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    Future Plan Titans

    The Futurist Titans

    I recall that in my first book, CSQ Common Sense 101, that my Acknowledgements credited and revered Da Vinci, Jules Verne, Hanna & Barbera, and of course the incomparably well-presented visions of Gene Roddenberry too.


    This was a busy week for me, as I was introduced for the first time to The Zeitgeist Movement, the Venus Project, the Oxford Martin School of London, and remarkably, the brilliant work of Buckminster Fuller – otherwise known as the inventor of the GeoDesic Dome. This article will become an ongoing status report on how a handful of the leading futurist thinkers and organizations in the world are aligning to bring us all forward to a bright future.

    I will summarize each group by highlighting strengths in their descriptions of “Why is a Change important”, “How will a change happen”, and finally – the “Plan for a peaceful and opportunistic Transition”. Transitioning from today’s systems and governments, to systems that will take humanity forward for the next thousand years is a straight-forward thing once the planning is in place and well communicated – but without this there will be much hardship and perhaps even extinction-level event and world-war. Shag that notion you say? Then lets get planning! World Peace is just a Project – isn’t it?

    The Zeitgeist Movement

    Probably the farthest back in the pack, this group calls for an abrupt end to our using money – effectively turning in our money – back to the bank overnight. The End. I did happen to see a YouTube with Jesse Ventura where the leader for this movement, was considering a more gradual change from our monetary system. Thanks Heaven for that.

    Movies and videos include  “Moving Forward“, “Where we are Now“, and others are available on YouTube. These identify problems with scarcity, democracy, monetary systems accurately enough but suggest little by way of viable solutions forward.

    The Venus Project

    It certainly is true that automating our production will eliminate scarcity, and create sustainable abundance too, and this will indeed make money unimportant at the same time, but the transition has to be responsible so that emergency services are not interrupted. WPProjects simply just takes the next logical step by planning production automations properly.

    Fresco’s designs are interesting to be sure but are they automatically built, maintained, etc? I will confirm this because I saw that his agriculture plans address food.

    Buckminster Fuller

    The inventor of the Geo-dome was the first to try to spell out a plan in Critical Path. “Bucky” Fuller passed in 1986 but not before trying to layout a project plan for the future not unlike #WPProjects in approach. The specifics of Mr. Fullers plan were less detailed but his direction had more clear parallels with WP Projects and even the name for his planning was similar – as he called his planning a World Peace Game and Great Logistics Game as well.

    Dr. James Martin – The Oxford Martin School

    Dr. James Martin’s 100+ textbooks and documentary work explored a broad array of future technology and economics. His voice called the European Community to awareness in important areas with needs of solid future planning. I will quote from the Oxford Martin website … “from the governance of climate change to the possibilities of quantum physics; from the future of food to the implications of an ageing population; and from new economic thinking to nanotechnology in medicine. Each institute can only function by integrating multiple disciplines, and now separate institutes are becoming connected. Together, the different issues of the School connect to form an understanding of our future. The School has over 300 post-doctorate scholars and professors, working across the University of Oxford.”

    #WPProjects – The World Peace Transition Projects

    #WPProjects‘ plan is unique in that it explains not only What needs to happen, but it explains How as well – step-by-step – in Social (projects in Civics, Democracy, and Economic Controls) and how Technology Projects in fields of computer science, engineering, robotics, agriculture, mining, energy and other disciplines should rollout very specifically. World Peace Transition Projects define and assign scaleable production automations to every country in the world – and, in doing so, create of a new global export market that afford new safety nets and guaranteed incomes at the same time. If #WPProjects  is the only How-to guide for Transitioning our manual economy to an automated economy, then all organizations – The World Plan, Venus Project (has interesting designs for certain), Zeitgeist, Dr. Martin, and World Peace Transition – all explain the reasons why a change is both imminent and important now too, very well. The failing of our academic system to integrate multi-discipline multi-faculty project works is a central theme in Edward’s upcoming book “Teaching Doers” as well.

    World Peace Transition Plan and the planning in WP Transition Projects is more consistent in its message than Zeitgeist – which meanders; probably reflecting several years of development in defining the problems. Truely, building a solution for a sustainable society can be an iterative climb with set-backs everytime you learn of another clear gap in the solution. Its easy enough to do whenever hundreds of important considerations can be overlooked.

    Look forward to exciting developments in government and voter awareness – in support of a bright future for us all in the months and next few years ahead…

    Edward Tilley

    Aristotle called projects in pursuit of a sustainable Good Life and Society, a “Right Plan”. At CSQ Research we have built that Plan and work tirelessly to communicate and work with World Leaders to do their part in building World Peace in a rapidly scalable and sustainable way via #WPProjects.

    See our forums at Twitter and Google+, read the book and articles at WP Magazine at .


    World Peace is just a Project !

    Let’s get building again !    Learn more at and Get the Book here!

    Take a look at the #WPProjects’ TED Talk and read all about how to get involved by reading “World Peace – The Transition”

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