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PRE-ORDER the HardCopy Set – End of War, Transition Economics and SUSTAIN

Meaningful Good Lives in Sustainable Societies – End of War,  Transition Economics and Sustain

About The Author – Edward Michael Tilley

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In this special three-hardcopy full-color Binder Edition, the three books that build a Sustainable Society are combined.

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Right Plans and Public Utilities

The opportunity to vote for Proven-Only Policy

Read a summary of Transition Economics here

Please note that the softcopy book from Amazon is a 540 page, 6×9, black & white or full-color interior available, perfect-bound book with 150+ charts and illustrations that usually ships within just a day or two upon release.

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Highlights of End of War include:

  • The Social Contract Product – SCP replaces GDP
  • Bibles and Right Plans
  • TE Proofs and Flashcards for Government Policy
  • Public Utilities, UBI, Minimum Wage
  • TEP & TET Charts change the things we look at
  • 6% of Nations live the American Dream
  • The ACT Party Left and Right
  • Conservative Right Policy changes in Mature Capitalisms

Great leaders recognize problems and then explain how to correct them to forward our Good Life and Sustainable society

Edward Tilley, End of War, 2018

It isn’t naïve to think we can eliminate war; End of War presents a list of simple proofs that explain the basic lessons that build societies sustainably

It’s not pretentious to explain that an End to War can be implemented through research and education either. Once your understanding of historical macroeconomics and Transition Economics improves, it should be obvious to even the most ardent devil’s advocate that there are smarter and more impressive ways to correct our financial mistakes

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