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    Why is Academia failing to teach us how to build a Sustainable Society?

    Academia is doing a dreadful job of aligning curriculums with a sustainable society presently – faculty by faculty (even in engineering) and its been going on like this for more than 100-years.

    The downward leadership arrow above sums us up pretty well. When you are headed for a cliff with momentum, slowing down doesn’t help, and neither do minor course corrections. It takes a precise 180 degree turn and then correcting effort to save yourself from the edge.

    Today we can think of research as spending and not investment only. Picture a firecracker igniting with energy in every direction – and then never amounting to very much – and here you have contemporary academia.

    Science that contributes to an unsustainable society, amounts to a majority of the work and research spending published these last 20-years. Examples include:

    Economics – dangerous fiction is not science. FDR built the American Dream and greatest economy of all time in a mature capitalism – but you won’t find any work to bolster nor support this reality in this faculty. Failed economies create a powderkeg of international tension that any spark can turn, and has turned, into a World War reliably.

    Business – do I have explain a 1.6 to 1.8 birthrate and stalled economies worldwide? Hiring practices that encourage starvation Wages, anti-nationalist – offshoring and onshoring, sexism, racism, agism, double income traps. For a list of nations that maintain social balance – see the Top-20 SCP nations –

    Social Sciences – every Marshall Plan nation, that also adopted FDR’s Second Bill of Rights in their Constitution, has an advancing economy today. Italy, Japan, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands… these countries have six weeks paid vacation, worker choose their boards, immigrants are invited only with 5-new jobs each, great schools – with free university in many cases, great healthcare, in-home nursing, maternity leave, and much lower taxes the private insurance schemes. Our Academia are not raising alarms and not correcting our curriculums nor democracy. Why?

    Meanwhile, our Social Sciences ignore Philosophy – specifically Socratic Method best-practice of disambiguation – and teach us “isms” and other terms which are weaponizable due to their ambiguity. New sciences, evolving external to academia. like Transition Economics deprecates many “isms”, LiberalConservativerightleft, etc. because these terms mean much more than one thing – and are therefore as undefendable as their merits are unproofableSee a responsible USE CASE and Terms reference for the Monetary System here.

    These shortfalls are dangerous and expensive. Low Social Contracts here in North America cost the U.S. $37 billion dollars a day – or a staggering $13.4 trillion per year (more than all trade today). Canada loses $1.5 trillion.

    Poor Leadership in Stewardship, Slow Adoption – and a requirement of concensus (peer review) – is a big part of the problem here. It took Einstein’s Theory of Relativity 20-years to be accepted in the West. We was a Patent Clerk for 8-years because no University would sponsor an individual who was arguably the most brilliant mind of the 20th Century.

    Solutions to these problems exist in theses – but are absolutely ignored. See

    Anyone who imagines and proves a brilliant new science today is shut-out by credentialing processes – and is unable to defend their theses and ideas. This is certainly true in Canada and in most Universities worldwide too.

    Science in Academic Institutions has to get its leadership hat on straight – and then they can be treated like adults perhaps. Once the training coming out of academia – are building robust economies again, funding and socially important science can resume easily.

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