Constitutional Reform is Essential Today

The Science of Constitutional Reform

Date: September 3, 2022
Author:  Edward Tilley
Publication: The CSQ Research Journal
Comments to: CSQ Forum
Evidence-based Economics is a Computer Science

The rapid development of evidence-based civics and economic sciences like Transition Economics (TE), has created an explosion of visualization and causality decision support tools that can today double economies and advance societies and humanity reliably.

Global Leadership Sciences Dashboard

The Elephant in the Room

The Elephant in the Room today is the uncomfortable fact that our universities teach theory-based curricula and DO NOT teach evidence-based science. Worse, they actively block evidence-based economic and social science research as well. See those case studies here: “Our Academic Mediocracy” and “Educational Reform

Why? Economics and business professors are mathematicians, without the computer science skills necessary to teach an evidence-based science.

Why are the discussions of Science and Constitutional Reform essential and urgent today?

EVERY large nation that follows Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Second Bill of Rights is advancing

EVERY nation that follows the US or Canadian list of rights, collapses every 60 years reliably

This reality makes Constitutional and Democratic Reforms a top priority in today’s collapsing global mature capitalism.

Let’s look at the science behind both of these statements. Are these “discoveries” the powerful insights of an impressive new science, or are they baseless claims?

Where do powerful insights originate?

The Book - The Scientific Update of the Bible

The discoveries above surfaced during a Global Leadership researcher’s evidence-based Case Study of the Bible’s origins and teachings in 2021. The Bible is used (and abused) by religions but it’s a third-revision civics textbook that documents lessons-learned over 2,000 years of civic rise and fall. Its storytelling format was needed for the 99.9% illiteracy rates of its era.

The Bible’s first five books are the Pentateuch, updates of two very successful 4,000 year old Constitutions. This is one of the reasons why the Bible is the basis of 800 Constitutions worldwide since 1791 (according to Wikipedia).

WAOH World at our Hands LibraryThe author of this article isn’t religious either, I Curate one of the world’s largest evidence-based econometric and quantitative Standard of Research libraries – WAOH.

The Bible repeats 20-times that God is “Good”. And good is a behaviour; good is not a deity. We are all born good (in God’s image) but none of us are born with the innate ability to foretell what will be the result of ideologies that are used to manipulate voters and hold power in our democratic societies.

Scientific Terms

Global Leadership Sciences Dashboard

Few things in this life have become as important as the need for all of humanity to adopt meaningful, scientific terms and curricula. For more than fifty years, our schools have led with a theory-based curriculum loaded with meaningless, unmeasurable, and unscientific terms and teaching.

Capitalism – was used by Hoover to build the Great Depression; and Capitalism was used by FDR to create the greatest economy in history.

Socialism – 100% ownership of production by the state is employed exactly nowhere. It’s as real as Harry Potter and, more accurately, the Boogeyman.

Right, Left, Conservative, GDP, Unemployment, Profit, Wealth, Equality, Micro and Macroeconomics, Financial Accounting – are either meaningless, unscientific, and ambiguous; or, unimportant, tactical, and harmful. Meaningless Terms, reports, and curricula can be weaponized or used to hide collapse from voters too.

Meaningless terms and reports, take away the ability to agree with consensus on strategic evidence-based critical thinking and leadership. For example:

Values – are Good (systemic empathy in actions and in law – in “Lord”), Respect, and Creation (the shepparding of human advance), taught with the teaching tools of a Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Ideologies – are ideas on how things should work in a society. Like Right & Left Divisionism, NAZIism, Neoliberalism, Socialism, Capitalism, Rugged Individualism’s Cold Indifference to neighbours, Feminism, Family Values, and similar.

MOST ideologies are harmful (false idols); in fact, the Bible endorsed just one ideology on this list – Family Values. Then the Bible went so far as to call the economic powers that ask us to tattoo their names on ourselves, “the Beast” (Republican, Left, Democrat, Right, etc).

There have been many “Beasts” throughout history – Babylon, Persia, Rome, the Medieval Church, NAZIs, and today these economic powers gather at WEF.

These are the merchants that have always worked to enslave and hobble mankind’s forward progress, for the selfish, tactical, uneducated, and shortsighted benefit of their cronyism ideology. Strategic thinking realizes that tactical business practices shrink economies, while strategic approaches grow economies and opportunities for everyone.

Businesses used to build strong economies and societies, but we can’t vote for that today and that’s not what our Universities are teaching either (see ACT Parties). They don’t teach FDR’s proven success, they teach Friedman, Hayek, Rand, and Greenspan theory 100%.

Non-science versus Right-way-ness in Leadership
(Nonsense vs Righteousness)

The ability to keep wealthy merchants accountable has always been the strongest value of a Monarch’s authority. When imbalances require changes in society, Monarchs can make changes happen. If you grew up in the west, you’ll have noticed a 40-year advertising campaign that continually reinforced how a free-market economy was essential and has no need for “horrible” Monarchy’s Tyranny – while today’s accountable Monarchies in Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Brunei are advancing their nations at a far faster rate than collapsing democracies.

Monarchs have redirected resource revenues to eliminate taxes and to seed local companies that propelled citizens to prosperous good lives; while democratic voters never could and today struggle to survive simple inflation. 50-year economic and ownership resets are an essential need of any capitalist nation (see Leviticus 25-26) to preempt the normal cost-of-living and income imbalances caused by vendor and employer greed, or by luck’s normal successes and failures.

Science proves very well that people who have what they need are productive, and that the monetizing of this national productivity is a key to success. The USSR failed because its productions (its watches, cars, etc.) lacked variety and were of poor quality, so no other nation would buy them (would monetize their production).

Aristotle called evil forms of government Democracy, Oligarchy, and Tyranny; while good forms were Polity (Scientific Societies), Aristocracy, and Monarchy. Our Constitutions are supposed to make us Polities, but let’s test how true is that statement next.

Can our Democracies become Aristotle’s Polities? Absolutely Yes, CSQ’s ACT Party thesis explains exactly how this works and how to vote for it, but we are not going to get there by voting for the harmful ideologies that fill our ballot cards today.

We aren’t taught the difference between values and ideologies today, just as NAZIs serpentinely insisted that German citizens and leadership hopefuls aligned with the party’s “values”, which of course was their harmful ideology. Similarly, today our system of universities and governments tells us that the Bible is religion and that it has nothing to teach us.

In science, the Right’s Neoliberalism (Wealth Theory) collapses any nation reliably – just as it did in the 1920s. The Left’s Feminism wins elections, and then it creates 40 serious social problems, poverty, economic collapse, and a Crime Against Humanity Genocide of 1.5% of 64 national populations annually. At this point, the only option offered by voter ballots is collapse.

A political group’s false ideology might win an election when citizens don’t know any better, but these political groups will then have to spend billions of dollars annually to hide reports of the collapse that they create – in order to have any hope of re-election. For these groups, mistraining the population in lessons of irresponsible civics and false ideologies, from the youngest age – will be essential.

Retraining a large population in science, advance, and meaningful terms and even family values, is a task requiring hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising and programming on our TVs and Social Media. Like Pavlov’s dogs, we’ve been conditioned to believe what our TV’s tell us, and to misunderstand what the Bible’s proven lessons were also.

With no training in scientific civics, voters are vulnerable and gullible; democracy itself becomes manipulatable.

EVERY nation that follows FDR Advances

Without further ado, let’s introduce the science…

How did FDR’s success come about? FDR was a historian and engineer, and his people were Puritans – who wrote our English King James Bible in 1605. We call these Puritans “Pilgrims” and FDR, like the author of this article, was a descendant of the Mayflower as well.

Science is observation, and FDR realized that nations built upon all of the Rights described in the Bible’s Constitution were proven to be successful. I don’t think that he realized he had been raised on lessons taught by Hammurabi and Ur-Nammu’s Constitutions, he more likely understood that he could trust the methods of legitimate historians when creating a textbook of important insights and lessons learned based on events from the past.

FDR’s Second Bill of Rights became the United Nation’s Charter and Universal Declaration of Human Rights too.

These policies went on to build the greatest economy in history for the United States.

How are the countries doing today, that adopted FDR’s human rights into their Constitution?

A = Advance; C = Collapse, and the Percentages (%) are advancing scores within 25% of threshold values. TE thresholds are explained in our Science of 70% tutorial

The FDR Constitution countries are advancing across the board.

I also feel certain that if we taught the lessons of this article more clearly, it’s very likely that all 83 of the nations that use the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights today, would be advancing very consistently right alongside these larger economies too.

How did large Non-FDR (Non-Bible) Constitution Nations fair?

Collapse, collapse, collapse – with two Advancing Democracies and two? advancing Monarchies, out of 56 – 3 FDR nations with populations numbering over 20-million.

Large, Non-FDR Constitutions in this G20 group are consistently collapsing today. The only exceptions are a Monarchy – Saudi Arabia, Australia, China, and South Korea – and then things get worse quickly for all other high-population nations with lesser constitutions.

Small-Population High-Income nations fair the best, while large nations worsen as income levels worsen.

Trade Balance

Social Contract

As Social Contracts fall, Social Contract Loss rises – despite the fact that the two are very different measures.

Ten measures in all …

And the same is true for other highly causal measures used in this report – Savings Growth, Export per Capita, Gross Spending, and Males 65+

All nations over a population of 20 million are collapsing in today’s global mature capitalism, with the exception of the FDR Nations and just a couple of others…

Summarizing Advancing and Collapsing Constitutions

The reporting of our Collapses and Financial Losses is an important first step in an essential Constitutional Reform problem-solving and performance-management process. The practice of branding a nation “Collapsing” or “Marginally Collapsing” is not to insult, rather it’s to prevent the continued ignoring of correctable problems.

Canada shows three “A”s, 3 Marginal “%”s (which is an advancing grade),  a 0% Trade Balance after fourteen years of trade deficit, and three “C”s; so we give it a very scientific, observation and evidence-based  “Marginally Collapsing” designation.

China also has three “A”s, 4 stronger Marginal “%” advances, and three “C”s, however, its trade surplus is consistent for 28 years and its productivity is much higher than any G7 nation for that time as well. China is “Advancing” …

National Productivity

EVERY PROBLEM IS SOLVABLE! This statement requires that we recognize our problems and then also start to fix them, instead of ignoring them and allowing problems/collapses to continue and worsen; as our governments and academic theories are absolutely encouraging today.

Why didn’t Madison add all of the Bible’s human rights to the U.S. Constitution?

James Madison composed the United States of America Bill of Rights in 1791. Why didn’t he add all of the Bible’s human rights at that time?

The answer to that question is most likely selfishness and a poor understanding of civics. When the Bible’s human rights were last updated at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD, 307 of the world’s greatest scholars and historians were brought to bear; Madison composed his Bill of Rights in isolation with only the approval of slave owners to consider.

Madison’s two famous quotes were:

The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep forever from these shores the ceaseless strife that has soaked the soil of Europe with Blood for centuries

— and —

The essence of government is power; and power, once lodged in human hands as it must, will ever be liable to abuse

The Bible was not religion; not “Church”, and Mr. Madison was a slave owner writing rules that could be approved by other slaveowners as well. There was no conceivable manner in which this group was going to allocate human rights to their “property”.

THIS, is the reason that large nations collapse every 60 years when they use his Bill of Rights

Transition Economics   

What are the Bible’s full list of Human Rights?

The Global Leadership Book of Knowledge

The Global Leadership Book of Knowledge

For those who are interested in that list, I would respectfully request that you support our work here at CSQ – to build responsible science in civics and economics, by buying “The Book” which includes the first release of the Global Leadership Book of Knowledge (GL-BOK) – from our website at, and read all about it there.

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