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Political Opportunism – Hidden, Misleading, and Essential Reports

Method 8a:  Reporting

Political Opportunism – Hidden, Misleading, and Essential Reports

Policy creates Advance or Collapse 100%

The first step in solving any problem is to realize that a problem exists. When our Constitutions permit irresponsible political groups at ballot boxes only, and those groups are permitted to build dysfunctional democracies, they will present reporting that is always positive, irrelevant, and designed to appease sponsors while encouraging re-election and hiding problems (hiding collapse)

Politicians in dysfunctional democracies, prefer reporting that is always positive, irrelevant, and not meaningful. Examples include GDP, Supply & Demand, U-3 Unemployment Reports, Disposable Income, Right and Left Policies (only Sustainable Policies matter), Stock Market Performance, and Climate. None of these are Causal reports that create a strong economy and social contract

Unsustainable policies include Female Equality and LGBT Rights, Greenwashing, Ideologies – and their billionaire-sponsored Thinktanks, Virtue Signaling, Immigration, Laissez-Faire, Left vs Right Divisionism, Mental Illness, Modern Morality, and Open Markets

Reports that must be seen include Transition Economics Proof Reports (TEPs) for every Policy, Social Contract, SCP Loss Costs, Starvation Wage Rates, Income and Wealth Inequity, Labour Participation Rates, Fertility, Household Savings, Homeownership, Debt – see more at ACT Party websites like ACT Canada

Irrelevant or Untruthful Reports & Policies

Sustainable Policies Advance Economies 100%

Unsustainable Policies Collapse Economies 100%

Presidents can’t influence Economies – Not True

Policies determine economic collapse or advance 100%. In this chart, we see a comparison between the turn-around policies that built the greatest economy in history under Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and the contemporary political party left and right Wealth policy in North America. Trump featured two (2) of FDR’s nine (9) policies – but not enough

Canada Federal Election 2019

GDP – Gross Domestic Product – Not Important


GDP ranks 2,000th in Causality and it hides expensive problems entirely.

GDP-Growth is a 1200th rank indicator

GDP-per-Capita is a 300 rank

GDP-PPP-per-Capita is a top-100 rank

This report is neither causal nor deterministic of economic advance or collapse – according to evidence-based  Transition Economics’ survey & science …

Stock Market Performance

Stock Markets Irrelevant

90 Countries with Stock Markets help prosperity within their respective countries, but Stock Market performance is irrelevant (except in rare absolute collapses) – as we see in this report

85% of Stocks are owned by Top-10%

Stock Market Participation by Income

84% of Stocks are owned by the top-10% Rich

NOTE: Central Bank “bolstering” of meaningless Stock Market performance, amounts to Oligarchs (that own 85% of all stocks) dipping into our public coffers for trillions of dollars. Worse, this “bolstering” could go to Social Contract and thereby offset the many billions lost to the economy daily due to low opportunity

U-3 Unemployment

US Unemployment

Unemployment is important but U-6 is the more honest unemployment report that we used in the 1930s, as is Labor Participation Rate reports that show the U.S. has lost 18-million jobs since 2008. ShadowStats manages an unemployment monitor that corrects active government lying about unemployment stats as wellAgain, these are problems that politicians obviously do not seem to want you to hear about – and that cost nearly every nation billions in productivity every day

Disposable Income

Disposable Income

Disposable Income is exactly GDP-per-Capita minus a tax rate of approximately 20%. GDP-per Capita is a 315th rank report that favours nations with more U.S. dollars, so not meaningless but there are better measures

Right versus Left?


See also Causality

Right and Left are harmful ideologies that BOTH collapse any nation

Canada Federal Election 2019

Using FDR’s proven policies list from above, no political parties in North America – Right nor Left, support sustainable policies today. We see this here as an analysis of Canadian Parties and U.S. Parties compare similarly

FDR used this list of policies to create the greatest economy in history

Nationalism and Full-employment were two of the ten policies used by Trump and FDR the same

Right’s Neoliberalism is the proven-failed theory of the 1920s, and Left’s Feminism creates a population genocide and forty serious social problems in 64 high-income nations today. Both political groups are directed by a wealthy merchant-class Oligarchy

There is only one “side” of course, unsustainable policies collapse as a mathematical certainty



Emissions are an important part of a production economy and have no proven impact on today’s natural global warming trend

Pollution is always a hazard but CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is an essential need of all oxygen-creating plant life on earth, our planet is at its lowest CO2 levels in 400 million years, and it is approaching starvation levels of CO2 also

CO2 Starvation

Carbon Dioxide CO2 Starvation on Earth

100% of very low emission-scoring nations have collapse-trending economies, so well-managed emissions are a good thing

Micro and Macroeconomics – is Wealth Theory

Supply, Demand, Profit, Interest Rates, Inflation, GDP, Finance Accounting, etc.

Read – The Proof that Wealth Theory collapses economies reliably

Changes in Inventories

Most of The Foundational Principles of Micro and Macroeconomics are not causal indicators of economic advance or collapse – as we saw with GDP above, here we see inventory levels are not meaningful in TEP surveys at any level high or low

Supply, Demand, Cost, Profit, Finance Accounting, Consumption, GDP, etc. do not influence economies, have permitted international collapse, and focus on wealth that has driven worldwide production before COVID to its lowest levels since the 1930s

Low Tax

In western democracies, “Low Tax” political campaigns – amount to no tax for the rich, with all tax burdens falling to the poor

Monarchies, alternatively, use national resource incomes to pay for government services entirely, so that citizens pay no tax and have all needs assured

Here we see that tax rates low or high make no difference to an economy’s advance or collapse. Low Tax is a lie designed to disproportionately burden low-income wage earners with all tax and debt servicing expense

Salaries are increasing

Salaries would have to increase by 100% to catch up with ground lost since the 1970s

Unsustainable Incomes
Starvation Wages

Salary imbalance created Starvation Wages for 130-million Americans between the 1970s and 2020 (as seen in the 2010 budget pie chart showing 40% own nothing in America. Starvation Wages occur when Wages fall below Cost-of-Living. Here we see a New York Times article lauding salary increases in the Trump administration

“Scale-Up” Government Investment – is Trickle-down

Reaganomics or Thatchernomics

Trickle Up created the greatest economies in history, while Scale-Up is Trickledown (Reaganomics) that collapses nations reliably

Today, production in the U.S. and worldwide are at the lowest 10-year averages since the 1930s. ShadowStats tracks lying about inflation that proves productions are even lower than they appear on a GDP Annual Growth chart

Reagan gave money directly to businesses to stimulate the economy – and businesses spent it elsewhere, offshored it, sent it to tax havens, and funneled it to the wealthy and broad economic collapse. Good Salaries and Jobs are not created by Scale-Up Investment and Human Resource practices of Offshoring, Onshoring, Anti-Family-Values and Infanticide Female Hiring, and Pension offloading (hiring at 25 and firing at 50) – also create starvation wages and broad collapse.

Essential Reports

Transition Economics’ Proof for Social Contract, confirms that:

  • Productivity creates strong economies and neoliberalist Wealth-theory collapses economies
      Mankind is our Business
      People are a nation’s greatest resource
      Economies and Societies are inseparable – strong societies create strong economies 100%

Productivity reports include the following:

Social Contract Product scores


Social Contract

Social Contract – Causal

Wealth Inequity

Social Contract Loss Reports

Every nation losses an average $4.2 billion US today. Social Contract Loss compares the export revenues earned in a high social contract to every nation …

G20 Social Contract Loss

Minimize Social Contract Loss in every nation

SC Loss


Correcting Inequity
Income Inequity

Income GINIs of .32 enabled the greatest boom in history

American Dream Wealth

Wealth Inequity dropped to .66 in 1944, at the start of the greatest economy in history

Monetary Freedom: Living Wages and the elimination of Starvation Wages (citizens who own nothing)
Living Wages

Employee Compensation builds Living Wages

The 2010 U.S. Federal Reserve budget showed 130-million Americans own nothing

Personal Savings % GDP – Causal – Creates Advancing Economies

Debt and Inequity

As “Low-Tax” for the rich continued, debt rose as did Inequity, which impacts Productivity and therefore Production.

National Productivity

National Productivity – China versus G7

Labour Force Participation
Female Workforce, Labour Participation Fertility Rate

Canada has lost 800,000 jobs since 2008 while Female to Male Labour Ratios Rise and Birthrates Fall in 93% of High-Income countries. Canada is 1.5 & plummeting

Family-Values Policy Diversity, Female Workforce, Fertility Rate

Single Income Families Policy work to address fertility shortfalls in 94% of High Income Nations & plummeting. Canada’s  current 1.5 fertility rate will reduce 30% of its population, culture, and language every 20 years

Home Ownership
Housing  Bubbles
Home Ownership is an essential Human Right that ensures the advance of any large nation (1). Citizens must see reports of increasing home-ownership rates and protection from Housing Bubbles.

Housing price rises in Canada highest in G20

8b:  Political Opportunism & Mislabelled Voter Messaging

In the 1980s, American Political Parties pioneered marketing test-centers to develop messaging that garnered voter support for unsustainable policies that were also preferred by wealthy political contributors. The 2018 movie “Vice”, shows the methods of these “think-tanks” very well. Dickens, Lord Byron, Hugo, Orwell, Hobbes, ta Biblia, FDR, and many other writers warned us of the dystopic conditions created by Low-Tax, Small Government, and other examples of laissez-faire government management during times of unbalanced Salaries and Costs of Living (mature capitalisms). FDR policies, alternatively, created the greatest economy in history; so his policies can be considered sustainable scientifically

A billion dollars per year is pumped into American political advertising campaigns that divide the nation on meaningless Left and Right lines. Neighbors struggling with starvation wages are labeled unpatriotic, socialist, and lazy, while the entire nation’s productivity collapses due to losing $30 billion per day in export revenues by Social Contract Loss alone

Without funding for sustainable messaging, only unsustainable messaging can be heard – and learned by voters. ACT Party websites were designed in a 600-page thesis to correct this problem, but you probably haven’t heard of them because it costs millions to advertise solutions …

ACT – in Canada, USA, Great Britain, France, Spain, and others…


The Income Distribution policy “Low-Tax”, like all of these politically opportunistic terms, was selected in consumer tests to sound appealing to voters. Voters believe that freedom comes from a reduced cost of living in a tax break, but they don’t realize that it excuses the top-10% from making much-larger income and wealth payments. The rich also benefit because “Low Tax” messaging distracts voters from noticing that cost of living goes up by more than any tax break

Politicians in every democracy have used this policy to win elections for 120-years at least. Today, most large democracies are mired in high national debt while economies trend to collapse because Costs of Living rose while Salaries did not (a low social contract) – and the resulting Starvation Wages created a low productivity landscape. “Low Tax” has created unsustainable income inequity and also 95% of all new annual income gains go to the Top-1% rich in the U.S. today as well.

An economy can have rich people, but it can’t have 40% (120-million people in the U.S.) who are unproductive

Low Tax stalls economies by denying currency that could be productively put back into the economy by salaries, welfares, and social programs, and Low Tax redirects it instead to private treasuries, bonds, and tax havens. The national debt that Low Tax created is also serviced disproportionately by the poor and middle-class taxpayers – to add insult to injury

It is the responsibility of your government – given to them by your vote, to ensure that imbalances in the monetary system are always corrected so that a nation’s most valuable resource – its people –  can be productive and live good lives

Diversity, Inclusion & Female Equality

Political opportunism is never higher than during mature capitalisms

In the absence of strategic planning, civics training in our schools, and credible reporting, populist political campaigns must present whichever messaging tests best in voter marketing studies

Ideologies are broadcast in billion-dollar advertising campaigns to keep voters in support inequality (95% of all incomes flowing to the Top-1% of wealthy), economic and social collapse. Working voters and women, each comprise half of most populations, so these are the groupings most easily divided for votes

Birthrates fall below 2.2Female Inequality – is the same policy as Double Income Families – sometimes called Double Income Traps. See “Low-Tax” policy to understand the economic impacts of Middle-Income election campaigns Read about Diversity here

No Welfares. Private Healthcare & Insurance

The United States is the only G20 nation without Universal Healthcare today. After World War II, FDR’s Second Bill of Rights was added to the Constitutions of Italy, Germany, and Japan – and these countries are the only three advancing economies in the G7 today. The average number of paid vacation days here – is six weeks annually. These Universal Rights were added to several European Constitutions by the Marshall Plan and U.N. because of the estimated 40-million civilians who starved or died of disease after the war’s end

High Social Contract nations have some of the highest economies in the world per-capita. The opposite is true also; low social contract nations have some of the lowest economies too. The SCP Report manages the problem by measuring revenues lost to each economy. For example, America loses $37 billion dollars a day – or $13 trillion a year – to its low social contract; to its inability to empower citizens and take advantage of opportunities like high-social-contract nations do. The average loss to each country globally today, is $3.6 billion per day

Death Tax

The Reagan administration changed this policy name from Estate Tax and Inheritance Tax to Death Tax. Wealth Distribution is essential to ensure that a nation’s currency continues to move throughout an economy and not stall the economy by taking currency out of circulation

Cost of Living – to Salary Imbalance

Affordable Home Ownership, Access to Income, Right to Life, Right to Education; EVERYTHING requires access to income in a mature high-income nation.

Small Government

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Open Markets & Laissez-Faire Business Policies

Also called Globalization…

Are Sales Economies and Consumption better than Production?

No, they are not … Production Economies are more sustainable than sales economies. Supply, demand, profit, GDP, and similar Wealth Theory teachings have no positive impact on economy, or are harmful entirely.

Skill Shortages

In the past 10-years, companies started hiring MBAs (Business Administration generalists – usually achieved via 3-years experience and a weekend course that no-one fails) to lead departments formerly led by 20-years expert middle managers. CPAs instructed HR admins who skills and demographics to hire, and these hiring decisions were taken away from experts too.

Middle managers were 20-year-experienced experts who had moved up the ranks, so these managers understood their department’s tasks and could train any junior staff through any weak training needs.

MBAs, CPAs, and HR admins had none of this experience and could teach nothing. With only ASCII-text scanning tools and no idea how to judge application qualifications, these people turned course takers and imported “skill” workers – who simply copied and pasted the job listings to CVs, so as to appear to need no training.

Hiring Managers didn’t realize that new tech comes along every two years and that every computer professional has to figure it out.

The perceived benefits for the company were:

  1.  The 20-year pension-earning senior manager could be released before his pension got expensive in its last several years;
  2.  Onshored Immigrants and Offshored labor often cost less than half the market rate;
  3.  Governments would rush to their help with financial and tax breaks, believing there was a crisis.

The problems this created for society were several-fold as well:

  1.  Pensioned heads-of-households lost $1 million per family – and 90% could no longer be hired back at their level as needed to complete their pension,
  2.  Women were hired at starvation wages in their place, causing divorce rates not seen since the 1930s
  3.  Immigration is an unsustainable policy to neutral policy. This means it is inappropriate during mature capitalisms because it drives higher housing costs, poverty, competition for too few salaries. These starvation wages cause social unrest – now called “Mental Illness”, spiraling social problems, and economic stall costing nations billions of dollars daily

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