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The World’s Largest Context-Driven Online Econometric Library

WAOH is the reporting arm of the Global Leadership Faculty and SSP (Scientific Societies Programme) of fact-tank CSQ Research

The WAOH Econometrics Library explains responsible national governance and human advance using evidence-based science entirely. WAOH’s 60,000+ indicator reports, policy reports, and 50,000+ causal aggregates are organized in Methods and Programs as set out in the Global Leadership Book of Knowledge (GL-BOK)

WAOH examines the social and economic performance of every nation from different points of view: by role (of Government, Business, Finance, Education, Voters, etc), by industry, by measure importance (causality), by reporting, by opportunity, and so on


GL-BOK and The Book Table of ContentsCausal, Sustainable, Neutral, and Unsustainable – Measures and policy categorized by importance, context, and track records of success or collapse

  1. Data Science – by RankTransition Economics ranks 2,000 indicators and 60,000 surveys in TEP Causality Reports (see Science of 70 ), Scatter XY Plots, and Indicator Timelines with Context, Targets, Visualization tools, dashboards, quantitative and probability sciences. TE uses techniques similar to those used in quality control, casinos, and as SaberMetrics shown in the 2011 movie MoneyBall with Brad Pitt
  2. A Right Plan – by Role – Our Aristotelean Right Plan suggests four roles of policy –  Social, Government (Public), Business, and Finance
  3. By Industry – Manufacturing, Real Estate, Imports, Exports, etc.
  4. Transition Engineering – seeding SDG -Sustainable Development Goals is essential in every nation * We see this most profoundly during a COVID-19 crisis today
  5. FDR built the greatest economy in history based on strong social contracts, living wages, and correcting inequality. America’s greatest export is FDR’s Second Bill of Rights
  6. The Bible – is the second update of the Code/Constitution of Hammurabi, a textbook that explains lessons learned in 3,000 years of civic rise and fall. 800 Constitutions are based on the Bible and all nations that follow a full list of its human rights are advancing today. CSQ’s thesis “The Book” – updates The Bible for a third time – with evidence-based science validating and explaining it in context for today’s now-literate populations
  7. Reporting – a study of important and misleading policy, performance, reports, common lies, scientific proofs, and truth versus lies
  8. TE Indexes – an aggregation method with 50,000+ causal combinations of indicators – used to create Social Contract, Social Contract Product, and similar thematic measures
  9. ITSM Managed Services – Service Catalogs, Service-Level Management, MACs – SLA-Managed Moves/Adds/Changes; Problem, Incident, and Knowledge Management
  10. Collapse Motivators – examples of merit and bonuses awarded for civilization’s collapse:  Treatments without Cures, HR Policy that creates Genocide, …
  11. APIs – Available to universities and government organizations, TE APIs make real-time TEP charts easy and quick to display and compare using your own data science developments
  12. Epistemology –  Engineering Best Practices, Expert Systems, Highest Probability of Success approaches, Lessons-Learned, Project/Program/Case/Change Management, LEED, SCRUM, Data Science, Quality Control, Failure Analysis, Data Science Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Material Science, and Peer Review (in today’s Academia, an unscientific peer-review process has created a systemic mediocracy with near-100% false-positive endorsements of harmful Business, Finance, Law, Economics, Public Health, and Political Studies curricula)
  13. About WAOH


Scientific, meaningful, disambiguated, and measurable terms are essential to any productive discussion, see Global Leadership’s Masterlist of Terms

Examples include: Advance, Collapse, Causal (scoring greater than 92% in TEPs),  Unsustainable (some unsustainable policies are important during Boom Economies), Aggregates/Indexes, Transition Economics, Evidence-based science, Use Case, …

MEMS AI and APIs are cutting-edge social and economic policy decision-support innovation. Country builders and finance industry supervisors can  easily unlock the full power of data science to recover the $4.3 billion lost daily to every economy today

Enroll your Economic Development Team today

Evidence-based Economics is a Computer Science

Standard of Research

CSQ Research’s Standard of Research requires all facts to be cited and confirmed in statistics and in the context of a historical track record of notable success. Transition Economics (TE) is a simple econometric data science that visualizes and proves the merit of economies and social policy. If your faculty are studying TE or tying it into the curriculum, drop us a note at info@csq1.org, and please feel comfortable asking for help or resources. Contributors, Researchers, and University/Colleges  checking-in research material, see About WAOH

Global Leadership

The Book - The Scientific Update of the Bible

The Book – The Scientific Update of the Bible

WAOH is explained in The Book and in the Global Leadership Book of Knowledge (GL-BOK)

The greatest revelation taken from the scientific, quantitative study of economics – is that Productivity advances any nation. Social Contract, Production & Productivity, Living Wages, affordable Cost of Living and Homeownership, and Good Lives, is leadership that builds strong economies with mathematical certainty

The second revelation is that belief-based theories and ideologies like Wealth Theory or Neoliberalism collapse nations reliably. Theory and ideology create collapse that is dangerous, expensive, socially irresponsible, and correctable too. Micro and Macroeconomics Economics, and similar, are based on theory AND are also proven false for a century. Scientific Method called false theories “fiction”; the Bible called them “false idols”


What new insights are possible? Consider our Case Study of the Bible:

TE permitted confirmation that “The Bible” was scientific. Its lessons were based on 3,000-years of observation in civic rise and fall, and it taught that a trinity of behaviors builds successful societies: Good (Systemic Empathy in action and laws), the Golden Rule’s Respect (of Family and Neighbours), and “Creation” – building and shepparding human advance. It also taught that the “The Beast” was any economic Oligarchies that use Wealth Theory and political manipulation to drive civilizations to collapse. This teaching is sound, its verifiable in quantitative econometrics today, and more powerful insights are here too

A simple evidence-based computer science can now deprecate Wealth-theory (Supply, Demand, Cost, Profit, Labor, GDP, Consumption, Stock Market Performance, Sales Economies, U-3 Unemployment, Finance Accounting) and its meaningless reporting, which verifiably collapsed 62% of 207 nations before COVID. A chimp with a dartboard chooses better policies, so a Scientific  approach (like TE) is mandated by WAOH and all Global Leadership Faculty curricula

Confirm our calculations for yourself

To build any TEP Chart here for yourself, visit our Science of 70% tutorial and start with a basic Excel template. You can also upload a much larger sample pack on the About WAOH page under Contributions (click here for that file). There are a lot of examples in this larger pack, allowing you to create your own TEP frequency distribution charts based on any international survey. We’ve simply automated those same calculations here – and taken it to a commercial API and Console with MEMS.

Economies are High Transaction Systems, so scoring high on important indicators gives any nation assured success.  Science really is this simple …

An Evidence-based Policy Library

WAOH contributes curriculum to the emerging academic field of Global Leadership by curating 1,700 indicators, indexes, and 60,000 reports for 210 countries over 200+ years, sorted by causality with context provided by expert systems and best-practice Epistemology (Project & Case Management, Socratic Method, Scientific Method, quantified multi-approach validation).

Library tools are simple and explain How-Tos that build an advancing society – and a sustainable World Peace too. Economic Development groups have access to sophisticated planning tools in MEMS AI and APIs, which provide a comprehensive solution of Data Science Analytics, program management, monitoring, and interactive dashboard reporting tools, designed to recover the $4.3 billion lost daily to every economy on average today

Note: COVID greatly disrupted 2020 Export and Trade Balance statistics. For this reason, the library relies on 2018 and 2019 trade measures for baseline TEP analytics

Observation by Method and Program

WAOH presents 11 Methods and 5 Programmes that look at our world from different points of view – by role, by industry, by importance, by successes, and so on. Begin by selecting the tab that corresponds with each “Method” here – and “Programs” are accessible from the “Learning” web menu tabs above …

Methods Overview

3:  Go To Aristotle’s Right Plans

The Four Pillars of a Right Plan

The Right Plan is the one whose ends, means, practical thinking and purposeful action result in a Good Life. A life full of things you need – and not necessarily a life full of everything you want. With a little luck, goods in body and soul, and by making a habit of good choices that reflect moral virtues of temperance, courage, and justice, a Good Life should be sought and found

Abridged from Politic 322 BCE (Messerly, 2013)

Method 6: Go To FDR’s Proven Turn-around

In the 1930s, American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) worked against Congress and Senate obstruction to ensure tens of millions of starving Americans had the basics of life.

FDR’s Second Bill of Rights policies were taken straight from the Bible (the Codes of Hammurabi and Ur-Nammu) and laid the foundation for the American Dream’s strong Social Contract that built the greatest economy in history

Science is measurable, repeatable Observation!

Method 7:  Go to The Bible

The Book - The Scientific Update of the Bible

The Book – The Scientific Update of the Bible

The first five books of the Bible are the third update of Hammurabi and Ur-Nammu’s Code and Constitution; it’s not a book about religion. The Bible was created to explain civics: basic instructions on how to build good lives and strong communities. The Bible was scientific too because it based its lessons on best practices learned over two-thousands years of observing civic rise and fall

Ten Commandments of Ur-NammuCode of Hammurabi line-by-line

Method 8:  Go To Reports

Political Opportunism – Hidden, Misleading, and Essential Reports

The first step in solving any problem is to see that a problem exists. When Constitutions permit politicians groups to build dysfunctional democracies, they will invariably prefer reporting that is always positive, irrelevant, and designed to appease sponsors

Method 9:  Go To Collapse Motivators

What are Collapse Motivators?

Collapse Motivators are a Method of Global Leadership academics introduced by the Global Leadership Book of Knowledge. Collapse Motivators document processes that work against the success of civilization and humanity

Method 10:  Go To Aggregates – Indexed Indicators

Transition Economics permits Proofs (TEP Charts) using indices – measures created by combining multiple individual indicators, similar to the S&P 500 Index

Go To About – The WAOH World at Our Hands Report

Method 1:  TE’s Policy Library – by Causality

Transition Economics‘ Proofs and Method support the following categorization of Policies

World at Our Hands



Trade Surplus *

Trade %GDPTrade Bal $

TED Social Contract vs Social Problems

Trade Balance higher in high Social Contract Nations

Social Contract *

Social Contract over Time

Social Contract over Time

Social Contract

SCP * Social Contract Product 

SC Product

SCL * Social Contract Loss per Capita

Social Contract Loss $ per DaySocial Contract Loss as a %GDP

SC Loss

Social Contract Loss (Averages $4.3 billion US daily per nation)

Export per Capita & GDP **

Export %GDP

Trial Indicators

GDP PPP per Capita **

Income per capita, bottom 40% of population ***

Access to Income

Living Wages, Full Employment, UBI Universal Basic Income, Safety Nets are essential


Salaried Males

Family Values

Encourage: Single Income Families, Right to Living Wages, Right to a good Home, Heads of Household, Sustainable Fertility Rates, Gender Respect, Heterosexual Lifestyles (for pre-teens)

Avoid: Double Income Families, Utility Families, High Divorce Rates, Unsustainable Fertility  (less-than 2.2), Gender Equality (creates national genocides), LGBT (for pre-teens)


Electricity & Line Loss


Internet Access


Home Ownership

Housing price rises in Canada highest in G20

Owned Rate

Human Rights

Sufficient Income, Food, Housing, Healthcare, Education

EVERY nation that provides the United Nation’s Universal Human Rights is advancing today

These rights came from FDR who got them from the Bible

Longevity Mortality <5 Maternal Death


Income inequality (GINI)

Lowest 40% Income GINI  Inc/Capita Lowest-40%

Income Inequity

Income GINIs of .26 enabled the greatest boom in history

Top Tax Rates

Historic Income Tax – Top Percentile

Wealth Distribution

Wealth Distribution GINI

Wealth GINI Wealth/Adult

Past and Present

American Dream Wealth

Wealth Inequity dropped to .66 in 1944, at the start of the greatest economy in history

Inheritance Tax

100-years of Inheritance Tax – Top Percentile

Fed Reserve Wealth Inequality 2022

Fed Reserve Wealth Inequality 2022


Leadership – strategic and tactical, requires a firm understanding of scientific, proven-successful civics, evidence-based policies, and Constitutions

Gender Respect – Not “Gender Equality in the Workplace”. How can a crime against humanity ensure good lives, families, and sustainable populations?

The only “side”, is Advance; you can’t even vote for it today. Your right and left parties support collapse while they use their power to hide reports of your collapse

The Global Leadership Book of Knowledge (GL-BOK)

The Global Leadership Book of Knowledge


%GDP & per Capita



National Self-Sufficiency Infrastructure for ALL basics of life (SDGs) by industry

Freedom from competition for jobs and goods from other nations

Culture – is essential to any country

Trade Balance

Worthwhile Industries

SEED Automating Social Contracts & Self Sufficiency


GDP Growth


The best measure of National Productivity is GDP Growth (%GDP) 10-Year Moving Average


National Productivity – China versus G7

SC Product Social Contract


90% of the world have no pensions while pensions create advance reliably for any nation

SC Product

Respect, Empathy, Human Advance

  1. Good – systemic empathy in actions and in laws
  2. Respect – of family, women, children, parents, neighbours and travellers – the Golden Rule
  3. Creation – Building and the shepparding of Human Advance

Three essential leadership behaviours were taught by the Bible using the teaching tools of a Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

The Book - The Scientific Update of the Bible

Safety Nets


Safety Nets that protect productivity and good lives are essential, while Welfare programs that don’t ensure access to incomes (a good job) or a good home, collapse any nation


Domestic Savings

Personal Savings % GDP – Causal – Creates Advancing Economies




Agri %GDP

BigMac Currency Conversion

Carbon Dioxide CO2

CO2 is Important

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is not a greenhouse gas, does not heat the planet, nor is it a pollutant.

Rather, CO2 is a staple of life for our planet, and currently at record-low levels  – and approaching starvation levels too at the present time

CO2 Starvation

Carbon Dioxide CO2 Starvation on Earth

Circular Economy

Environment & Life-Cycle Mgmt

Circular Economy

Environment Quality assured by Circular Economy Planning & Operational SOPs

Credit (%GDP)


Increasing Debt

Debt and Inequity

Low-Tax Policy rose both Inequity and Debt

Govt Debt

Debt Forgiveness

Every major nation in Europe had debt written down in the 1930s to 1950s

Debt Forgiveness


Scientific Civics Training

U.N. Education Index (# Years) & Education Spending

Spend %GDPSpend/Student


Clean $ Energy – Nuclear, Gas, Geo, Hydrogen

Energy Loss

Electric Loss

Energy – Fuel

Diesel Prices at the Pump

Diesel Fuel Prices by Country

Diesel Fuel Prices by Country – Highest is darker

Diesel Costs

Family Values

Head of Household Families – Two-Parent, Single Income

Families SCP TEP


Foreign Direct Investment – FDI Out is a very good thing, FDI In is less so


Fertility Rates

Sustainable Fertility Rates (Birthrates) are essential to culture, language and population. A rate of 2.3 children per woman is break-even and this is the reason the Bible instructed Family Values for any population

64 of 70 high-income nations vote for female equality campaigns that hide a 30% population loss every 20-years; a Crime against Humanity hidden to gain Power

Fertility Rate

Female Workforce, Labour Participation Fertility Rate F:M Ratio, Labour, FertilityF:M Ratio, Labour, FertilitySustainable BirthratesFertility Rates less than 2.2

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

FDR’s policies created the greatest economy and society in history

FDR's Unfinished Revolution

EVERY large nation that follows his Constitution today is advancing

EVERY nation (> 15 million population) that does not, is collapsing

ACT Parties build FDR Constitutions and political parties in every nation

ACT Canada

FDR's Second Bill of Rights

GDP per Capita

1. GDP is a 2,000th of 24,000 ranked report
2. GDP Growth – is a 1,200 rank report
3. GDP-per-Capita ranks 300th
4. GDP-PPP-per-Capita – 100th rank
5. Export-per-Capita – 200th Rank
6. Social Contract – is a #1 Ranked measure

GDP per Capita GDP-PPP/Cap

Government Spending

Govt Spending


Healthcare Spending (% GDP-PPP)

Health Spending

Home Ownership

The right to a good home is an essential human right

EVERY nation that assures homeownership in Constitution is advancing today

The Canadian Bill of Rights

The Bible

FDR’s Second Bill of Rights

The United Nations Universal Human Rights

Imports are for Trade Surplus Nations Only

Imports in Trade Surplus



Lending, Interest, and Mortgage Rates

Lending Rates in Non-High Income Nations (Low) Nationalism & Culture


Production Economies and productivity are important / causal to economic success

Production vs Consumption

Production Economy is Sustainable; Consumption must be managed

Electricity Energy Use

Smart Cities

Smart Cities 2020Smart Cities Report Map 2020

Modern cities with top amenities are an important indicator of National Advance


Middle Eastern nations use Industry Revenues so no-one pays Income Tax, while the west taxes primarily those with the least ability to pay tax. This drives productivity and production growth to the lowest levels since the 1930s

Fed Reserve Wealth Inequality 2022Worldwide Production Growth lowest since 1930s

Income Tax Sales Tax Corporate Tax

Note: Populations with living wages, savings, and homes are not concerned about taxes that pay for their high standard of living

Tourism Spending


U.N. Happiness Index

World Happiness

Scientific Societies

Teaching scientific civics lessons that are proven to advance nations reliably is essential, and this explains the broad collapses we see today which are due to our running theory-based and ideology-based csq1.org/SSP

Scientific Societies Programmes are curricula taught in emerging academic faculties of Global Leadership


Balanced Budgets

Balanced.Budgets 2020 in High Income Nations

Climate Change

Global Warming is a natural process that humans must work around. Impacting Social Contracts while adjusting for warmer temperatures and different sea levels, is simple mismanagement

We want to avoid destroying the environment to correct climate, as we see with large solar farms and wind generators killing Eagles and displacing tortuous and similarly endangered species


Production vs Consumption

A Production Economy is Sustainable but a Consumption must be managed carefully

Consumption Consumptn/Cap

Crime & Theft

Crime & Theft


Foreign Direct Investment Inbound



GDP is not a great Indicator; SCP is a far more important indicator of economic advance and collapse

GDP GDP Growth

Happy Planet Index

Lending Rates

< 6% Lending Interest Rates in High-Income Nations

Lending Rate Interest Rate

Population Size

Population size is irrelevant over 2 million

Population size is irrelevant over 2 million


Stock Markets

A Stock Market helps advance, but market performance is irrelevant (except for total collapse)

Stock Markets Irrelevant

Market Performance is meaningless

Stock Markets

Teen Pregnancy

Teen Mothers

IMF Financial Industry Index

Large Finance Industries are Harmful

No Tax

Low-Tax for the Rich is an unsustainable policy, but No Tax for low incomes is preferred as in UAE and many other nations

Fed Reserve Wealth Inequality 2022

Fed Reserve Wealth Inequality 2022

Income Tax Sales Tax

Labour Force Participation

Labor Particptn M:F Ratio

Labor Ratio is important for national comparisons of employment vs unemployment rates over time. Comparison to other nations is less meaningful


* Causal Measures of Advancing Economy
** Probationary Measures
*** Possibly Causal but needs more data input / adoption

The Econometrics Library of

Transition Economics




Billionaires per Nation

Immigration / Emigration


Immigration in the United States20-Year Immigration
G20 Immigration

Transition Economics

Immigration is an example of an unsustainable policy that is a benefit in Boom Economies

Inflation > 4%

CPI GDP Deflator

False Idols

Proven-failed economic theory like “Inflations are not created by Greed and corrected by Regulation”, ignores the lessons learned during the turnaround of the Great Depression

Inflation isn’t corrected by a theoretical increase in interest rates, it’s created by allowing companies that benefit from inflation, to inflate their prices – Oil, wood, steel, energy, and so on

The superyacht industry is booming as the great lionshare of the members of our societies are suffering from rising food, transportation, supply chain finished goods, and so on.





Gun Homicides

Gun Homicide TEP

Gun Homicides and Collapsing Economies are synonymous in Every Nation and High-Income Nation Surveys


(False Idols)

Theory and Ideologies compose most of our political vernacular and civics training today

Multi-billion dollar election campaigns teach unscientific, unmeasurable, meaningless Marxism (capitalism, socialism, …), Individualism, Libertarianism, Feminism (creates infanticides in 64 high-income nations), Division by Left and Right Oligarchies

The scientific-by-observation Bible – called economic powers “the Beast” and warned us not to align with them while it explained that being Good to one another, Family Values, and Respect were essential – for economic and social success

Marxism is harmful theory

Marxism is harmful, unmeasurable, meaningless theory and these fictions strip us of our ability to conduct constructive, valid discussion

Denial of Income

True unemployment isn’t reported U-3 Unemployment Reports today and hasn’t been since the 1950s or 60s really. U-3 is the only report we see and it ignores the overall job losses seen in Labour Participation Rate reports entirely

Shadow Stats does a good job of removing the creative accounting done by governments and it places the correct US unemployment rate at around 25% today

By Labour Participation, the USA has 16 million fewer jobs today than it did in the Year 2000, and Canada has 1 million few jobs since 2008

These fewer jobs are true despite rampant immigration in both Canada and the US, making immigration irresponsible policy


Diversity & Inclusion

Racism, Sexism, Ageism & Lost Human Capital in hiring laws, support starvation wages, cheap labour, unsustainable immigration (in today’s mature capitalism), offshoring and onshoring

Inclusion is “hiring for fit”, an HR practice that discourages hiring leaders and preferring human capital experience and workplace learning. Inclusion confirms that experts and experienced leaders are not as important as consensus opinions; meanwhile, thousands of people believe the earth is flat – explaining why consensus is irrelevant

Greenwashing Energy

Wind, Solar, Storage, Oil $$$ High-Cost Energy

Nuclear is abundant and clean; Case Study Germany’s highest “Green” Energy high cost infrastructure versus France’s abundant, cheap Nuclear

Imports with a Trade Deficit

… is unsustainable

Imports in Trade Deficit

Imports Collapse Trade Deficit Nations


in Business and Finance Oversight (NeoLiberalism)

False Reports

Left and Right
Failing Democracies

Sustainable Policy

Right – is neoliberalism and guaranteed collapse

Left – is secular false ideology that creates a 30% genocide in any nation every 20-years

“Female Equality” campaigns win elections in 64 of 70 high-income nations – because reports of genocide and poverty are hidden


  1. seek Power, not Advance
  2. tell you anything you want to hear
  3. collapse your country
  4. have to lie about your collapse to stay in power; never reward this
  5. offer no Leadership


  1. There is only one “Side”, it’s advance.
  2. We must vote for proven lists; not for one or two things, or a group whose marketing we like
  3. “The Beast” was a story told to warn us away from economic powers that brand you with labels – right, left, WEF, NAZIs, the Medieval Church, Babylon, etc …

Canada Federal Election 2019

Media Lies

Propoganda and media manipultation must be rigourly prevented by Constitution – Stand on Guard

Populations with poor civics training are easy prey for this favorite tactic of over-reaching governments; it promotes war mongering, unscientific terms and economic or social reports.

“We’ll tell you whatever you want to hear; Everything is great. Vote for us again – or vote for our other Oligarchy Party!!”

Micro & MacroEconomics

Proof. Theory-based Economics as we teach it in our Universities is proven to collapse nations reliably!

Military Spending



Money Supply Growth

Money Supply Growth

Broad Money

Modern Morality

Every generation considers themselves “modern”, but few really are in the context of history

Female Equality creates poverty and national infanticide, while giving power to reprehensible individuals who trade a crime against humanity for power

The Bible is religion? It’s a Constitution that’s scientific and proven to work. EVERY large nation that supports all of the Bible’s human rights is advancing today. ALL that don’t, are collapsing

“Merry Christmas” is immoral or disrespectful? Christ means “anointing with oil”, as every Abrahamic Religion does at special life events

LGBT showcases – a tween’s testosterone levels are physically impressionable; surveys prove. What value is there to a dying (1.4 fertility rate) nation to promote how “cool” a homosexual lifestyle is? Respect is afforded to adults who are gay, but this is not a discussion for young children

Open Markets

Globalization Offshoring & Onshoring


Greenhouse Gases (methane, …), Emissions (Air) and water-born pollutants need to be managed:

  1. Operational SOPs in every Industry
  2. Special Projects

… so as to safeguard our environment


Poverty is Poor Leadership

Much of poverty is hidden from voters. As long at 51% are ok, the voice of those in desperate need can be surpressed

Aristotle called Democracy an Evil form of government, and North American Constitutions were created by slave owners – so they are not Republics, which is why we collapse every 60-years once our populations exceed 15-million

Sales Economies

Production Economies are always better than Sales Economies

Small Government

Regulation ensures that Business’s natural competition to drive everything down to zero, doesn’t permit unsustainable globalism, price-fixing, consumer gouging,  monopoly, and weak nonredundant supply chains

Monopoly through business buyouts drives profiteering and inflation

Monopoly through corporate consolidation and buyouts drives profiteering, inflation, and poor redundancy in supply chains

To prevent inflation, all industries and companies profiting from inflation must be regulated

Starvation Wages

Trickledown / Scaleup / Reaganomics

Failing to protect Living Wages and access to income is expensive for any nation

G20 Social Contract Loss

As it detriments innovation, productivity, opportunity, economies, and Social Contracts (csq1.org/SCP)

Violence on Women

Violence Women

Panel Views

Panel Views summarize hundreds of measures by the Global Leadership Book of Knowledge’s (GL-BOK) multiple views and categorizations. This panel is one of MEMS‘ screens …

Proven Sustainable & Causal Policy

Causal measures create advancing economies when indicator scores are high, and they create collapse-trending economies when their scores are low. Our first two charts here are perfect examples: Social Contract and Social Contract Product, are measures that both score 1.0 for Causality

Transition Economics Proofs (TEPs)- are frequency distribution charts that compare the percentage of advancing economies at every increment that has sufficient data to average (8-or-more national survey scores create every data point on a TEP chart). A sheet of TEP Charts scores is averaged to create a sheet-score for further comparison in data science tools like MEMS

Sustainable Policy

Neutral  Policy

Unsustainable Policy

Casinos are viable owing to the higher probability that patrons will lose more than they win; Unsustainable Policies offer a higher probability of collapse trending economies similarly. In times of economic boom and great monetizable-opportunity, some unsustainable policies are recommended – like Laissez-Faire, Immigration, etc., but this is not a prudent policy in the dangerous and expensive mature capitalisms that we see today. An unsustainable policy can be modified to make it sustainable: Germany makes the unsustainable policy of Immigration more sustainable, by requiring each immigrant to create and maintain five full-time jobs; Sweden requires four trees planted for every one cut-down. Careful monitoring should confirm that modifications to unsustainable policy, cause intended effects

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