  • Creation – building, and the shepparding/leadership of human advance

Ideologies: are ideas about how a society should operate, and most ideologies are harmful (false idols): NAZIism, Right and Left Divisionism, Neoliberalism (Wealth theory), Rugged Individualism (cold indifference to our neighbors), Marxism, Feminism, Libertarian, and other utopian ideas.

The Bible endorsed only an ideology of Family Values and it warned us that “The Beast” (merchant-class economic powers – also called Oligarchy) use tactical wealth and political manipulations to drive nations to collapse consistently, throughout the long history of civilization. When we allow Oligarchies to band together – without regulation, every nation loses enormous percentages of their productivity – often 50% to 100% of their economies – as we see today

Global Leadership Sciences Dashboard3. Education Reform: 75% of university degree graduates don’t learn science (citation); and, our boardrooms and investment committees are filled 90% with these indoctrinated grads as well

Education is indoctrination and university curricula are “fictions” whenever their lessons cannot be verified in evidence-based observation.

Micro and Macroeconomics, Marx, Wealth Theory, and similar teachings are theory-based AND proven false for a century now. The Scientific Method called false theories “fiction” and the Bible called them “false idols” and lies. Today, academia hides the very real collapse of 62% of 207 nations before COVID – ANDthe fact that no Civics faculties teach evidence-based science – not Business, Economics, Government, Education, Law, Finance, or Social – none!

We found a performance problem and an anti-male bias (anti-family-values) where fully 60% of males (and 40% of females) in North America drop out of 4-year bachelor programs while 60% of admissions are female

Deprecate fiction and insist on Science. A scientific approach and proof of success are mandated in Global Leadership curricula. TE, for example, deprecates Wealth-theory (Micro/Macroeconomics’ Supply, Demand, Cost, Profit, Labor, GDP, Stock Market Performance, Sales Economies, U-3 Unemployment, Finance Accounting) because they teach reliable social collapse, as do many of the reports that we rely on to decide who to vote for.

Can you remember when Businesses used to create the greatest economies and societies in history? It was only 70 years ago, yet our universities today teach tactical collapse while ignoring the strategic advance taught to students in the 1940s and 1950s.

An Evidence-based Policy Library

WAOH contributes curriculum to the emerging academic field of Global Leadership by curating 1,700 indicators, indexes, and 60,000 reports for 210 countries over 200+ years, sorted by causality with context provided by expert systems and best-practice Epistemology (Project & Case Management, Socratic Method, Scientific Method, quantified multi-approach validation).

Library tools are simple and explain How-Tos that build an advancing society – and a sustainable World Peace too. Economic Development groups have access to sophisticated planning tools in MEMS AI and APIs, which provide a comprehensive solution of Data Science Analytics, program management, monitoring, and interactive dashboard reporting tools, designed to recover the $4.3 billion lost daily to every economy on average today

Note: COVID greatly disrupted 2020 Export and Trade Balance statistics. For this reason, the library relies on 2018 and 2019 trade measures for baseline TEP analytics

Observation by Method and Program

WAOH presents 11 Methods and 5 Programmes that look at our world from different points of view – by role, by industry, by importance, by successes, and so on. Begin by selecting the tab that corresponds with each “Method” here – and “Programs” are accessible from the “Learning” menu tabs above …

Methods Overview

3:  Go To Aristotle’s Right Plans

The Four Pillars of a Right Plan

The Right Plan is the one whose ends, means, practical thinking and purposeful action result in a Good Life. A life full of things you need – and not necessarily a life full of everything you want. With a little luck, goods in body and soul, and by making a habit of good choices that reflect moral virtues of temperance, courage, and justice, a Good Life should be sought and found

Abridged from Politic 322 BCE (Messerly, 2013)

Method 6: Go To FDR’s Proven Turn-around

In the 1930s, American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) worked against Congress and Senate obstruction to ensure tens of millions of starving Americans had the basics of life.

FDR’s Second Bill of Rights policies were taken straight from the Bible (the Codes of Hammurabi and Ur-Nammu) and laid the foundation for the American Dream’s strong Social Contract that built the greatest economy in history

Science is measurable, repeatable Observation!

Method 7:  Go to The Bible

The Book - The Scientific Update of the Bible

The Book – The Scientific Update of the Bible

The first five books of the Bible are the third update of Hammurabi and Ur-Nammu’s Code and Constitution; it’s not a book about religion. The Bible was created to explain civics: basic instructions on how to build good lives and strong communities. The Bible was scientific too because it based its lessons on best practices learned over two-thousands years of observing civic rise and fall

Ten Commandments of Ur-NammuCode of Hammurabi line-by-line

Method 8:  Go To Reports

Political Opportunism – Hidden, Misleading, and Essential Reports

The first step in solving any problem is to see that a problem exists. When Constitutions permit politicians groups to build dysfunctional democracies, they will invariably prefer reporting that is always positive, irrelevant, and designed to appease sponsors

Method 9:  Go To Collapse Motivators

What are Collapse Motivators?

Collapse Motivators are a Method of Global Leadership academics introduced by the Global Leadership Book of Knowledge. Collapse Motivators document processes that work against the success of civilization and humanity

Method 10:  Go To Aggregates – Indexed Indicators

Transition Economics permits Proofs (TEP Charts) using indices – measures created by combining multiple individual indicators, similar to the S&P 500 Index

Go To About – The WAOH World at Our Hands Report

Method 1:  TE’s Policy Library – by Causality

Transition Economics‘ Proofs and Method support the following categorization of Policies

World at Our Hands



TEP Chart Indicators

Social Contract *

Social Contract over Time

Social Contract over Time

Social Contract

SCP * Social Contract Product 

SC Product

SCL * Social Contract Loss per Capita

Social Contract Loss $ per DaySocial Contract Loss as a %GDP

SC Loss

Social Contract Loss (Averages $4.3 billion US daily per nation)

Trade Surplus *

Trade %GDPTrade Bal $

TED Social Contract vs Social Problems

Trade Surplus is higher in high Social Contract Nations

TE Threshold Analytics

Top 20

Threshold Analytics Can vs NLD with Hints

Viewpoint and Category Panels


MEMS Buttons

Export per Capita & GDP **

Export %GDP

TE Trial Indicators

GDP PPP per Capita **

Income per capita, bottom 40% of population ***

Causal Policy

Abundance and Prosperity

Poverty and scarcity is poor leadership; Abundance is Strategic Planning in any civics or engineering classroom

“Be good to each other and export more than import;  be self-sufficient”

Right Planning


The Bible is NOT a religious book. Religions used and abused the Bible, but its first five books are our first Constitutions and Books of Law – The Codes of Hammurabi and Ur’ Nammu, and the remaining 68 books are a scientific civics textbook with lessons taught using storytelling

Code of Hammurabi line-by-lineTen Commandments of Ur-Nammu

EVERY large nation that follows all Human Rights mandated in this Constitution is advancing today

EVERY nation (> 15 million population) that does not, is collapsing – and collapse every 60-years reliably

Citation: The Science of Constitutional Reform

… which is why 800 Constitutions are based on the Bible since 1791

The greatest economy in history was created by FDR’s Second Bill of Rights (taken from the Bible), which corrected the U.S. Constitution after slaveowner “Founding Fathers” cherry-picked (from the Bible) just the rights that kept their slaves as “property”

Importantly, the Bible taught the difference between essential values and harmful ideology:

Values: Using the teaching tools of a Father, Son, and Holy Spirit:

  1. Good – systemic empathy in actions and in Law (in “Lord”)
  2. Respect – of family, women, children, parents, neighbours, travelers, and respect for truth and human capital also – known in every religion as the Golden Rule
  3. Creation – Building and the shepparding of Human Advance

—  Versus  —

Ideologies – “false idols” and “the Beast”. 99% of ideologies are harmful and are definitely not our values

See also: Ideologies

Do you not imagine that the NAZIs interviewed their leaders to ensure their “values” aligned with the NAZI party’s ideology? They did of course, and citizens were forced to forget their values as the country was destroyed by war.

This is timelessly important teaching because merchant-class Oligarchies have always collapsed societies reliably. Their collapse leave them with no alternative (in democratic voting populations) other than to control reporting, media, indoctrination, and hearts and minds because no responsible voter would vote for them again based on their truthfully reported poor performance and misleadership

The Book - The Scientific Update of the Bible

Electricity & Line Loss

ElectricityTransmission Loss

FACT Tanks

Fact Tanks differ from Thinktanks

Fact tanks present evidence-based sciences, driven by a Standard of Research, and reporting that supports a concerted effort to forward Good, Respect and Human Advance – as factually and truthfully as possible

Fact Tanks can have a difficult time finding billionaire and government sponsorship, so donate whenever you can


Freedom is essential to strong societies and economies in science, but it’s also an ambiguous term that we want to define as:

  • The Right of a Good Job – access to Income
  • The Right of a Living Wage – that well affords Costs of Living
  • The Right of a Pension and Security in Old Age
  • The Right of a good Home and Home Ownership
  • Truthful Reporting
  • Expert Leadership
  • Protection from over-reaching, intrusion, and harm

Freedom by this definition enables Productivity, which created the greatest economies and societies in history in the 1940s and 1950s, and can easily double our economies again today also …

FDR called his “Freedom Campaigns” his Second Bill of Rights, and it was extremely successful 

Good Homes &
Home Ownership

Housing price rises in Canada highest in G20

The right to a good home is an essential human right

According to:

  • The Bible – its first five books update successful Constitutions observing 3000 years of civic rise and fall
  • FDR’s Second Bill of Rights – which built the greatest economy in history
  • The United Nations Universal Human Rights
  • The Canadian Bill of Rights of 1961 – was ignored and Canada is now marginally collapsing as homes have become unaffordable
  • This is true in evidence-based science for all countries too

EVERY nation that assures homeownership in Constitution is advancing today Citation


Housing CostsRentsOwn:Rent RatioOwn:Income

Housing Bubbles must be regulated and prevented

The Bloomberg Housing Bubble Index

Housing Bubbles

Human Rights

Sufficient Income and Living Wage, Food, Housing, Healthcare, Education

EVERY large nation that provides the United Nation’s UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) Constitution is advancing today. UDHR was FDR’s Second Bill of Rights which also created the greatest economy in history for America 70 years ago

Where did FDR get this list? From The Bible’s Constitution

Why does UDHR work? Because it permits all citizens to be productive

Cost of LivingCost of EducationAccess to PhDLongevity Mortality <5 Maternal Death

The US Constitution was created by slave owners, does not protect human rights sufficiently, collapses America every 60 years, and is proven to collapse all other nations when they use it too (once their populations exceed 15 million people). This is a very correctable problem …

Access to Income

Living Wages, Full Employment, UBI Universal Basic Income, Safety Nets are essential

See Inequality


Salaried Males


Inequality is the greatest problem of our generation, as we stumble (very foolishly) into another leadership void and mature capitalism imbalance created by incomes not matching costs of living – and poor civics training

The solution to Inequality is Trickle-Up. Trickle Up built and builds the greatest economies in history, while Trickle Down builds collapse reliably

Income inequality (GINI)

Cost of LivingLowest 40% Income GINI  Inc/Capita Lowest-40%

Income Inequity

Income GINIs of .26 enabled the greatest boom in history

Top Tax Rates

Historic Income Tax – Top Percentile

Income and Wealth Inequality costs every nation $4 billion per day; the USA loses $30 billion per day (50% of their economy)

The Social Contract Loss Report

Palma Ratio

Top 10% incomes divided by bottom 40% is an important emerging inequality measurePalma Ratio

Wealth Distribution

Wealth Distribution GINI

Wealth GINI Wealth/Adult

Inheritance Tax

American Dream Wealth

Wealth Inequity dropped to .66 in 1944, at the start of the greatest economy in history

Inheritance Tax

100-years of Inheritance Tax – Top Percentile

Fed Reserve Wealth Inequality 2022

Fed Reserve Wealth Inequality 2022

Internet Access



Leadership – both Strategic and Tactical, requires a firm understanding of proven-successful civics, scientific evidence-based policies, and Constitutions

The only “side” you should be voting for is Advance. ACT Parties are essential because democracies can’t vote for advance nor leadership today, with media and the merchant class’s money and support of harmful Right and Left ideologies

An old trick of population control installs non-expert non-leaders into high positions nationwide, while marginalizing the engineers, builders, most experienced (human capital), and smartest citizens of a nation. Reports of national collapse are hidden and harmful ideologies are applauded. Poland has been a victim since WWII, as has Russia, Canada, Britain, and the USA

GL-BOK  is The Global Leadership Book of Knowledge

The Global Leadership Book of Knowledge

Health Care and Longevity

More than “Expected Lifespan at Birth”, Longevity – is a causal measure of any nation’s healthcare infrastructure and human rights

Insufficient basic needs of life (Income, Food, Housing, Healthcare, Education, etc.) lead to reduced longevity and the opposite is true as well

Nations with longer lifespans advance while nations with lower longevity collapse

Longevity Mortality <5 Maternal Death


%GDP & per Capita



National Self-Sufficiency Infrastructure for ALL basics of life (SDGs) by industry

Freedom from competition for jobs and goods from other nations

Culture – is essential to any country

Trade Balance

Worthwhile Industries

SEED Automating Social Contracts & Self Sufficiency


90% of the world have no pensions while pensions create advance reliably for any nation

SC Product


GDP Growth

Production Economies and productivity are important and causal to economic success

Production vs Consumption

Production Economies are Sustainable and it’s important to keep Consumption lower

Electricity Energy Use

See also Consumption


The best measure of National Productivity is GDP Growth (%GDP) 10-Year Moving Average


National Productivity – China versus G7

SC Product Social Contract

Right Plans

National Right Plans are essential Leadership. Planning with measurable targets can be met reliably by Program and Performance Management experts

CSQ Research supports: two engineering plans for World Peace …

WP Projects – a Plan that relies on United Nations coordination

Worthwhile Industries – a  Finance Industry-led Plan

And the CSQ 100-Year Plan

CSQ 100 Year Plan

Safety Nets


Safety Nets that protect productivity and good lives despite changes in technology, automation, and business closure – are essential

Welfare programs that don’t ensure access to incomes (a good job), or a good home, or insufficient financial supports – collapse any nation


Domestic Savings

Personal Savings % GDP – Causal – Creates Advancing Economies




Agri %GDP

BigMac Currency Conversion

Big Mac

Carbon Dioxide CO2

CO2 is Important

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is NOT a greenhouse gas, does not heat the planet, nor is it a pollutant

Rather, CO2 is a staple of life for our planet, and currently at record-low levels  – and approaching starvation levels too at the present time

CO2 Starvation

Carbon Dioxide CO2 Starvation on Earth



Consumption TEP reports explain the importance of a low Cost of Living

Consumption per GDP should be low while Consumption in $ must be not-less than $25 to $40k US

Production vs Consumption

A Production Economy is essential and it’s also important to keep Consumption costs low

Consumption GDPConsumption Consumptn/Cap

Cost of Living to Income Ratio

Wages must exceed Living Costs 

Nations with higher costs of living than incomes, collapse …

Cost of Living

Circular Economy

Environment & Life-Cycle Mgmt

Circular Economy

Environment Quality assured by Circular Economy Planning & Operational SOPs

Credentialing of Experts

The Great Resignation is a recent phenomenon created by the appointment of non-expert non-leaders into top leadership roles and boardrooms

MBAs, CPA Accountants, and Human Resource leads are experts of nothing, and yet we have put them in charge of hiring and investment as we eliminated 20-year expert middle managers and their human capital expertise

An expert is not going to work for a junior non-expert, who is trained in proven-false Wealth theory. And, a 30-year-old “boss”, is going to look at expert leaders with a lifetime of experience and human capital learning – as “inflexible”, “too expensive”, and intimidating too. We forfeit leadership and common sense in our hiring today, so business no longer builds strong economies – and it tears them down instead

Experts must lead

Universities are credentialing:

  • Far more – 75%?: non-expert Social Faculties Grads – Law, Business, Finance, Economics, Government, Social Civics
  • Far fewer – 25%?: expert engineers, computer and science leads
  • Low testosterone – 60% of students are female and 60% of males drop out of 4-year degrees across North America
  • No Credentialing is available to the human capital experts who created the computing environments that our societies are absolutely dependent upon today

Citation: Notice to Academic Institutions

Global Leadership Sciences Dashboard

Global Leadership Sciences Dashboard

By the stats, Academics today are low-testosterone memorizers, and lifelong followers, without the ability to introspect – aka Not leaders! 

Every CNIB dog recognizes when they are presented with a false reality, because they are “mirror tested” for this ability as a puppy. A majority of Academics appear to not recognize when they are presented with false training

The problem is correctable, like every problem, but has gotten only worse with recent “Woke” political grasping and indoctrination campaigns

Graduates by Gender

Graduates by Gender – A Failing Grade for Universities and Colleges

Credit (%GDP)

CreditHousehold Debt


Culture is important and must be preserved by every nation

A recent example of cultural vandalism was Canada’s abolishment of “Merry Christmas” in seasonal advertising and government correspondence

“Christ” is not a man’s name, it means “anointing with oil”, a practice of all Abrahamic Religions, and even more so with the Christian communities that introduced land titling systems and European development to North America

Christians use oil in seven sacraments where Muslims anoint with oil in one and Jews anoint in two sacraments

Switzerland has its Lederhosen

Greece breaks plates

France has its Architecture

Italy has its Art and fast cars

Increasing Debt

Debt and Inequity

Low-Tax Policy rose both Inequity and Debt

Govt DebtLong-term DebtDebt Service

Debt Forgiveness

Every major nation in Europe had debt written down in the 1930s to 1950s

Debt Forgiveness


Training in scientific, strategic Civics is essential to any society – in Economics, Government Policy, Law, Finance, Education, Social Studies, and Business

In North America today:

  • 60% of university admissions are female
  • 60% of males drop out (of four-year) bachelor’s degree programs
  • testosterone, leadership, and family values – are targeted to fail according to the evidence
  • Canada, USA, Mexico are collapsing alongside 62% of nations internationally, due to no education in evidence-based strategic civics

Citation: Notice to Institutions

Education methods are:

Mastery-based learning ensures that all pupils have mastered key concepts before moving on to the next topic – as we see in employer-paid apprenticeships

Memory-based training advances students with just a percentage of retained instructions and is far less valuable. This approach leaves pupils with gaps and misunderstandings that widen with every year of training

Theory and Memory-training dominate today

  1. Useless education and mathematic obfuscationUnscientific maths and modeling are unnecessary for 99% of careers and also hide untrue theories and ideology
  2. Theory-based curricula have replaced scientific evidence-based training (see swimlanes above)
  3. Creates a national dumb-down because no science (no reality) is taught and only unqualified, non-expert grads – who do not question instructions, can graduate and then be hired to leadership roles in society
  4. Academia has today created consistent national collapse because unqualified “memorizers of failed theory”, now sit on boards and parliaments to make very poor investment decisions for all of us

U.N. Education Index, Cost, and Spending

ALL nations that offer free education are advancing and the U.N.’s Education Index is too simple presently, counting the number of years in class only

Cost of EducationEducation Spend %GDPSpend/Student

TASK is waiting for funding to improve these statistics, so please consider donating

Education Reform

Education Reforms cannot come fast enough, as mentioned above – citation Notice to Academic Institutions

TASK Academic Challenge

CSQ Research’s TASK Challenge reintroduces science (reality) to university programs taken over by theory and ideology in collapsing nations

The TASK Program ranks schools in every nation by scientific performance-managed measures. If a nation is collapsing – and we realize that a nation’s (mis?)leadership can advance or collapse this 100%, universities in that country must teach neither advance nor good leadership – because the country is collapsing

Groups like Harvard, Yale, and Stanford enjoy massive marketing budgets to convince us of their superior education system, while their country is falling apart hidden from local view and correction

TASK Academic Challenge

TASK ensures that Academic Curriculums teach Science – and not the theory and ideology-based curricula that collapse so many nations today


Clean $ Energy – Nuclear, Gas, Geo, Hydrogen

Energy Loss

Electric Loss

Energy – Fuel

Diesel Prices at the Pump

Diesel Fuel Prices by Country

Diesel Fuel Prices by Country – Highest is darker

Diesel Costs

Family Values

Two-Parent, Single Income Families – with Heads of Households are essential

“Division by Gender” political campaigns indoctrinate girls in harmful (actually sociopathic) anti-family-values theory – for Power (for votes)

Every nation wants to guarantee that living wage incomes are available to a family head of household, to sustain population and culture.

Families SCP TEP

Studies confirm that males commit suicide at a rate of .79% for every 1% of unemployment, and this is confirmed by Canada’s now-highest male suicide rate in the G7 – after female and diversity hiring quotas became law in 2019

Citation:  Gender Equality Genocide

Encourage: Single Income Families, Core Families, Right to Living Wages, Right to a good Home, Heads of Household, Sustainable Fertility Rates, Gender Respect, Heterosexual Lifestyles (for pre-teens)

Avoid: Double Income Families, Utility Families, High Divorce Rates, Unsustainable Fertility  (less-than 2.2), Gender Equality (creates national genocides), LGBT (for pre-teens)


Foreign Direct Investment – FDI Outflows is a very good thing, FDI Inflows is not a benefit

FDI OutflowsFDI Inflows

Fertility Rates

Sustainable Fertility Rates (Birthrates) are essential to culture, language and population. A rate of 2.3 children per woman is break-even and this is the reason the Bible instructed Family Values for any population

64 of 70 high-income nations vote for female equality campaigns that hide a 30% population loss every 20-years; a Crime against Humanity hidden to gain Power

Fertility Rate

Female Workforce, Labour Participation Fertility Rate F:M Ratio, Labour, FertilityF:M Ratio, Labour, FertilitySustainable BirthratesFertility Rates less than 2.2Birthrates fall below 2.2

Gender Respect is a core value; NOT “Gender Equality in the Workplace”. How can a Crime against Humanity ensure good lives, families, and sustainable populations? It can not and it clearly does not.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

FDR’s policies created the greatest economy and society in history. His Constitution went on to become the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights which is today shared by 83 nations

FDR's Unfinished Revolution

EVERY large nation that follows FDR’s Constitution today is advancing

EVERY nation (> 15 million population) that does not, is collapsing


ACT Parties build FDR Constitutions and political parties that emulate his policies in every nation that has need of rebalancing

ACT Canada

FDR's Second Bill of Rights

FDR’s Second Bill of Rights was based on our civilization’s first Constitutions – as explained in the Bible

GDP per Capita

  1. GDP is a 2,000th of 24,000 ranked report
  2. GDP Growth – is a 1,200 rank report
  3. GDP-per-Capita ranks 300th
  4. GDP-PPP-per-Capita – 100th rank
  5. Export-per-Capita – 200th Rank
  6. Social Contract – is a #1 Ranked measure

GDP per Capita GDP-PPP/Cap

Government Spending

Govt Spending


Healthcare Spending (% GDP-PPP)

Health Spending

Human Capital and Experience

  • There were no university degrees in technology when the people who built the internet and intranets, created today’s infrastructure in the 1990s and 2000s. Universities could never keep up with the cost and rate of change – which now lies in the hands of uncredentialed experts
  • 60% of males drop out (of four-year) bachelor degree programs, everything these people learn in career is lost today

Imports are for Trade Surplus Nations Only

Imports in Trade Surplus


See WAOH’s “By Industry” page for industry-by-industry detail reports



The Global Innovation Index is an important measure that shows innovation is important to the advance of any economy and societyInnovation


Owing to their ability to correct the imbalance and social problems that democracy makes impossible during a mature capitalism, accountable Monarchies – and also China’s single-party government, are leading production growth over G7 nations consistently

China National Productivity
UAE UAE vs G7 Production

Note that GDP Growth isn’t always the best measure in every country because GDP reports miscount inflation, housing bubbles, bank mortgages, and other non-production general ledger items as production

SCP Reports for each Monarchy confirms that these economies are as strong as the advancing G7 nations (Germany, Japan, and Italy) as well. Find the UAE SCP 2 Report above and the other monarchy nations are similar

Homelessness is rare in Monarchy-led nations

GDP GrowthSCP 2


National self-sufficiency, growing wealth, population, and culture from within – is essential for every nation

FDI-Out is good; In is bad

Immigration – is only a value during boom periods when it can help bolster the monetization of abundant opportunity

Govt Spending

Scientific Societies

Teaching scientific civics lessons that are proven to advance nations reliably is essential. Our failure to provide this explains the broad collapses we see today, which are due to our teaching theory-based and ideology-based curricula instead

csq1.org/SSP  – Scientific Societies Programmes curricula is taught and assured by the emerging academic faculty of Global Leadership

Smart Cities

Smart Cities 2020Smart Cities Report Map 2020

Modern cities with top amenities are an important indicator of National Advance


Middle Eastern nations use Industry Revenues so no-one pays Income Tax, while the west taxes primarily those with the least ability to pay tax. This drives productivity and production growth to the lowest levels since the 1930s

Fed Reserve Wealth Inequality 2022Worldwide Production Growth lowest since 1930s

Income TaxInheritance

Sales Tax Corporate Tax

Note: Populations with sufficient living wages, savings, and homes are not concerned about taxes that pay for their high standard of living

Inheritance Tax 100-years of Inheritance Tax – Top Percentile

Top Tax Rates

Historic Income Tax – Top Percentile

Tourism Spending


U.N. Happiness Index

World Happiness


In the 1930s, NAZI’s asked citizens to confuse a harmful ideology – for their “values”. Today, Feminists and Libertarians ask us to accept their values the same – with even more harmful consequences

Values are behaviours – Good, Respect, and Human Advance

Experts, Human Capital, Leaders, Merit, Human Rights of Family Pensions, affordable cost-of-living, housing, etc., all support populations that can be productive and prosperous while learning and teaching important values

—  versus  —

Racism, Ageism, Sexism, Division – by Class, Wealth, or Ideology (Left and Right Divisionism, Neoliberalism, Libertarian – Cold Indifference to neighbors, Feminism, NeoNAZIism, etc.) are harmful. Political campaigns that create infanticides and poverty; are clearly NOT our values. Many ideologies create Crimes against Humanity as well

Values create measurable benefits and prosperous societies, while ideologies do not; which is why the Bible warned against “false idols” 1,700 years ago

See: Ideologies



Statistics in Vancouver and San Francisco indicate that 30% of homeless individuals in the USA and Canada, suffer from mental illness and/or addiction to alcohol or drugs

This means that 70% of homeless people are viable, want to find an income, and are simply denied access

For addicts, an unsupervised income and ready access to drugs or alcohol can be a death sentence

It’s not unusual for social problems to erupt on the day that welfare cheques arrive in an isolated high-addiction community, so more clever approaches are needed to make these affected centers productive again

Everyone wants to be Productive

Populations create the greatest economies and societies whenever the opportunity is afforded. This is proven in evidence-based science throughout WAOH again and again

AlcoholMale SmokingFemale SmokingOverWeight <5

Balanced Budgets

Large economies with large budget surpluses advance; and slightly positive balances are harmful

Much mistaken emphasis is placed on balancing budgets, in Conservative Neoliberalist ideology by way of the ever-harmful Milton Friedman. Governments print money from thin air today; so, achieving important goals is much more important, in both reality and in science

Balanced.Budgets 2020 in High Income Nations


Budgets %GDP

Climate Change

Global Warming is a natural process that humans must work around. Impacting Social Contracts while adjusting for warmer temperatures and different sea levels, is simple mismanagement

We want to avoid destroying the environment to correct climate, as we see with large solar farms and wind generators killing Eagles and displacing tortuous and similarly endangered species

Crime & Theft

Crime & Theft

Finance Industries

Finance Industries are Good to a point and then harmful after that point

IMF Financial Industry Index

Finance Industry

Free Speech

Free Speech is lauded as an essential human right, but is it? America has this right in Constitution, but is collapsing. What can we prove is important and essential about this “Right” – and what do we really need?

Should we be free to lie to one another? To teach our children harmful ideologies instead of science? To vote based on media or political messaging paid for and authored by agendas, wealthy individuals or corporations, and business lobby groups – that hide our collapse for fear of not being reelected?

Should we be free to hire thousands of social media workers to voice non-science and harmful ideologies as real, to ban leaders and experts from being heard, and to hide important facts and reports from the public light – in a cancel culture?

The Canadian CCRF Charter of Rights and Freedoms states “freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication” and then governs that these rights are not absolute – and can be limited as demonstrably justified in a free society.

A political party’s recent Bill C-11 oversteps much further to ensure that all messaging must be presented by approved government websites, while they authorize $2 billion in taxpayer incomes to a CBC that has been caught lying, siding with political messaging (that there are six genders, war in Ukraine must continue, that War Measures invocation was justified, etc.), and also hides reports of the Canada’s collapses from its citizens – on countless occasions in 2022

Harmful ideologies like woke political correctness, neoliberalism, or feminism, diversity and inclusion hiring laws – can win elections and power from voters with no civics training, but these policies also collapse economies and create national infanticides reliably. The only way for these groups to be re-elected is through indoctrination – teaching voters and children that their ideologies are important – and actively hiding the reports of their national collapse

It could be worse, other nations protect religious teachings in blasphemy laws, so there are a good number of important problems to solve here

We have the data to build a scientific solution, but we lack the structure to categorize the data that we have – click here

Importantly, we also have the scientific Standard of Research here at WAOH that is needed to catalog essential versus harmful policies

Obviously, Freedom of Truthful and Important Speech – is important, but how do we ensure social benefit (Common Sense) and reality is presented by the speech that we permit to be broadcast?

WAOH invites interested evidence-based researchers, to propose a solution for this topic


Politicians use GDP because it hides problems, so it is far from a good indicator. SCP Reports are the most scientifically important indicators of national economic advance and collapse

In 220 annual national GDP reports, only 3 to 5 will show negative typically; and the World’s GDP reports has show a negative report once in the last century

GDP GDP Growth

Happy Planet Index

Happy Planet Index shows no economic benefit. Evidence-based validation is important

Happy Planet


(False Idols)

Proven-failed Theory compose most of our political vernacular and civics training in collapsing societies

Examples of ideologies include:

  • Neoliberalist Conservatism – vaults values and ethics that prefer the interests of wealthy people
  • Libertarian – suggest values and ethics that see neighbours freeze to death ignored
  • Marxism – explains sweatshops are a benefit and that proven-failed theories (fiction) like socialism and communism are real; of course, they are not
  • NAZIism – killed people based on race and creed
  • Right – is neoliberalist conservatism
  • Left – is feminist anti-family values and hiring laws that create an infanticide of 1.5% annually in 64 high-income countries – for votes.
  • Diversity – is a virtue-signaling business lobby that drives starvation wages, the end of family pensions (in Canada certainly), and racism that hires, lends, immigrates, or gives grants based on race, gender, and religion
  • Inclusion – is hiring for fit (“fits” are followers who think with the group’s concensus); also called dumb-down, anti-merit, anti-expert, anti-leaders. Consensus-based thinking explains Flat Earth Theory, Creationism, “Angels are real”, and similar nonsense (non-science) and junior people hiring themselves basically
  • Financial Inequality – Starvation Wages as businesses are purchased, loaded down with debt, simplified into SOPs (often for performance monitoring or company resale purposes) and then they use measuring best-practice principles to reduce pay to starvation wages, ignore pension obligations, cast out unions, and also use harmful diversity, offshoring, or onshoring hiring practices to prefer cheaper, non-expert, non-leader labour

Correcting Ideologies

Voicing problems without explaining proven solutions is weak – and it isn’t leadership. Hiding problems – is worse, and its the opposite of leadership also

Every problem is solvable, and the first step to solving a problem is recognizing that you have one

Oligarches often prefer the teaching tactical (short-sighted) profit-focused Neoliberalist and Micro/Macroeconomic/Wealth Theory logic from Marx or Friedman. When they use political or financial influence to embed these proven-false, harmful, and belief-based curricula into our universities and feeder schools, how do we correct this indoctrination?

  • Right and Left political parties both collapse our societies. Correct with ACT Parties
  • Feminism hiring policies create reliable national genocides – for votes and power. Correct this with Family Values
  • Diversity policies are used by Business Lobbies to collapse societies by eradicating family pensions and driving starvation wages, offshoring, and onshored cheap labour. Replace these programs with Respect and Full Employment
  • Communism, Socialism, Capitalism – are ambiguous, meaningless belief-based terms, harmful ideologies, and fiction 100%. Learn Scientific Societies and Transition Economics
  • False Civics in our Schools –  Civics Faculties of Economics, Business, Finance, Law, Government, Education, and Social Science – do not teach science today. Correct this with Global Leadership Faculties that performance manage (assure) the social benefit of all university programs in Scientific Societies Programs

Ideologies in History

Nations don’t collapse by themselves and for no reason. Multi-billion dollar election campaigns teach unscientific, unmeasurable, meaningless Marxism (capitalism, socialism, …), Individualism (Cold Indifference – to the suffering of neighbours), Libertarian Neoliberalism (the failed economic theories of the 1920s – didn’t end well), Reaganomics, Transition Economy, Feminism (creates infanticides in 64 high-income nations), Division by Left and Right Oligarchies, race, creed, or gender; are all examples of the proven-failed political ideologies of the 1920s

The Bible – is scientific, saw this trend in fallen societies, and called right and left economic powers “the Beast”; warning us not to align with them

Marxism is harmful theory

Marxism – is harmful, unmeasurable, meaningless theory and logic only – citation. Worse, these fictitious indoctrinations and terms strip us of our ability to conduct constructive discussions

Why have Marx’s harmful writings survived? Like Freud, he was amenable to wealthy capitalists, like many of the more well-known philosophers today. Marx’s writings were sponsored for inclusion in teaching curricula by wealthy industrialists; indoctrinating students to believe that harmful, unregulated and unbalanced laisse-faire capitalism was not only socially acceptable but important and preferred too.

Freud, similarly, justified child molesters were the victims of a Seductive Child, and so on

The Bible, Aristotle, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and other examples of great leadership and proven success in civics – will be hidden, with reputations tarnished, and won’t be taught in a collapsing nation, economy, and society

Inflation is not corrected by the theory-based belief of increasing interest rates, it’s created by allowing large companies that benefit from inflation, to price collude their prices for oil, wood, steel, energy, and so on

Regulation – stops inflation in its tracks immediately however

The superyacht industry is booming in 2022, while the lion’s share of society suffers from rising costs for food, transportation, supply chain finished goods without corresponding new incomes

What are politicians doing? Are they fixing the inequality problem?

Clearly not. Politicians are instead blocking citizens’ abilities to hear legitimate reports of collapse and to coordinate and assemble in defense of their civil liberties. In Canada, there is Bill C-11, in the US it’s Social Media policing (audience-downsizing; “going viral” isn’t possible any longer), and all governments are increasing “mental illness” budgets (which used to be called social disturbances)

See also: Mis-education & Indoctrination

Labour Force Participation

Labor Particptn M:F Ratio

Labor Ratio is important for understanding unemployment rates over time

Unemployment reports don’t count anyone who is unemployed for longer than 3-months to 12-months. Past this time, they are simply are not counted any longer, so Labour Force Participation is an important stat. In the G7:

Canada-down 1 million jobs from 2008
England – lost 167,000 jobs since 2019
France – down 1 million since 2009
Germany – 565,000 less jobs than 2019
Italy – 1 million less than 1991
Japan – 2 million since 1992
USA – 16 million fewer since 2000

The distribution of Males to Females in the Labour Force is also important because female or double-income workforces create national infanticides reliably

See Gender Equality Genocide

Female Workforce, Labour Participation Fertility Rate

Female:Male Labour Ratio Rises as Birthrates Fall in 94% (64 out of 70) of High-Income countries. Canada is 1.45 & plummeting

Lending Rates

< 6% Lending Interest Rates in High-Income Nations

Lending Rate Interest Rate

Mortgage Rates

Lower mortgage rates show a higher number of advancing nations

Mortgage Rates

Deposit Rates

Deposit Rates

LGBT Gay Rights

Respect must be afforded to everyone as a building block for any successful society. Being gay is perfectly normal for a minority of any human population

A young teen’s testosterone levels are physically impressionable – and manipulatable too. We know this because:

  1. Surveys prove rates of homosexuality are higher in nations that widely promote homosexual lifestyles, and
  2. Humans are distant descendants of amphibious lungfish – as are some frogs that can change genders entirely. By changing their behaviour, they can manipulate their testosterone levels and we see this in human studies also. Today’s phenomenon of high-testosterone females is studied for links to spiking autism rates not previously seen in human history

There can be little value to a dying nation, to promote how “cool” is a homosexual lifestyle to children. The average fertility rate of 64 unsustainable high-income nations is 1.6 while 2.3 is break-even, so these are discussions for communities of consenting adults – and not for young children and family day “parades”

WARNING: Political groups use Female Equality (in workplace laws, etc.) and LGBT Rights campaigns to win power, and it works very well in 64 of 70 high-income democracies. These reprehensible individuals willingly trade a Crime against Humanity for power, and then use that power to hide all reporting of the serious economic and social collapse and national infanticide that these policies create


Since 1971, all nations live and work within a FIAT Monetary System. Before this time, we lived by “the Gold Standard” – which meant that countries could not print more money (local currency) than they kept gold in their Federal Reserves

These systems are what gives money its value; without them, money would have the same value as Monopoly Money

A Fiat System permits the printing of money based on Debt. As long as a nation has no trepidation about servicing the interest payments on their debt, money can be printed freely and easily – based on nothing more than thin air

The same is true in banks where a bank actually creates money from nothing when it lends 10-times to 26-times its deposits for mortgages. In some offshore banking jurisdictions, the deposits do not even have to be validated, which means that banks can create money from absolutely nothing

New money entering the country is a benefit to GDP, so nations tend to look away from the details of this source of new wealth

When nations reach crisis levels of debt, as they did in the Great Depression – nations simply agree to forgive one another’s debts – and that is how the monetary system game is played

Money Supply Growth

Money Supply Growth

This means that money is far less “real” for large governments than it is for individuals. Money is very real for individuals and is most “real” for individuals who are denied access to incomes sufficient to afford their basic needs of life

Access to sufficient income (money) permits populations to be productive, or to hobble a nation’s production also

This is the reason that financial inequality is so damaging to a nation

See also: Debt

Broad Money

Population Size

Population size is irrelevant over 2 million

Population size is irrelevant over 2 million


Separation of Church and State

The Bible is not a religious document, it’s the third update of the Codes of Hammurabi and Ur’ Nammu – our first Constitutions. This is the reason that 800 Constitutions have used it since 1791

Religions use the Bible and abuse it too, but it’s a civics textbook written scientifically based on the observation of 2,000 years of civic rise and fall

It had to use storytelling and teaching tools like a Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; false idols and beasts; owing to the fact that 99+% of its audience was illiterate and trained to a grade 5 or lower level of education

Churches – permit our communities to come together once a week – to learn civics, and this is an important opportunity to show respect and fellowship for our neighbours

We don’t want to be worshipping a story’s teaching tool, nor prohibiting blood transfusions because a literalist misunderstood the meaning of a storyteller, but we  do want to teach our children essential lessons learned, good values, respect, coping skills, family values, and the shepparding of our human advance

We don’t want a belief-based religious society, and we don’t want a society based on harmful secular ideologies either; we want a Scientific Society. We want a society that respects the belief-based teaching methods of the past while confirming facts, reality, and highest probability of success in contemporary evidence-based science as well

Economies are high-transaction systems, so the higher probability of success policies WILL create success reliably

Stock Markets

Having a Stock Market helps to advance a nation, but stock market performance is irrelevant (except for total collapses)

Stock Markets Irrelevant

Market Performance is meaningless

It should also be added that stock markets tend to be 85% owned by the top-10% of income earners, so government’s “bolstering of markets” amounts to letting the rich raid public coffers – as we saw extensively during the Trump and Trudeau administrations in North America

Stock Market Participation by Income

Stock Markets

No Tax

Low-Tax for the Rich is an unsustainable policy, but No Tax for low incomes is preferred as in UAE and many other nations

Fed Reserve Wealth Inequality 2022

Fed Reserve Wealth Inequality 2022

Income TaxInheritance

Sales Tax Corporate Tax

Teen Pregnancy

Teen Mothers


A form of organized subversion that began with the 1980s Republican Party and carries on to today as NGOs and super PACS. Non-Government Organizations are sponsored by billionaires and major corporations with the purpose to research policies with the goal of shaping governments.

Thinktanks offer staff, money, consulting, university endowments, election campaign contributions, and Yes-men candidates too; whatever incentives are needed to steer government compliance to the ideologies of its sponsors. Citation: The Guardian

Lobby Groups operate similarly when sponsored by Gun Manufacturers, Oil Companies, Insurance, Private Healthcare, etc. but many Lobbyists also campaign for the rights of union workers, dairy industries, farmers insurance, etc.

Most ideology thinktanks are a detriment to societies and economies; examples of thinktank “creations” include:

“Death Tax” and “Double Death Tax” were found to test much more negatively than “Inheritance Tax” in a Republican thinktank marketing test center

“Low Tax” made policies that eliminated taxation of the rich, appealing to voters

“Small Government” and “Open Markets” is deregulation and Laisse-Faire; an unsustainable collapse policy only appropriate in Boom economies for short, monitored durations of time

“Welfare State” replaced the term Safety Nets

The practice started clumsily, but has evolved with time to an unimpressive array of coercions that prey on poor civics training, or create poor civics training, to undermine national advance, divide democracies, and protect status quo powers by actively hiding reports of collapse. Citation: Reporting

See Female Equality and LGBT Rights, Greenwashing, Ideologies, Virtue Signaling, Immigration, Laissez-Faire, Left vs Right Divisionism, Mental Illness, Modern Morality, Nuclear War and Open Markets


* Causal Measures of Advancing Economy ** Probationary Measures *** Possibly Causal but needs more data input / adoption

The Econometrics Library of

Transition Economics


Ageism in Male Hiring

In WEF strongholds India, Canada, the Middle East, etc. where harmful Diversity programs and even laws have gained a footing, the practice of not hiring males over age-50 creates many serious social problems:

  • Experts cannot Lead, nor even find basic support nor incomes; our human capital and experience is lost
  • People hire themselves. While an older person can relate to and will hire a younger person, a younger person will not hire older
  • Family Pensions are decimated creating an immediate social burden and then decades of lost economic production as economies are now burdened with only non-contributing seniors
  • Divorce rates rise while new marriages fall
  • Family Values, Core Families, are fractured while 50% of high-school teens enter counseling and anxiety medication
  • Children cannot launch lives in their hometowns and must move from family support for affordable rents
  • Suicide, Male Suicide, and hidden Suicide Rates (poisoning, drug overdose, etc.) skyrocket
  • the BBC reported a .79% increase in male suicides for every 1% unemployment; Diversity & Inclusion policies create male suicide
  • Euthanasia rises – as it did in 1930s Germany
  • Retirement homes report elder abuse and national longevity is impacted

Female Workforce, Labour Participation Fertility Rate

Male:Female SuicideMale UnemploymentBasic EducationMid Educatiom



Billionaires per Nation

Collapse Motivators

Unsustainable Business Practices

Business is a countdown to collapse by design. Its competitive nature mandates that Litigious, Tactical, and Profit-focus Business Practises be monitored and governed by laws and regulation

See Collapse Motivators at WAOH

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity – hiring laws and business practices that prefer Racism, Sexism, Ageism & Lost Human Capital support starvation wages, hypercompetition, cheap labour, unsustainable immigration, offshoring, and onshoring

Merit, human capital, family pensions, and experts – are purged from the job market completely, and people hire themselves, their religion, their race, their own age or younger, so an entire generation of country-building experts can be left without pensions and basic support

Inclusion – is “hiring for fit”, an HR practice that discourages hiring leaders, experts, and human capital experience and workplace learning. Inclusion confirms that experts and experienced leaders are not as important as consensus opinions. Thousands of people believe the earth is flat; 40% of Americans believe in angels – consensus of opinion is completely irrelevant

A hidden genocide of over-50 males can result from this policy as heads of households are seen as too expensive and ignored in hiring and prevented from securing incomes


Foreign Direct Investment Inflows

In science, FDI-Inflows offer no benefit. Foreign Investment is only a benefit when a nation can invest capital and business in other nations – outbound as FDI-Outflows

Foreign Direct Investment FDI In %GDP

Once FDI Inflows are implemented, a nation collapses from within

FDI Inbound is foreign ownership that competes with, or prevents, the startup or success of local companies and owners

FDI prevents local executives and local living wages at all levels of this business’s production – in most cases

FDI InflowsFDI Outflows

Finance Industries

Unregulated, bloated national Finance Industries are proven to harm economies reliably

IMF Financial Industry Index

Finance Ind.

Greenwashing Energy

Wind, Solar, Storage, and Oil is High-Cost Energy

Every pilot will tell you that the best time to learn to fly is at dawn and dusk, because there is no wind. These are also the peak energy loag times for any nation’s energy infrastructure

Wind and Solar could be easily fit into a finance investment portfolio that made financiers wealthy, so these poor technology fit were widely adopted in the west

Nuclear Energy is abundant and clean; and Thorium is more abundant and safer than the Rapid Breeder Uranium reactors we use today

As proof, Case Study Germany’s higher-cost “Green” Energy infrastructure versus France’s abundant, cheap Nuclear


Obviously, homelessness is a preventable hallmark of poor leadership

A “Good Home” is an essential basic human right of every Constitution

See Good Homes

EVERY Constitution with this provision advances its nation; while all that don’t – collapse

CASE STUDY: Constitutional Science




Gun Homicides

Gun Homicide TEP

Gun Homicides and Collapsing Economies are synonymous in Every Nation and High-Income Nation Surveys

Guns Kill People – because murder is always higher in countries with easy, unregulated access to guns

See article: Guns Kill People

Immigration / Emigration

In mature capitalism imbalances, Immigration, Offshoring, and Onshoring drive:

Unemployment (U3 unemployment reports hide true statistics by 100% and more), hypercompetition, starvation wages, poverty, suicide rates, social disturbances, lower export per capita, lower income per capita, and is unsustainable

ImmigrationExport per CapIncome per CapHousing BubblesCost of LivingLowest 40% Income GINICost of Education

Only in Boom Economies can Immigration be a benefit, when it can help to monetize the abundant opportunity available in those times

Immigration in the United States20-Year Immigration G20 Immigration

Transition Economics

Immigration versus Racism

Immigration is an unsustainable policy, and voicing this fact is never racism

Harmful political groups might suggest the two are the same when their voter majority is strengthened by immigration in unsustainable Diversity and Inclusion campaigns

A proper Constitution’s Human Rights, education, and Policies of Good, Respect, and Human Advance, eliminates racism in any nation

Imports with a Trade Deficit

… is unsustainable

Imports in Trade Deficit

Imports Collapse Trade Deficit Nations

Incarceration Rates

Low Incarceration rates advance economies

Global Leadership Sciences Dashboard


Denial of Income


Truthful unemployment and wage reports have not been shared since the 1950s or 1960s. U-3 is the only report we see today, and it ignores the overall job losses seen in Labour Participation Rate reports entirely

Salaries StallStarvation Wages

Shadow Stats does a good job of removing the creative accounting done by governments and it places the correct US unemployment rate at around 25% today

By Labour Participation, the USA has 16 million fewer jobs today than it did in the Year 2000, and Canada has 1 million fewer jobs since 2008

These fewer jobs are true despite rampant immigration in both Canada and the US, making immigration an irresponsible policy

UI Adequacy

Male UnemploymentBasic EducationMid Educatiom

UnemploymentBasic EducationMid Educatiom

Female UnemployedBasic EducationMid Educatiom

UI PoorestUI RichestUI Upper MiddleUI MiddleUI 2nd Poorest

Inflation > 4%

CPI GDP Deflator


NeoLiberalism ideology – Laissez-Faire calls for low regulation in Business and Finance Oversight. Not suitable in mature capitalism imbalances

Laissez Faire is an unsustainable business practice but it is recommended during Boom Economies when it helps to monetize the abundant opportunity of those times

Transition Economics

False Reports

Left versus Right

Division by harmful ideologies are failing Democracies

Sustainable Policy

Right – is assured collapse by neoliberalism ideology

Left – is virtue and morality signaling that creates a 1.5% annual infanticide and Crime Against Humanity in any nation

“Female Equality” campaigns win elections in 64 of 70 high-income nations – because reports of the genocide and poverty created are hidden


  1. seek Power, oppose Advance
  2. tell you anything you want to hear
  3. collapse your country
  4. have to lie about your collapse to stay in power; you should NEVER reward lies with your vote
  5. offer no Leadership
  6. forward reprehensible individuals
  7. offer no expertise and irresponsible Government


  1. There is only one “side”, it’s advance.
  2. We must vote for proven policy lists (Constitutions); and not just for one or two things, or an individual or marketing pitch because we are gullible, want to “belong to something”, and its easier to follow the crowd, concensus, and mob
  3. “The Beast” was a story tale told to us to warn us about merchant-class economic powers that seek to “brand” us with their labels, values, ideals, morals and ethics – Right, Left, WEF, NAZIs, the Medieval Church, Babylon, etc …

Canada Federal Election 2019

Media Lies

Media directs populations to collapse only today, so propaganda and media manipultation must be rigorously prevented by Constitution

Stand on Guard against lying because populations with poor civics training are easy prey for this favorite tactic of Oligarchy

War mongering, fear and distraction campaigns, unscientific and meaningless terms and economic or social reports – are the norm in dozens of collapsing democracies today. Once a Right or Left Party win power, they will have to hide reports of the collapse they create in order to be re-elected

“We’ll tell you what polls say you want to hear; Everything is great! Vote for us again – or, vote for our other Oligarchy Party instead !!”

 Have you noticed that the media supports a political group until the tides turn against them, only to direct voters back to another group that will collapse that population again? If no, you should take notice and you should Stand on Guard against it

ACT Parties build scientific societies, and are always the preferred option for any nation

Mental Illness

“Mental Illness” is a new term for Social Disturbance; which switches ownership for society’s dystopic conditions onto the individual, instead of back onto the society that created the problem. Police no longer respond to social disturbances, they now make “Mental Illness” calls

When an individual can no longer pay his rent, or his family cannot find a home or basic needs of life, his outbursts are a “Mental illness” problem. See Thinktanks below for more …

Micro & Macro Economics

Theory-based Economics as we teach it in our Universities is proven to collapse nations reliably

Social Contract over Time

G20 Social Contract LossSocial Contract Loss as a %GDP

Military Spending

Military spending has a negative impact on economies, yet the United States spends 53% of its Federal Tax Revenues on it


Mis-Education and Indoctrination

Education is essential, but miseducation with harmful ideologies is indoctrination

Indoctrination teaches the opposite of Values; where values are Good, Respect, and Human Advance. They teach …

  • Tactical not Strategic – HR agencies, MBAs, and Accountant employers are non-expert generalists, who are also trained in unsustainable, tactical business practices that create collapse and infanticides in 64 high-income nations
  • Marginalize Human Capital experience, experts, and Leaders – these can never be ignored and replaced. The hiring of false credentials in academia – over experience; nations are weakened and collapse from within due to misleadership
  • Ideologies – the Bible’s “false idols”; see Ideologies
  • No Joy, No Good Lives, and no Productivity – miseducation takes the essential joy out of any workplace and culture, as it collapses economies and societies
  • Values – are not Ideologies, but all ideologies claim they are values, morals, and ethics

See also Collapse Motivators, Ideologies, and Education for more

Indoctrination is not scientific, true, nor real; it is harmful, expensive fiction and it isn’t Education

Citation: Notice to Academic Institutions – Educational Reform

Modern Morality

Every generation of young people considers themselves “modern”, but in the context of history – few actually are. Every ideology insists that its morals and ethics are better and more important

Do you not think that 1930s Germans were convinced that killing some people – by race, was important, moral and ethical? Of course they did

Female Equality and Gay Rights campaigns – win elections while they create poverty and national infanticides in 64 high-income nations. They give power to reprehensible individuals who must hide their crimes against humanity – and social problems, so as to continue to win power from voters who are now mistrained in responsible civics

The Bible is a civics lesson book and an important update of our first Constitutions. It is scientific because it was based its observation of 3000 years of civic rise and fall, and its policies have proven to work very well in advancing nations across the globe today. It used teaching tools of a father, son, and holy spirit, to explain that our values, morality, and ethics are:

Good, Respect, and Human Advance

EVERY large nation that supports all of the Bible’s human rights is advancing today; and, ALL that do not, are collapsing

“Merry Christmas” is immoral or disrespectful? Christ means “anointing with oil”, as used by every Abrahamic Religion (Judaic, Christian. Muslim) at special life events

LGBT showcases like Pride Parades – surveys prove that a tween’s testosterone levels are physically impressionable. What value is there to a dying nation (with a 1.4 fertility rate) to promote how “cool” a homosexual lifestyle is? Respect is afforded to everyone, but these are discussions for adults and not for young biologically impressional children

Open Markets

Globalization, Consumerism, Sales Economies, Offshoring & Onshoring – consistently collapse nations. The solution for this unsustainable policy is Nationalism’s regulation of free markets

Correct this problem with “Strategic Trade” (WP Projects) and Nationalism

Nuclear War

Today’s failing democracies risk nuclear devastation via propaganda and global conflict rates higher today than at any other time in history

Revolutions per Decade US Senator Richard Black

To avoid nuclear winter, Col. Richard Black is a US Senator who explains honestly the dangerous game that a global military complex with global media coercion plays today

  • “We use unlimited force and violence while controlling global media to erase discussion of what’s truly happening.”
  • “We and NATO do not care how many of our proxy Ukrainian women, children, or young men are killed.”
  • “Russia’s appeals for peace were ignored until it was forced to conduct an obviously very cautious special operation against brother slavs.”

Patents & Intellectual Property

Patents, Intellectual Property Laws, or “IP” are an essential legal system and protection that permits innovators of new products to pay for their Research and Development investment costs and to establish new companies and even also new industries

Receiving payments for Intellectual Property is also important for national economic strength

IP ChargesIP Receipts

Where Patents become a concern and unsustainable, is whenever large companies can use Patents to block innovation by smaller companies, inventors, and startups

  • Canada is the 9th largest economy in the world but ranks 16th on the Global Innovation Index
  • Nikola Tesla used Westinghouse lawyers and a warehouse fire to claim ownership of Marconi’s Radio Patent
  • Tesla also Patented Turin University’s open source AC Generator for use at Niagara Falls
  • Software Patents set back Voice Recognition 10-years until AI could be used as an excuse to bypass Dragon Dictate’s IP
  • 80% of phones in the world today do not have Voicemail Apps because Apple holds a software patent. Ridiculous!
  • China had to be able to ignore restrictive western patent laws for years, in order for them to become self-sufficient and successful

National Productivity


Greenhouse Gases (methane, …), Emissions (Air) and water-born pollutants need to be managed:

  1. Operational SOPs in every Industry
  2. Special Projects

… so as to safeguard our environment


Poverty is Poor Leadership

Much of poverty is hidden from voters. As long at 51% are ok, the voice of those in desperate need can be surpressed

Aristotle called Democracy an Evil form of government, and North American Constitutions were created by slave owners – so they are not Republics, which is why we collapse every 60-years once our populations exceed 15-million

Profit & Cost

There is no scientific evidence to prove tactical Cost and Profit improve economies. Rich owners benefit alone

Our Proof examined Stock Market reports because stock valuations react to changes in corporate Profit. The following report looks for advance or collapse resulting from 17-years of growth in the stock markets of 90 nations – and there is none except in extreme crashes and hyperinflation cases . Extreme crashes can impact societies and economies negatively, but these can happen once in a century

Stock Markets Irrelevant

Having a Stock Market is a help to a nation’s economy (the average is 57% instead of the typical 32% TEP report), but profit and stock price performance are irrelevant (the red line is flat)

Tactical and short-sighted, profit-focused Neoliberalist and Microeconomics theories from Marx or Friedman, used logic and political or financial influence to embed a false, harmful belief-based curricula, but this is indoctrination – and not education

Sales Economies

Production Economies are always better than Sales Economies

Small Government

Regulation ensures that Business’s natural competition to drive everything down to zero, doesn’t permit unsustainable globalism, price-fixing, consumer gouging,  monopoly, and weak nonredundant supply chains

Monopoly through business buyouts drives profiteering and inflation

Monopoly through corporate consolidation and buyouts drives profiteering, inflation, and poor redundancy in supply chains

To prevent inflation, all industries and companies profiting from inflation must be regulated

Starvation Wages

Trickledown / Scaleup / Reaganomics

Failing to protect Living Wages and access to income is expensive for any nation

G20 Social Contract Loss

As it detriments innovation, productivity, opportunity, economies, and Social Contracts (csq1.org/SCP)

Supply and Demand

No evidence proves supply or demand changes impact economies

The First Industrial Revolution invented production and demand, and yet it created no lasting economic benefit (from 1750 to 1805). The USA has been at war for most of the last 100 years, and that demand has not prevented its collapse either

Henry Ford Wages

A TEP Sheet of Inventory Level reports across 186 countries confirms that high and low measures of demand and supply are meaningless, only showing benefit by SCP 2020 measures in High-Income nations (very specific conditions)

InventoryInventory $US

From these reports, its clear that Living Wages and Good Lives are the far more important determiner of economic advance

Violence on Women

Nations with high incidents of violence, collapse economically as well

Violence WomenBeatings

Virtue Signaling

See “Modern Morality” above

Panel Views

Panel Views summarize hundreds of measures by the Global Leadership Book of Knowledge’s (GL-BOK) multiple views and categorizations. This panel is one of MEMS‘ screens …

Proven Sustainable & Causal Policy

Causal measures create advancing economies when indicator scores are high, and they create collapse-trending economies when their scores are low. Our first two charts here are perfect examples: Social Contract and Social Contract Product, are measures that both score 1.0 for Causality

Transition Economics Proofs (TEPs)- are frequency distribution charts that compare the percentage of advancing economies at every increment that has sufficient data to average (8-or-more national survey scores create every data point on a TEP chart). A sheet of TEP Charts scores is averaged to create a sheet-score for further comparison in data science tools like MEMS

Sustainable Policy

Neutral  Policy

Unsustainable Policy

Casinos are viable owing to the higher probability that patrons will lose more than they win; Unsustainable Policies offer a higher probability of collapse trending economies similarly. In times of economic boom and great monetizable-opportunity, some unsustainable policies are recommended – like Laissez-Faire, Immigration, etc., but this is not a prudent policy in the dangerous and expensive mature capitalisms that we see today. An unsustainable policy can be modified to make it sustainable: Germany makes the unsustainable policy of Immigration more sustainable, by requiring each immigrant to create and maintain five full-time jobs; Sweden requires four trees planted for every one cut-down. Careful monitoring should confirm that modifications to unsustainable policy, cause intended effects

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