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    The following letter was sent to Board Member University Presidents of the Canadian University Council in May of 2022. It was forwarded to every student newspaper and University Minister in the country, and it was posted here so that you can read and share it as well. In collapsing nations like the United States, France, Australia, Brazil, and Britain, you can simply substitute the name Canada for your nation … as the same explanations apply to you the same.

    The week this was published, the world stood on the precipice of nuclear annihilation owing to tensions rising between Russia and other nations due to their two-week occupation of Ukraine – caused by NATO parking bases (and missiles) two minutes away from a nuclear neighbour since 2006.

    Notice to Academic Institutions …

    One year ago I reached out to the Chairman of University Canada’s 50-member Governing Council; to fifty members of UoT’s leadership, raising a shortlist of serious concerns for Canada’s education curricula. I am the Chairman of fact-tank CSQ Research and curate The Global Leadership Book of Knowledge (GL-BOK) and WAOH – one of the world’s largest econometric libraries. 

    I am writing to this group today on finding no behavioral alterations made in my reading of the Universities Canada website. 

    The concerns raised to UoT’s Council warranted broad correction and might warrant a formal trial of genocide in World Courts against the Citizens of Canada, naming this group culpable also. In many ways, it’s a shame that Canada isn’t accountable to the World Court.

    So, can I ask you to take a few minutes of your time to understand why this is true? Click on the following link to view the article

    Notice to Academic Institutions, RE: Education Reform

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