The Book – Global Leadership’s Book of Knowledge

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The Book

The Global Leadership Book of Knowledge

A Bible in Science and Reason

Made possible by The Sustainable Societies Programme, Transition Economics, Social Contract Product (SCP) Report, ACT, TASK, and SUSTAIN

ISBN: 978-1-987964-31-8

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In The Book, we learn that Bibles are textbooks that describe how to build a Sustainable Society; a Bible is not a religion.  The sponsors of Bibles were typically governors, kings, judges, and leaders of nations – and their authors were often scribes, scholars, and historians.

Religions use Bibles, but the importance of a religion was greater when they taught that ” God” – was a deity that only they could be a messenger for. The Bible simply says that God – is “Good”.

“The Bible”, in Greek “ta Biblia”, means “The Books”, and the very great difficulty of having many books trying to present important fundamentals, is that the message can get lost or muddled by these multiple tellings.

“The Book”, is a single book and scientific update of these lessons – based 100% on evidence-based science and reason (best-practice engineering process). Proven, observed, repeatable cause and effect is science here; and reason is “epistemology” – better known as Project Management, Case Management, Change Management, Service Management, SOPs – and similar.

The Bible was scientific; the work of 300+ scholars – and it was the moon launch of its day as well. Its observations and lessons-learned are taken from the rise and fall of many dozens of civilizations over a 5,000 year period.

The world was 99+% illiterate in 325 AD, so storytelling was the only way to pass this messaging on, and a world of magic and miracles ensured that Baptism could make the roughest character and most wayward soul to “fly straight”.

The Book explains how the Bibles describe policies which are needed to build a sustainable society; like Family Values – which ensure sustainable fertility; the Golden Rule – which ensures that we have all that we need to be productive; essential Laws like “we shall not commit murder”, no theft; and many sophisticated laws of economic reset, investment,  and sustainability are here also.

Econometric Science in The Book explains that Productivity builds strong economies reliably, while Wealth-theory Micro and Macroeconomics, Right and Left Policies, collapse.

The Bible of 425 AD was an update of the 763 BC “Torah”, which as an update of the 1763 BC “Code of Hammurabi” – which was an update to other Codes created by great leaders in our first civilizations of the Middle East, Sumeria, and Egypt hundreds of years earlier.

“The Book” is an overdue update designed to be absolutely scientific, evidence-based, well researched, and constantly improving through the years ahead – while allowing for the help of University researchers and students worldwide to contribute and to validate lessons found here.

The Book introduces the sophisticated Data Science of Model Economy * Model Society (MEMS) to confirm which policies ensure a higher probability with smart targets that double economies reliably and build good lives responsibly. Proven Policy, ACT Parties, and Right Plans, give 200 democratic nations a solution to vote for that takes the guesswork and also lies – out of the equation.

Check out The Book online at YouTube as the channel takes to the air beginning in June 2021 !



Introducing the  sophisticated Data Science of MEMS and WAOH

WAOH is the world’s largest context-based Econometric Library. Learn to validate policies for yourself instead of relying on billion-dollar TV and Social Media Advertisements


Evidence-Based and not Belief-Based Training


Bibles never made so much sense and never seemed so relevant – as The Book explains the scientific essential principles and building blocks of sustainable societies as explained by Scholars for 2500 years in the Bible.


Right Plans and Public Utilities

ACT Parties


ACT Parties – are an opportunity to vote for only proven policy, and not meaningless Left and Right nonsense

The Science of Transition Economics

– and our essential missing Reporting





Highlights of The Book include:

  • The Global Leadership Book of Knowledge
  • Bibles and Right Plans; East doubled Western Productivity for 30-years with planning
  • MEMS Data Science doubles economies reliably
  • Public Utilities, Zero Costs Pensions & UBI, Not Minimum Wages; Living Wages
  • TASK, SCP, Real Reporting and Education
  • Reliable, Scientific advance, leadership, prosperity and abundance – without the lies!
  • The ACT Party – there is no Left and Right
  • Can’t find Reliable Indicators? Aggregate!

Great leaders recognize problems and then explain how to correct them to advance us reliably

Edward Tilley, End of War, 2018


Once your understand that Neoliberalism and Micro & Macroeconomic’s Wealth-Theory collapsed Western nations reliably, and then learn simple evidence-based  Transition Economics and civics as the Bibles taught too, it should be obvious to even the most ardent devil’s advocate that there are smarter and more responsible ways to build advancing societies that a TV that’s reporting only complete nonsense today.


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