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The Bible of Science and Best Practice


This article is an introduction to the Global Leadership Book of Knowledge and The Book

“The Book” is a long-overdue update to the 425 AD Biblia Vulgata –  one of humanity’s first Books of Knowledge; explained now in terms of evidence-based science and best practice. Ta Biblia (“The Books” in Greek) is not religion as we are often taught; rather, the Bible is a social “Owner’s Manual” teaching wisdom, laws, and lessons in civics learned from the observation of 3,000 years of civilizations. Bibles have been updated at least four times since the Code of Hammurabi in 1763 BC., which updated the laws and lessons of neighboring Middle Eastern Kings.

“The Book” consolidates 73-books – formatted for storytelling, into a single book with formatting accessible to our now-educated populations. The Book explains in new detail the evidence-based sciences which validate that leadership and policies for civic success have changed little in this past 1,700 years.

The Bible explained correctly, that a trinity of systemic empathy (good), respect of family and neighbors, and “creation” – the building and shepparding of humanity’s advance – are essential to reliable advance in every era.

Global Leadership – is an emerging academic faculty required by many of the failings we see around us in our most recent global Mature Capitalism. Inequity, austerity, and broad collapse are predictable and avoidable conditions created by imbalance; specifically, the poor leadership of siloed academic faculties that are today teaching belief-based theory and guesswork in all programs social and economic. Global Leadership ensures that we can begin building evidence-based advancing scientific societies.

The Global Leadership Book of Knowledge (GL-BOK) contains the 1,500-page Reference Curriculum which explains evidence-based scientific Methods and Programs that build a reliably successful society. Many of GL-BOKs Methods and Programs can be previewed from the World at our Hands Econometric Library WAOH.

GL-BOK was first released as part of the 450 8×10″ page “The Book“, in the summer of 2021.


Global Leadership ensures advance, by performance managing and revising the collapse created by theory-based academic and government socioeconomic programs. Individualism that creates national economic collapse, is not leadership.

We don’t want religious theory that collapsed us in the middle ages, and we don’t want secular theory that collapses us today; Global Leadership builds a scientific society – one whose policies offer the highest probability of success and prosperity. GL-BOK restores a sustainable balance reliably to create productive capitalisms, constitutions, education, and a well-planned transition to autonomous good lives over time too, and Global Leadership presents five other Method Approaches as well.


GL-BOK governs curriculum in socioeconomic faculties of Economics, Business, Finance, Law, Public Health, and Social and Political Studies. Where socioeconomic faculties are presently running dangerous and expensive theory-based Wealth-theory (Micro & Macroeconomics), Doughnut Economics, Relationship Economics, Environmental Economics, etc., Global Leadership’s approach is scientific, evidence-based, predictive, and repeatable.


GL-BOK’s Introduction was posted here in May 2021 and the First Edition was published with “The Book” in July 2021. GL-BOK is a living document, version-controlled and curated by CSQ Research. The textbook is available in print and in eBook format at major booksellers – click here. Updates, Teaching Notes, Media Support, and discussion forum for this curricula reside at:

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Our top image is a statue of Aristotle at the University of Thessaloniki, Greece, and “the Thinker” is a sculpture by Auguste Rodin


We’ve all been taught that Bibles explain religion, but Bibles are textbooks that explain the building of sustainable societies.

WARNING: Religious literalists may prefer to skip the next paragraph and bypass an unimportant secular discussion of God.

Dozens of religions made themselves essential by accounting themselves as “God’s Messengers”, but sacred texts usually also explain that God is Good, God is Great – or Greater, God is Light – 20-times in Ta Biblia (the Bible) in fact. “Good” is systemic empathy, just as systemic failings of empathy – is “Evil”. Good, or God, is an essential behavior and way of living. The Greek name “Jesus”, in Hebrew “Joshua”, means “the Saviour” – of others; every religion in history calls this learning the Golden Rule. Not omniscient deities, but rather essential behaviors that are also too important to trust to unpredictable human discretion entirely as well. God and an afterlife, gave Good “teeth” as there were now consequences to not “behaving” Good and for not “being” like God. Baptism and Confession were all that was needed to change a man from scarred and wicked, into a changed good man – a priceless gift well “worth it”. In 1190, the Islamic judge Avarroes remarked that few can manage academic discussion so for most of us, lessons and laws in scripture are needed. As did the Bible, GL-BOK refers to the behavior of systemic good and “God” interchangeably – as one and the same.

99% of humans are capable of understanding empathy from birth, but competition and hardship can drive good behavior from us until we need rules and an understanding of consequences to ensure that we abide by the essential laws of any civil society. These rules must be taught to us because we aren’t born with an innate understanding of best-practice civics. One look around most nations today tells us this is obvious.

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit were a trinity of systemic empathy (good), respect of family and neighbors (the Golden Rule), and “creation” – the building and shepparding of humanity’s advance –  essential to reliable advance in every era.

“If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.” – Voltaire

This discussion always reminds me to question are Atheists strong thinkers, because we should all be able to realize that a systemically empathetic God is the need of any viable civilization.

In philosophy, faith in God alone does not ensure a meaningful life; rather, it is through our purposeful actions to build a sustainable community, that we ensure a meaningful life.

An afterlife is essential to assign grief from natural loss – to “God’s Will” – so blame can never lie with devastated parents or loved ones. Systemically empathetic religions are invaluable as they work to ensure family values, connect communities face-to-face, ensure that communal leadership meets the needs of all, and gives comfort, help, and a voice to the infirm and destitute – restoring their self-worth, productivity, and contribution.

Since Ancient Egyptian times, the most committed armies in history have believed in an afterlife, but technology has today made war unnecessary and only counter-productive really. Today we can grow food in a desert, clean water from any energy source – including the sun, and automate the production of our basic needs entirely.

Religious or political entities that mandate a systemic absence of empathy – such as NAZIs, ISIS, and similar, have only ever been the greatest detractors of humanity’s advance – and have only ever perished consistently in history as well. Herbert Hoover used Capitalism to build the 1930’s Great Depression while Franklin Delano Roosevelt used Capitalism to create the greatest economy and society in history.

In science today as in history, policy creates advance or collapse 100%, advance is the only one “side”, Mankind is our Business – as GL-BOK explains and proves also.

In Ta Biblia, Genesis presents a scientific explanation of how we and the world came to exist – In the Beginning. The explanation is appropriate for its era and for an illiterate and uneducated audience too. Swap the word “day” for “billions-of-years” to find Darwin and Genesis agree more than disagree here. There a dozen points of science in the Bible that weren’t proven for many hundreds of years, such as running water to combat infection and a world floating in space.

Exodus, Deuteronomy, and Leviticus repeat or revise-only-slightly many of the Code of Hammurabi’s 282 “written in stone” laws that govern any society. Ta Biblia’s “Old Testament” is the 763 BCE Judaic Torah which literally means – The Law. Hammurabi’s 1763 BCE then-1,000 years old laws were contemporized, and they were also simplified just as India’s Vedas “Rishi of Taittiriya Upanishad” simplified its lessons into memorable chants that corresponded to the number of fingers on a student’s hands. Constantine revised dozens of violent 1,000-year-old passages at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD/ACE similarly.

The sponsors of bibles and codes of law were not religious figures, they were great Governors and Kings. Constantine was a Roman Emperor and a great leader who inherited a country that was tearing itself apart; little different than we see in the United States in these past four years.

No civilization can exist in lawlessness because property, healthcare, money, education, public utilities, public security, and good lives, all rely on laws and policing for their existence. Voices who call for small government, are often simply ignorant of how their standard-of-living and property are 100% reliant upon the leadership and the administration of law that governments provide.

Lobby Groups can amount to bribery and corruption that encourage decision-makers to manipulate laws for personal gain. Only evidence-based balance is essential; a mix of policies that balance economic monetization, capital formation, and productivity that ensures a global human and socio-economic advance. Socialism is a scare word used by groups that benefit disproportionately by forcing cost-of-living to rise, and economies to fall for all. Lobby Groups can amount to bribery and corruption that encourage decision-makers to manipulate laws for personal gain. Diversity ignores inequity while discouraging sustainable living wages and family pensions in single-income core-families which prevent genocidal fertility rates in high-income nations.

The policies and disambiguated nomenclature of balanced advance, are the truly-important measures and values of every nation as well as every academic study of Global Leadership.

Correction as easy as 1, 2, 3

First, we have to build and monitor a sustainable Right Plan of proven policies ensuring self-sufficient infrastructure and productions in all of the things we need nationally; a Right Plan is Aristototle’s term while bibles often called this right-way-ness (righteousness).

Second, we have to acknowledge that the policies that transition us from where we are today, to a well-balanced advance scientifically – are the only truly important measures – and values. Not GDP, not Stock Markets, not Wealth-theory, not bubbles, nor anti-family-values policies that create genocidal infertility rates, and definitely not proven-to-collapse Right and Left misleadership.

Pure Democracy‘s inability to implement long-term planning makes it ill-equipped to correct imbalances; so third, Constitutions and Civics training must prevent voters from tearing down sustainable policy as we saw in the Reagan and Thatcher years, that returned us to today’s predictable, preventable, expensive, dangerous, and correctable recessions and depression – again.

The high standard-of-research scientific study of Global Leadership can challenge a lifetime of mistraining. What is measured can be improved, so here we measure Common Sense (the social benefit of our decisions), Morality, Philosophy, Equality and Inequity, and 2,000 other measures. The first step to solving a problem is realizing you have one, so we measure everything to confirm that we align with measures that are causal to advance or collapse both empirically and by observation per the best practices of the Scientific Method and Data Science.

Perhaps the greatest revelation offered by econometric science is its proof that Productivity builds strong economies and societies reliably, while Wealth-theory collapses us reliably. The fact that scientific conclusions mimic the teachings of bibles is no coincidence. Bibles are used by religions – but are not religious documents by purpose. As mentioned above, Bibles are textbooks that work to explain the building of a sustainable society.

Emperor Leopold II of Belgium carefully insisted that studies of the bible not be permitted in the Congo, and that opposing “sides” were to be drawn instead; between Muslims taught to kill infidels on one side of the country, and Christians taught to kill heretics on the other. These lessons were taught in “religious studies” classrooms throughout the country. By this design, the Congolese have reliably killed one-another for 100-years, allowing colonizers to easily extract gold, diamonds, rubber, ivory, and palm oil at will. Called “a truly evil man” by the King of Austria, and “twice the devil Hitler was” by contemporary journalists, the point here is that it really is just this easy to turn any society against itself irreversibly.

There is only one “side” and it is built with sustainable policy. Forces that seek to separate by religion, left and right politics, gender, or age are selling (seeking to benefit at society’s expense) unsustainable policy and the collapse it brings.

In many ways, the Global Leadership Book of Knowledge contemporizes bibles once again, but this time with the science-led evidence-based engineering processes (epistemology) needed to realize and build the important goals written in leadership curricula for millennia.


Global Leadership (GL)

Global Leadership is an academic faculty dedicated to the governance, understanding, and maintaining of successful systemically-empathetic societies. Prosperous nations and then World Peace and advance is the goal of Global Leadership.

GL has two primary objectives; first, the evidence-based scientific study of best-practice National Policy, and second; the reliable administration of a shared global success as good neighbors. A global scope permits econometric decision-support methods that compare the same policy at work in 200-nations to confirm causality and economic impact – be-it advance or collapse.

Studies comparing fewer than seven nations are broadly discouraged, Proofs require a minimum of 28-countries in comparisons, data must be recent and accurate, indicators for a specific nation should only be compared against advancing nations and not collapse-trending nations, and information must be presented in a truthful context. An example of misdirection in context might be a home-ownership report where 62% of citizens own homes. Upon further investigation, however, we learn that more than 80% of those homes are mostly-owned by banks – and not home-owners. Countries consistently inflate reports – Canada’s Doctoral stats are a complete fabrication, CPI is often interfered with by many countries, as is GDP, Stock Markets, Unemployment, and other measures. Ubiquitous misreporting provides some uniformity as countries often manipulate the same data points to impress bond rating agencies, appease voters, ensure re-election, and similar motivators.

The study and correction of collapse motivators (financial, political, business, and social incentives to pursue unproductive or systemically-unempathetic behaviours) that detract from national and human advance are a focus of much policy research and problem-solving.

The Global Leadership Book of Knowledge (GL-BOK) 

GL-BOK explains the policies and education needed to reliably build Good lives within our now-educated and now-literate contemporary populations. Just as Bibles communicated to a 99.9% illiterate society 1,500-years-ago, the Book of Knowledge is the reference for scientific curriculum updates to today’s theory-only socioeconomic faculties of Economics, Business, Finance, Social and Political Sciences.

Where socioeconomic faculties are today run on dangerous theory-based Wealth-theory Micro and Macro Economics, Donut Economics, Left, Right, etc., Global Leadership’s approach is entirely scientific and evidence-based, ensuring that collapse motivators are addressed in:

  • Economics, Wealth Theory’s 70% collapse rate in 207-countries is not permitted to create hardship and civil unreset in mature capitalisms
  • Procurement’s Lowest-Bid-Wins approach, cannot create Starvation Wages
  • Business’s Human Resource hiring practices cannot eliminate economically essential family values, living wages, single-family incomes, family pensions, nor genocidal anti-family-values and female hiring policies (as we see in 94% of high-income nations today)
  • Finance’s Asset Management scale-up cannot eliminate SEEDed productivity, full-employment, and pensions for 90% of the planet
  • In Government, ineffective silos of State, Federal, and Municipal Administration cost every economy an average $4 billion lost daily in 200-nations due to low social contract scores, imports, and sales economies that stall economic productivity (
  • Left and Right Political Parties both argue for scientifically-proven collapse policy, focusing on messaging that can win elections with no understanding of what is responsible leadership. This is easily seen in broadcasts of meaningless reports, and the systemic suppression of meaningful, essential reports and sciences (see “Our Academic Mediocracy”)
  • Medical industries ignore cures to prefer lifelong treatments
  • Education must include essential lessons of sustainable societies from bibles. Family Values, Respect, living wages, Jubilee Resets, the Golden Rule, good works, and community involvement
  • Violent passages from antiquity must align with systemic empathy before use in classroom and religious curricula
  • and dozens of similar systemic failings that need correcting – see

Every chair in a Casino offers “the house” a higher-probability chance of success; GL-BOK proves which policies reliably offer a higher-probability chance of success in national and global policy-making and leadership similarly.


GL-BOK maintains a “forest” level view of the national and global problems we solve. This approach ensures that we keep focus on a well-supported high-level of problem-solving, and it hopes to avoid discussions stalling or filibustering in exhaustively detailed minutia.

Take as an example a discussion of the contributions of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR). Dozens of articles were sponsored by shills of the rich (Hayek, Friedman, Schwartz) during the twenty-year period following the Great Depression – a period when wealthy Republicans were shut-out of American politics by the “Greatest Generation”. Americans of this era were an electorate who had seen with their own eyes the devastation created by the GOP’s Neoliberalist policies of Laissez-faire, Small Government, Low Tax, Open Markets, No Welfare State, and similar.

Social pariahs complained that FDR’s approach extended the duration of the Great Depression in dozens of peer-reviewed articles, but of course, his intention was never superficial “speed” in recovery; rather, FDR was an engineer who took on solving any problem that prevented the United States from becoming the greatest economy and society in history. None of these technical economic critiques stepped back to acknowledge fairly the consistent and incredible success of America’s policies – which continued with President Truman’s unwavering support for another eight-years after FDR’s death.

A consistent engineering approach for 30-years was used by China to achieve a similar track-record of incredible success since the 1990s; in 1984 China had the GDP of Canada and yet it surpassed the U.S.’s GDP-PPP in 2014. Canada loses 63% of its economy annually and $4 billion per day today – unreported.

Discerning trees from forests is why GL-BOK mandates that a high-level value-proposition must be considered first.

FDR’s Second Bill of Rights went on to become the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights and nations that adopted his Bill of Rights into Constitution after the World War II, have the strongest economies and societies per capital still today 70-years later as well. Germany, Japan, and Italy are the only G7s with advancing economies, they have six weeks vacation minimum, great schools, great healthcare, and lower tax than the U.S.’s private insurance boondoggle.

FDR gave us the policies and processes of a sustainably successful capitalism and democracy, and as soon as we allowed this learning to be forgotten, those policies were removed again. This statement is not a theory, it’s a scientific fact that GLBOK explains. Global Leadership also ensures that these changes can be corrected with a single vote for ACT Parties or ACT-Certified political parties.

Conclusions in the Book of Knowledge are supported by cited external research without burdening this resource with deep-dive rabbit-hole explanations of individual “tree”-level supporting research. This balancing-act can leave some readers to find conclusions insufficiently supported, so for this reason, the authors encourage your requests for clarification, for additional citations, and also for requests when new revision releases are needed. A 90-day SLO (Service Level Objective) is needed for update requests. Requests may require a fee per vetting time, programming, or research resources.

Global Leadership’s approach is to never build more than a single step ahead of provable foundational principles. The downfall of Wealth-theory’s Micro and Macroeconomics was to assume that its 20+ foundational principles must be true. Math was stacked on top of foundations – demand, supply, pricing, profit, consumption, sales economies, GDP reporting, etc. – and ALL of those peer-reviewed researches were made completely meaningless as-soon-as econometric surveys confirmed that the underpinning measures are not causal to advance nor collapse.

Econometric surveys prove that Wealth-theory’s foundational principles are meaningless measures, which explains why scientific reports identified 70% of 207 nations were collapsing before COVID.

Global Leadership’s approach utilizes evidence-based science and causal foundational principles exclusively – from the start, Our primary method uses Transition Economics (TE) Proofs ( supported by historical long-term trend line reports from successful economies. See for more detail.

Transition Economics explains the importance of balance – as needed to ensure productivity / good lives / monetary freedom within any population. Econometric science confirms that Productivity builds strong economies reliably, while Wealth-theory amounts to meaningless measures in global surveys.

A TEP Chart is an amplitude-ranked frequency distribution TE Proof report showing the causality of any indicator. TEP confirms a measured indicator causes advance, collapse, or is a neutral indicator that does not impact economies.


Global Leadership at CSQ Research runs essential programs as follows:

  • The World Peace Project – is a United Nations-led Plan to build World Peace before 2030 (1)
  • Worthwhile Industries – is a Finance-led Plan for World Peace (2)
  • ACT – Political Parties and Democratic Reform are required to ensure a One-vote Turn-around and successful economy to any democracy (3)
  • TASK – The Academic Sustainable Societies Challenge (tassc); Education (4) – refer also to Our Academic Mediocracy
  • WAOH – World at our Hands is the largest context-driven econometric library in the world (5)
  • CSQ 100-Year Plan – is forward-looking planning for the next 100-years (6)


Global Leadership’s Standard of Research utilizes a large and growing number of sciences, epistemology, and methods including:

  • Scientific Method and Epistemologic Best-Practice (7)
  • SUSTAIN Project Management Method (8)
  • Transition Economics (TE) – Science and Survey Proofs (9)
  • TE Sustainable, Neutral, Unsustainable Policy Method (10)
  • MEMS Data Science SaaS SuiteModel Economy * Model Society consolidates TE’s 2000 measures, 100-years of stats in 220 countries, and 80,000 reports – in an easy to use Policy Decision-Support and Right Plan Monitoring Dashboard (11)
  • Aristotelean Right Plans Method (12)
  • SDGs – The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (13)
  • by Industry (14)
  • Kondratieff Wave Cycles (15)
  • Traditional Biblic Method (16)
  • FDR Constitutional Method and Second Bill of Rights (17)
  • Aggregate Indexing Method – similar to Saber Metrics in the 2011 movie MoneyBall (18)
  • Highest-Probability-of-Success Methods – similar to Casino best-practice (19)
  • ITIL Service Management Method (20)
  • Roberts Rules of Order (21)
  • Collapse Motivators (22)
  • The Use Case for International Monetary Systems – is the GL-BOK’s Standard of Research for the essential disambiguation of ambiguous terms (23)


Global Leadership degree programs are available at every level including Ph.D. and Masters. Curriculum can include any science-driven course in the socioeconomic faculties of Economics, Business, Finance, History, Social and Political Science, plus Engineering and Data Science. Note that Micro, Macro, Doughnut, Relationship, and similar Economics programs are theory-based and that Micro & Macro are proven-failed in mature capitalisms.

Global Leaders are builders, so a sound understanding of engineering project epistemology, sustainable accounting, corporate and government governance, and statistical quantitative evidence-based data-science, monitoring, decision support, and interactive dashboard reporting is essential.

The recent move to longer credentialing cycles must be reversed. This puts onus on academic institutions to remove bloat and obfuscation from programs as needed to keep curriculum contained to three-year bachelors, one-year masters, and three-year Ph.D./D.Phil. programs – with a student’s work experience, Human Capital, and existing research, permitted to reduce these credentialling term lengths also.

Those believing shorter training terms to be a mistake need only look to riots in 20-U.S. cities last year to see that current longer University programs are only contributing to today’s broken systems. We are insisting students take too much time to learn training that creates collapse.

  • Bachelors in Global Leadership
  • Masters in Global Leadership
  • Ph.D./D.Phil. in Global Leadership

©2021 All rights Reserved, CSQ Research

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