Female Inequity

Forty Problems with Gender Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

The sentiment is perfect, but the implementation of Gender Equality in hiring laws is unsustainable and even socially irresponsible given Canada’s insufficient 1.43 2019 Birth/Fertility rate.

A 1.43 rate says a population will lose 30% of its culture, language, population, and also future prosperity every 20-years – as a mathematic certainty.

Canada forfeits 1,814 babies per day, a child every 48 seconds, and so are 94% of High-Income-Nations (64 of 70 countries) that have unsustainable birthrates similarly today.

It takes three-children families to sustain and then grow any population, 2.3 (children per woman) is break-even, and 30-year family pensions are needed to ensure that parents can enjoy their retirement as seniors while still contributing to a prosperous economy.

This unwitting genocide could easily be termed a “Crime against Humanity” whenever Gender Equality or Diversity and Inclusion hiring campaigns are used to garner votes, win elections, bolster harmful corporate profit, and to otherwise lie, miseducate, and omit reports of collapse to the public.

Harmful ideologies must lie about the collapses they create once in power

This simple reality is the reason that Family Values are always going to be important to any society. Any civics mistraining that creates the mass gullibility necessary to allow ideologies like gender-based hiring laws to gain power, exposes democracy as the imperfect system of government that Aristotle warned us against 2,300 years ago.

Definition: Note that Canada does not have a systemic racism problem as seen in the United States. This article assumes that respect is essential for everyone and that the ambiguous term “Diversity and Inclusion” here does not refer to race-based hiring policies. Diversity and Inclusion laws in Canada require Female, Immigrant, and LGBT hiring quotas that are sponsored by business lobbies to create starvation wages, to decimate family pensions, to lose 1.5% of Canada’s population annually, and to give Canada the highest rate of male suicide in the G7.


In the first-world developed nation of Canada, saying that women deserve every respect is like saying we like our hair or our arm – it’s just that obvious. Contending that women don’t deserve our respect is like saying that our right leg is more important than the left; a Canadian will tell you that it’s a ludicrous assertion.

Opportunistic politicians choose “Gender Equality” campaigns because where is the downside to lauding half of the voting population? We love our female half and generally, Canadians prefer that all of our government policies support non-division and support all notions that sound mutually beneficial and respectful. As a father who raised four girls, I agree enthusiastically that Canadian policies should ensure the good lives of women who live here – and everywhere.

The challenge with so many Canadian Governments these past 30-years is that we have a very poor track record for building positive social programs that actually do help our society and economy. Our gross mishandling of Female Equality is no exception.

Gender Equality campaigns win elections – for reprehensible individuals

The four young women I raised are aged 25 to 32 with no marriage, no children, no home, and no families of their own; and the same is true for all of their friends. Instead, they live in a sort of rent-slavery state with starvation wages supplied by a job with no pension and no dental. By the conventions of other strong social contract nations – they have traded a good life – for a cubicle.

This dystopic situation is thanks to a series of policy mistakes, and not just one policy alone. Holland, for example, puts controls on most rents ($1,000 CDN per month), usury, business ownership, foreign rental property ownership (none is allowed), offshoring, and immigration onshoring (none is allowed). Canada never protected its citizens with any of these sustainable policies.

Income Inequity

An economy is like a casino – a high transaction system. Both are recession-proof businesses, but only when every policy or game ensures that transactions have a higher percentage probability of the house “winning”. See a list of policies proven to have a greater probability of success at the World at our Hands econometrics library. Successful economies is easy – in science.

We don’t teach science

Our present global mature capitalism all began back in the 1980s when political marketing teams in the U.S. market-tested catchy 1920s “spins” on policy messaging. Low tax, Small Government, Death Tax, Middle-class, Entitlements, Open Markets, Climate, Guns, and so on; were terms designed to keep voters voting their support, while 95% of all income gains nationally could flow to the Top-1% of rich families year after year. Market tests found strong voter responses to “Female Equality” and opportunistic politicians also noticed that half of all voters were female too – no doubt.

All that market testers had to do, was to convince women that they were “oppressed” whenever they couldn’t live their adult lives in cubicles, reporting to tactical business policies that collapse any nation – 40 hours a week; and, battle lines were drawn.

Global Leadership Sciences Dashboard

Political opportunism has become the definition of Canadian and U.S. politics. There can be no long-term planning in Canada due to four-year political windows, and citizens here are not trained in what are scientifically important policies ever. As a result, the “catchiest” or “most-repeated” messaging wins elections here – regardless of whether the policy is socially responsible or not.

We are told whatever we want to hear – or want to believe, but nothing is done to make lives better, and problems are simply kicked down the road to the next party.

A thousand generations have called themselves “modern”, and yet no society has survived in history. This tells you something about fashionable “modern” policies through time…

When you don’t know what to stand for, you’ll fall for anything – Methodist Mention, 1927

Here’s a little history that is very relevant today. In the 1930s, Germany’s political party sat its people down and asked everyone to accept their “values”. NAZIism targeted 1% of its population – and unproductive elderly citizens, for elimination. Horrible – I absolutely agree.

We don’t teach Values versus Ideology

“Values” were taught to many of us by the Bible’s teaching tools of a Father, Son, and Holy Spirit:

  1. Good  – Systemic empathy – in actions and in laws (in “Lord”),
  2. Respect – The Golden Rule: respect of family, women, children, parents, neighbors, seniors, employees.
  3. Creation – the building and the shepparding of Human Advance

Harmful ideologies were explained as “false idols”. Examples include: Neoliberalist Wealth Theory, Feminism’s Diversity & Inclusion Hiring Laws, NAZIism, LEFT versus RIGHT Divisionism, Libertarian, Rugged Individualism’s Cold Indifference to neighbours, and others. Oligarchy was explained as the merchant-class who assembled into Economic Powers that it called “the Beast”.

Americans call themselves Republican and Democrat because they are not taught the Bible’s warnings against tattooing one-self, and aligning with, a “beast”.

The Bible isn’t religion as western societies are taught; it’s a civics textbook – and a very good one that summarized lessons scientifically based on the observation of 2,000 years of civic rise and fall. It is used (and abused) by religions but it’s an update of our first Constitution’s and books of law, explained in storytelling as needed in an era of 99.9% illiterate populations. 

EVERY large nation that follows Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Second Bill of Rights (from the Bible) is advancing today

EVERY nation that follows the US or Canadian list of rights, collapses every 60 years reliably

We are all born good (in God’s image) but we are not born with an innate understanding of how harmful ideologies will play out in our societies over decades of time. 

My point in stating this is to cast a sharper relief on the reality that any society must always find it more important to prefer proven success and socially sustainable policy – in birthrates, social contracts, natural resources, technology and infrastructure, and in responsibly planning and investing for the future.

Morality is Advance

This is the truly moral and “modern” approach – intelligent observation (measuring & monitoring) must ensure whether policies are beneficial – or harmful.

“Right and Left” are meaningless terms. and the merchants that control both of these groups are the exact same individuals and Oligarchy as well. To prosper, we voters need to change our terms to scientific, meaningful terms; and from division and ignorance – back to empathy, respect, and human advance.

Canada Federal Election 2019

Vote only for Sustainable Policy – anything else is Socially Irresponsible

Right-Neoliberalism and Left-Feminism build national collapse 100% today; and, our Constitution is not protecting our success as it must. See this case study here.

In any nation, our vote must support policies proven to build strong economies and societies, or we will collapse as a mathematic-certainty. At CSQ Research, we group policies that are mathematically proven to support socio-economic advance, and we explain them as “ACT” policies so that sustainable policy can always be voted for.

Canadian’s don’t have the option to vote for Advance today, and neither do a great majority of high-income-nations globally. We need to fix this – because to ignore it is to permit a Crime Against Humanity in Canada – to continue.

The 40++ Problems created by Gender Inequality

Female-Male Workforce Ratio
Labour Participation
Sustainable Birthrates Female:Male Rises, Birthrates Fall
F:M Ratio, Labour, FertilityF:M Ratio, Labour, Fertility

Here is a long list of forty-plus researched problems associated with Female Inequality hiring laws and policy – often called “Diversity and Inclusion”:

  1. Genocide and Crimes against Humanity – as discussed above. An average 1.6 fertility rate loses 30% of any population every 20-years
  2. Women may have to lose their vote to correct this genocide – Iceland was first to elect a female President and since then it has had to put in place laws to keep offices from hiring 100% female. Their small population (350,000 people) are on the brink of losing their culture, language, and existence – as they lose another 5,000 people annually. Unsustainable fertility is a well-understood problem for 20-years and yet this democracy has been unable to vote for self-correction.
  3. Double Income Families – are also called “double income traps”. The American Dream’s strong social contract was based on a “Single Income Family” where one salary afforded all costs of living (CoL) – for a husband’s family and for his wife’s family too
  4. Unsustainable Birthrates – mature capitalisms (“Winters” on the Birthrates Chart above) always reduce average fertility rates as relative poverty increases. Today’s fertility rate in Canada is 1.49 children per woman; sustainable is 2.2. 3.0 was the standard in the 1960s when single-income families were the norm – and China, after 20-years with a Single-Child policy is at 1.4. 94% of 70 High-income nations today, are dying similarly due to sexism policies now mandated in hiring, grants, academics, and investment selection processes. Statistically, today’s high-income-nations respect women more than their own well-being. This is a problem in High-Income nations only … due to competition, unsustainable business practices, Diversity and Inclusion, and Female Equality (Double Income Family) policies – which are policies that are unique to High-Income nations. Non-High-Income nations seldom permit sexism against males in the workplace and have an average birthrate of 3.15 (sustainable) despite today’s global mature capitalism.
    Check out https://csq1.org/WAOH#Diversity for active Fertility, Gender, and Labour Participation Infographic Tools
  5. Squandered family pensions – as twenty-year working dads (Heads of Households) are fired and cannot return to senior jobs (which are now taken by women or divisity hires). Pensions earn their greatest contribution values in their last fifteen years. The practice of firing men at age-50 saves socially-irresponsible businesses up to $1 million per employee. In the chart above, we see Canada’s unsustainable 1.5 fertility rate is a 20-year problem, and that it is dropping steeply as labour workforce participation since 2008 dropped 700,000 and female to male ratios rose 16%.
  6. Reprehensible Political Leaders – the fertility problem is well communicated to politicians (in Canada and elsewhere), so these people are the lowest of the low – who literally chose power over genocide, and then actively hide reporting on this national genocide to keep power
  7. Retired people cannot contribute to the economy through their pension incomes and consumption in retirement years, where a pension is denied by female equality requirements
  8. Family values: males are unwilling to offer marriage due to high divorce rates
  9. Family values: young adult women cannot have families nor raise their own children if they wish, due to poverty and a lack of willing males
  10. Family values: young families cannot afford a home any longer because they must compete with
    1. couples willing to live in double-income traps,
    2. competition for residential housing (house flippers) from commercial investors both foreign and domestic,
    3. foreign money laundering (entering the housing market),
    4. offshoring banking mortgages that aren’t required to confirm they have the 10% deposits on-hand sufficient to warrant those mortgages (free money),
    5. low-regulation low-protection laissez-faire national housing finance policy-led, “open-markets” for housing, and finally …
    6. many of the other reasons cited on this list
  11. Starvation Wages – Society-wide reductions in incomes/salaries now occur because many more workers now compete for the same finite, or shrinking, number of jobs
  12. Underemployment increases – this is especially noticeable in 20-year and 50-year-old males; stats have quoted 90% of males do not return to their former level of authority nor salary

  13. Suicide increases –  suicide reports retained a 10-year average of 12.17 , while the worldwide trend in suicides fell 25%. Suicide usually remains steady for 30-years at a time, so sudden jumps like this one will only tend to coincide with rapid, negative policy changes in a society. Canada climbed from 115 worst in the world, to 138th worst over a twenty-year period.

  14. Male2Female Suicide Ratio G7

    Male suicide increases – male suicides are three times that of females or higher in most countries. Canada experienced its highest male suicide levels ever in 2019 and led the G7 for the first-time as well, coinciding with Gender, Diversity, and Inclusion laws here. Men aged 50+, and their family pensions, were largely eliminated from the private workplace and then they are actively blocked from re-entring the workplace also. A 2015 study was reported by the BBC to find male suicides increased by .79% for every 1% increase in male unemployment https://lnkd.in/gkKsnYnK 
  15. Suicide rates are hiddenHigh suicide rates are embarrassing to any government and political party seeking re-election, so it shouldn’t be surprising to suddenly see suicides being reclassified as “Unknown cause” or as the CDC’s “Accident” classification when drugs or poisoning is the accidental method used by the suicide victim. Fentanyl Deaths are the new number one Cause of Death for poisoning and Accident – largely because Fentanyl is a comparatively pleasant, accessible, and reliable way to end your life by your own hand.
    The CDC (American) classifications are hiding suicides, so better to use the WHO (United Nations) international measuring system instead. 
  16. Teen anxiety is now reported by an unprecedented 50% of students
  17. Mental illness
    1. legitimate rates of stress-induced mental illness have increased, and 
    2. a wide array of safety nets and welfare systems seek to reclassify those who are unable to find salaries (unemployment) as mental illness cases
    3. As societies become more dystopic, politicians are seeking to lay blame not on themselves, but on the individuals targeted or affected by the conditions
    4. Police calls used to be social disturbances – and are not called mental illness calls, for example
  18. Freedom – most men will explain that a lifetime spent in a cubicle is hardly a life to aspire to; and when wages don’t afford Cost-of-Living (starvation wages) for your family and your wife’s family, freedoms are lost further
  19. Unhappiness – happiness levels are dropping in society consistent with studies on chronic pain and other climbing depressions and anxieties
  20. Low Opportunity – opportunity diminishes as normal career promotion is now interrupted by HR quotas for female workers
  21. An income given to a male – often pays for two families (he pays for his family and his wife’s family as the Head of Household); where an income given to a female typically pays for one family – her own. In our culture, a woman will not support an unproductive male, and men won’t want it either. This leaves an honourable unemployed 50-year-old male in a bind; because he will not be able to find an income due to sexist hiring policies and younger, more junior recruiters (people have a tendency to hire themselves) – and he will also be unable to find an income-generating mate
  22. Double-income families substantially increase national social costs of day-care, health-care, housing, and senior-care for the young, the infirm, and elderly family member caregivers
  23. Two physical homes – need twice the costs, energy, real-estate land and transfer tax, mortgages, rent bubble pricing, utilities, building materials, land, transit, services (hospitals, fire departments, police coverage), and jobs
  24. Poverty increases
  25. Divorce is 80% initiated by women, and also “cheered-on” by the coaching of peers 
  26. Essential Respect and Empathy diminish as divisive sides are now taken and blame is directed to opposite genders, ideologies, races, and so on
  27. Male Health – Testosterone levels drop in young men due to changes in status and depression – resulting in obesity and illness
  28. Testosterone levels in teenage boys should be 10-times those of women, but are today found closer to levels normally seen in 80-year-old men
  29. Testosterone levels rise in young women, even when “acting” in authority roles – according to multiple clinical studies
  30. The higher Testosterone levels of working women are presently being researched for possible connections to autism
  31. Higher Testosterone levels in women manifest in physical ways: voices lower, muscle growth, masculine facial features, enlarged clitorus, hair growth, libido, violent aggression, etc. These findings in scientific surveys make biological sense because humans are descendants of lungfish (as are some frogs that can change their genders entirely). Studies prove: that even when pretending, the testosterone levels of women increase when their behaviour changes to assert authority and to act in a strong leadership role. This does not happen to male test subjects.
  32. Females choose lower-wage industries than males statistically and earn more than males depending on the industry too. Pharmaceuticals is an industry where the opposite is true – and females earn more than males
  33. Hiring, Lending, and Grant Quota laws (diversity, inclusion, and gender equality policies) insist that racism, sexism, and ageism policies, now dictate dumb-down as well; workplaces run by less-qualified, and in some cases far-less-experienced, workers. Human beings hire ourselves, so Human Resources administrators hire “themselves” – despite never having programmed before, or never having constructed something before, never harvested before, while never having led teams, and been forced to work with unqualified “leads”
  34. Division. Males and females are right and left legs; superficially different only, and essential to one another as well. Division is weakness so while Gender Policies divide populations, policies of Respect, Systemic Empathy, and Family Values strengthen prosperity, good lives, and strong communities – in evidence-based science. See WAOH
  35. SKILL versus WILL dumb-down. When young administrative people filter and interview, they can ignore or miss Skill. Skill people write courses; they don’t waste their time taking expensive certifications for applications that they can figure out by themselves – or can read a manual and learn easily. When people without Skill, by-pass Skill resumes for Will resumes, Will is forwarded only. When departments fill with Will, Will pushes out Skill – both actively and passively. Intimidating, uncooperative, they are not a “fit”, “they might take my job from me”, they are non-inclusive – are descriptions that will be heard when a Will-manager pushes out a Skilled member from staff. Everyone has an opinion; Inclusion Policies say that everyone should be heard in all things. Rubbish. Skilled Experts and Heavy-lifters are few and far between – and should always have their advice weighted much higher than non-experts – or whole nations descend. It’s embarrassing, obvious, and well documented in theses and consulting reports in Canada
  36. Some offices fill to near-100% with women. Iceland was the first nation to elect a female president, and they next had to install laws – 60% maximum limits on female staff levels – in order to prevent clear sexism and to ensure that males have access to incomes as well. Iceland’s population, culture, and language are dying quickly because its population was only 360,000. This fertility and population sustainability problem has been well understood and discussed here since the 2008 financial disaster and yet this democratic population has been unable to correct despite the pressing threat to their very existence, culture, and language. Iceland’s example makes the argument for rescinding the female vote essential wherever education cannot correct fertility shortfalls; perhaps one vote per head-of-household rather than per-individual. Morally, this is a preferable solution to genocide, and would only be appropriate in high-income democracies with low female-violence and fertility deficits.
  37. Open Sexism and even Starvation. Canadian governments offer no support for the men displaced by sexist quotas that state a preference for female employees. Business loans have a greater chance of approval for women; for men, there are no guarantees of welfare, income programs, no jobs (there is 90% underemployment in 50-year old men here – and 90% cannot find a job at their previous level), there is no housing (4-year waiting lists), no senior retraining (MBA training is not permitted by student-loan supports for example), and no safety nets at all really – a 1/10th Cost-of-Living welfare recipient can be denied all supports in peacetime Canada – just as in wartime Germany in the 1940s. Human Rights complaints are ignored here as they are at the U.N. – I actually had this tested and confirmed. The Social Benefits Tribunal of Ontario permits applications from municipalities to insist on the refusal of benefits to at least 260 people a year – according to their Annual Reports.
  38. Toxic Masculinity – “not intended to demonize men or male attributes, but rather to emphasize the harmful effects of conformity to certain traditional masculine ideals” (Wikipedia). Originally intended to describe violent acts in developing nations – like Mexican Machismo or Honor Killings, “Toxic Masculinity” has popped-up in bullying exchanges between feminists and male university students and office workers and social networks widely. Belittling a male and insisting he is responsible for his gender, and the intrusive masculine behaviors of other males, is little different than belittling females for their emotion or chattiness. Respect and empathy are sustainable policies for behavior between anyone, and understanding why policies like Single Income Family policies support sustainable fertility rates, is also a social imperative.
  39. … and of course, this is just a quick, non-comprehensive list. There are more issues not listed here…

In Cassie Jaye’s TED Talk video, she lists a dozen additional problems that : 

  1. Men are far more likely to lose their child in a custody battle
  2. Men are 78% of suicides worldwide
  3. Paternity Fraud affects men exclusively
  4. Military Drafts affect Men far more than women
  5. Workplace Deaths 
  6. War Deaths
  7. Life Expectancy
  8. Sentencing Disparity
  9. Child Custody & Support
  10. Failure to Launch
  11. False Rape allegations
  12. Infant Male genital mutilations
  13. Homeless issues
  14. Life Expectancy
  15. Criminal Court Bias
  16. Misandry – dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men
  17. Boys Falling behind in education
  18. Veterans issues
  19. Lack of resources for victims of domestic violence

Ambiguous Diversity and Inclusion policies often hide unsustainable female equality agendas too. I discussed concerns with Inclusion in #27 and the policy of Immigration/Diversity is an unsustainable policy in mature capitalisms as it leads to starvation wage situations as well. Often immigrant workers are onshored in order to captain remote offshore teams as well. The Boeing 767 MAX problem grounded almost an industry for a year – and was based entirely on persistent efforts by business to reduce programmer costs to $9 per hour.

In Sweden, four trees are planted for every tree cut; in Germany, every immigrant must provide five full-time salary jobs; the Netherlands insists on a $700 Euro ($1,000 per month) rent cap on 95% of homes – with steep taxes for FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in private real estate – because these are all sustainable policies. Immigrants that cannot find employment here in Canada, however, simply turn to irresponsible private-home “flipping” or slumlord rental businesses – because Canadians are not protected from these socially irresponsible practices.

Read Dickens to understand the impact of Open Markets in mature capitalisms. Recent revelations of international money laundering came as no surprise to Canadian Realtors accustomed to Chinese buyers flipping houses with “Cash”. China has a limit of $60,000 that its citizens can withdraw from that country per year. And Financial Industry Private Equity funds was permitted to pull $1 Trillion dollars into Canada to compete against our young people who were buying their first homes. The problem wasn’t permitted in Quebec, but Ontario and British Columbia, it has created bubbles crushing to young families who might simply want to begin their lives.

How prevalent is Unsustainable Policy?

Our nation’s exports are down 50% and imports are up 100% since the new millennium in 2000. Education is more expensive than ever here; housing and rent bubbles are rampant and are 75% of after-tax incomes in Vancouver and Toronto in most cases; wealth distribution is a big problem, with income distribution GINIs dropping from 32 to 38 since 2010 here. We need reliable incomes but instead, our long period of low-interest mortgage rates hurt the affordability of housing while salaried jobs switched to contract and unpensioned work without benefits.

Pervasive Unemployment & Underemployment (both the actual 20% U-6, and the reported 8% U-3 unemployment rates), and a collapsing social contract (safety-net)  – shrink and stall our economy while adding to a long and growing list of social problems in Canada.

FDR created the American Dream and the greatest economy of all time – with Female inequality; with the family values of a single-income family. Men were actually denied senior jobs if they weren’t married – and so were women denied senior jobs because a man’s salary had to afford two families; his parents, etc, and his wife’s family too.

FDR’s other policies included a 20-year program of steep 92% income tax and 80% estate tax for the rich, nationalism, full employment, a strong empathetic social contract, affordable Cost of Living (COL) and homeownership, and debt forgiveness (a common historical economic-reset best-practice used often during mature capitalisms – see Jubilee Years in Leviticus 25:26).

Every country in Europe was forgiven national debt in 1934 and Germany was forgiven 250% of their GDP in debt as well. The United States has not been able to peacefully reset these routine economic imbalances since its 1837 Great Depression – when populations in the U.S. were still small (12 million), so FDR realized that Social Contract had to be put into the U.S. constitution – click here to see a youtube video of his Second Bill of Rights in 1944.

Europe -Italy, Germany, and Japan got these rights added to their constitution after the war, but the U.S. and Canada never did. If we had, we would be living the American Dream still today. The Marshall Plan nations are the only G7s with an advancing economy, six to eight weeks of paid vacation, great healthcare, great schools, free university in many cases, pensions, in-home care, and exports-per-capita on par with some of the highest social contract nations globally today.

To protect its reported statistics and budgets, Canadian government safety-net administrators are directed to work to the exact letter of rule – without exceptions and without empathy. No civilization survives without systemic empathy. A good friend of mine paid into Canadian Unemployment Insurance for twenty-five years – and then because he never imagined that he would not find a job for a whole year (after being laid off by a major financial company), he, like many proud working Canadians, submitted an application two weeks past the 12-month deadline – and was denied benefits. He is not listed on the unemployed statistics in Canada either – and he is not an unusual case. Homelessness and the total loss of all possessions will surely follow unless a job or other income source can be secured – because there is no working safety-net here in Canada, and there are no other sources of income here either.

We do have under-employment and starvation wages, which is work that does not match Cost-of-Living (CoL); these are jobs in retail, food services, security, etc. Finding one of these minimum-wage roles will not afford a car, nor rent in many real estate bubble cities here. Other countries will not hire Canadians because those countries are protecting their own citizens as they should. A mom with two kids will get support and housing – and rightly so – but a man will wait for four-years to be assigned housing if he is very lucky. If he finds a short term contract, he may never be able to get benefits again in his lifetime. We think that there “must be a job out there for him”; because there always has been – right? But here we must revisit a new reality; the number of 50-year old Canadian men who can now tell the story of 300++ resumes failing to secure an income that matches Cost of Living, has reached frightening percentages.

90% of men who are forced out of work at age-50, will not find an equal position. People desperately “flip” (buy and sell for profit) houses to make an income, or risk their public pensions and savings to be able to rent apartments to students. I mentioned above that this behaviour creates a housing-cost bubble that prevents young families from affording basic housing and rents. I know of people who have to AirBnb their own home to make ends meet.

We desperately need guaranteed living-wage incomes that afford rapidly rising Cost of Living – in order to support the external actual costs of Gender Inequality and – every other opportunistic political vote-grab policy out there. Failing to provide guaranteed incomes now costs Canada $60 billion in lost Export Wealth annually – see that discussion here.

Canada remains the only G7 country who permits engineering work and jobs to be offshored – without protecting our local engineers. All of our Crown Corporations and Banks avert both tax and local employees wages, to “save” themselves billions of dollars annually. Add it up yourself, how many men are laid off in Canada with 20-years toward their pensions? Estimates can be 50% to 80% of non-government workers this past 5-years. Now multiply that number by $1 million per pension – per family.

Foreign investment in real estate and foreign ownership of business here means that jobs are of lower seniority and quality – with less decision-making power and generally fewer resources afforded to the same amount of work as well. Automation is a very good thing in strong social contract nations – but in Canada, it is shrinking the number of jobs at a time when our incomes are not protected during the change – and our families can be impacted desperately. Divorce rates are at 50% to 70% in Canada as men are laid off – with further pension dissolution that promotes poverty and homelessness too.

In Conclusion

Mistakes in implementing Gender Equality – like insisting on equal numbers of women to men in the workplace – come at a time when “real” U6 unemployment rates are 20% in Canada, and the root problems that are creating social crisis are not reported, not recognized, and not corrected. One has to guess at what amount of real poverty has been created like a timebomb – by the past 10-year’s dismissal of 50% to 80% of our male, and now unpensioned, workforce.

For developing countries, the Gender Inequality protections that Canadians enjoy, are vital policies needed to ensure that women share the basic human rights of education and personal respect which can never be ignored.

Within a developed nation like Canada, Gender Inequality is misused by irresponsible political parties to win votes – with little consideration of social and economic responsibility nor cost.

Those skeptical of this fact need only look to the debt-levels of every large democracy whose political groups promised “Low-Tax” to get elected. Democracy has these simple weaknesses in its design, and we are not adding protections into our Constitutions, nor teaching our young people to defend themselves against $1-billion in annual political advertising that serve as our only instructions now too. The lessons of our TVs and Social Networks now teach us to keep inequity and social contracts at unsustainable levels; which collapses our societies reliably. All of the policy impacts discussed here are confirmed in the analysis of Transition Economics Proofs documented at the World at our Hands Report.


  1. On March 6, 2021, we updated this article’s messaging and title to convey rising alarm at record levels of infertility and male:female suicide ratios in Canada – now the highest in the G7 and 137th worst in the world.
  2. September 10th, 2022 LinkedIn Post

Almost One Million Canadians are Lost Annually Today

Any argument that states Canada’s Government respects “Right to Life” assurances by our Constitution, shows an egregious misunderstanding of reality here.

Canadians lose 650,000 infants a year to Diversity Hiring Laws (that drive Fertility Rates which lose 1.5% of our population annually – just like in WWII).
We lose 100,000 to abortion, 5,000 to reported suicide, double? that to unreported suicide (fentanyl poisoning, unknown causes. other), men kill themselves .79% for every 1% of unemployment, and anti-male hiring and suicides are the highest in the G7 – for the first time in our history.

Canadians lose approximately $1 million people to this government every year, but if this was reported they would never get re-elected – so, it’s not reported.

This is also why grade school children in June were rounded up in our grade schools and, instead of Seniors Month, they were taught the importance of their values of Diversity – and how cool it is to be gay or LGBT or one of six genders. This is exactly how Germans were introduced to that government’s ideology in the 1930s.

Naziism targeted a one-time 1% population loss, and unproductive seniors also – as does our government but our population losses in peace-time today are much worse.

These are facts folks, hidden by a media that corrals you from one harmful ideology group to another only. 


     3. “The Book” was released with The Global Leadership Book of Knowledge (GL-BOK) in August of 2021 – to update and explain the history of civics training in our civilizations. It’s definitely worth a read today – and it is definitely not religion either.



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