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Frequently Asked Questions

Building an Automated Economy

What are WP Projects?

In 322 BCE, Aristotle wrote that a Meaningful Life is one spent in pursuit of Worthwhile Projects by a Right Plan that leads to Good Lives and Sustainable Societies. #WPProjects is half of that Right Plan – the engineering half, of a two-part Strategic Right Plan for every society. WP Projects work together to connect 250 EconomyTech factories that build a sustainable automated community – in a clearly laid-out, step-by-step Engineering and Robotics Program Plan. The second half of the two-part Right Plan implements proven Transition Economics‘ Government Policies – which are researched from 180 countries to have ensured sustainable economies today. All you need to do to implement these, it to vote for the ACT Party in your country.

We’re actually building #WPProjects at Worthwhile Ventures CAMPUSes right now. If you might like to reduce the risk of your investment portfolio and support a factory near you, check out Worthwhile Ventures.

Why is the United Nations not doing more?

If you are wondering why isn’t the U.N. building #WPProjects, the United Nations does terrific work every day in tactical situations that bring food, shelter, and healthcare to extreme poverty and emergency humanitarian and military needs. When it comes to long-term strategy however, the U.N. is a more nepotistic government organization than most – and like most large government administrations worldwide today, they administer strategic planning and thought-leadership poorly. I have written six books in sustainable economics and societies, and this shortcoming of the United Nations’ is a leadership problem that must be recognized and solved. Why? Because it has permitted most countries to endure another mature capitalism – in a nuclear age – which is the very thing that the United Nations was created to prevent. These economic collapse-trendings cause $3.6 billion per day – per country – to be lost due to failed Social Contract management.

The increasing rate of economic collapse and shortfalls in our basic needs worldwide, have put a considerable strain on the U.N.’s tactical resources until a smaller percentage of real problems are being resolved every year. This is a fact that the U.N.’s staff can too easily fail to report also, which reveals a shortcoming in our own personal understanding, and in our media’s understanding too, of KPI monitoring

This is a fact that the U.N.’s staff can too easily fail to report due to shortcomings in KPI (key performance indices) measuring and monitoring. Everyone has to justify their worth – and always-positive measures, like GDP, assure that goals appear to be well managed. When any report of progress by a government organization is not credible and is also not challenged, we all suffer – as is observable today in a world with record debt, record number of wars internationally, populisms, growth-stalling inequity, extremism, and record high social contract costs.

Is this correctable? Yes, absolutely – but any polite inquiries made by CSQ Research to share research or solutions with U.N. staff and ministers – were ignored. Perhaps your organization will have better luck.

What do WP Projects do?

I think of #WPProjects as a mechanical “replicator”. For those who couldn’t overlook the cheesy drama to marvel at the imagination of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek back in 1961, a replicator assembled the things we need automatically. WP Projects’ factories build and maintain all the basics of abundant food, goods, clothing, shelter, clean energy, education, transportation, and security automatically too. WP Projects uses decidedly non-futuristic assembly lines to build sustainable, scalable, family-friendly cities,  towns, or homesteads as needed.

Far from science fiction, all of these advanced manufacturing technologies exist already; they simply have not been integrated together yet. This is why we call #WPProjects “strategic” and not “futuristic”. Eventually these assembly lines will be built of course, but by planning things properly as we do here, everyone benefits quickly – and the families affected by jobs lost due to today’s ongoing unplanned automations, can be protected through retraining and guaranteed income and public utility programs.

How is this planning made possible? “Right Plans” (we’ll talk about this more throughout this site…)

WP Projects does not take long to build; a pilot could be up and running within just two years and every individual project is profitable and reusable by itself – and as an integrated program.

WP Projects doesn’t cost much; by coordinating automation projects, costs are much lower than our current unplanned-stumbling approach. Both countries and companies profit as these projects build a new Global Export Economy and afford new engineering and guaranteed-income safety-nets at the same time.

Social Contract is not Socialism

Social Contracts are usually built using 80%/20% private/public ownership models, and building these public utilities follows this same typical formula. Social Contract is not Socialism; read the Disambiguation of Socialism here.

#WPProjects introduces us to two important new fields of research – Renewable Automations and Transition Economics.

Where a Star Trek replicator synthesized matter from energy directly, WP Projects assembles the things that we need robotically as we need them, using a phone-based mobile app eCommerce ERP system or Call Center. Simply place an order for groceries; order a TV too; a car, appliance, etc. and a #WPProject Smart Factory builds it and delivers it to your door – automatically; without a single human required. Appliances like microwaves, ovens, washer and dryers, even houses and additions, are installed, maintained, and entirely life-cycle managed from breaking ground to demolition.

People are not hurt by Automation in a strong Social Contract nation

People are only hurt by automation when Social Contracts are weak. When Social Contracts are strong, a displaced worker is afforded everything they need to continue on and to find something that they like to do better. As most automated jobs are repetitive, this permits people to retrain and turn to work that more closely aligns with their interests and which is more interesting as well.

With #WPProjects, 200 countries become a World Leader in at least one automation project. Just like Amazon distributes via unmanned warehouses today, you won’t need to “go out” to pick up your essentials – unless going out is something that you like to do. Everyone loves shopping once in a while; but not for weekly groceries. Stale produce sitting on shelves are not as good as fresh delivered to your door as needed. Local automated farms could save us one-third of all of our total fuel needs too.

#WPProjects is very smart thought-leadership that works to meet and exceed #GlobalGoals and every other social sustainability program out there. You might think of WP Projects as a “Proof” in Economics and Engineering. Similar to e=mc2 in physics, and the trigonometry algorithms in any high-school math class; a proof looks simple – but #WPProjects is in fact a reduction of 1600 pages of well-referenced research within a quick, easy to understand certainty.

This concise plan – laid out for three teams to each take four steps, automates the basics of life, protects incomes (see Transition Economics), renews spending power, bolsters economies, and might even save us from disastrous world wars too.

By design, these projects build Worldville(s) – sustainable, scalable, automated cities, towns and  family-friendly societies that can be rolled out to us locally, and then to the other 80% of the planet that does not yet have a Good Life today as well.

Buckminster Fuller would have called this planning a “great logistics game” and “world game” whose goal is to enable everyone to contribute to solving problems, and for the solutions to be widely vetted and a consensus for their implementation reached (versus the usual top-down approach where an elite few decide and implement policy). Aristotle, as I mentioned above, would call it a “Right Plan”…

“A Right Plan is one whose ends, means, practical thinking and purposeful action result in a Good Life. A life full of things you need – and not necessarily a life full of everything you want. With a little luck, goods in body and soul, and by making a habit of good choices that reflect moral virtues of temperance, courage, and justice, a Good Life should be sought and found.”

Politic, 322 BCE

Worthwhile CAMPUS Projects build a future worth handing down to our children at the same time they establish new technology standards and functionality – while guaranteeing incomes and improving lives. Welcome to our site and I hope you will feel very welcome to contribute.

Edward Tilley

Who Builds Worthwhile PLC Transition Projects?

There are two ways to build a sustainable Good Life and Society: the first is through economic controls that ensure incomes and reset spending-power – and the second, is by providing abundance through Renewable Automation (see the RAI Index for this definition).

#WPProjects builds both in Three Teams …

Team One

Team One are Voters and Leaders in Government. This Team implement #TEMature Economic Policy that provide new incomes, new spending-power, and the Engineering Safety nets that support #WPProjects. Not having #TEMature Policy today costs the U.S. us to $8 trillion dollars annually; and $600 billion in Exports for Canada and Great Britain annually as well. Our Economies no longer support a one-job-for-life workplace, so now guaranteed incomes permit mortgages, pensions, retraining and other basics of life to continue. Do you imagine that anyone will starve once food, basic goods, shelter, energy, transportation are available automatically to your entire community? No – of course not. Money becomes less and less relevant with automation too; the number of jobs decrease and the quality of everyone’s life increases … safely and sustainably. No Extreme Poverty, no World Wars, Universal Human Rights.

Team Two

Team Two – Our Engineers build the 250 technology projects needed; just One Project Per Country. Most Constitutions mandate investment in “Livingry”, instead of just Weaponry. Technology and Science Projects begin in earnest – Robots build homes, roads, autonomous vehicles, and distribution warehouses; they plant, pick and transport food and clean water, and the build Energy Plants (read about Cirenergy here) until everyone has abundance. Pilot Worldville‘s take shape within just two years !

Team Three

Project Coordination Teams at CSQ, and hopefully at the United Nations too, report status that keep assigned #WPProjects and side-projects on-target. The first Pilot Worldville‘s begin rolling out within just two to three years and evolve into sophisticated, fully life-cycle-managed connected towns and cities.

<em>Team One</em> - Voters

Rule A

Only vote for Engineers, then Doctors, then Lawyers – never business; NEVER celebrities nor career salespeople nor lifelong administrators. Engineers are people with the bench-strength and track record to run successful projects – both social and technical. “Projects” follow a professional methodology and are how Policies are implemented well – and in a timely manner too.

Rule B VOTE – This is Vital!!

3d-temat-5We do not have trained Monarchs any more, so you must learn how to vote for correct policy. Only vote for Policies that support sustainable societies and socially responsible monetization. The following Economic Projects are needed – so use a chart similar to the following to decide your vote. The data hereon the left is just an example taken from a past Canadian election, so your country will have different parties of course.

Click on these Policy Sheets to learn more about TE-Mature Policy

#WPProjects Social Projects

The Key to your next election’s voting decision are Wealth Distribution, Minimum Wage Targets, Graduated Tax, Tax Avoidance Stop-gaps and Safety Nets that ensure Living Wage Incomes and Renewed Spending Power plus additional incomes for Team Two Engineers and Technology Automation build teams.

Setting targets for wealth distribution might look like the following IDEAL chart – with five quintiles of income earners from highest to lowest. The second chart on the right shows what happens without economic controls and targets. These are actual US Wealth statistics as reported by US Federal Reserve in 2010 – and things are worse today if you can imagine it.


Notice how 40% of citizens have basically nothing today in the chart above right? Why do you suppose this line is at 40% and not say 51%? Well, 51% would allow a democratic vote to change things dramatically overnight. For this reason, this line is maintained so that if an important community (of voters) needs jobs or $100 million, they get what they need quickly. Then these proudly-purchased supporters announce to the media that politician A or B – “Means jobs!”. Nonsense, this dividing line is carefully monitored and managed by large teams to ensure that 60% desperately fear to lose what they have and keep on voting for a status quo that protects inequity.

Would it surprise you to learn that inequity probably costs Americans a conservative five-trillion dollars in new Wealth annually? It probably costs Canadians $630 billion per year as well. How? Read the Business Case for Empathy here.

Elsewhere in the world, the Netherlands for one example, has universal healthcare, childcare, retirements, housing, low unemployment, $20 minimum wages and per-capita wealth creation 150% more than an American; 300% more than a Canadian. Why? First, the cultural values of North Men taught them to look out for one-another due to the realities of living in harsh climates; and second, these country’s populations were smaller countries – so they could quickly see the impact of offshoring, foreign ownership, tax evasion, and other weak policy – and then they corrected these problems twenty years ago. Fifty million people live in similar Nordic Countries and still enjoy “the American Dream” today. America lost this back in the 1970s.

U.S. GDP Export was $1.62 trillion in 2014 – if you multiply this $1620 bil x 150% = $2430 bil; for a difference of $810 billion.

Can engaging the forgotten 40% of American’s (160 million people) really earn a new half-trillion annually. Real-world GDP Export statistics clearly demonstrate that once given the opportunity to be productive, people will be productive.

Holland is #5 on the CMI Index; the U.S. is at #60 and Canada ranks at #100/160. The CMI is a transparent measure of each country’s management team performance. To read more about CMI click here. To read more about the importance of resetting Incomes and Spending-Power, click here.

Team Two – Automates our Manual Economy

250 Technology Projects are sponsored by every country in the world. These #WPProjects automate our currently manual Tier 1 (farming, mining), Tier 2 (manufacturing), and Tertiary (transportation) economies – and these “robots” create a new export market at the same time.

In the table below, the GDP of each host country served as an indication of how complex a project could that host country could take on. This means that higher-GDP countries were assigned more complicated projects. G7 countries (the largest GDPs) and China were assigned multiple projects, and finally, low-GDP countries were assigned a much larger sponsor country to help them with their project as needed. More of the rules that went into  creating this initial v1.0 list of automation projects are discussed below.

#WPProjects Technology Projects


GDP #WPProjects Assignments v1.0Industry LeadersStatus
(% Complete)

Corporate Sponsors


21,618Sponsor Uruguay Flower potting and shipping
 Albania12,904Sponsor Lithuania Canning containers
 Algeria208 mAutomated Education Pre to K12
 Andorra3,249Sponsor Pakistan LED Lights & Fixtures
 Angola121,692 Auto Harvest – Lettuce & Cabbage
 Anguilla284Sponsor Brazil Coconut and Oils
 Antigua and Barbuda1,241Sponsor Iran Medical Imaging – CAT Scan
 Argentina611,726Auto Harvest – Wine Fresh Peppers Picking
 Armenia10,431Sponsor Croatia Butter Production
 Aruba2,589Clean Water Plants
 Australia1,531m Rapid Charge Batteries Automotive
 Austria     428,322Ground Transportation Mgmt. Paint Systems Management
 Azerbaijan73,557   Hi-Rise Crane Operation Coffee Makers & Grills
 Bahamas, The8,420Sponsor Sri Lanka Missing Supply Contingency Planning
 Bahrain32,898 Plastic Recycle
 Bangladesh153,505Auto Harvest – Carrots & Potatoes
 Barbados4,228Sponsor Iraq Garden Build, Plant, Sprinkler, Maintain
 Belarus71,710 Auto Dredger
 Belgium524,806 Produce Transport Chocolate
 Belize1,624Sponsor Denmark Washer & Dryers
 Benin8,307 Sponsor Belarus Ice and Crushed Ice
 Bermuda5,574Auto Ground Maintenance
 Bhutan1,781Sponsor Malaysia Dish Washers
 Bolivia30,601Auto Harvest – Corn
 Bosnia and Herzegovina17,852Traffic Control Systems Boots – Rubber
 Botswana14,778 Sponsor Morocco Carpets & flooring covers
 Brazil2,243m Auto Peacekeeping – Air Confections Candies
 British Virgin Islands916Sponsor UAE Automated School Build
 Brunei16,111 3D Boat Building
 Bulgaria54,481 Farm Tires
 Burkina Faso12,547Sponsor Ghana Table Honey
 Burundi2,549Sponsor Finland Locomotives
 Cambodia15,250Auto Food Distribution 30% of all emissions is food transport (ask for help from SAP & MS)
 Cameroon29,568Auto Harvest Baby Foods
 Canada1,838mSatellite Water Divining, Collection & Distribution Clean Energy – Cold Fusion
Drone Jets & Air transport
 Cape Verde1,861Sponsor Argentina Auto Defibrillator maker
 Cayman Islands3,474Czech Republic Auto Fish Finders & Sonar
 Central African Republic1,585Sponsor Uruguay Lamb Meat Processing
 Chad10,640Sponsor South Africa Violins & Chelos
 Chile277,043 Beef Processing Leather – Beef
 China9,181m Robotic human hand & Trainer software Housewares, dishware, cooking utensils
Clean Energy – Thorium
 Colombia378,148 Auto Pharma – Pill/Package/Transport
 Comoros622Sponsor Spain XG Guitar, hardware, and cables. Classical Guitars.
 Congo32,691Satellite Resourcing & Mining exploration – Lithium, Gold, Diamond, etc.
 Cook Islands330Sponsor Italy Cooking Tools – choice
 Costa Rica49,621Fruit and Vegetable Distribution
 Côte d’Ivoire28,593Assist France Dining Room Furniture
 Croatia57,869Automated Dump trucks
 Cuba78,694Surgery – Gall Bladder Removal
 Curacao3,148Sponsor Portugal Automated Planting with Seed
 Cyprus24,057 Smelting Automation
 Czech Republic208,796 Robot-3D Printer handover
 Denmark336,701 3D Printed or Assembled Buildings
 Djibouti1,456Sponsor Venezuela Shoes – Womens
 Dominica498Sponsor Australia Motorcycle production
 Dominican Republic60,612Auto Bathroom Tub and Shower Installation
 Ecuador94,473Surgery – Eye Banana Picking and Processing
 Egypt255,199Robotic Process – Poultry
 El Salvador24,259Auto Harvest Onions & Mushrooms
 Equatorial Guinea18,532Automated Forestry Harvesting & Milling
 Eritrea3,438Sponsor Kazakhstan Aluminum Foil
 Estonia24,880Stone Cutting & Transport
 Ethiopia46,017Auto Harvest Carrots and Beets
 Fiji4,034Sponsor Qatar Flex monitor screens & Active Glass Touch Monitors
 Finland267,329 Fishing fillet, package, freeze
 France2,806m Auto Road Build/Repair Cosmetics Wine
 French Polynesia641Sponsor France Shellfish and Clam Production
 Gabon16,970Sponsor Luxemburg Diet Foods
 Gambia, The902Sponsor Argentina Automated Seed Harvesting
 Georgia16,127Auto Diesel Engines Mercedes
 Germany3,730mAuto Vehicle Delivery Auto Driverless Cars
Bavaria – Beer
Tricorder Med
 VW Audi
 Ghana47,830Automated Marine Engine Mounts
 Greece242,230Grocery Apps & Web Ordering Systems
 Greenland2,418Sponsor Iran Organic House-cleaning products
 Grenada831Sponsor Switzerland
Medical Imaging – MRI
 Guatemala53,797Construction Siding Coffee
 Guinea7,219Sponsor Slovakia Synthesizers and Keyboards
 Guinea-Bissau1,036Sponsor Poland Distribution Warehouse Makers
 Guyana2,990Sponsor Ireland Hifi Music Microphones & Stands
 Haiti7,691Sponsor Libya Shoes – Men
 Honduras18,569Auto Grocery Bag Manufacture
 Hong Kong274,027GPS Tractors Holiday and Gift Wrapping
 Hungary133,424 Auto Fence building Beer
 Iceland15,330Pipelines – Oil & Gas
 India1,937m Automated Community Build
Clean Energy – Thorium
 Indonesia868,346 3D Food Printers
 Iran492,7833D Clothing, Tricorder
 Iraq195,517Water/Waste Pipe Tunnelling
 Ireland232,077 Auto Ground Keeping
 Israel291,567 Auto Airplane design
 Italy2,149m 3D Cement Systems Wine
 Jamaica14,270Travel Booking
 Japan4,898m Household Robot Grand & Upright Pianos Pharma Diabetes – Lantus Solostar & related
 Jordan33,594Blue Crude Plant Automation S/M/L
 Kazakhstan224,415Automated Cement Mixers
 Kenya54,443Construction Glass
 Kiribati175Sponsor Germany Off road vehicles
 Kosovo6,837Sponsor Morocco LED Stage Lighting,  Scaffolds, control panels
 Kuwait175,831 Plastic Container – Water
 Kyrgyzstan7,226Sponsor Ecuador Laundry – detergents & fabric softener
 Laos10,760Sponsor Sudan Music Drum Sets
 Latvia30,886Small Engine Marine
 Lebanon47,221 Construction Framing – Metal
 Lesotho2,230Sponsor Hong Kong Zambonies &  Ice Makers
 Liberia1,946Sponsor Chile Ice Rinks
 Libya74,597 Auto Peacekeeping – Sea
 Liechtenstein5,647Sponsor Angola Woodwind Instruments
 Lithuania46,403Robotic Process – Rice
 Luxembourg60,131 Automated forklifts
 Macau51,753Construction Brick
 Macedonia10,767Sponsor Bulgaria Sport Canoes & Kayaks
 Madagascar10,612Sponsor Uzbekistan X10 Home Controllers & Software
 Malawi5,146Sponsor Kuwait Flower Seeds & Pots
 Malaysia312,434 Auto Kitchen Appliance Build Server Production
 Maldives2,836Sponsor Greece Soccer Balls, Volleyballs, Baseballs, etc.
 Mali10,943Sponsor Kenya Hockey Sticks & Raquets Tennis, RB & Squash
 Malta9,971 GPS Fishing Routes
 Marshall Islands189Sponsor France Medical Imaging X-ray
 Mauritania5,516Sponsor Bangladesh
 Mauritius11,938 Food Distribution Software
 Mexico1,259m Auto Steel Manufacture Avacados, Mangos Tequila
 Micronesia333Sponsor Japan Auto Toilets and Installer
 Moldova7,970Sponsor Azerbaijan Music Drum Sets & Symbols
 Monaco6,559Performance Management
 Mongolia11,516Sponsor Macau Woodwind Instruments
 Montenegro4,417Sponsor Romania Personal Hygene Grooming Products
 Montserrat59Sponsor China Automated Rec Center & Gym, with Coffee Shop and Dance Hall
 Morocco103,836Cold Fusion assisted Solar
 Mozambique1,105Sponsor Norway Feminine Hygiene Products
 Myanmar63,031Safety – Human Detectors
 Namibia12,580Sponsor Tunisia Music Sundry, Guitar Picks, Drum Sticks, Capos, Strings, stands
 Nauru153Sponsor Japan Music Amps Solid State & Tubes
 Nepal18,179Auto Wood Mouldings
 Netherlands853,539 Conveyers – mining & farming
 New Caledonia9,712Sponsor Dominican Republic Bar Mix Bottles or Cans
 New Zealand189,025 Farming – herding
 Nicaragua11,256Sponsor Guatemala Bass Violins
 Niger7,407Sponsor Oman Violins, Chellos, etc.
 Nigeria514,965 Auto Med Supplies
 North Korea15,454Auto Med Supplies
 Norway522,349Auto Oil Production Diapers – All Electronic Drum Sets
 Oman79,656 3D or Auto Blankets
 Pakistan225,419Grocery Distribution & Delivery
 Palau240Sponsor UK Molusks Production
 Panama40,467 Auto Pier-Builder – Wood
 Papua New Guinea15,420Auto Harvest Baby Powders
 Paraguay29,208Automated Small Engine Manufacture – Marine
 Peru200,269 Robotic Sheering
 Philippines272,067 Technician robots
 Poland525,863Tech Architects & QC Approvers Interoperability Standards Transportation Software
 Portugal227,324 Marina Management System
 Puerto Rico105,149Construction Drywall – Manufacture & Auto Installation
 Qatar202,450 Automated Fish Net Harvest
 Romania192,094 Robotic Process – Fruit
 Russia2,096m Drone Peacekeeping – Ground Auto Snow Removal Oil Alternatives –  Paraffin Diesel and Blue Diesel Plants (perhaps using nuclear ship power) Vodka
 Rwanda7,601Sponsor Cuba Automated Pest control
 Saint Kitts and Nevis743Sponsor Turkey Pharma Remicade
 Saint Lucia1,336 Marina Management
 Saint Maarten1,021Sponsor Sweden Pharma Enbrel
 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines709Sponsor Netherlands Pharma Cymbalta
 Samoa691 Farming – Tropical Fruit
 San Marino1,802Sponsor Singapore Pharma Neulasta
 São Tomé and Príncipe342Sponsor India Cars for Wheelchair
 Saudi Arabia748,450Rapid Charge Batteries – Robotics
 Senegal15,152Sponsor Panama Pharma Humira
 Serbia45,520 Auto House Building
 Seychelles1,445Prepared Meal delivery
 Sierra Leone4,929Sponsor New Zealand Pharma Spiriva
 Singapore295,744 Robotic Mining System
 Slovakia97,713Construction Framing Wood Bottling & Returns
 Slovenia47,990 Construction Plumbing
 Solomon Islands1,073Sponsor Belgium Pharma Advair Diskus
 Somalia1,399Sponsor Thailand Auto Fuel Station Clean Diesel, Gas
 South Africa366,060 New Mining by Satellite
 South Korea1,304 mAutomated TV, & Monitor production
 South Sudan11,804Sponsor Lebanon Satellite phones
 Spain1,393m Automatic Park Builder
 Sri Lanka67,203 Robotic Motor options Auto Tea
 State of Palestine12,579Sponsor Costa Rica Pharma – Nexium
 Sudan54,595Construction Tile
 Suriname5,299Sponsor Vietnam Guitars
 Swaziland3,523Sponsor Algeria Equestrian Equipment
 Sweden579,680 Marina Build System –  up to 80 boats
 Switzerland685,434Surgery – Knee, Hip, Elbow
 Syria35,164Auto Harvest – Nuts
 Tajikistan8,506Sponsor Myanmar Pharma Diabetes – Lantus Solostar
 Tanzania44,698Auto Toilet Paper & Paper Towel
 Thailand420,167 Robotic & Drone Bulldozer
 Timor-Leste4,941Sponsor Ukraine Pharma Copaxone Hockey Equipment
 Togo4,158Sponsor Peru Pharma Rituxan & related Fishing equipment, tackle & boxes
 Tonga440Sponsor Canada Pharma Abilify & related Hockey Sticks, Pucks, Goal Masks
Trinidad and Tobago24,463Tropical Fruit Pickers
 Tunisia46,883Auto cabinet pre-fab, transport
 Turkey822,149Satellite Driven Well & Irrigation Builder
 Turkmenistan41,851Automated Kitchen cabinet installation
 Turks and Caicos Islands706Sponsor Indonesia Medicine – Lyrica
 Tuvalu38Sponsor United States Chronic Care Robots
 Uganda26,444Auto Harvest Apples & Pears
 Ukraine188,350Tunnel builders – Passenger
 United Arab Emirates599,000Fishing fillet, package, freeze
 United Kingdom2,678mEnergy to  Matter Conversion Sanitation – Waste TreatmentScotch – Single Malt & Whiskey
 United States16,768 mGPS Threshers Harvest ConsoleHawaii – Auto Harvest Macadamia Nuts California – Blue Crude & e-Diesel Cheese & Cream Products
Clean Energy – Geo-Thermal
 Uruguay55,708Construction Roofing
 Uzbekistan57,210Construction Electrical
 Vanuatu800Sponsor Saudi Arabia Power WheelChairs
 Venezuela371,339 Subway car builder
 Vietnam171,222Rural Sanitation Black Peppercorns
 Yemen34,714Auto Door Hardware Rock Cutting to Plan for Home and Harbour Foundation
 Zambia22,384Auto Window Hardware
 Zanzibar1,161Sponsor Nigeria Pharma Atripla
 Zimbabwe13,490Sponsor Ethiopia Pharma Januvia

What is different about a WPProject ?

Our projects don’t pay workers to dig wells and bail water manually; instead we build robots that desalinate water and then pipe it to where it’s needed -automatically – while workers retrain with incomes afforded by the savings. For energy, we relaunch cheap, safe and plentiful Thorium Reactors, Cold Fusion, or use the earth’s own reactor through Geo-Thermal Energy We build the assembly lines that build driverless cars; the 3D clothing printers that also build and transport more 3D printers to where they are needed. We build robots that not only grow food, but they pick it, package it, distribute and deliver it to every home – in “Worldville” – automatically. A WPProjects Infrastructure investment spends 10% of typical project budgets building robots that automate road construction saving spending year over year.

We realize that if you feed a man a fish; or even teach him how to fish; his starving neighbors will subjugate him until they have what they need too, so we engineer in accordance with the Golden Rule and ensure that all can find abundance sustainably.


Running smart projects is a no-brainer, what is harder are the resources needed to communicate this Planning; and to continue to lobby 200 countries, world leaders, and the United Nations, to adopt JUST ONE PROJECT – one project per country.

How were the WPProjects Tasks built and assigned?

CSQ 100 Year Plan

#WPProjects began as a mitigation for delays in a 2035 deliverable of the CSQ 100 Year Plan called “Self-Powered Replicators”. This Plan was explained fully in a book released on Christmas Eve 2015 called World Peace – The Transition. These projects build a scalable, sustainable World Peace and so we rebranded them Worthwhile PLC Transition Projects and assigned robotic automations just in case our London College Physicists were delayed in their 2016 plans to create configurable matter from energy.

By compiling a list of the top 100 grocery items, top 50 hardware-store consumables, top 50 home furnishings, top 35 pharmaceuticals, and essentials from Maslov’s Hierarchy of Needs for basics of a Good Life like Clean Water, food, security, love, family, education, community, health care, and so forth – we arrived at a list of approximately 250 projects – as a starting point.

Many hands make light work, and so each of the 250 projects was assigned to one country; small countries were assigned simpler tasks and a larger sponsor-country was assigned to help them if needed. In this way, every country is ensured an opportunity to participate as well.

The first version 1.0 #WPProjects list has many provisos that permit countries to help one another – and to exchange project assignments as well. Many projects are missing, and these will make it onto the list as needed.

Project owners, once assigned, were asked to produce a working version 1.0 deliverable within a year; a v2.0 deliverable within two years. Version 2.0 had to allowed several variations – and they also had to inter-operated with other related systems. Food pickers – needed to communicate with automated transportation; which needs to communicate with automated warehouses; which have to auto-deliver food to homes based on a tablet, phone, computer or Television menu-based “App” ordering system.

How are Worthwhile PLC Transition Projects Affordable and Funded?

Automation permits the manufacture of ever-improving resellable products around the clock, seven days a week. As the cost of robots continue to fall as well, automation’s cost effectiveness only improves. Asking workers to slow production and quality is a little like hiring people to bail water instead of hooking up a pump and water lines that automate the delivery of water. Engineers continue to be important because the robotics have to be built, programmed, deployed and maintained – and this leaves two billion displaced workers with three safety nets – or other employment to consider as alternatives.

Safety Nets:

  • Re-training: Free education in field(s) of your choosing.
  • Engineering Safety Net: Tinkerers and retired engineers, startup engineering teams, and savants who want to work alone or in groups to build automation – with full funding and support by government.
  • Social Safety Nets: for Full-time parents, arts, employment transitions, and other productive pursuits as wished.

Reemployment – at a company and workplace where just one job per lifetime is no longer the norm and interruptions are offset by Guaranteed Incomes, Pensions, Benefits, Childcare and other benefits similar to those who enjoy the American Dream in Scandinavian Countries, the Netherlands, Switzerland and others.


GDP Statistics prove that citizens who can become involved in commerce, do get involved – and in greater percentages than countries that do not permit their participation – like Canada, the US, Mexico and others – see Wealth Distribution is Good for Business and More. If you were ever told that people will sit around like lazy slobs, the numbers say that many simply prefer to be their own boss while they do what they want to be productive and live worthwhile lives.


Opportunities for Efficiency and Good Living are Great

The world spends 30% of its fuel resources on food transportation; 30% more are given to commuting for business or employment. What inefficiencies can a well planned and automated system help to reduce? The switch to clean fuels and hybrid-diesels, thorium energy, and many many more benefits.

As our basics are met automatically, as we have no need to concern ourselves for shelter, nor retirement, nor healthcare – a quasi-Utopian model of society really can evolve as well. One in which there is no business case that prevents the cure for the common cold nor Cancer; no reward for jacking up the price of pharmaceuticals, food, housing, none of the many negatives of modern life that we have come to accept as unchangeable nor unimprovable.

Performance and Reward

World Peace Projects quite simply make money unimportant – without ever over-burdening/over-relying on any one government, or business entity to do so. Groceries start arriving sustainably and people begin to understand the wisdom of it… nothing happens suddenly; essential services are never in jeopardy; ambulances continue to arrive and hospitals keep working – things simply improve.

An example discussion of performance and reward changes include: Burn Ward or Cancer Care Healthcare Workers and Senior Citizens might be assigned to take lake-side homes. Socially irresponsible offshore hedge fund and tax dodge managers – may need licensing and can lose their rights and all privileges when society is damaged by their actions too. Our systems of reward are upside down presently …

Tighter controls are needed on the current monetary system, but money continues to be useful as “the servant” that it was originally intended to be. It is no longer, our master; no longer that tail that wags the dog (Our society). No notions of Anarchy – and transitions are planned well.

The Performance Reward Systems are discussed in the World Peace Transition book – with contribution by Russian and European societies; for Housing, Guaranteed Incomes, and a new field of Economics called Transition Economics.

Democratic Resistance to Change

Democracy has inherent, manageable flaws – but Democracy is also very very important.

Russell Brand is just one of millions of young advocates who vocally believe that voting doesn’t work. He’s not wrong; but revolution doesn’t work either – capitalism troughs every 60 years and a model of revolution would visit an avoidable crisis upon society too often; so – lets simply fix the voting system.

Why is voting important? Because democratic countries do not wage war against other democratic countries – ever. An end to wars is something worth protecting adamantly; its the secret ingredient to the recipe for World Peace! Why is democracy troublesome? Because democracies tend to stick with status quo – and to protect what the individual voter already has or what they already know – even when that vote diminishes the country.

For example: Poland is the longest-running pure democracy in the world; over the last 400 years their country shrunk from a Super-Power in the 16th Century, to one-sixth its original size in the 20th century – until it was easily defeated and its citizens victimized with the largest percentage of casualties for any population in the second world war. Poland’s consistent atrophy was the direct result of 400 years of deal-making and concessions by voting lords unwilling to compromise their individual positions.

Capitalism troughs every sixty years for the past 3500 years, so if we do not train Democratic voters to permit the Economic Control of Capitalism, we set the stage for Revolution the next time that inequity hits us again (Capitalism works as seen in the game of Monopoly). Instead of blindly stumbling into these troughs, teach kids a high-school Civics course that instructs them to manage capitalism & democracy (a course and text book is suggested at – so that young people, and we parents too, begin to vote for policy that actively manages important Wealth Distribution goals, and other important policies as per the democratic voters list above on this page.

Perhaps a monthly Federal “WP-TV Policy Night” Show becomes the country’s next “Monday Night Football” TV program event – hosted by “Your Name Here”, or perhaps the program gets picked up as just a Pilot idea that something better replaces. Policies are important – leadership elections are only important when elected leaders fulfill their promised policy changes. When Policies are influenced by money and corruption, democracy is compromised … Being able to Vote reliably for beneficial policy IS the key to successful democracies – and to avoiding revolutions. Its something that you need to understand – and be able to explain well easily.

There is a solution, so solve it.

Policy Setting and Democratic Reforms

Unlike general elections where everyone votes equally, Policy Setting within a political party has to be voted upon by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) only. Who are SMEs and who are not SMEs? Academics spend their careers in silos presently – so until this changes, SMEs are not Phds, Chief Economists, etc. unless they have worked in multiple disciplines and faculties. DOers run projects that leverage expertise from all faculties as needed. SMEs are authors and leaders in engineering who also have business AND economics experience; then Medicine, Law, Finance and last – and only when Business Ethics Courses are updated to demand Licencing and Social Accountability that prevents harm to the public, Business Leads are next. Leaders with multi-faceted project experience, non-conflict-of-interest, multi-faculty experts that know how to build projects well.

Permitting non-SMEs to cancel out the votes of experts is what happens at Policy Conventions today, and this will tend to undo both the value of the policies suggested AND any hope for a positive outcome at election time. What does a bad policy decision sound like? For one example: “We could never implement driverless cars within five years, so we won’t embarrass ourselves by setting a target or making a plan for this”. Too late – in fact, driverless cars took just two years to get to a Pilot readiness release phase, the fact that you are embarrassed to plan for it – is embarrassingly shortsited in itself.

Policies that continue gender, race, and religious discrimination are unacceptable but country culture is very important; immigration policies must include compliance to language, on-shore hiring and tax minimums, inter-marriage expectations and percentage density maximums. Election Policy that is designed to win elections by pumping up a poorly-educated electorate is an abuse of the democratic process. Democratic reforms will be discussed as one of the Social Projects (see below). Fortunately abuse and corruption falters as #WPProjects’s transparent PMLC Method is better understood by our voters and young people. Get an introduction to PMLC in the high-school course CSQ Common Sense 101.


I mention above that democracy is very import but that they also work against change, so for this reason it is always better to ease transitions forward as benefits pose a preferred opportunity. For example, in Housing – a 5% unemployment or interest rate hike would force millions of people out of their homes and into the street literally today. This is an economic reality forced upon our citizens by housing bubbles, offshoring and many poor decisions by investors and business. Or – instead of losing your home, housing ownership could be rescinded to the state – simply another option available to the homeowner. This leaves people in their homes to live under a higher tax rate indefinitely. Its just a different “Land Grant System” for housing which you can Switch Back to an Ownership Model again whenever you get cash flush again. You may not realize that 70% of American homes are mortgaged by “Owners” who increasingly will never pay off their mortgage; this is an illegal financial practice called Usury.

None of our present systems are overtly brilliant and many are blatantly irresponsible in fact – change them for the better with your vote !!

Clean Energy

a. Diesel vehicles – Gasoline vehicles tie us to fossil fuels. Diesel Fuel cars, however, run zero-emission fuel alternatives today – including Fischer-Tropsch processed Audi Blue Crude (a brew of baking soda and vinegar – basically) and an electric-diesel hybrid would get 100 mpg with 950km distances before a 10 minute refill starts you on your way again; using today’s existing technology. A Thorium Reactor in a car would run that car for 100 Years on a piece of Thorium the size of a Pea. A Tesla battery car creates more CO2 in its running life than a gas vehicle and takes 13 hours to recharge.
b. Geothermal Electricity – whenever you can dig down into the earth and super-heat a sufficient amount of water to 300 degrees, you can run a city on the steam created. How is this true? The earth is a natural Thorium Nuclear Reactor.
c. Cheap, Plentiful, Safe Thorium Nuclear Reactors – were designed and run for five years at the same time as our far more Expensive & Rare Uranium Reactors were developed. For reasons of profitability and weaponized plutonium production, Uranium Reactors became the standard reactor despite the recommendation of experts to adopt the far safer Thorium option in civilian settings. China has now set out to rebuild Thorium Reactors based on North American and European designs from the 1960s – so that we can buy back those designs from them?
d. Cold Fusion – clean, safe energy forever – it works; it is recently proven at an industrial scale; it is in the public domain. It amplifies power by up to 10 times – and also full Nuclear Fusion will be available in 10 years as well (Germany just got its plant through a successful trial test).

Where can I read more about the #WPProjects?

Take a look at the #WPProjects’ TED Talk and read all about how to get involved by reading “World Peace – The Transition”.


Wondering how to afford these technology policies and how to Reset your economy for prosperity too? Read Transition Economics


WP Magazine Articles

WP Projects Technology & Science

WP Projects Social & Economics

Get Involved !!

Spread the Word!

Tweet about it; pictionary it; share stories on Facebook, Google Plus and online. At work and in government, work to get the #WPProjects tabled, approved, assigned and then funded. It is just one project after all. This is the Moon Launch of our generation. Lets get building again!


How can I help? I want to get on a team and start building an automation project?

Coming Soon !! Contact us by email at [email protected]

How can I help? I want fix our policies and have the option to elect candidates that support WPProjects?

Read “World Peace – The Transition” and work with your political parties to enact ACT Party Policy and Reforms. Be tenacious – and only vote for these groups. In the US, Bernie Sanders emulates many of these policies presently but that is not to say that his policy is 100% what it could be. ACT Party concepts can be found at


Can I Donate or help via my Philanthropic Organization?

Yes of course and thank you for reaching out. If you can help financially, this pays for the reality that it costs millions of dollars to get the word out; this is why U.S. Presidential Elections cost $1 Billion to run and this is the reason that U.S. Congressmen are required by their party to spend up to four hours every day on the phone asking for donations. Its a ridiculous reality of our political system; one that WPProjects hopes to eliminate for good. Grant inquiries and donations over $1000 are asked to contact us by email at [email protected]

World Peace is just a Project !

Learn more at and Get the Book here!

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