Right and Left? Are harmful ideologies – a Neoliberalist Productivity collapse versus a Feminist National Genocide

There’s only one “side”, it’s … ADVANCE!

This land with its incredible resources is collapsing, while we are prevented from voting for correction!

Canadian Ballot Cards are forcing it

CBC says “There is No Silver Bullet”? While EVERY PROBLEM IS SOLVABLE. Had enough lying and hardship yet?

The Advance Party’s thesis, Proven Policies, and Scientific Standard of Research assures ADVANCE 100%

VOTE FOR ADVANCE and to solving PROBLEMS instead of hiding them

Advance is a CALL FOR ACTION! If you don’t see the collapse, then somehow it’s been hidden from you, and yet Canada still loses half our economy, population, and culture every single day

The cost of being able to vote for Advance is a Timmy’s sandwich

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Proven Turn Around

Advance is an ACT thesis-driven political party with a scientific evidence-based standard of research created by a leading researcher in Global Leadership. The Advance Party reliably corrects failing democracies – like ours in Canada, the US, Britain, and many others

By Charter and by Standard of Research, ADVANCE Parties are expert country builders who can only support policies and Constitutions proven successful. So, no cherry-picking and no guesswork; Real Leadership

EVERY problem we see today is correctable, but our TVs are not going to tell us this. Advance ensures Good Lives and national advance transparently – after two decades of collapse now, so that today’s woke ideologies, infanticide, and lying too – can never get a foothold in Canada again. Click here for more information …

Who are we?

Canadian soldiers risk their lives for our future, but today we can vote only for embarrassingly weak leaders and unscientific political groups that virtue-signal a “modern new morality” while actively hiding the collapse and even genocide they create

After World War II, FDR’s Second Bill of Rights policies created the greatest economy in history. EVERY nation that added these human rights to their Constitution is advancing today; EVERY  nation that did not is collapsing today. We can’t vote for this proven ADVANCE, our universities don’t teach this and our ballot cards are filled with only groups that don’t support it. Why?

We should be the UAE of the North!

Poor leadership, clear lying, and absentee planning define Canada while countries with less of every resource boast higher productivity, better lives, affordable housing, and a brighter future

CANADA should be leagues ahead of where we are. The UAE has one million citizens with nine million non-citizen migrant workers, a 43-degree sand bar, and also has one-quarter of Canada’s entire economy – because it SEEDs; so citizens can be productive

We’ve allowed harmful Right AND Left theory, an acting coach’s control by an Oligarchy, and a false political correctness to pull down our nation. Let’s fix this now

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Understand Canada’s Problems

“The first step in solving any problem is recognizing that you have a problem” – Zig Ziglar

Never confuse a group that lists problems, for a group that can or will, correct problems. The Advance Party’s leadership are expert change leaders

Canada is  – #38 on The vital SCP Report, 138th worst suicide nation in the world, we lose $4 billion a day – $1.5 trillion a year and 50% of our economy – to our lowest productivity since the 1930s and runaway starvation wages

Canadians wants – Freedom within a well-led, productive and successful nation

The reality is that a leadership void prevents it today; created by ideologic, vote-grasping, “Right” vs “Left” politicians. Right and Left isn’t real; these are fictitious, made up and harmful terms and “sides”. These political groups support policies that collapse any nation reliably, so we collapse – its that simple

Global Leadership

Vote for a LIST (of policies)! And, not just one or two things that you like or want! Franklin Delano Roosevelt created the greatest economy in history using ten policies (ten rights) that make any nation successful. He proved that it takes not one or two things, but a “LIST” to create an amazing society and economy. A list of proven policies is essential, while election campaigns that ask us to focus on one or two things are emotional fake tricks designed to make us fail a voter’s duty to critical thinking EVERY nation that follows FDR’s list is advancing today – 80-years later EVERY nation that follows the US or Canadian list of rights, collapses every 60-years reliably – like today Why are we not taught this fact in civic science?! See these statistics here FDR’s policies built the greatest economy in history and have kept FDR-Constitution nations Germany, Japan, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, and others, as the highest economies per capita in the world still today, 70-years later

Does Canada run FDR’s proven policies today?

  1. Nationalism & Culture – No – Canada does not run sustainable policies today. Self-sufficiency and protection from foreign competition are essential. When a tree is taken in Sweden, four more are planted; so when an income is taken in Canada, at least one new income must replace it – and Canada has lost 800,000 jobs since 2008. Immigration and Technology Hiring pulls in 600,000 cheap labour workers annually – during a mature capitalism and hyper-competition. Germany requires every new immigrant to ensure five full-time jobs, and no country on the planet permits the offshoring or onshoring of engineering as Canada does; other nations train their own grads and experts. Without infrastructure nor incomes in Canada; Immigration is an unsustainable policy. Respect and Good are essential in any civilization, where Diversity policies drive unsustainable fertility rates (1.6), offshoring, onshoring, sexism, ageism, and racism policies in hiring, lending, and public investment policies
  2. Social ContractNo. Canadians are torn down today, and ranking just 36th in Social Contract in 2019. In any democracy, 51% have what they need, but Low Social Contracts now cost Canada an unreported $4 billion dollars a day in lost productivity. Worse, Canadians ARE denied food and shelter – in peacetime; as was the harsh reality of wartime Germany in the 1940s. It’s not Canadian, and it is a hidden national humiliation
  3. Full-EmploymentNo. Access to Incomes that exceed Cost of Living is essential. 90% of 50-year-old men cannot find living incomes in Canada, and 20-somethings are the poorest since the 1930s due to starvation wages
  4. EmpathyNo. Canadians stand by quietly and let their neighbours die today – as a sad fact The first three policies above turned around Germany’s economy in the early 1930s also. Then a systemic failure of empathy undid any good done. Canada’s Social Tribunals use our laws and insufficient supports, to fail empathy every day in Canada. Our suicide rates prove that life is much harder, and our supports are much less, than they should ever be
  5. Affordable Home OwnershipNo. Homeownership is a human right. This policy set successful capitalist nations in the west apart from less-comfortable nations in eastern and Latin nations, but the west has lost all those gains now as we’ve been misled back to 1965 levels of homeownership – in just the past 15 years, with THE BIG PLUNGE
    Housing price rises in Canada highest in G20

    Housing Price-rises in Canada are the highest in the G20

  6. Low Cost of Living – No. Run-away housing, food, construction, fuel and energy costs keep many Canadians two-paychecks away from destitution, and create a Productivity problem not seen since the 1930s in Canada
  7. Income and Wealth DistributionNo. Canada’s income inequality has increased by 20% since 2010 and reduced access to income has driven higher Wealth inequality due to housing bubbles
  8. FDR ran a 20-year program of 92% income tax and 80% estate tax for the country’s highest-income centers
    Top Tax Rates

    Historic Income Tax – Top Percentile

    Inheritance Tax

    100-years of Inheritance Tax – Top Percentile

    Income Inequity

    Income GINIs of .24 enabled the greatest boom in history

    Note how the changes that Reagan introduced in the 1980s, recreated an inequity problem for the US; and the same is true in Canada as well What did Canada do – instead of correcting inequality? We printed $400-billion in new debt and gave it to stock markets 85% owned by the top 10% rich, or we gave it to big multinational businesses that have hobbled our supply chains, created runaway inflation, and bought out competitors (and redundancy) from our national social infrastructures

  9. Debt and Debt ForgivenessNo. National debts of most countries in Europe were written down in the 1930s. Today, debt in every nation is spiralling due to failed economic theory, and its ignored.
  10. Single Income FamiliesNo. Canada is more respectful of women than 98% of nations in the world – as we should be. Female Equality campaigns win elections in 64 of 70 high-income nations, but then they also create a national genocide of 30% of the population every 20-years, while keeping truly-reprehensible individuals in power. In Canada, Diversity and Female hiring quotas, created laws to ensure sexism, ageism, racism, and a suicidal 1.47 child per woman birthrate (2.3 children-per-woman is sustainable and 3.0 is a growing population). We teach our young women from Grade 2, that starvation wages and cubicles are more important than family values, and it’s killing 1.5% of the country – 600,000 infants annually. Iceland was the first nation to elect a female President, and then they had to install laws to prevent offices from filling 100% with women who hired themselves to the point of a national extinction of their population, language, and culture
  11. OpportunityNo. Horrible jobs, horrible managers, horrible mobility, horrible wages, is Canada today – as seen in our Great Resignation. Our Finance Industry’s investment and Business hiring policies are proven to collapse most laissez-faire societies and economies – and this is always true in any mature capitalism, so poor leadership is to blame 100% Creating profit and wealth while shrinking an entire economic “pie”, creates a countdown to zero, tytler cycle, and zero-sum game, and it’s not leadership. Scale-up trickledown is the norm for near all investment in Canada – as it is with both federal and provincial spending as well. SEED creates opportunity and this explains why Canada is at its lowest Production Growth levels since the 1930s

How does Advance’s Leadership Solve this problem?

Advance implements the highest-probability-of-success policy needed to build a larger economy and personal prosperity, freedom, and happiness at the same time. Does the economy come first, or does Social Contract come first? Strong Social Contracts build strong economies 100%; as a scientific fact, our people are our greatest resource We responsibly implement sustainable policies in a safe, pragmatic Right Plan and SUSTAIN Project Method, proven epistemology that ensures people are not harmed by the needed change. Timelines, descriptions of Who does What, When, Where, and How; Monitoring, Reporting, and SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) documented explanations for how corrections will be handled should changes not achieve their targets

Our Government works against itself

Canada makes Infrastructure, Health, and Housing decisions Provincial, while making Immigration decisions in a completely different government and group federally. In econometric science, Immigration is an unsustainable policy; this means that it is only beneficial during economic booms when adding citizens can help to monetize the abundant opportunity present during those times. Immigration in a Mature Capitalisms like today, however, creates hyper-competition. This increases social problems and unemployment, reduces the quality of life and productivity of all citizens, and has helped collapsed our economy to its lowest production levels since the 1930s now. Now is the wrong time for immigration. According to our Labour Participation Rates, Canada has lost one-millon jobs since 2008 before COVID unemployed another 1-million. Today is the wrong time for immigration – obviously Labour Participation Falls while “Female:Male Labour Ratio” Rises resulting in Birthrates falling here as in 93% of High-Income countries. Canada’s fertility rate is 1.47 which forfeits 600,000 infants per year; a Canadian life every 53 seconds Canada’s current Governments throw us all under the bus, with no understanding of how to build countries through normal cyclic economic imbalance

Transition Economics

TE is a science that recognizes the imbalances between incomes and cost-of-living, occur slowly over decades to create mature capitalisms without leadership correction

The Tytler Cycle

The Tytler Cycle

How FDR build the greatest economy and society in history – from similar imbalances?

Regulation – FDR regulated the businesses that were benefitting from inflation and social hardship; he implemented rent caps and minimum living wages; debt forgiveness, and he provided leadership and dramatic policy and equality changes as was needed to allow the population to become productive again.

American Dream Wealth

Wealth Inequity dropped to .66 in 1944, at the start of the greatest economy in history

Income Inequity

Income GINIs of .26 enabled the greatest boom in history

Immigration was slowed to a trickle obviously. Immigration in the United States Immigration had to be greatly discouraged in our last mature capitalism

Why is Government so dysfunctional in Canada?

Canada has the highest rate of immigration in the world – with no new infrastructure nor jobs created – and a million jobs lost without reporting – because Federal Governments completely ignore provincial infrastructure and municipal housing considerations. And this is just one example of two or three separate levels of government not working together properly as one government must. Trudeau permits almost a million mostly English speaking immigrants per year to enter Canada while completely overwhelming primarily Ontario and BC’s ability to accommodate and then integrate them Record-high unemployment, hidden unemployment too (Canada messages a U-3 Unemployment Report today instead of the easily-double actual U-6 Unemployment Report), a 138th worst suicide rate, the highest male suicide rate in the G7 nations, and the obliteration of families, living wages, and pensions – are the result How credible are our Unemployment Reports? Not very, as this ShadowStat report explains the same hidden “Real” unreported unemployment problem for the U.S. economy

How does ACT Solve this problem?

ACT restricts all scientifically unsustainable policies (see the WAOH Library for this list) during Mature Capitalism, and redeploys them as productivity, social contract permits, and then stronger economies always follow Our young people have been too long without homes and families of their own now as well Every chair in a Casino has a higher-probability-of-success that the house will win, by ensuring Canada chooses policies with a similar higher-probability-of-success and proven track-record of advance, ACT can guarantee turnaround and a strong future while minimizing impact to Canadians during any resets

Canada fails in competitiveness

China is a smart country with solid leadership; if Canada is better, it has not shown itself through Right and Left Governments to date

Take one example:

China – leads the world in solar cells and lithium batteries, and will soon lead in EVs (Electric Vehicles) as well. WHY?

  1. China protects companies while world prices drop. While other companies in other nations fall out (bankrupt themselves competing at unprofitable prices), China is there to support them and ensure they can offer good products cheaper.
  2. Time allows Chinese manufacturers to improve their manufacturing quality and product costs, and to maintain and grow market share and long-term supply-chain contracts
  3. As their products and costs improve, they emerge as the only companies left standing – now with products and profitability no other new firms can hope to compete against

Amazon was doing something similar to small manufacturers behind the scenes, to ensure that its products sold before others. Those small manufacturers are out of business today while Amazon is the biggest company in the world. That – is what Right and Left call an “Open Market” AND its an obvious example of a national leadership failure

How does ACT Solve this problem?

ACT is strategic and plans ahead. If Solar, Batteries, and EV are the next trend, we ensure that local national innovators are supported When China, and other nations, undercut pricing to drive out competitors, we install national protections for onshore producers to keep Canada “in the game” until we can improve our products and reduce costs with better manufacturing processes – that compete with the world.

Canadian politicians trade Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity – for Votes

As a mathematic certainty, our 1.46 Fertility Rate – will eliminate 30% of our population, culture, and language every 20-years. What does this mean? 600,000 Canadian lives are lost annually; a Canadian life is forfeit every 53 seconds, and Canada isn’t alone either; fully 94% of all 70 high-income nations allow similarly unsustainable birthrates (citation)

Female Workforce, Labour Participation Fertility Rate

Female:Male Labour Ratio Rises as Birthrates Fall in 93% of HI countries. Canada is 1.5 & plummeting

It takes 3.0 children per woman to grow any population, it takes 2.2 children per woman just to sustain any population, and unsustainable immigration policies appear designed only to hide this problem too Canadians send our kids to school to be taught to prefer genocide. I raised five kids (four girls) and I didn’t realize this until my kids turned 20 and then 30 – without homes, without children, without families of their own. Our political advertising pits women against men in hiring policy and in the elimination of family pensions – for votes Businesses are allowed to hire men at 25 and fire at 50, to be replaced by a “Diversity Hire” a starvation-wage hire that saves businesses as much as $1 million per family pension. What about Family Pensions!? Pensions take 30-35 years and – like a mortgage, are most beneficial in the last 10-years “Diversity” – is a Business Lobby Group, and a sociopathic stain on a Canada’s national legacy What about Canada’s 137th worst suicide rate in the world. What about our highest male suicide rate in the G7 (almost 4 to 1 male)? What about suicide rates highest between 50 & 60 years of age. What about $1 million in pensions to Canadian families – per family? We teach young women to reject family values and to aspire instead for a life in a cubicle, double income traps, sending infants to daycare, and seniors to homes – to improve GDP reports? To encourage unsustainable business practices? Madness – and an absolute reality in Canada as sure as you’re breathing How did Canadians permit a dumb-down of this magnitude? How did timeless lessons of respect between men and women’s gender roles become subverted for votes and corporate profit? Canadians are not sheep; not cattle! Our forefathers should be spinning in their graves. Canadians don’t die quietly and en masse – forced into hopelessness by systemic democratic failings of empathy and education! This is the definition of an evil society – and, that – is UnCanadian

How does ACT Solve this problem?

Family Values, Respect, Single Income Families, Living Wages, assurance of affordable homes, also known as – Good Leadership!

A Canadian Genocide is an immediately solvable problem – VOTE FOR IT

In Education: ACT corrects a political and school system that teaches collapse motivators like “evil is morality” and “genocide is progress”. Business and Finance schools have their curriculums revised to report the loss of $4 billion daily (63% of our entire) and correct it. In Business: Family Values, Family Pensions, and a sustainable economic base is restored. Today’s unsustainable business and accounting practices stall this country’s economy and lose $4 billion every day. Businesses complained about FDR’s changes in the 1940s and then celebrated the incredible success that it brought to them in the 1950s. It’s human nature to be suspicious of change. In Families: Respect, Gender Roles, Single Income Families, Living Wages, Accessible Home-ownership, are all restored.

A Nation of Bubbles

Canada is victim of every bubble there is. No irresponsible runaway imbalance has been preempted nor managed by governments who are completely uneducated in responsible national leadership.

Housing Bubbles

A good home AND the ability to own a home is a Human Right!

We might individually prefer to keep our savings in the bank and to rent, but everyone has to be able to afford a good home and homeownership. Interest rates provided an income for banks, so they had to switch to higher banking fees when interest rates dropped –  until they are now entirely self-sufficient based on fees. As interest rates dropped progressively for a period of thirty years, finance industries struggled to maintain profits in commercial industries, banking, and construction. The Harper Government turned a blind eye to legal changes that treated residential real estate like an Open Market, while consulting firms and offshore banks like McKinsey and Blackrock, introduced a trillion dollars of offshore money into our residential housing market. Offshore Banks can lend 10-times their deposits – without validation of deposits. Suddenly, Canadian families and young people had to compete against massive multinational corporations and housing speculators who could create “magic” mortgage money through creative-accounting alone. Money was created from international financial loopholes and our incompetent Governments thought that this was great – because new money makes a scientifically meaningless GDP Report go higher – which wins elections! Madness; these government programs are led with zero social benefit and common sense.

Housing price rises in Canada highest in G20

Housing price increases in Canada are the highest in the G20

In the US, gains in homeownership are set-back to 1965 levels, and the situation is worse in Canada. Home Owners owned homes 100% in our last great depression, the great majority of homes owned today are leveraged to their maximum by mortgage debt. This means that actual homeownership is far lower than reported, and schemes like reverse mortgages turn over more ownership every year to major corporations – creating wealth inequality and low productivity nationally. Note how FDR’s 1941 income and wealth equality corrections kicked off 60-years of homeownership and economic boom.

Income Inequity

Income GINIs of .24 enabled the greatest boom in history

American Dream Wealth

Wealth Inequity dropped to .66 in 1944, at the start of the greatest economy in history

Rents soared and doubled from 2015 to 2020, as property management firms and owners adopted aggressive rental increases into their business plans and Standard Operating Procedures. Since 2005, housing prices have doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled with no new production nor salaries. There was, however, but a definite decrease in productivity as poverty became the norm for Canadians across the country.

Stock Market Bubbles

Stock Market Performance adds nothing to an economy as high valuations create no measurable advance nor collapse in economies worldwide. The race to bubble (prop up the stock market artificially – separating valuations from economic measures) began in the late 2000s, Quantitative Easing in 2020 added 20% of new money to most economies, and with is another jump in stock valuation. This was a run on the public coffers of every nation by the rich because as 20% of new currency and public debt was added to the stock market, stocks were 85% owned by the top-10%. The poor or unemployed who did not have access to trickle-down incomes were not helped at all by this change, and nor was our economy (because stock performance doesn’t advance economies). The “fake news” reports will say that “GDPs are higher”, as will U.S. dollar reporting and Stock Markets be higher, but debt will soar as economies collapse reliably due to their underlying policies of collapse that collapsed our economies to begin with (low-productivity, financial inequality, trickle-down, starvation wages, double-income-traps).

Stock Markets Irrelevant A Stock Market is a help, but its performance is irrelevant (unless changes are severe). Consumption, Wealth, and Profit, do not build a strong economy – as our Universities teach in all faculties of Law, Business, Finance, and Economics

Stock Market Participation by Income

84% of Stocks are owned by the top-10% Richest

L or U-Shaped Income InEquality

Income Distribution in High SC Nations

How does ACT Solve Bubbles?

In Education: ACT corrects a political and school system faculties that teach laissez-faire and collapse every day of the week. In Business: Today’s unsustainable housing and stock market practices stall this country’s economy and lose $4 billion every day. To correct this and to increase our economy by 63% reliably, Inequality gets addressed, as does Productivity. An end to Open Markets in residential housing and an end to corporate welfare and failed trickledown programs. Businesses complained about FDR’s changes in the 1940s, and then celebrated the incredible success that it brought to them in the 1950s. ACT gets Canadian Business onboard a mid and long-term leadership and success agenda, and off our current short-sighted quarterly-reporting systems that are driving a zero and negative sum-gain In Families: Family Values, Family Pensions, and a sustainable economic base is restored. Full-employment Single Income Families, Living Wages, Accessible Home-ownership, 30% income maximums on rents and housing costs – are all restored.

Lying in Media

Canada is now widely acknowledged to be firmly in the grips of political manipulation and lying. The European Parliament is boycotting Trudeau for his practices in controlling media and civics, and it’s pretty obvious that current CBC staff are hand-chosen to simply repeat whatever political narrative that they are told to. What was Justin Trudeau’s response to all of Europe’s upset? Did he come straight home and clean up his act? Nope, instead of doing the right thing, he is pushing through with Bill C-11. He is working to shut down dissenting opinions and voices online. Even the important and scientific ones, and he is going to now ensure that the internet in Canada carries messaging that is vetted through his “official channels”. This civics problem began when Ottawa started cutting checks to the CBC to help them navigate the newspaper to online switch that made profitability so difficult for them 10-years ago. But the $1.3 billion dollars in annual bailouts from the PMO, came with strings. Reporting had to be favourable to a political narrative or no funding would be issued. After adding an additional $700,000 million annually this year, CBC has become little more than a Propaganda Department (Yes, just like in 1935 Germany) – there to safeguard the messaging of the large right and left political groups in Canada. And, only the Biggy Piggys get a spot at this trough too … independent research organizations need not apply to be heard

Outrageous and Wrong

There are too many explanations for what is dangerous and wrong with preventing the truth from being heard. Permitting provable lies to be widely broadcast as truth? Orwell’s 1984 said it clearly; The Book of Revelation warned against letting economic powers control societies, as they have only ever collapsed civilizations in history. The CBC reported: 1.   a “Dangerous and Violent” truckers blockage was a War Measures Act warranting national emergency. Was it?


2.  Weeks after Canadian Banks and the European Parliament insisted that War Measures must be lifted, personal bank accounts were still frozen for truckers. Did CBC report the chastising and humiliations that Trudeau was leveled by the EU?

No – they lied and said he got a standing ovation

3.   Female Equality and Diversity hiring laws have created the lowest fertility rates and highest suicide rates in our history. Canada forfeits 600,000 children a year so that a political party can win power – with its “Gender Equality and Diversity” election campaigns. Has CBC EVER reported the cause and severity of a Crime Against Humanity in Canada


4.   Zelensky’s stepping down would have put an immediate end to the Ukraine-Russia dispute in its first week, saving lives and suffering for millions. US Senator Richard Black To avoid nuclear war, Col. Richard Black is a US Senator who honestly explains the military industrial complex and global media’s “Dangerous Game”

  • “We use unlimited force and violence, while controlling global media to erase discussion of what’s truly happening.”
  • “We and NATO do not care how many of our proxy Ukrainian women, children, or young men are killed.”
  • “Russia’s appeals for peace were ignored until it was forced to conduct an obviously very cautious special operation against brother slavs.”

Did CBC EVER mention this?

NOT ONCE – Not a fit with their narrative

CBC is a National Embarrassment AND National Liability as well …

How does ACT Solve Media Reporting?

Credible Reporting: Dangerous, unsustainable programming gets pulled; eTV becomes late night; ACT ensure that Canadians have proven, important measures and not the failed-economic theories designed to hide problems. Truth: Canadians have become gullible, taught to only believe our TVs, and have not been trained in the responsible CIVICs lessons that a responsible voter must know.

No credible Reporting

Canada loses $4 billion a day today – unreported, and this was before COVID-19 hit the scene An understanding of the policies and statistics that build a strong economy, is essential for every voter. We can’t make informed decisions, nor even tell reality from fiction, without this context Our schools have taken the lessons of a Scientific Society, out of our classrooms and let expensive TV and social network advertising tell us how to vote – and how to follow, like Pavlov’s dogs. Ideologies replace research – so Low Tax (aka no tax for the rich), Scale-Up (trickle-down), Open Markets, Small Governments, Laissez-Faire Business, unemployed are lazy, and family values, life balance, and community values matter little. These are the unsustainable policies of the 1920s – and today Without basic training in Scientific Societies, we Canadians learned unscientific proven-failed Micro and Macroeconomics from the reporting presented by short-sighted wealthy businesses

  • Is Stock Market performance important? No. 85% of stocks are owned by the Top-10% rich – and economies are uninfluenced by markets for the most part entirely
  • Is a GDP increase Important? No. A GDP Report is meaningless by itself, it hides problems, and its always positive – which is why politicians use it
  • Is Climate important – Yes, but – it has never created a World War. Social Contract has many times and strong social contract nations address environment and all social issues – much more easily
  • Black Lives Matter – We’re not racists, we’re collapsing. Causality teaches us to solve inequality to make the symptoms of racism, ageism, and sexism a non-issue entirely
  • Is a Salary increase of 3% important? It’s an embarrassment. Salaries have stalled since 1975 and a 100% increase would be a correction only

Read Scientific Methods in ACT Policies to understand how ACT ensures that voters benefit from national performance reports and context-driven economic data. Reporting must consider Salaries minus Cost of Living, Education, Social Contract, Income and Wealth Distribution, GDP-PPP and Export per-Capita, and positive Trade Balances that are causal to an Advancing Economy. The SCP Report proves that citizens with the freedom to be productive – are productive. SC Loss also reports that the U.S. loses $37 billion dollars a day to their low social contract and unsustainable policies. Canada loses $4.2 billion or $1.5 trillion annually – just as Responsible Reporting identifies problems clearly so that they can be corrected and economies improved. Ignoring problem reports means that nothing is ever fixed as it needs to be. The first step in solving a problem is realizing that you have one.

How does ACT Solve this problem?

We fix this with proper reporting. SCP Reports and the WAOH Library’s Transition Economics Proofs too. We rely on

  1. Newspaper articles voice our problems – every day. Suicides, Birthrates, Divorce, Homelessness, U-6 Unemployment (not the U-3 nonsense we see today), and Social Contract Losses are in plain view so that we can all get some traction from the $4.2 billion we lose every day
  2. Every Constitution to receive FDR’s Second Bill of Rights in the Marshall Plan is advancing 70-years later – no exceptions. So, we compare Canada to Successful track-records
  3. We consider empirical statistics which prove transparently that our policies are Sustainable

Real Unemployment

Canada Reports its U-3 Unemployment, similar to the U.S. In the 1930’s Great Depression, unemployment was to the U-6 standard which includes discouraged, unemployed workers as well as underemployed. U-6 unemployment reports can be 100% to 200% higher than the reported U-3 unemployment stats, so we are being lied to about unemployment.

Labour Participation Reports – show that Canada has lost one-million jobs since 2008, on top of inviting the world’s highest immigration rates.

Real Unemployment reports include part-time workers who want to become full-time workers, and workers who have become exhausted by their job search or have simply fallen off the Unemployment Report due to 3-month and 12-month reporting rules. We don’t have this

This unemployment reporting lie is true in every democracy today, but as you know, our civics training doesn’t teach us this essential learning.

Access to income is a Human Right!

Real Unemployment
Now, add reporting lies to this problem – yes, lies … a Shadow Report researcher in the U.S. tracks actual unemployment and explains that U-6 reports are also incorrect and purposefully misleading…

How does Advance Solve this problem?

First: There is no need for Canada’s present unemployment levels. As the second-largest resource nation in the world, only leadership creates unemployment. Nothing else

There is more opportunity in Canada than a dozen times our current population could gorge on.

We fix this problem with proper reporting – and with a thesis-led plan of seeded production and growth, and with full-employment policy as FDR implemented in our last Great Depression.

See an example of how Canada can lead the world with Worthwhile Industries.

Germany, France, England, and most E.U. nations showed little to no unemployment from COVID.

Canada appeared uniquely vulnerable and impacted as employers here were quick to fire and slow to rehire again.

Monetary Freedom

In a monetary system, freedom is the gap between Salaries and Cost-of-Living (CoL). When Salaries fall to Cost of Living, Freedom is lost; and when Salaries fall below CoL, Social Contracts are lost and economic productivity falters

Cost of Living Up Cost of Living

Salaries Down

Social Contract

Social Contract – is Causal to Advancing Economies

How does ACT Solve this problem?

  1. By reducing Cost of Living and Increasing Salaries – for those that have no freedom (the biggest ROI). It takes viable companies and productive citizens to transition to a viable, balanced, and thriving economy – so that all can flourish in the bigger pie of a strong economy. Cellular and Internet are $200 per month expenses, rents and mortgages are 75% after-tax incomes, these stats are unsustainable
  2. Opportunity and greenfield investment capital. “Greenfield” builds 10-times the jobs dollar for dollar – and jobs are forever; “Scaleup” is all that Canada offers today – it makes wealthy companies richer and adds few new jobs and no salary increase
  3. Free education for Canadian families unable to pay for training – so no student debt and access to homes too. We need young educated Canadians starting families sooner.
  4. Credentialing review through TASK. Canadian credentialing rewards systems that create dystopia – and untrained voters. We need engineers and builders in our boardrooms now.  Monetary Systems transition to Communal systems of commerce with automation, so we need more big-picture thinkers and builders than monetary system “experts”

COVID-Free Islands

There was no vaccine for the more severe Spanish Flu and yet is was gone more quickly than COVID. ACT teaches proper isolation protocols – like COVID-FREE Islands’ Normal Lives Strategy, and ACT Plans for the autonomous provision of all basic needs to keep Canada self-sufficient at all times, including pandemics. Within COVID-Free zones, citizens live normally, work and play freely, without masks or worry – just like the COVID-free Vatican which is surrounded by a hard-hit City of Rome.

Canadian and Ontario highways have been jammed every morning since the COVID epidemic began. A band-aid solution of masks and social distancing could never prevail over the complete absence of any isolation protocol We even have to ask now is COVID being extended so as to become the false excuse for why our economy collapsed? Most nations are done with COVID within months – New Zealand, Taiwan, Fiji, Australia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Costa Rica, Iceland, Rawanda, and dozens of others have one case per day and less Virus-Free Islands – are an isolation strategy as old as the earth itself By failing to protect our communities by monitoring external travel into and out of COVID-Free zones – or Islands, our Leaders have denied Canadians their liberty and have created the problem of Isolation Exhaustion 100% An “island” is a province, region, city, town, or community – that is free of COVID. The physical zone – or  Island – expands or contracts as a virus is eliminated or discovered, but within an island, everyone goes to school, goes to dances, church, work, and coffee shops – without masks and without fear Outsiders – should be discouraged and/logged entering an island; when they must enter, masks are mandatory of course, as is a tracked log and monitoring of these trips so that any contamination can be identified quickly and tracked to incubating exposed individuals Family connections, 20-minute commutes, dancing, dating, meeting, and community are essentials that Canadian governments will encumber for more than two-years by their present planning Why is everyone permitted to travel anywhere – unlogged during an epidemic? This isn’t epidemic planning and its hardly smart nor responsible leadership

The Vaccine

As for the COVID Vaccine discussion, desperate Hail Mary passes in professional football look great, but they complete just 10% in stats. Like teen dating, it’s always wiser to learn from the mistakes made by others first; and it’s always wise to wade into potentially hazardous water before diving in as well Questions like:

  • How do pregnant women and their babies endure vaccination?
  • How do the elderly or pre-existing-condition individuals fair with the vaccine?
  • Is mental development unimpaired?
  • And similar …

New vaccines take some time to validate themselves completely safe. I would also want to understand: Why didn’t vaccine creation begin after our first SARS COVID outbreak in 2003?

When salaries do not meet Cost of Living, they are called Starvation Wages. When a second income is required, double-income traps begin. In this chart we see that starvation wages started back in the 1970s. ACT corrects salaries with Full-Employment Policy, Single Income Policies, and we work on cost-of-living corrections – something which is ignored in Canada today.

Household Incomes Fall since the 1990s

Imbalance in Household Incomes

How does ACT Solve this problem?

  1. Full-Employment Policies – we reverse the 15% to 20% employment culls of the past 5-years at major Canadian Corporations and Financials
  2. Reverse Onshoring and Offshoring – Canada is the only country in the world foolish enough not to stop the offshoring of its engineering – driving down wages and discouraging our best-and-brightest from building our future – and their future here in technology – at the same time. ACT Reshores engineering.
  3. Cost-of-living reduction – across Canada, the balance between salary and cost-of-living is lost. Like Reshored Engineering rules, Rent Caps and Mortgage protections are essential controls used by some of the highest-economy nations on the planet. The cost of homeownership must be available for one-to-two years of salary standardly and it must be a very difficult business to own many rental homes.
  4. Salary, benefit, vacation time, must increase –  Salaries must be reliable and pay for all costs of living, training, and all special education. Low salaries are artificial because they simply download costs to society.

Financial Equality = Productivity

Financial Inequality has risen by 20% since 2010 in Canada. That’s a big lift and it’s an important problem for us to correct Note: Please forgive our using US stats here as the same Canadian stats are difficult or impossible to find published.  US and Canadian policy have aligned very closely for a century, as has the state of inequality for both nations over time. The two leapfrogged one another stat by stat until both are collapsing today due to similar policies and ideologies today

Income Inequity

Income GINIs of .24 enabled the greatest economy and turnaround in history

Homeownership and National Savings are the best indicators of equality. Note how homeownership soared after FDR corrected income and wealth inequality in 1941, with high tax programs for the wealthiest Americans. And note also that only Britain has a lower Savings rate than Canada in the G7.

Inheritance Tax

100-years of Inheritance Tax – Top Percentile

Top Tax Rates

Historic Income Tax – Top Percentile

Today’s levels of taxation and low incomes leave inequality back at 1930s levels again. In 2010’s U.S. Fed Reserve Report, the bottom 40% (130 million people) owned nothing while the top 20% owned 85%. Things are much worse today, in both the US and Canada.

Canada’s soldiers didn’t risk their lives We’re not “racists” – as Trudeau suggested in 2020, we’re collapsing due to financial inequality , and this collapse is creating hypercompetions for living wage incomes, housing, and basics of life.

Income Inequality

Income Equality

Rich people are not a problem, but too many poor and starvation wage earners is a definite problem The top 1%, have incomes of $1 million per month – in Canada, and $1 million and more per week in the United States. Poor people in Canada include anyone whose incomes do not meet their cost of living (CoL). By Province, and by Region, CoL changes so there isn’t one monthly dollar-amount that fits all. In Hamilton Ontario, a starvation wage is likely any below $2,800 while in Toronto that number might climb to $4,200 per month

Wealth Inequality

Wealth Inequity

How does ACT Solve this problem?

We put some joy back into life, by:

  1. By carefully transitioning away from tax shelters and low-tax for major corporations and top-1% incomes. We need strategically important companies as we transition to a viable well-balanced productive economy – so that all can ALL flourish in the 63% bigger pie for everyone. Tactical business that run their operations to make a quick buck at the detriment of all, are valueless to our economy, and clearly a detriment
  2. Homeownership – is a priority again. ACT ensures the same boom in homeownership that FDR did
  3. Opportunity and greenfield investment capital. “Greenfield” builds 10-times the jobs dollar for dollar – and the jobs are forever as well. Unfortunately, “Scaleup” (trickledown) is all that Canada offers today – it makes wealthy multinational companies richer, while adding few new jobs and never salary increases
  4. No student debt. Free education for Canadian families who are unable to pay for training
  5. Credentialing review through TASK. Canadian credentialing rewards systems that create dystopia – and untrained voters. We need engineers and builders in our boardrooms now.  Monetary Systems transition to Communal systems of commerce with automation, so we need more big-picture thinkers and builders than monetary system “experts”

Too much Inflation

Few things undermine an economy like Inflation.

Inflation 10 Years

Average Annual Inflation – 10 Years, should stay below 4%

The reporting of inflation has been a problem since the Nixon administration. In 1970, he replaced the Federal Reserve Chair with one of his party counselors and then he told the Fed to “create cheap money”; low interest rates. Nixon did this so that in the short term, unemployment and economic numbers would appear very healthy. American did just what he expected and re-elected him in a strong 1972 economy, which flipped upside down almost immediately after the election because “cheap money” creates inflation. Worse, this Fed Chairman removed almost 70% of the Consumer Price Index numbers – to keep low the reports of now-runaway inflation in 1973; and most Central Banks followed. We still run those watered-down CPI reports today; political lies – that continued to worsen after 1980 as the ShadowReports chart shows above. Last year, Prime Minister Trudeau pulled the same trick when he appointed a new Central Bank Governor, a University of Toronto Professor with an abysmal track-record at MARS Innovation and similar appointments, but an absolutely stellar record of compliance to the party’s unsustainable policies on feminism, immigration, and so on. Cheap Money and Quantitative Easing were implemented in earnest, to build the appearance of a strong economy so that Trudeau could win re-election again this year.  But, Canada’s economic underpinnings were not as strong as in the U.S. in 1971 so inflation began here almost immediately – and could not be hidden by false CPI reports either. Inflation above 4% annually collapses economies reliably in scientific econometric surveys across 185 countries, as shown here.

How does ACT Solve this problem?

  1. By correcting of interest rates – that also correct housing bubbles and protect Canadians how were sucked into this failure of economic theory
  2. By capping the folly of Quantitative Easing, and track down the “big-winners” in the QE debacle, because it isn’t Canadians
  3. We’ll pursue Debt Forgiveness as needed by all of our neighbors now as well
  4. We’ll replace 20-years of trickledown with responsible SEED investment and full employment programs, to make Canada productive – this time for real

Too much Immigration

The first thing cut by FDR, as he created the greatest economy in history, was Immigration Immigration in the United States Immigration had to be greatly discouraged in our last mature capitalism Naturally, Canada has raised its immigration to levels six-times higher than 1960s when a boom economy made good use of the extra manpower.

Transition Economics

TE is a science that recognizes the imbalances between incomes and cost-of-living, occur slowly over decades to create mature capitalisms without leadership correction

Immigration not Immigration does not support Advance In Transition Economics, Immigration is an unsustainable policy. It is highly discouraged during late capitalisms because it creates hyper-competition at a time when unemployment and cost-of-living imbalances are high. Immigration is encouraged only during boom economies; times of high opportunity as we saw in the 1960s, when immigration can help to monetize the abundant opportunity available then In Canada, our laws mandate hiring immigrants over Canadians, which has already create high suicide and homeless levels, housing bubbles and competition for everything basically Canada has had the highest consistent year-after-year rate of immigration per capital in the G20, and is highest in the world among countries that offer full health care and onshoring protection as well Truly, when it comes to Immigration, Canada does everything wrong – and our economy and lifestyles prove this. If you or a family member or friend haven’t yet felt impacted by this mistake, you have been paying for it to the tune of $4 billion per day – just like everyone else Germany and Austria are the only countries that recently lifted their immigration to our levels but they require five full-time jobs per immigrant and they restrict family members and others at these levels do not offer full citizenship, and also the option of dual citizenship – unlike Canada Public lying is steep here, our Prime Minister tells us that immigration generates income for the country, but no report confirms this – and the first time one of these immigrant’s six family members gets ill, that medical bill will exceed Canada’s $250,000 requirement for admission Immigration Policy appears like little more than a diabolical plan to decimate English Canada’s standard of living and economy

How does ACT Solve this problem?

  1. By taking immigration down to near zero – for all but the unification of families
  2. By following the policy of 99% of the world’s nations and stopping the unsustainable practice of onshoring and offshoring
  3. By reversing immigration decisions and full-citizenship decisions previously offered
  4. Immigrant housing conditions will be appraised and those not successfully able to live to a Canadian standard of fewer than 12-people per home – will be recognized as failed immigrants and asked to leave so as to free jobs and contracts for Canadians that live in a high-income nation’s standard of one-single core family per home
  5. By refocusing immigration efforts to emulate the English or French speaking composition of Canada’s communities and population

End of War

Low Social Contracts build riots, revolutions, and great wars reliably – again and again in history. There are more conflicts worldwide today than at any time in history, and this was true for World War I and II as well. The imbalances of Mature Capitalisms build populism, currency wars, trade wars, social problems, and then real wars – by 2028 if the commencements of our past two wars repeat. A mature nuclear era is no time to be building a powderkeg so that the first spark can ignite an extinction-event

Mature Capitalism and War

Revolutions per Decade

Mature Capitalism and War

Past Mature Capitalisms

How does ACT Solve this problem?

The Golden Rule

Strong Social Contracts solve the cost-of-living/salary imbalances that correct mature capitalisms and prevent World Wars. When all countries are doing well, there can be little interest in a global nuclear winter by World War III

National Self-sufficiency

Self-sufficiency leaves a country free from the external influences of monetary difficulties in other nations. Canada’s trade balance is negative, in deficit, and increasing alarmingly so, every year since 2008. As a nation, this means we are trending toward collapse every day since 2010 due to our trade deficit.

We are also imbalancing at the same due to financial inequality – which is why our young people can no longer sustain lives comfortably as our parents and grandparents could. We can’t buy homes, start families (our fertility rate is 1.49), find pensions, etc.

TEP Proofs explaining that Trade Balance is essential in any nation to ensure both social and economic advance, can be found at the WAOH Library under Causal and Sustainable Policies

Canada is at our lowest production levels since 1997 and the 1930s before that …

How does ACT solve this problem?

ACT SEEDs self-sufficiency, full-employment with a million new jobs, and then we create wealth for Canada through Export. Trade Surplus was never a concern for the U.S. when it supported nations throughout Europe and the World. To get to this point it had to be self-sufficient with a strong, diverse manufacturing infrastructure at home. China adopted the same model 30-years ago similarly, and both nations have created the largest economies in history ACT’s thesis builds self-sufficiency in greenfield investment in Public Utilities like Worthwhile Industries. This plan is designed to build Scientific Societies as it scales and roles out to World Peace eventually – so it has our strategic needs always in-plan

ACT is important – for Canadians and for Canada

Canada’s reputation as a World Leader has been squandered this past 20-years Europe’s school kids call Canada’s PM a dictator because our media lies are better understood abroad than at home Canada no longer leads, and now struggles: in technology, manufacturing, foreign affairs, economy, and in self-sufficiency We aren’t Venezuela, Greece, Mexico, nor Spain just yet, but as interest rates increase and our housing bubble bursts, we are headed in that direction It’s a ridiculous situation for any country to be in, unthinkable for one with the raw resources, skills, and values.

Canada should be a “UAE of the North”

As other nations build high-speed infrastructures and automation to support great lives, Canada bankrupts itself trying to maintain its status quo,  ideologies, false political correctness. We aren’t providing for basic rights of life as our standard of living plummets Poor Leadership makes Canada, and its citizens, vulnerable to special interests that would abuse our good natures and obvious ignorance of responsible civics. We are invited to participate in decisions not at all Our dependency on other nations undermines our integrity and showcases our non-existent Strategic Planning for what it is.

How does ACT solve this problem?

ACT’s thesis turns our reputation around. Picture a Canada re-engineered by a Right Plan for production, good lives, and economic success project-by-project. That’s how a sustainable society is built and Canada can then help 200-other nations succeed the same ACT is an important discussion and vote. There won’t be a multi-billion dollar advertising campaign along to convince you of this, but read more to see that we’re where your vote absolutely “does the most good” for Canada

We aren’t giving kids a Good Life nor a Future

Canadians and their kids are counted amoung the most famously civil and polite people in the World. But what happens to someone when they grow up in a competitive, low opportunity setting, is that a very different mindset takes hold High School students looking forward to crazy education debt loads – with only the promise of living in their parent’s basement for a lifetime – have an unfamiliar mindset to traditional Canadians. They don’t care. They might be polite face-to-face, but they’re stressed and disenfranchised from adult counterparts who have set rules that plainly don’t work for them. Worse, we’ve weaned our young adults on policies that don’t work or are socially irresponsible. Climate – is an engineering and operations project, it’s not a crisis. Female Equality raises young women to expect no family nor children nor home of their own – until well into their thirties. Diversity, says that their starvation wages are normal and are to be expected; that onshoring and offshoring are not socially irresponsible policies despite the fact that no other nation in the world permits this.

How does ACT solve this problem?

ACT makes our culture, our sustainability, our families, our next generation, and our future – a priority for a change

Interest Rates are too low and for too long

Canada’s interest rates are too low for too long and cannot rise now as they must. Unlike Mortgage-Walk-Away laws in the United States, Canadians are on the hook for four-fold housing cost increases in Canada Low-interest rates are theorized to stimulate a failing economy, but they’ve only stimulated an unreported national poverty instead Our laws have to change to protect consumers who were forced into insolvent positions by the policy failings of past Right and Left governments 30-years of falling interest-rates, and now a too-long period of low-interest rates gave great benefits to major corporations who widened the inequality divide between rich and poor in Canada

How does ACT Solve this problem?

Mortgage walk-aways, and laws similar to the United States where a mortgage is assured for the lifetime of a mortgage – and not just a 3-year or 5-year term. ACT Policies are always monitored and corrected based on poor performance. When we see that policies are not protecting our citizens and national productivity, we change or improve laws – every four years is standard, and yearly if really needed Laws in Canada today is that laws go onto the books and then never change basically – even when their intended purpose was never met, or the opposite resulted When experts steer the ship, it really is this simple to protect Canadians and to turn-around collapse reliably

Hyper Competition

Hyper-Competition is little different from a game of musical chairs. When you need a place to sit, work, or live, or to find reliable incomes and be productive, none are available. Hyper-Competition in a high-unemployment setting is really very dangerous – and really very expensive to the country too. Canada loses $4 billion per day to its low productivity today. People can exist in a state of homelessness and unemployment for a very very short time, but then our society begins to change as desperation levels skyrocket. Everything becomes a live-or-die competition suddenly; for rental housing, homeownership, jobs, placement in academic programs, and the constant stress would be enough in a non-COVID setting, but now we have to contend with record levels of unemployment and record-high levels of immigration in a housing bubble too Record-high levels of immigration during a time of imbalance and mature capitalism is irresponsible. Immigration is an unsustainable policy that is only a benefit during Boom economies like the 1950s and 1960s.

Transition Economics

TE is a science that recognizes the imbalances between incomes and cost-of-living, occur slowly over decades to create mature capitalisms without leadership correction

Immigration was clearly a hushed-up condition of the NDP Party’s support for Trudeau’s minority government today as well. Immigration is an irresponsible policy at a time of great national vulnerability; and an offensive abuse of authority that can not be treated lightly Immigration in the United States Canada endures unprecedented levels of suicide at this time, hidden in stats by Fentanyl deaths, while Production Growth here was at its lowest levels since the 1930s before COVID – Unreported. Charges of treason on grounds of sociopathic recklessness would not be misguided; this problem is that serious and important A losing competition for basics of life stalls economies, drives poverty, inflation, homelessness, starvation wages, medical, welfare, and policing system costs.  Canada already loses $4 billion dollars per day to its low productivity, now compounded by millions of new competitors annually – so that Liberals and NDP Parties can secure more votes?

How does ACT Solve this problem?

  1. Full Employment for Heads of Households – Living Wage Incomes MUST be assured
  2. ACT will reduce Immigration to a trickle and will be reserved to reunite families already located here until our economic situation improves
  3. Technology migrants will be granted migrant worker status only and will only be permitted as a very great exception. This is policy consistent with every nation in the world by the way, Canada has allowed unsustainable business practices of off-shoring and on-shoring more than any other country in the world
  4. An investigation of Immigration policy and decision timing will be conducted and any willful acts of harm to Canadian society for political gain will be pursued in our courts as corruption cases

We need Investment – and not Spending

Smart Planning and Investment is essential for any country. The term “Capital” originally referred to assets that increase in value on their own. Ten-cows became twenty-cows in time – so cows could be considered a smart capital investment – for a fun example. Canada’s track record isn’t one of smart investment, it’s one of spending only. PetroCan, Candu, Canadarm, Avro Arrow, a Canadian Car – gone; while Germany owns 35% of Volkswagon – the largest car manufacturer in the world. Our innovation funds and infrastructure funds and municipal projects – are “spending”  only today – and not “investment” as they should be. All major programs in Canada are one-time spends – which means that the billions in infrastructure today, will need to be spent again in five to ten years 100%. Reaganomics’ “Scale-up” is spending – it’s another name given to trickle-down or Thatchernomics in Britain. Trickle-down is a proven-failed policy that gives money to the rich so that they can pass it down to society – and, it’s the only type of investment Canada makes. Other countries, like China and the UAE, are economic powerhouses because they SEED. They ensure qualified engineers can build the self-sufficiency needed by the whole country. Canada is an anomaly among G20 countries because we’ve had one multi-billion dollar hi-tech startup in 15+ years, despite throwing hundreds of millions of dollars at innovation accelerators and much more at trickle-down spending. Trickledown funding programs in Canada underfund high-risk tool companies only, when it’s national solution companies that produce the good long-term jobs and self-sufficiency that we need. Thank heavens these companies fail at such a high rate because most are Fintechs and other socially irresponsible initiatives. Canada hasn’t invested one dime, nor planned for one day, for solutions for autonomous self-sufficiency innovation – always tools and never solutions. Canada’s investment failings are systemic. The problems begin in our risk-based and wealth-theory-based finance industry and investment committees, and then we take those failed approaches into Government. When a government makes nor guarantees no capital investments and prefers spending only; that’s country collapses. The collapse will be hidden by GDP Reports but other countries will simply pass us by quickly. China had our GDP in 1984 and the UAE had almost no GDP to speak of 30-years-ago. Today the UAE’s economy is 1/4 of Canada economy despite Canada having everything and more – except we have systemically incompetent leadership.

How does ACT correct this problem?

Welfare spending is well thought-through with ACT’s approach. ACT doesn’t give everyone $100k salaries, instead, we build national assembly lines, with hundreds of Canadian robotics Intellectual Property (IP) and Hitech jobs, that attract international investment to employ thousands of Canadians and provide for all of our Social Contract needs locally in “20-minute-commute” Towns and Cities. See Worthwhile Projects ACT invests in greenfield evergreen SEEDed public infrastructure – to build a strong social contract with 20% Canadian ownership and influence – and then these automations can lead the world in low-risk Canadian technology and companies, opportunity, jobs, and national self-sufficiency. Its a new Candu, Avaro Aircraft, and Canadarm as well

Foreign Direct Investment Inbound

(FDI In)

A recent push to ensure Canada could participate in the burgeoning EV economy highlighted Canada’s problem with “FDI In” – inbound foreign investment, scale-up capital and business welfare, and foreign companies, leadership, and workers. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) built the greatest economy in history when his Second Bill of Rights promised to protect national innovators from foreign competitors. This assurance enabled many local owner-operated businesses to start companies, hire and train local C-level leaders and workers, and create profitable productions that built a strong economy while offering the highest living wages in the world Henry Ford was one of the most famous innovators to ensure workers always had a living wage, and FDR recognized this importance and ensured this model could roll out nationally Today, however, businesses and governments DO NOT build a strong economy

Electric Vehicles Marketplace

Because Canada has no recognizable Strategic Plan – and ensures no funding to homegrown innovators either, the EV explosion in other nations caught Canada without the ability to contribute or to carve out any marketshare globally Last year Canadians owned a small fraction of the vehicles that Norwegian citizens owned, because Norway’s salaries are among the highest in the world. Canadian salaries are just affording cost-of-living and so are unable to afford big-ticket EVs. Our distances-travelled are longer as well, and our climate is colder so batteries must expend energy to ensure they always operate above freezing temperatures The only companies that are actively producing battery components, self-driving, and similar technology in Canada, are owned by foreign nations and foreign companies. Our resources are important but when our labour gets too expensive, these companies turn to in-house and offshored workers – as permitted by Canadian law. Canada is one of the very few countries in the world that allows this obviously irresponsible offshoring and onshoring

FDI-In collapses any nation

In science, FDI-In offers no benefit and Foreign Investment is only a benefit when a nation can invest capital and business in other nations outbound (FDI-Out) Foreign Direct Investment FDI In %GDP

Once installed, we collapse

FDI Inbound is foreign ownership that competes with, or prevents, the startup or success of local companies and owners. FDI prevents local executives and local living wages at all levels of this business’s production – in most cases

Ageism in Canada

Prevalent in WEF strongholds where harmful Diversity programs gain a foothold (India, Canada, the Middle East, others.), the practice of not hiring males over 50 creates dozens of very serious social problems:

  • Family Pensions are lost
  • divorce rates rise and new marriages fall
  • Family Values are lost
  • Children cannot launch lives in their home towns
  • Suicide and hidden Suicide Rates skyrocket
  • the BBC reported a .79% increase in male suicides for every 1% unemployment- and Diversity encourages this
  • Economies are now burdened with only non-contributing seniors
  • Euthanasia rises as it did in 1930s Germany

Seniors Month

You might not realize that June used to be Seniors Month in Canada; No longer

For the first time in Canadian history, this year’s June was changed to LGBT Month

Grade School children were assembled into gymnasiums and taught how cool it is to be gay; there are six genders, and that Diversity programs are important to them and to their country

Canada is nation in collapse and it is a dying nation as well. Our insufficient fertility rate and dozens of very serious social problems are created by a dysfuctional democracy here

In what kind of Country does a sociopathic political party get to reprogram our children with their anti-family values, which are proven to collapse any nation and its culture?

Advance’s   List of Proven Policy

One or two important policies are not enough; it takes a list – a Constitution – of ten and twelve Rights and dozens of scientifically selected important policies that build consistent success

Transparently, we do this with Advance’s Thesis, the Global Leadership Book of Knowledge, WAOH – The World in our Hands Report, and the Transition Economics science website – for a full Standard of Research with explanations for all of Advance Canada’s policies

High Productivity and High Social Contract nations build strong Economies 100%

Scientifically speaking, societies determine their economy 100%. When social contracts are high, so is its economy The reason this is true is because Productivity builds strong advancing economies in science, while the Wealth Theory (GDP, Profit, etc) we teach in our Universities is theory and ideology proven to collapse economies (citation) A high Social Contract creates productive societies measurably and reliably… For 40-years, Economics faculties have collapsed 62% of 207 nations – by trying and failing to prove that NeoLiberalist Micro and Macroeconomic theory builds strong economies – but Wealth theory created today’s collapse just as it did in the 1920s. Wealth Theory assumed that the bible mature capitalism and economic resets were fringe theory and religion, which is why we have had to endure another avoidable mature capitalism today FDR’s Second Bill of Rights (1944) created the greatest Social Contract and Economy in history – with Rights taken from the Bible that the U.S. slave owners had skipped past while cherry-picking its Constitution in 1791 The United Nations was created as a strategic gatekeeper, to ensure that we never again rebuilt the economic powers and neoliberalist owner and slave laws that created the economic conditions which permitted two successive World Wars to begin. The U.N. failed this primary mission and purpose, while groups like the Swedish Central Bank – via The Nobel Prize for Economics, WEF, and similar, could entrench Wealth Theory and collapse nation by nation 70-years after the Marshall Plan added FDR’s Rights into the Constitutions of Germany, Italy, and Japan, these countries remain the only G7s with advancing economies today

Social Contract

Social Contract

Social Contracts (SC) are high in nations that support their citizens with basic needs of food, housing, healthcare, education, and living wage incomes. We can see in the chart above that high-SC nations have a much higher chance of an advancing economy in this survey of 157 countries, and we can see that low-SC nations have low economies too. This makes Social Contract, one of the most important, causal building blocks of economies both advancing and collapse-trending. Social Contract (SC) and Social Contract Product (SCP) Reporting measure a country’s productivity Transition Economics measures SC by national reductions in Poverty, Suicide, Inequality and also by the increases seen in Education and Longevity, which are common in every society that has strong Social Contracts Most Social Contracts are built using a mix of 80% private and 20% public ownership, and their costs can be reduced substantially through Public Utilities; so the quicker we can automate these assembly lines to reduce or eliminate costs – the better. Clearly, Social Contract is not Socialism “ownership by the state”; see a disambiguation of the very misused and even weaponized scare word Socialism here Most “-isms” are deprecated as meaningless in Transition Economics, due to their failure to adhere to the Socratic Method’s best practice of disambiguating muddled, unprovable terms Theoretical economics curricula are deprecated – Micro and Macroeconomics, Relationship, Doughnut, etc.  because a theory that is proven failed in observation must be considered “fiction” – according to Scientific Method’s standards You can find ACT’s Library of Proven Policies on the World at our Hands Report page Advance’s policies are proven to pragmatically take back the $4 billion CAD that we lose every day, that no other party reports

Good, Respect, and Creation

Canada’s Constitution is collapsing us, and its failing to safeguard our Ballot cards from groups whose policies are proven to collapse every nation

Meanwhile, EVERY large nation that runs by the United Nations’ Constitution, is advancing today

Why does our civics training not explain this?


Constitutions are neither new nor modern; we’ve discovered Constitutions and Charters of Rights going back to 2,000 BC in the middle east, Egypt, and Mesopotamia (Iraq). The first five books of the Bible, are a twice-updated Code/Constitution of Hammurabi and Ur-Nammu; almost line by line in dozens of cases Archeologists discovered the stone Codes in the 19th century but it’s clear that the Hebrew Bible (763 BC – the Old Testament) was well acquainted with these 1000-year older Constitutions Hammurabi’s Constitution was a very harsh eye-for-an-eye justice approach, while Ur-Nammu’s preferred financial compensations for criminal acts The Bible isn’t religion – as we’ve been taught Teaching tools of a Father, Son, and Holy Spirit taught us that leadership and essential civic behaviour was:

  1. Good – in actions and laws – in “Lord”
  2. Respect – for family and neighbours (The Golden Rule), and
  3. Creation – building; and shepparding Human Advance

The full list of Human Rights in the Bible is 18 items long, but the cherry-picked list that James Madison and other U.S. “Founding Father” slave-owners chose for the U.S. Constitution was half that, and Canada’s founding father’s adopted that Constitution – while not knowing any better Where was the Bible’s Rights of a good Education, Homeownership, pensions, a living wage income, wealth distribution, economic resets, debt forgiveness, and other essential rights? FDR’s Second Bill of Rights restored the U.S. Constitution to a sustainable list of Human Rights that went on to create the greatest economy and society in history. We call it the American Dream still today

Income Inequity

Income GINIs of .32 enabled the greatest boom in history

His Second Bill of Rights became the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and EVERY nation that subscribes to it are succeeding today Diefenbaker adopted these in the Canadian Bill of Rights of 1960, but we haven’t been taught this to our children and CBC hasn’t reminded us of this easy to confirm fact either ACT updates Canada’s Constitution to a proven successful standard used by 83 advancing nations today Most of the productivity and social problems that we see today can be attributed to Canada’s insufficient Constitutional protections – and to our voter’s low civics training EVERY Nation that uses the US subset of Human Rights is collapsing today – and collapses every 60-years once they exceed 15-million in population EVERY Nation that uses FDR’s Second Bill of Rights corrections from both The Bible and UN Human Rights Constitution, is advancing today

The Book & Global Leadership Book of Knowledge

Read more on humanity’s civics lessons in The Book – The Scientific Update of the Bible and GL-BOK (Global Leadership Book of Knowledge)

The Book - The Scientific Update of the Bible

RESET & Balance

Mature Capitalisms are normally occurring imbalances between incomes and costs-of-living. Mature Capitalisms are expensive, dangerous, and they are also preventable and correctable with responsible leadership. We were never taught about these in school, and Micro and Macroeconomic theory ignores them and hides them too, but Mature Capitalism have repeated reliably every 60-years or so in history since monetary systems and capitalism were first recorded Past Mature Capitalisms Even the Bible explained the need of economic reset Jubilees – but unlike WEF’s  Neoliberalist sponsors, the Bible insisted on a restoral of economically essential homeownership

The Book – The Scientific Update of the Bible

In 1934, an Economic Reset wrote-down large percentages of the National Debt to most nations in Europe, and then FDR created the greatest economy in history by also RESETing inequality so that people could own homes, find a living wage, and lead good lives

Debt Forgiveness

Every major nation in Europe had debt written down in the 1930s to 1950s

Income Inequity

Income GINIs of .32 enabled the greatest boom in history


Culture is important and must be preserved by every nation A recent example of cultural vandalism was Canada’s woke abolishment of “Merry Christmas” in seasonal advertising and government correspondence. “Christ” is not a man’s name, it means “anointing with oil”, a practice of all Abrahamic Religions and even more so with the Christian communities that founded North America

Switzerland has its Leiderhosen

Greece breaks plates

America has Thanksgiving

France has its Architecture

Italy has its Art

Zero Tax

Individuals and Corporations pay tax in Canada through an imperfect system that sees our most vulnerable citizens shoulder the greatest burden while creating enormous personal and national debt through deficits Look at this pie-chart of wealth distribution in the United States and then explain how it benefits anyone to tax the 40% (130-million citizens) who own nothing? They own nothing! Why does a nation employ legions of tax collectors to harvest from nothing In Canada, we tax this low-income 40% group both at work and in retirement as well. We pay for reports from Fraser, and other groups to completely ignore, the lost productivity that costs the nation $4 billion per day here, and you won’t see mention of corporate tax avoidance nor tax havens in these reports – as if these vehicles of wealth management known to every high-income individual, don’t exist. In truth, these paid economists – amount to little more than paid liars If taxation doesn’t work as is here, are there other options? After all, the UAE, Cayman Islands, Monaco, Bermuda, Kuwait, Bahrain, Kitts and Nevis, Oman, and Qatar, have no income tax at all. Closer to home, Nevada and Alaska charge no income tax the same The way these governments self-fund themselves is through part-ownership of monetizable assets. And this is NOT socialism – which is a scare word and relic of the McCartney era. Every one of 210 sovereign nations today owns 20% to 30% ownership of their nation’s assets. The U.S. owns the largest social-asset in the world, owing to its redirecting 53% of every federal tax dollar to its military, which actually is socialism ironically because the expense is not revenue-generating and it operates at a detriment to the economy. What if Canada simply got rid of today’s foreign multi-national corporations, and replaced them with a new group of wealthy locally-owned Canadian self-sufficiency companies that paid living wages and retirements to single-income families – again. The most successful corporations might have a 10% allotment of wealth or income and product assigned annually – to provide for every Canadian. This would ensure we can all be productive and work collectively to recover the $4 billion we lose daily to low productivity – unreported today. All of this planning and policy works pragmatically toward our national goal of requiring NO INCOME TAX

Home Ownership

The right to housing was recognized in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Canada formally agreed to comply with this right in 1960 when Diefenbaker ratified the Canadian Bill of Rights Housing in Canada has reached a breaking point. Canada has very cold winters and our people need reliable shelter young people, old people, any people – are feeling the stress of run-away rent and mortgage poverty We aren’t the only nations in this jam – Spain, Australia, parts of the U.S., Britain, France, are feeling the sting of low-interest-rate commercial investment, Foreign Investment, home flippers, and even money-laundering that combines to send the prices of private homes to ten-fold their 25-year-ago costs. Trillions of private-equity dollars were permitted by Canadian governments to compete against our young adults who wanted only to start families and lives. The U.S. is set back to 1965 levels of homeownership. And the young are hardest hit by high tuition debt and starvation wages – on top of outlandish home costs. Home Owners owned homes 100% in our last great depression, the great majority of homes owned today are leveraged to their maximum by mortgage debt. This means that actual homeownership is far lower than reported, and schemes like reverse mortgages turn over more ownership every year to major corporations – creating wealth inequality and low productivity nationally. Note how FDR’s 1941 income and wealth equality corrections kicked off 60-years of homeownership and economic boom. Income Inequity In 1982 the price of a home in Hamilton, Ontario was $30k and salaries were $30k to $40k; in 1985 the same home was $90k; and today it’s $600k for the exact same run-down three-bedroom starter home. Salaries have changed little in this time. Vancouver and Toronto are in worse shape than this; rent and mortgage poverty is rife, as is usury; 75% of our take-home incomes go to housing when that number should be a comfortable 30%.

How does ACT Canada fix this?

Housing must be affordable for everyone. We live in a very cold country with February months dipping into -30c temperatures in most areas 1stWalk away mortgages – just like FDR’s. How else to deal with a million families forced to sign on to government-endorsed usury lending? 2ndFDI and commercial avenues to private real-estate need barricades. Ask a realtor are families buying homes? NO. Investors are buying and bidding up values – while our media never mentions this! “Small Government” policy destroyed the best standard of living in the world in Canada – and now our low 62% home ownership rate needs smart policy correction

Housing is Unaffordable

Living Wage Incomes

Full-employment Policies ensure access to income. In a monetary society, money is like air – so we all need access to income. When major banks here cut 15% of their 100,000 worker staffs over the last five years -and then denied male workers access to continue their pensions elsewhere, only social cost came to Canada. Lost pension spending, unsustainable birthrates, a jump in suicide rates, spikes in slum lording and house-flipping – all became costs born by our society When incomes do not meet cost-of-living (cost-of-living is housing, food, pensions, vacation, healthcare, phones, internet, etc.), freedom is lost and so is our social contract. When incomes fall below cost-of-living, we experience starvation wages and our economy grinds to a stall due to the low productivity of our now-hobbled citizens Canadian policies that work against finding incomes include on-shoring (Diversity hiring quotas) and off-shoring (Globalization). Importing workers is frowned on by every nation in the world, and immigrating engineers is illegal in the Netherlands and most high social contract nations, and yet this is status quo in Canada where our most-foolish politicians brag about our onshoring programs – oblivious to the impact that this has on our economy The Canadian Government’s LMIAs and Global Talent Stream programs are examples where large Canadian employers can easily prefer on-shored engineers, to paying for local Canadian workers Reshoring and nationalism are corrective policies. For a library of sustainable policy – refer to the World at our Hands report at


Unemployment TEP

Truth and Transparency

ACT only runs policies proven to create strong social contracts and economies. A library of these Proofs resides at The World at our Hands report page here Where a change is needed we follow a structured Project Lifecycle process (Sustain Project Management). We assign a Project Manager, he documents gathered requirements from process owners and subject matter experts, his team designs a solution that is agreed to by all stakeholders, and then change is made carefully so that no-one’s basic needs are forgotten. If everything was perfect today, there would never be a need for a change; when change is needed, we make changes within project managed best-practices. Moves, Additions, and Changes (MACs) are monitored and reviewed – with updates every five years unless monitoring proves sooner is needed. Today in Canada a laws is cast, never monitored, and never revisited to confirm it accomplished its goals.

Education for All

ACT builds the same sustainable and successful capitalism that FDR did. We need the best Education, Opportunity, Social Contract, Income and Wealth Distribution, GDP-PPP, Export per-Capita, and positive Trade Balances These measures are scientifically causal to a reliably advancing economy – but our students are taught none of it; and, worse than this, our students are taught wealth theory in every social, business, and economic faculty instead PROVEN COLLAPSE is all that we teach – and it’s all that we are taught By investing in the training of highest-probability-of-success science, policy, and best-practice, ACT takes the guesswork out of good leadership to build good lives reliably for Canadians

Academia Clean-ups

We live in a collapsing society today, while Bachelors programs have shifted from 3-years to 4; Masters programs have become multi-year; and Ph.D.s can take six years now At the same time, staffing at major Universities have risen to 8,000+ while runaway education costs and student debt create a national collapse This gets cleaned up; with science-only curricula (outside of Pure Arts) accountable to a successful society There is poor leadership in academia – where non-expert committees elect conspicuously poor decisions with alarming regularity today

Education TEP


Canada assures two languages are taught across the nation. Language is not a source of division, rather it is a source of national pride and also improves cerebral plasticity Like music, language is an important ability that our brains come fully equipped with, but we don’t make enough use of this important “brain builder” in many countries in the Americas In Europe, three languages are often the minimum for its students – and their human capabilities appear very strong, so Canadian parents are very fortunate to be able to insist on two languages for their children with the option to supplement other aboriginal and world languages as well The languages with the most speakers in the world are: English, Mandarin (a very close second), Hindi, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese; and the Bible was translated into 700 different languages, so our brains have an exhaustive capacity for communication that we all want to be making good use of

Computer Languages

If Canadians are going to be smart enough to free ourselves from repetitive tasks – like screwing light bulbs into refrigerators on an assembly line 24-hours a day, we want to speak a little “computer” Most of us own an Apple, PC, or Android computer or smartphone today. I grew up speaking English, French, dBase, Basic, C, PHP, Javascript, and now Python – which I learned at age 55, while I practice a little Spanish, Italian, Cyrillic, and Russian. My brain now navigates most of these methods of communication, and the experience of learning a new languages is a help in problem-solving and in building new systems that can connect our world and advance humanity Our brains are amazing, keep them busy, healthy, and productive


Canadian Culture is our strength and what made Canada the greatest country in the world. Our unique blend of English, French and First Nations people present a decent, fair, and even fierce and reliable nation when call on Nationalistic policies drastically reduce both on-shoring and off-shoring business practices. Immigration is an unsustainable policy in unbalanced mature capitalism economies, when emphasis now needs to be on local opportunity, self-sufficiency, incomes and social contracts, exports, and strategic investment. Its critical to get this right.

Immigration not SCP

Tax Havens, Foreign-Owned companies, and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) are unsustainable policies that other countries monitor and deny – just as Canada should have twenty years ago FDI

Both Sides of the Story

Can you remember when both sides of a story were represented in our Media?

Those days are gone in Canada

A single narrative dominates all reports today. The power of politicians to steer media messaging approaches 1984’s dystopian level as lies, ideology, and politically approved messages are broadcast exclusively today A truckers rally was reported 12-hours a day by the CBC as dangerous, violent, and criminal; when it was none of those things Media has devolved into propaganda in Canada today. The demographic that still watches our terrible news programs in Canada, are taught to fear and dislike men; to believe the misreporting of very poor economic, social, and political performance; and, to completely ignore the fact that the government’s reports have no statistical significance an longer – not GDP, not Unemployment, not CPI, not Stock Market Reports.

“If you don’t watch the news, you are uninformed; if you do watch the news, you are misinformed”

Denzel Washington

Canada’s Prime Minister controls all Media in Canada with a $1.3 billion annual grant, and he has requested an additional $700 million this year The Ukranian War is another great example of “One narrative TV”. Have you ever heard:

  1. a CBC Report explain that NATO made a mistake when it put bases (and missiles) in the Baltics, just a few minutes from a nuclear neighbour in 2006?
  2. that Russia warned Ukraine and NATO for 8-years, that they need more than two minutes to determine a computer error before launching a full nuclear counterstrike?
  3. that Zelensky’s stepping down would bring an immediate end to hostilities
  4. that democracies are voting for irresponsible leadership – in the Ukraine, Canada, and other large-population nations

No. But, you heard instead:

  1. Zelensky is a rockstar politician; a David and Goliath story – who should fight on and win
  2. Ukraine needs to continue fighting a bully and oppressor
  3. Zelensky is a democratically elected government and therefore unchallengeable

A “Political Analyst” appears on news programs now, to reassure us that our Government is doing a great job, while never once making reference to a single scientifically important report He or she is only there because we are all realizing that this news programming is lying to us, and that quality of our news programs are terrible. News programs are actually taking time to tell us that their bogus reports are important Important politicians advance nations, which means that our presently-elected politicians are far from important today The Fact-tank that created ACT also curates one of the largest econometric libraries – WAOH; so when we say that our NEWS has descended into nonsense now, we can prove it’s true as well

Media Clean-ups

Important measures get reported by an ACT leadership. The COVID fiasco gets put to bed; men become protectors, providers, and family leaders once again; social problems are tracked and removed so that Productivity can resume here again Canada spends $1.3 billion annually to maintain poor leadership in media, so non-experts are replaced with programmers who understand the importance of community and family values again and can work toward building a government-independent media in Canada – as we used to have before the internet, when newspapers could be independent and could report autonomously

Education TEP

Sustainable Business Policy

1. Sustainable Business

Not all Business is good for Canadians. Businesses that drive a smaller economic “pie” for everyone, are better not to exist at all. GDP is a poor measure of economy because bubbles are seen as a benefit while social problems and productivity gaps are ignored. Canada is at 1930s levels of production growth today, with every bubble we have a name for.

2. Sustainable Capitalism

Herbert Hoover used Capitalism to create the Great Depression, and FDR used capitalism to create the greatest economy in history. Obviously, we want sustainable capitalism that builds Productivity and Opportunity, and we don’t want unsustainable capitalism that elevates Wealth to the detriment of all


In sciences like Transition Economics (TE), Production and Productivity build strong economies reliably; and Wealth collapses them. Only theory-based ideologies support Wealth Theory, which is the Micro/Macroeconomics theory taught by our Universities as well. This is the reason Canada loses 63% of its economy today Leadership that builds productivity reliably respects our soldiers who sacrificed everything for our freedom and Good Lives Externalizing social costs and small-government deregulation are laissez-faire policies that help to monetize productions in a boom economy – when jobs are plentiful and opportunities are abundant, but the practice must be reversed in mature capitalisms like today for the benefit of our businesses, economy, and for Canadians “Business” is not sustainable nor self-managing by design, and will always compete down to a zero-sum gain. It’s the important role of government to referee so that a productive playing field is maintained. This responsibility of government is meant to correct and rebalance capitalistic forces once they begin to stall the economy, build dystopic conditions, and make us unproductive

“A rising tide lifts all ships”  – John F. Kennedy

Building up a strong, productive “Bigger Pie” economy, benefits both businesses and Canadians, while austerity programs in a stalled economy simply accelerate an already shrinking economy and social collapse. Business is designed to be opportunistic and competitive. Although stock market performance has no impact on an economy, many businesses drive unsustainable social cost downloading (externalization) for the benefit of profit and stock values that are 84% owned by the top-1% rich The rich never feel the impacts of a shrinking economy, it’s the poor and middle-classes that do – and these are the 40+% of our population who are made unproductive by poor economies as well Populist votes for peaceful change, are denouncing a government’s inability to create a high and productive social contract – because social instability risks both international investment and a nation’s reputation

Systemic Empathy is “Good”

Sustainable policies turned-around Germany’s economy in the mature capitalism of the 1930s as they did in America. That is, until the NAZI Party’s systematic failings of empathy undid any good that these policies built Debt forgiveness, Cost of Living corrections, mortgage walk-away laws, SDG infrastructure, and most of the sustainable suggestions made in bibles too (see Leviticus 25:26), work to support a sustainably prosperous society and world-leading economy Unemployment reached 70% in some parts of the U.S. in the 1930s, FDR’s empathetic Social Contract offered the balance needed to build a sustainably strong economy

The Marshall Plan added FDR’s Rights to the Constitutions of European countries where millions were starving and dying from disease after the war. What was the long-term impact of these changes?

Italy, Japan, and Germany are the only G7 nations with advancing economies today, they have six to eight weeks of paid vacation, full healthcare, daycare, free education (in many cases), lower taxes, and good lives – because of an empathetic Social Contract. They lost the war, but won the peace – and its time Canada realized this now

Incomes : Cost-of-Living

Reducing national cost-of-living, relative to salaries, is critical to re-establishing balance and productivity. This work takes a series of projects addressing the reasons for rising costs in every industry Investment in Infrastructure, automation, self-sufficiency, and even profit-sharing with 20% ownership models play a part. Germany owns 35% of Volkswagon and workers are also board members that approve all appointments of Executives based on track-records for sustainability and performance

Cost of Living

Cost of Living Imbalances

Financial Inequality

Income and Wealth distributions have imbalanced in Canada, up 20% since 2010. Energy poverty, housing bubbles, stock market bubbles, starvation wages, communications costs, double income traps, record inflation, and a long list of Cost of Living increases mean that tax rates have to change for the parts of our economy that have benefitted directly from everyone else’s worries. FDR administered a 20-year program of 92% income tax and 80% estate tax for the rich – and we will revisit some of these policies. UAE has a Zero Income Tax policy for citizens which we will also implement. What is the point of taxing the segment of our population that has no money? Neoliberalists (Conservatives) ever-argue that the rich will leave the country and take their investments with them – should their taxes increase. ACT works through this balancing act by preferring support for Canadian opportunity, ownership, intellectual property, jobs, and success stories.

L-Shaped Incomes

Income Distribution in High SC Nations

American Dream Wealth

Wealth Inequity dropped to .66 in 1944, at the start of the greatest economy in history

Income Inequity

Income GINIs of .32 enabled the greatest boom in history

Top Tax Rates

Historic Income Tax – Top Percentile

Inheritance Tax

100-years of Inheritance Tax – Top Percentile

Multi-National Debt Forgiveness

Forgiving debt gave citizens a chance to walk away from unresolvable debt and insolvent mortgages in the 1930s- and it gave them a chance to be productive again Canada, Spain, and Australia don’t permit this policy even though 400-people per week are made homeless in Spain since 2013 – and 5% of these people commit suicide. Where corporations leave their financial obligations easily whenever there is merit, individuals are asked disproportionately to carry society’s debt During the 1930s, nearly every European nation wrote down 20% to 250% of their GDP in National Debt. Croatia wrote down the country’s credit card debt last year and Greece is forgiven 180% of its GDP these last two years as well

Debt Forgiveness

Every major nation in Europe had debt written down from the 1930s to 1950s

Reset is a normal and responsible policy in mature capitalisms. That we were never taught this as Canadians, is just one of many examples of our egregious poor civics training Canadians are brought up by a nation of deceitful politicians and academics it seems Promises of Low-Tax without production to cover costs delivered most of our national debts to a point well beyond any hope of repayment Canada doubled its national debt by adding more than $400 billion in this past year or two. Who is responsible? We voters are responsible because we were gullible and irresponsible enough to elect the most unqualified leadership in Canada’s history

Debt and Inequity

Low-Tax Policy rose both Inequity and Debt

National Debt isn’t the end of the world obviously; it’s not a bad thing either to a certain extent – but at these levels, it’s going to take a ridiculous reliance on the cooperation of neighbouring countries to correct this


National Debt

Family Values

It takes 3 children-per-woman birthrates to grow any population, and it takes 30+-year pensions to ensure families can support themselves and the economy in retirement. Single Income Families was the foundation for the American Dream and of the greatest economy and society in history. Remember that there are 220 other sovereign nations, so the “Greatest in History” prize – is no small accomplishment When Henry Ford invented the living wage, he also invented contemporary middle-class-driven economies at the same time. Ford proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that single income family salaries must be higher than cost-of-living, and that they must afford all needs of a husband’s family – and his wife’s family as well. Men who weren’t married, and not “Heads of Households”, could not ascend to senior salary positions neither in business nor in government – for this reason

Henry Ford Wages

Henry Ford’s High Industrial Wages created Prosperous Economies

Double Income Families are Traps because it created starvation wages, squandered pensions, and it allowed household incomes to fall below Cost of Living reliably, to Starvation or Slave Wages – a level that denies basic freedoms within any monetary society

Imbalance in Household Incomes

Unbalanced Household Incomes

Double Income Families create unsustainable birthrates; Canada’s was at 1.5 children per women today in 2016 – where 2.2 is sustainable and 3.0 is growing. Single Income Families – create birthrates of 3.0 children per woman

When Anti-family-values policy garner votes with women, we see an unscrupulous politician eagerly rallying behind a discussion that has brings 30-serious social problems along with it

Exports are Productivity

Export is what makes a self-sufficient country wealthy. Today every government program in Canada that focuses on Export, spends tax dollars on a Scale-Up basis only. Scale-Up is unsustainable Trickledown policy proven to rack-up debt, pad tax-havens, and benefit our economy not at all ACT trains Canadians to generate wealth through Export and then we invest, not spend, taxpayer dollars that are then returned 100% after five=years. This is the power of SEED and Greenfield that can scale to match the great opportunity of Canada’s abundant resources. ACT seeds ten-times the number of socially responsible Canadian-Owned companies, jobs, and executive C-Level roles for Canadian households too

Exports per Capita TEP

Exports per Capita – Causal

What did we miss here?

Message us at [email protected] to add your questions and join the discussion of a reliable turnaround

Canada has a Leadership problem

In scientific civics, policy determines advance or collapse 100%. Citizens of a democracy must have the option to vote for advance. Collapse is a mathematic certainty in Mature Capitalism imbalances as these must be actively corrected

No Canadian has an option to Advance today ACT

ACT Canada’s One-Vote Turnaround runs proven policy only. Decision Support for ACT policies is provided transparently with a simple econometric science called Transition Economics (TE)see WAOH. TE takes a scientific approach to everything, so even ambiguous terms are deprecated. When a policy is confirmed to create unsuccessful nations, ACT cannot support it – by its Charter

Wealth-theory reports like GDP, Stock Market performance, U-3 Unemployment, Gender equality, Climate, and Racism are weapons of mass distraction, and this “snow-job” permits unsustainable policies like Low Tax (of the rich), Small Government Laissez-Faire, genocide, starvation wages, no family pensions, dumb-down, sexism, racism (aka Diversity & Inclusion), Globalization, and Open Markets – to be elected

Reliably Abundant, Prosperous Good Lives

This is a critical time when Canadians must vote-out a mediocre Leadership …

Stop voting for the collapse that your TV trains you to ! ACT !

VOTE for Advance

The Advance  Right Plan

Successful Policy and Expert Leadership builds a successful nation 100% – while unsustainable policy collapses a failing nation the same. Sit down to read the ACT website with a Timmies coffee, and prepare to make important changes. Why? Because voting for the status-quo while the greatest country on earth is torn apart by unsustainable Right and Left politics, is socially irresponsible. It works against your family, your community, nation, and you

Autonomous Self-Sufficiency is our “Moon Launch” today because automation has reached a point where we can reduce the cost of road maintenance, welfares, many constructions, to zero cost with the next 20-years. This takes a mountain of work, focus, and leadership – but our right and left governments plan for none of this self-sufficiency. Aristotle’s “Right Plan” built this Transition Engineering as CSQ Research’s Worthwhile Industries explains

Advance’s One-Vote Solution ensures a Bright Future 

Worthwhile Industries

Compare Canada’s 2019 Federal Election Parties

Not a single political party offered provably successful policies in Canada’s last federal election – and the same was true in Provincial elections too. Scientific Societies (citation: The Scientific Societies Programme , MEMS & WAOH Econometric Library) need policies that can advance both society and the economy provably – without guesswork. A good home is an essential Human Right, especially in our cold winters, a good job with a living wage must be ensured for everyone; family values are important to sustain any population. We know which policies are important because we have sophisticated Data Science tools that confirm they are important to the success of any nation. This means that Housing and Infrastructure administrators must be able to stop new Immigration when no infrastructure can permit it – because that makes good leadership that sheppards good, respectful, scientific human advance, and good common sense too A global mature capitalism means that our responsible, well-trained voters need to take a nationalistic self-sufficiency focus right now. FDR created the greatest economy and society in history from a great depression. Let’s do that again

Canada Federal Election 2019

Vote only for Sustainable Policy – anything else is Socially Irresponsible

Author and preeminent Research Scientist Edward Tilley is President to the Canadian ACT Party. He’s a Mayflower heritage 400-year Canadian family patriarch and community leader who curates the world’s largest econometric library, and one of the very few Global Leadership Faculties in North America and Europe: The Scientific Societies Programme  “Join me in restoring Canada to its former self with a proven plan for advance alongside the greatest economies in the world today. Let’s begin an era of renewal, turnaround, and prosperity in Canada. Let’s make today’s the “Greatest Generation” again with policies proven to rebuild the Canada of my childhood – which really was the greatest country on earth” – Edward Michael Tilley

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The Advance Scientific Approach works!

Advance Works! – Advance builds an economy like any successful casino does, where every policy has a higher-percent-probability and track-record of success

The 2011 Brad Pitt movie MoneyBall explained a scientific approach very well. Due to their trillions of transactions daily, nations that choose policies with a higher chance of success must succeed reliably as a mathematical certainty

Transition Economics’ Socio-Economic Library “World at our Hands (WAOH)” sequences every policy (20,000 reports in all) so we can easily identify those policies that offer a higher probability of a prosperous and advancing economy and society

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Voter participation in Canada is among the lowest in the world at 50% federally and at just 43% in Ontario’s recent election; while Belgium’s is 88% to 95%. Why is this true? Could it have to do with Right and Left parties both failing Canada equally for the past 20-years?

Both Right AND Left parties support unsustainable policies, so a legitimate argument can be made to say that it is socially irresponsible to vote in Canada today

An econometric survey of policies by all parties proves that we can only vote for collapse

ADVANCE’s sustainable policies ensure that every citizen has a responsible vote that leads to a great life in the greatest country in the world

Advance’s approach is KISS – we “Keep It Simple”; we don’t weaponize meaningless terms and we do report both the problems and proven solutions that are essential to our success. We’re Canadians of character with traditional values, we’re never sexist, ageist, divisive, racist, lying nor opportunist – and we want our leadership and Canada back now …


Political Life

Proven Turn Around

ADVANCE is an Epistocractic “Leadership by Experts” political Party, created in thesis by a leading researcher in Global Leadership. By Charter, Advance Parties are absolutely democratic, expert-led, and – most importantly, can only support scientifically proven-successful policies and Constitutions

Watch the 2011 movie Moneyball to understand how a quantitative, evidence-based scientific approach is a game-changer

A century ago the policies of the Roaring 1920s created the Great Depression. We believed in unempathetic Neoliberalism: rugged individualism, cold indifference to the problems of others, and division between right and left. The unemployed just needed to work harder, family values were old-fashioned, small governments ensured no financial governance, business was king and deserved laissez-faire, and slogans of “a land of liberty and freedom” in open markets were encouraged

An economic reset and the reversal of these failed policies in the 1930s and 40s, made us all productive enough to create the greatest economies and societies in human history

In the late 1970s, after 35-years of economic boom, 1920’s economic theory was once again supported by annual billion-dollar media campaigns – to make us forget these hard-learned lessons. We began voting for the same shortsighted policies and collapse all over again, until today we are back at the lowest levels of production growth since the 1930s – unreported by politicians

In econometric science, a trinity of values build successful nations reliably:

  • Systemic Empathy (Good –  and good lives- assured by Law),
  • Respect (the Golden Rule), and
  • Creation – building; and the shepparding of human advance

The rest is ideology – not values: feminism (left), neoliberalism (right), NAZIism, etc.

The Bible is a civics textbook that taught these essential lessons with metaphors and teaching tools of a Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

We also need to understand why this textbook also warned us against lying, because today’s Right and Left ideologies – neoliberalism wealth theory and diversity, create proven collapse and also a national genocide of 30% of population in 64 high-income countries – every 20-years

Evidence-based Economics (see TE) are computer science that prove Productivity builds strong economies, while Wealth Theory collapses nations (Micro and Macroeconomics, Accounting, and the tactical business curricula taught by our Universities)  reliably. GDP reports, Trickledown, Supply, Demand, Finance Accounting, Labour, Profit, Cost, Right of Contract, Starvation Wages, Low Tax for the rich, is meaningless Wealth Theory, lying, and collapse See citation

Can you remember when Businesses built great economies and societies? Schools don’t teach nor support that today

And now for the truth …

Economies are high-transaction systems, so when politicians support only policies with a higher probability of collapse, any nation must collapse. When we can only vote for groups that support highest probability of success policies, we advance. It really is that simple, so why are we voting for collapse?

Trump’s Right versus Left theory is nonsense; division is weakness and there is only one “side” – it’s Advance! Our proven-failed Constitution, no Standard of Research, and less-than-poor civics training, all amount to our vote collapsing us further

Based on today’s Right and Left policies (see below) – and by the messaging taught by our TVs and schools, Canada will continue to collapse as a mathematical certainty 

Vote for Canada’s advance again- Vote for ADVANCE!

Who are we?

Canadian soldiers risk their lives for our future, but today we can vote only for embarrassingly weak leaders and unscientific political groups that actively hide our collapse. “Stand on Guard” is right in our anthem, yet voting Right is a vote for Neoliberalist collapse and voting Left is a vote for a genocide worse than WWII Poland. Our low 1.46 fertility levels cause Canada to lose 30% of our population every 20-years today unreported

We cannot vote for advance

Canadians are taught “spin” (how to think) and ideology by our media and also by our schools: The Bible is not religion, it’s the second 1,000-year update of the world’s oldest known Constitution, the Code of Hammurabi from 1,763 BC 4,000 years ago. 800 Constitutions are based on the Bible’s Human Rights, which were observed successful over 3,000 years of civic rise and fall. The civics lessons here are absolutely scientific and Franklin Delano Roosevelt is the greatest leader in democratic history because he corrected James Madison – a slave owner cherry-picking rights from this Bible to protect his “property”

FDR was obstructed ceaselessly until he finally had to use executive powers to install the Bible’s full list of Rights to Americans. His Second Bill of Rights corrected income equality, homeownership, opportunity, education, healthcare, pensions, and economic resets that built the greatest economy and society in history for the United States – for 40-years. But, that wasn’t all …

His United Nations Universal Declaration of Rights was added to the Constitutions of Italy, Germany, Japan, Austria, Netherlands, Hungary, and others after WWII

ALL FDR Democracies have advancing economies today; six weeks of paid vacation, they have lower tax rates, more services, lower inequality, great healthcare, pensions, great free education – even in university in many cases. Their higher Social Contracts enable them to  lead the world in productivity and good lives

ALL nations that adopted the U.S. “Owner and Financial Slave” Constitution, collapse into mature capitalism every 60-years when populations reach 15-million (smaller democracies can self-correct) just like Canada, Britain, France, Brazil, and others

Instead of learning about FDR’s success, Canadian schools taught us to vote for politicians that don’t report problems; that’s the first step in solving any problem. “Everything is terrific, so vote for us”; it’s all we hear – and sadly we have no option but to vote for this nonsense

ACT is different; ACT explains problems – and we explain how policy must change to be successful – safely, to protect us while ensuring our success scientifically. We don’t give hundreds of millions of dollars to foreign multinationals (scaleup trickledown) and we work through setbacks transparently too

ACT is the only socially responsible vote on the voter card today

We all vote for policies that make us feel good, but we can’t vote for one or two policies. We must vote for a list; a Constitution of (twelve and more) proven policies

Advance corrects: Cost-of-Living, lost Living Wages, 1.6-million fewer jobs since 2008, highest suicide rates in the G7, lowest production growth since the 1930s, inaccessible Home Ownership, the ticking time bomb of defunct Family Pensions, inflation, a genocidal 30% population loss supported by a grossly misled female vote and reprehensible political media manipulations. Why is “Merry Christmas” is no longer permitted?

Canada should be the UAE of the North!

Poor leadership and absentee planning define Canada, while countries with less of everything boast higher productivity, better lives, affordable housing, and a much brighter future. The UAE has one million citizens with nine million non-citizen migrant workers, a 43-degree sand bar, and has one-quarter of Canada’s entire economy – because it SEEDs; because citizens can be productive

Canadians live very differently despite every resource imaginable here. Our PM flies 300-staff to a neoliberalist economic convention called WEF every spring; to align with an economic power cabal of non-experts and non-leaders that even the scientific Bible’s storytelling called “the Beast”

In science, Productivity builds strong economies (Social Contracts, Living Wages, Good Lives) while Wealth theory collapsed 62% of 207 economies before COVID.

Canada loses 63% of its economy today – unreported. The reality today is that Canada’s Wealth Theory SCALE-UP (aka Reaganomics’ failed “trickledown”) and leadership failings, collapsed us before COVID – unreported and hidden

COVID is now the longest epidemic in history – and our Media is clearly culpable of fear-mongering and a national disgrace

There was no vaccine for the Spanish Flu and yet it was gone more quickly than COVID. Science – teaches proper isolation protocols like a COVID-FREE Islands Strategy – and ADVANCE also plans for the autonomous provision of all basic needs to keep Canada self-sufficient at all times too

Within COVID-Free zones, citizens live normally, work, play, socialize, and go to school freely, without masks or worry – just like the COVID-free Vatican which is surrounded by a hard-hit City of Rome. A virus lasts 14-days without a host, so lockdowns only affect COVID zones for a few weeks – not years!

Highways were open every day in Canada, carrying COVID from infected Zones to COVID-Free Zones easily – and without logging. Now we have to ask is COVID being extended to become the false excuse for our economic collapse? Most nations are done with COVID within months: New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, on and on

Leadership and Planning?

Can you remember a time when Canada had this? In a large democracy, the majority do not feel the problems of millions of others, but we all still share the cost of those problems. Democracies have to be protected from problems ignored by Constitutions because $4 billion is lost daily to our economy – unreported!

Why do we give our only vote so carelessly?  Why do we follow TV’s instructions faithfully – despite our country’s obvious collapses and poor leadership now?

Very nice, well-meaning, untrained politicians create collapse just as assuredly as does corruption from criminal intent. No benefit can come from Canada’s descending to the economic levels seen in Greece, Spain, Britain, and Venezuela. The U.S. is collapsing as is Canada. Read Dickens, Hugo, Orwell, Lord Byron, Hobbes, and Rousseau to understand the landscapes that mature capitalisms create. These are the lessons we should have taught in school so that we never have to see collapse in real life – that our young people are seeing today

Vote for Advance – Now, is the right time …

ADVANCE Canada – Our Mission and Vision

ADVANCE Canada builds successful nations – reliably. Here’s how we do it …

A Strong Social Contract

Canadians don’t want our kids – to look forward to living in their parent’s basement for a lifetime. We won’t have our neighbours starving and freezing to death in back alleys. We want what other strong Social Contract nations have today; we want home ownership, six weeks of paid vacation, a respectful workplace with interesting, challenging, and socially responsible and worthwhile work, a pension and great healthcare system, with friends and family close.

Proven Economic Turn-around

The most successful economies in the world balance capitalistic profit with strong productivity-enabling Social Contracts. Self-reliant countries are impervious to international monetary concerns – and can focus on improving lives from an advancing economy. Local automation of our basic needs is no threat to any country with a strong social contract, and automation is essential to our national self-sufficiency and freedoms as well. ADVANCE Parties don’t spend, we invest – in infrastructure that can grow and support our good lives

Affordable Home Ownership

Capital doesn’t mean money; it means an investment that grows in value. A herd of cows is capital because 10-cows make 30-cows in a few years. Affordable homeownership was a cornerstone of FDR’s successful capitalism. It forced savings, equity, affordable retirements, and even provided “title” that could be borrowed against to create new businesses – increasing the productivity of a nation and economy

Strong Trade and Foreign Policy

Above we discussed that the SCP Report shows that Canada’s low Social Contract losses $4 billion dollars a day, or $1.1 trillion dollars a year, in trade revenues. Trade builds wealth; Sweden is 1/22nd Canada’s size, with half our production in lumber exports. Canada has Uranium, Resources, Energy, Food, Gold, Ice Wine, BioTech, on and on. We don’t sell our productions profitably today – but ADVANCE will insist that economically essential productions find SEED investment. Investment 101 – NO SEED; NO HARVEST! This is why a 1-million population sand-bar called the United Emirates rivals the best economies in the world? LEADERSHIP, and of course generous SEED and opportunity for all of its citizens.

Canadian Culture and Family Values

Single Income Families policies create birthrates greater than 2.2 children per women. Today our birthrate in double-income family policy is 1.43 – unsustainable. We take on debt to afford educations which don’t promise salaries sufficient to start our own families and homes. What’s wrong with that picture? Everything. Family Values is ensuring our kids have choices, and we hope that a lifetime inside a cubicle isn’t one of them. Canada is a vast place available for sports, summer cottages, and opportunity for personal achievement – but only when Canadians are vote for policy that permits and protects one of the greatest cultures in the world


Education is causal to an advancing economy. We want a world-class education that we can afford, and Canadians want our own families too – at a young age so that we don’t have to choose between family or school or career. When our families arrive we want access to secure family-friendly neighbours, neighbourhoods, and schools. We want to have what our grandparents had – and the ability to help the world with what we’ve learned and developed here – because clearly, we “got our act straight” here at home first.


Mailing Address: The ADVANCE Party of Canada First Canadian Place, 100 King Street West, Suite 5700, Toronto, ON. Canada M5X 1C7 North America:  289-834-0072 Email Us at CSQ Research

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