TASK (sp/tassc) is the Global Challenge to Universities, Colleges, and Schools

The Scientific Societies Challenge asks academics to solve the greatest social problem of our modern time “Educational Reform“. What is your institute’s plan for training evidence-based scientific societies? How will you teach these Resets?

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About the Sustainable Societies Challenge

About the Project

The Academic Scientific Societies Challenge (tassc) at CSQ Research is called TASK! The challenge showcases academic solutions and institutions that build strong Social Contract and scientific societies globally.

Graduates by Gender

Graduates by Gender – A Failing Grade for Universities and Colleges

What does TASK do?

TASK scores Schools by faculty and by country

Why is TASK import?

TASK is the most important program we run because:

  1. 60% of university enrollments are female and 60% of males drop out
  2. 75% of degreed individuals (graduates) are today trained only in tactical, unsustainable, unscientific theory and ideology only
  3. Experts of proven-failed theory and ideology can never be experts nor leaders
  4. Anti-family-values curricula and hiring programs or laws create a 1.5% annual population genocide in 64 high-income nations today
Global Leadership Sciences Dashboard

CSQ’s Global Leadership Sciences Report

Which faculties are included in the Challenge:

  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Law
  • History
  • Business & Finance
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Humanities – Philosophy & Epistemology
  • Education

Sharing Best Practises

In every country and in every teaching institution and faculty, programs work to teach sustainable societies. We are 220 countries, 26,368 Universities and Colleges, and exponentially more high, middle and grade schools – managing the education of seven billion of us …

The Elephant in the Room

Education is a pressing problem in 62% of collapsing nations around the world, including many western nations: the USA, Canada, Britain, Spain, France, and many more.

Read our Notice to Academic Institutions

Courses graduate tactical theorists only in 75% of faculties, dropout rates are too high – and are also hidden. Why is this true? Because courses are too long, are not mastery-based – like apprenticeship programs, they don’t practice scientific evidence-based Global Leadership performance management, and they cost far too much in collapsing nations as well

Our Sponsors

Calling all social and responsible philanthropic organizations!

TASK has taken a back seat to other pressing development and priorities. If you want this essential program moving forward again, and you want to post your group’s assistance here as well – consider supporting TASK

Your organization can help to sponsor a TASK initiative in your country, and every country., by reaching out via the Contact form below!


How can we participate?

Register, assign a project manager, setup a project, and then schedule leads and resources in each faculty to build a sustainable society through current programs in your institution

The Project is explained in detail in the 600-page thesis “End of War – Managing Mature Capitalisms” – and this CSQ Research webpage serves as a Program Portal.


For purposes of comparison and ranking, a common nomenclature is used and reports are available in all Google Translate-supported languages


Our societies need:

  1. Leadership accountable to performance managed measures of success and advance
  2. Social Contracts – the basic needs of a good, productive life: food, homes, healthcare, security, scientific education
  3. Productive Monetary Systems
  4. International co-operation and trade
  5. Prosperity and Good Lives – Aristotle’s term for “the American Dream”



CSQ Research SSP & SDG Roadmap

CSQ Reseach’s SSP & SDG Roadmap

Operations and Monitoring

Build a prosperous World Peace and Human Advance, instead of the Tytler Cycle we see today

Strategic Advance

Worthwhile Industries

SEED Automating Social Contracts & Self Sufficiency

Tactical Collapse

The Tytler Cycle

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges & Solutions

Global Debt & Investment

  • Monetary Systems
  • Global / National Debt
  • Public / Private Debt
  • Targets and Improvement
  • Trade & Self-sufficiency

Social Contracts

Infrastructures for:

  • Food
  • Housing
  • Security
  • Healthcare
  • Education

Government Systems

  • Planning – Strategic and Tactical
  • Democracies > 15 million
  • Democracies < 15 million
  • Monarchy
  • Global / Federal / State /…


Complementary solutions By Industry:

  • Primary productions
  • Secondary
  • Tertiary



  • University
  • College and Trade
  • Secondary
  • Primary

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