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This is the book that solves World Peace Step-by-Step. Find the online Press Kit here.

The World Peace Transition Projects ( #WPProjects ) are our Generation’s Moon Launch.

Planning the Transition between today’s manual economy – and an automated economy, keeps us focused on the Social Projects – like Guaranteed Incomes and Housing, and the Technology Projects, that are important, worthwhile and lead to a sustainable, automated society. 

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Purchase the Paperback on Amazon – Click Here . Please note that you cannot check-out the Paperback here – you can only download the ePub eBook for $18.95 on this page.

The Apple e-book is here and Kindle is here.

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Please note that the Softcopy book from Amazon is a 474 page, 6×9, black & white interior, perfect bound book that usually ships in just a day or two.

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Highlights of the Book Include:

  • 200+ Countries Build Worldville
  • The Meaning of Life
  • 100% Employment
  • Social Accountability
  • Safety Nets & Income
  • Worthwhile Projects
  • Pensions & Benefits
  • Human Rights
  • Epistemology & Education
  • Aristotle’s Right Plan
  • World Peace TED Talk
  • A Good Life and the American Dream

World Peace – The Transition – is both a Plan to automate civilization in 250+ worthwhile innovation projects, and an epistemology (a study of education) that explains why we don’t have World Peace already. The Transition explains exactly what is needed to improve our communities and then the world, through well-illustrated explanations and step-by-step instruction in economics, technology, history, business, leadership, and transformation.

The WP Transition leads to what Aristotle called a sustainable “Good Life”. We call it the American Dream and this book explains how we take it back and then roll it out to seven billion people.

World Peace can work because it has worked before; and it will work, because it is already started and is rolling toward an inevitable completion.

In CSQ Common Sense 101, I set out the basic structure of a full life of family, travel, education and building solutions – in technology and in life. It is not enough to explain what are the goals of a bright future; it is import to explain “How” to build the future as well.

I laid out the 38 Projects of a bright in the CSQ 100 Year Plan (see for more) and then it dawned on me after that the 19 projects needed to build a sustainable World Peace, by economic controls or automation, were right in front of me as well. I simply needed to explain – The Transition.

I tested that theory successfully in this book and have laid out a plan capable of directing us, and our children, and children’s children – to the sustainable Good Life that the G8 countries lost in the 1980s. The Good Life did not vanish either, the Scandinavian Countries still have it today.

WP Projects (#wpprojects at Google and Twitter) asks you to reset some of the language and thinking that we have all been conditioned to believe since childhood – thoughts on debt, land ownership, voting, management, employment and safety nets too, so that you can feel comfortable that there are changes that can be made easily now to make our society a place where kids can launch to have full lives.

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