The following letter was sent to Board Member University Presidents of the Canadian University Council in May of 2022. It was forwarded to every student newspaper and University Minister in the country, and it was posted here so that you can read and share it as well. In collapsing nations like the United States, France, Australia, Brazil, and Britain, you can simply substitute the name Canada for your nation … as the same explanations apply to you the same.

The week this was published, the world stood on the precipice of nuclear war owing to tensions rising between Russia and other nations due to their two-week occupation of Ukraine – because NATO has parked bases (and missiles) two minutes away from a nuclear neighbour since 2006.

Notice to Academic Institutions … Education Reform

One year ago I reached out to the Chairman of University Canada’s 50-member Governing Council, raising a shortlist of serious concerns for Canada’s education curricula.

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I Chair fact-tank CSQ Research and curate The Global Leadership Book of Knowledge (GL-BOK) and WAOH – one of the world’s largest evidence and context-based econometric libraries. CSQ Research produces the most sophisticated enterprise country-building dashboard in the world at present, and it’s worth noting that we build this reliable scientific evidence-based advance, without a snippet of your theory-based curricula.

I’m an expert country builder, leader, and leading expert in quantitative Global Leadership. In 2008, I founded one of Canada’s largest minor sports organizations and in 2016 I published the evidence-based science of Transition Economics.

I am writing to your group today after finding no behavioral changes since sending my letter to UoT’s GC.

The concerns raised there warranted broad corrections and failing to make those changes absolutely warrants your attention now as well. Can I ask that you take a few minutes of your time today to understand why your programs create a national genocide and consistent disservice to our country?



Graduates by Gender

The Elephant in the Room

A Crime against Humanity carries on in our country today as Canada forfeits 1.5% of our population (600,000 children) every year to a secular ideology that UNIVCAN supports. More troublesome than this, however, is the fact that academic faculties are refusing science while empowering reprehensible, unqualified political groups to mislead Canadians at a cost of $4 billion per day, our lowest productivity since the 1930s, our international reputation and good lives.

Theory-based Business, Finance, Economics, Government, Law, and Education comprise 75% of all degrees and near-100% of boardroom-sponsored investment decisions in Canada; your courses are too long, too expensive, they actively refuse science, teach proven-collapse, theories and ideologies, instead of a scientific standard of research and performance-managed assurance of social benefit.

Our voter ballots offer only the mathematic assurance of collapse, while our TVs lie and hide facts to a stunned electorate – without expert challenge. Canadian Universities show no understanding of leadership nor Common Sense when you don’t teach our citizenry to Stand on Guard and to protect themselves from false ideologies.

In science, systemic Good, Respect, and the shepparding of Human Advance, build reliably successful societies and economies. This Board’s member universities teach:

  • Infanticide ^
  • Unscientific Nonsense ^
  • Racism, Sexism, Ageism, Anti-Family Values ^
  • Dumbdown, anti-expert, anti-merit  ^
  • Tactical Approaches with No Strategy; and ZERO Big-Picture Planning ^
    • No Science; belief-based theory entirely ^
    • Collapse and not Advance ^
    • Economies are Simple – in an Evidence-based science that you don’t teach ^
    • The Bible is an update of two 4,000 year old proven-successful Constitutions – and you teach it is religion? ^
    • Performance Managing a successful Education System ^
    • Medical Sciences are no better ^
  • Academic Misconduct ^
  • Obstacles instead of Solutions ^

1. Infanticide – Canada’s 1.47 fertility rate (children per woman) creates a 30% population loss every twenty years; 600,000 births per year are forfeit and an infant is lost every fifty seconds through “Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion” hiring policies. Last year’s term for this was “Female Equality” and now this term is highlighted less.
Female Workforce, Labour Participation Fertility Rate

Any population with these fertility rates will lose 1.5% of their population annually – in peacetime, while 3% was the population that perished annually in World War II Poland. I use this comparison because Poland experienced the greatest per-capita losses of any nation in the largest war in history. Citation:

Gender Respect is essential, and there are forty serious social problems created by Feminism’s secular theory conflicts with time-tested family values and gender roles.

“Female Equality” policies win elections in 64 of 70 high-income nations – that share our fertility problem. Quite a coincidence right? Or could it be the obvious fact that “Family Values” and single-income families with reliable family pensions – are needed to sustain populations and economies too.

With a dwindling population of just 300,000, Iceland has been forced to create laws to prevent its workplaces from filling 100% with females. As a defense against its own extinction, Iceland clearly needs to become the first democracy to deny the female vote, and Canada’s population is dying at an even quicker rate than theirs is.

Global Leadership Sciences Dashboard

Global Leadership Sciences Dashboard

2. Non-Science versus Right-way-ness (Nonsense vs Leadership) – Secular theory can collapse a society just as medieval religious theories did in Europe’s Dark Ages.

Right, Left, Conservative, GDP, Unemployment, Profit, Wealth, Equality, Micro and Macroeconomics, Financial Accounting – are either meaningless, unscientific, and ambiguous; or, are unimportant, tactical, and harmful. Meaningless terms, reports, and curricula can be weaponized or used to hide collapse from voters also.

Worse than this, meaningless terms and reports take away our ability to agree with one another as a consensus, on strategic evidence-based critical thinking and leadership. For example:

Values – are:

  • Good (systemic empathy in actions and in law – in “Lord”),
  • Respect, and
  • Creation (building and the shepparding of Human Advance)

Ideologies – are ideas on how things should work in a society. Right & Left Divisionism, NAZIism, Neoliberalism, Socialism, Capitalism, Rugged Individualism’s Cold Indifference to neighbours, libertarianism, Feminism, Family Values, and similar.

MOST ideologies are harmful (false idols). The Bible endorsed just one ideology on this list – Family Values, and the Bible is not religion – as you teach. This scientific civics textbook (see #6.4 below) went so far as to call the economic powers that ask us to tattoo their names on ourselves, “the Beast” (Republican, Left, Democrat, Right, etc). There have been many “Beasts” throughout history – Babylon, Persia, Rome, the Medieval Church, NAZIs, and today our merchant-class economic powers gather at WEF.

EVERY nation that uses FDR’s Second Bill of Rights (the Bible’s complete list of human rights) in its Constitution is advancing today; while EVERY nation that does not, collapses every 60-years like clockwork. Citation here …

Democracies must be trained in scientific civics sufficient to ensure they can vote for reliable Advance, and Constitutions must protect citizens by keeping groups off our election ballot cards whenever they support only theory-based and ideology-based policies proven to collapse any society.

Wealth Theory, Profit, Cost, Consumer Economies, Micro and Macroeconomics, Finance Accounting, GDP, Open Markets, Small Government, and Low Tax, are all unscientific ideologies and theory that collapse any nation and cost Canada $4 billion daily (63% of our economy) as well.

“The right to a decent home” is a human right in Canada since Diefenbaker’s 1960 Bill of Rights was accepted alongside 48 other countries that observed FDR’s Second Bill of Rights (see the 1948 U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights – UDHR). Today, Canada’s Bill of Rights is ignored while Canada falls short in most measures of respect for its working-age citizens, as families, living wages, and pensions are now gone for all but baby boomers and government workers. Incomes are completely inaccessible to many Canadians now.

Unsurprisingly, Canadian male suicide ratios are the highest in the G7 (for the “first-time-ever” in 2019) while suicides by opioids are at the highest rates in the world – and growing. A BBC article recently cited a 2015 study confirming that men kill themselves at a rate of .79% for every 1% of unemployment, while we are 138th-worst in 180 nations for suicide and this doesn’t count our new highest national cause of poisoning death – suicide by Fentanyl overdose or “unknown causes”

… but our Universities teach none of this.

Female Inequity

3. Racism, Sexism, Ageism, Anti-Family Values, and a wholesale Family Pension Loss – “Diversity” amounts to hiring by race, gender, age, and NEVER mandates essential culture or sustainable Family Values. This biase also applies to: loans, grants, innovation funding, access to social programs, housing, etc. are similarly gender, race, and age-based now as well.

New Sustainability Standards Reporting ensure that an expensive 50-year-old father can be replaced by a cheap unpensioned onshore or offshore Diversity and Inclusion alternate – saving businesses $1 million per employee in family pensions.

Immigration, Onshoring, and Offshoring – are unsustainable policies by any scientific measure; the world’s greatest economies (UAE, Singapore, Switzerland, etc.) deny immigration and have strict protections when they allow exceptions. These policies are especially irresponsible during the normal 60-year mature capitalism imbalances (Recessions and Depressions). Unsustainable policies can only be a benefit in Boom economies when immigrants can help to monetize an over-abundance of opportunity.

Today, an “Ethnic Cleansing” of English-speaking Canadians, and purging of our leaders, our human capital, and best-and-brightest – results from hypercompetition, starvation wages, denial of incomes, created by a flood of cheap labour preferred for hiring, lending, and enrollment also, by federal diversity laws.

Academia’s aggressive encouragement to impressionable young people is obvious – to prefer polarizing inter-racial partnerships, homosexual lifestyles, non-binary gender-identity fictions, and a meaningless, empty, lonely life spent in a cubicle two paychecks away from destitution  (see CMEC’s twitter feed and Ontario’s Bill 13 “Accepting Schools Act”).

From Statistics Canada to our movie theatres, men are painted as chauvinists, rapists, toxically masculine, untrustworthy, wife-beaters, pedophiles, or incompetent – and not the protectors, providers, patriarchs, community builders, and heads of households that they obviously are.

Your teaching works against truth, prosperity, population sustainability, families (low divorce rates), poverty, low suicide targets, and hides 40 serious social problems.

The four young women I raised have nothing  today – no family of their own, no hope of homeownership, no children. Staunch feminists to a one, most young women live a life of constant stress where one wrong decision or bout with bad luck is unrecoverable; while all of their friends live with parents or in homes bought by parents, and are all in the same “boat” well into their 20s and 30s.

Our children need a Restraining Order from their school boards – as a researched fact. What benefit is there to a dying nation to have our biologically impressionable pre-teens introduced to how “cool” is being homosexual? Yet grade schoolers were corraled into gynasiums in June to chant for homosexuality; there was no mention of June as senior’s month whatsoever.

I’ll add that 30% of any population are caregivers; a reality that commits those individuals to almost certain poverty in Canada’s low-marriage and double-income trap and starvation wage norm today.

4. Dumbdown – Inclusion – is a policy that marginalizes experts and leaders, and ensures we hire followers – for “fit”, instead. Or, we hire professional networks, by nepotism (friends and family). We hire followers who think and do as they are told, or by legal obligations that tell us to hire by race, by gender, by age.

We find ourselves today living in a nation where skills and experience are marginalized while boardrooms are filled with credentialed followers who can contribute only tactical, proven-failed theory.

The Great Resignation – is the natural result of putting non-experts into senior positions.

Record-low voter participation rates – are the natural result of putting non-leaders into government leaders postings

As a Contract Consultant for many years, I was consistently required to report to progressively less-qualified Managers, Directors, VPs, and CEOs consistently. We put the lowest individuals into leadership positions – with absolute consistency today. And, we are a collapsing nation because of it.

In practice, if you are not a rule follower, who doesn’t want to do the same thing every day of your life, or if you are not the friend of an HR administrator, you will not find an income in Canada. Our talented, entrepreneurs, leaders and human capital experts, cannot and do not succeed in Canada – as a well-documented fact.

Inclusion – is another harmful secular theory in an endless ambiguous lexicon of terms promoting anti-merit, anti-expert, anti-leadership, and dumb-down. ALL terms that we hear and learn today: Left, Right, Conservative, Liberal, Capitalism, Socialism, etc. are unmeasurable, unscientific, and steal any population’s ability to engage in productive communication and problem-solving.

Individuals are smart; Groups – are dumb. Inclusion Policies make perfect sense only in a group comprised of non-experts engaged in menial, SOP-driven workplaces, which explains the “Great Resignation” – and a new standard of dystopic conditions created by poor decision-making and tactical business practices permitted across our society.

The Tytler Cycle

Every generation considers themselves “modern” but few truly are. Today’s “Old Fashioned thinking” is the thinking of The Greatest Generation, an era when young couples married for life, created “baby-booms”, created good lives and strong families, with the highest-earning single-income families in history as well. Great communities and the greatest economy and freedoms in history followed. Our “Modern” theories are creating a Tytler Cycle again.

Who would want to be “Old Fashioned”? We all do.

An expert heart surgeon’s opinion on Operating Room operations can never be canceled out by a non-expert consensus; experts and proven processes must always lead decision-making. The same “need for expert voices” is true in public policy because an expert can explain why all change stakeholders must voice requirements within a project management methodology, or a case-managed process, LEAN Method, Agile, ITSM, and so on.

How many kids are dropping out mid-term because they are unable to afford $1,000+ in textbooks and then can’t keep up in class because they received insufficient funds at the last second each semester? Advancing nations with a fraction of our resources offer students university education tuition-free when needed.

5. Gullibility – Canada’s highest priority problems include: Financial inequality, a fake mental illness explosion (the government created dystopic conditions created social disruption; these stresses are not the fault of affected individuals), and gullibility due to zero civics training.

The gullibility list is long: CBC reports explain that problems have”No Silver Bullet”, incenting our government to ignore problems or to lie or hide reports of our collapse because voters aren’t trained in what to insist upon from leadership. Soft-landings, fake employment reports, CPI, suicides called Fentanyl Deaths or Unknown Deaths, ridiculous theory-based tactical finance, ignored greed-flation, and ignored human rights are our new normal.

Low Social Contracts (high social problems) have squandered Family Values, Family Pensions, and Families too, replaced by virtue signaling, clear media lying and omissions, war-mongering, one-sided media propaganda also, and every kind of bubble and debt we have a name for. Investment, Finance Industries, and Economic Development keep us at 1930s levels of production growth just like in the 1920s again.

CBC PropogandaGeorge Orwell famously warned against single-sided storytelling, narratives, and ideologies pounding citizens 18 hours a day with propaganda, in his book 1984. Last spring, every report of Canada’s media toiled steadfastly to convince Canadians that a peaceful truckers rally was “dangerous and violent”, videos of horses riding down a crowd with a crippled woman and her toppled wheelchair among them – were not shown, and then the CBC toiled again to explain why this peaceful assembly warranted invocation of the Canadian War Measures Act.

The EU Parliament walked out on Trudeau and left him to deliver his speeches to empty halls, while the CBC reported he received a standing ovation. Were it not for the chastisement of a chorus of world leaders, we might still be under war measures and the world-wide freedom rallies are deafeningly silent – thanks to Canada’s media; a media that behaves far more like a 1930s German Propoganda Department, than an independent voice of truth. YOUR STUDENTS SHOULD BE MARCHING! You teach them nonsense instead.

The CBC, who are granted $1.3 billion annually by our Prime Minister, reported little of this international indignation – and almost none of the widespread bank withdrawals and a wealthy individual exodus.

10-minutes after Zelensky steps down and Moscow can restore a 10-minute missile counterstrike decision, hostilities cease in Ukraine – but Canadians have never heard that “side” of the story; or that Canada has the second highest number of military troops in Ukraine – tempting nuclear war to defend NATO’s irresponsible behaviour this past 10-years.

Shame on us for not Standing on Guard, or for standing by quietly to permit only fiction and harmful narratives and ideology to be explained to our elderly and COVID shut-in ranks.

Teachers must train us to recognize: responsible policy, scientific terms, and in what is a Standard of Research: in truth, versus gullibility, political sales pitches, lies, and con jobs. Why are Canadians not very punitive of an economic group’s disrespectful treatment of its electorate and national obligation to truth? They certainly should be.

Our schools teach that ideology and theory are real; and, that our very-real collapse is imagined. For these mistakes, Universities deserve more than this cross letter. For teaching sociopathic ideology and false reporting, a trip to the World Court in The Hague is deserved.

Canada Federal Election 2019

Today, UNIVCAN.CA’s top website priority empowers sociopathic political groups and reprehensible politicians to turn our female vote against life itself in Canada. We’ve taught kids to rely on figureheads, TVs, Social Media, celebrities, and politicians – to decide which messaging is meaningful, truthful, and important based on a curricula void of science and a Standard of Research.

We teach kids to spurn experts and parents, we marginalize proven solutions, and we condemn leaders and thinkers that don’t follow methods sanctioned by our status quo theories; as if our kids should behave like Pavlov’s dogs in front of a lecturer or TV – as followers every day of their lives.

Canadians live in Aristotle’s “evil” society today, with a voter ballot card filled with only groups that our Constitution should never permit to run for election.

Canadians choose genocide and collapse by voting Left; while voting Right builds the neoliberalist collapse of the 1920s again.

The only “side” that Canadians must be able to vote for – is Advance

Large democracies collapse reliably without solid human rights protections and Canada’s Constitution (the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms – CCRF) is nothing more than a slave owner’s (James Madison) cherry-picked, proven-failed partial-Constitution today.

The good, polity, and advance that Aristotle (the founder of academic curricula) instructed,  is not an option available to Canadians today, because our schools and universities teach us none of this.

The world’s first constitution laid out the 16 Human Rights used by Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) in the 1940s to turn around the U.S. and Canada’s Constitution-led Depression – and fortunes. Americas used FDR’s “Second Bill of Rights to turn the Great Depression into the greatest economy in history. Today, every large democracy that added these essential human rights to their Constitution is advancing today 70-years later.

Our Canadian Universities don’t teach this proven success

Elected leaders and our legal system (our Attourney General, Supreme Court Chief, Elections Canada CEO, Governor-General, etc.), all received a letter similar to this one and all refuse to protect Canadians per our Constitution. I’ve personally sent that group letters for more than a year, so they are well aware of a national genocide, and they are well aware we are protected from this harm by CCRF Statute 7.

When I tell you THEY DO NOT CARE, I can assure you with supporting evidence – that they will evade and push all problems onto the next government so as to keep their acting coach and his marketing team – and selves – in power.

“Power” – matters first above all other considerations to democratic political groups in this country – because they can hide facts too easily; and because Canadian Universities don’t teach our kids the civics lessons and simple reports and sciences that protect them from becoming the victims of this lying – in our grade schools, high schools, nor university faculties.

6. Tactical only – No Strategy, and NO Big-Picture Planning – a Standard of Research and Global Leadership Performance Management Curriculum ( guide my points here. Everything stated in this letter is cited, provable by anyone, and scientifically true, while Universities in Canada teach theory proven to collapse any society in every social faculty; so, Economics, Business, Finance, Law, Political Studies, Social Studies, and Women’s Studies:

G20 Social Contract Loss

i) Standard of Research – Science is measurable and observable. Compare your unmeasurable Marxism, or tactical proven-failed Neoliberalist Wealth Theory curricula in Business, Finance, and Economics’ Micro and MacroEconomics classes, to a measurable evidence-based science like Transition Economics (TE –, to instantly see the difference. The Bank of Canada Chairman and U0T Economics Dean Tiff Macklem explained this week that Canadians have never been richer; ask your students (whose parents can’t buy them a home) how rich they are.

Columbia University proved memorization inhibits neuro-genesis (new brain cells), yet you base curricula on memorization because none of your lessons are verifiable in real world evidence.

In science, “Productivity” builds strong economies reliably, while you teach that “Wealth” does. This error costs Canada $4 billion every day. Monetary Systems serve mankind; but harmful Neoliberalist 1920s messaging is what you teach to be essential; scarcity and not abundance, shame on you.

Useless education and mathematic obfuscation

Useless education and mathematic obfuscation

Canadian Universities obfuscate cum non-veritas (fictitious) theory and ideology – with peer-reviewed double-integral calculus in Grad Schools; which is likely the exact reason that Isaac Newton reminded future generations that – science must be simple.

ii) Collapse – is expensive, dangerous, preventable, and correctable; but you don’t measure collapse and you don’t report it – because it doesn’t exist according to you.

Mathematically-assured Mature Capitalism imbalances are “fringe theory” to your Economists and Business grads, so the 63% of our economy lost every year is ignored until Great Depressions and World Wars erupt. At that point, economists “play dumb” and explain that the normal consequences of imbalance are an immitigable “Black Swan” surprise – which is a lie. To the right is a list of list of mature capitalisms – as explained in Levicus 25/26.

Every system you teach, including the Monetary System, must serve human advance; and not the financial slavery and collapse – that you teach. In a Fiat system, nations print money from thin air; every nation in Europe was forgiven great blocks of their national debt in 1934 as well; when you teach students to ignore serious problems like high suicide rates or systemic government mismanagement, Canadians are all very unwise to keep you at the helm of anything.

Debt Forgiveness

Militaries fire Generals who kill people; ask yourself are you electing them to be the Deans and Leaders of our Universities? I realize that this sounds very dramatic, but I wouldn’t be writing a lengthy note to you today if this wasn’t a statistically supportable statement. “Canadian 101” training must include:

  1. You Stand on Guard with scientific monitoring and reporting, and
  2. You teach and support Good, Respect, and Advance – because leadership really is that simple.

National Productivity

iii) Economies – are High Transaction Systems. This means that high-probability-of-success policies can assure economic and social advance reliably – just like in a busy casino. You don’t teach this.

In fact, three top universities in Canada have refused to read or even view science or a presentation of Transition Economic’s evidence-based computer science this year (citation:

Evidence-based Economics is a Computer Science

Evidence-based Economics is a Computer Science, that deprecates theory-based curricula also – Make it Viral!

Economics and Social Studies are a computer science, which means that your faculties are today filled with theorists or mathematicians who are unqualified to teach and supervise a scientific curriculum. This also explains why faculty Deans won’t even preview an actual science.

Advancing economies are an essential need of Canada, for our survival as a nation, and you are ignoring and hiding this ticking timebomb according to Case Study.

Production Growth levels internationally have not been as low as they are today since the 1930s, Canada loses 63% of our economy ($4 billion per day) to low productivity, as 62% of 207 other nations are on a similar collapsing trajectory – unreported. A chimpanzee with a dartboard chooses policy better than a credentialed economist today, without your notice or correction.

FDR created 40-years of unprecedented advance for the U.S. by adding his Second Bill of Rights supplements to the Rule of Law in the United States – and at the United Nations. These “new” human rights came straight from the 4,000-year-old Bible, and the U.S. has collapsed every year since Reagan removed these laws in the 1980s. FDR achieved this historic success right next door to us, during a time of imbalance identical to what we see today. Instead of teaching his obvious success, we teach none of his proven turnaround approaches – none. These academic failings are similar in other large, collapsing democracies today too, in the U.S., Britain, France, Brazil, Australia, etc.

iv) The Bible – the first five books of the Bible are a third update of the Codes/Constitutions of Hammurabi and Ur-Nammu – line-by-line in many cases.

EVERY large nation (greater than 15 million population) that embeds the Bible’s 16 Human Rights into its Constitution are advancing and successful today. Six weeks vacation, great education, great healthcare, world-leading productivity, high scoring social contracts, responsible economic resets, and scientifically measurable Human Advance. Why is this true? Because the Bible explains 3,000 years of scientific observation in civic rise and fall.

Importantly, this means that Canada MUST collapse because we are run by an insufficient, cherry-picked, “owner and slave”, U.S.-styled Constitution. James Madison was a slave owner, who obviously wanted to refuse human rights to his “property”. 800 Constitutions are based on the Bible since 1791, yet Universities in Canada teach that the Bible should be ignored as religion.

EVERY nation with our Constitution collapses every sixty years – like clockwork, once democracies exceed 15-million.

A Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – were teaching tools for foundational civics pillars, behaviours, and good values: Good, Respect, and Human Advance – taught to an illiterate population 1,700 years ago using a storytelling format. When you understand this context, you will always wonder how clever are atheists.

“Christ” – means anointing with oil as was the practice of the community of Christians (“Oil Annointers”) at important family and communal celebrations. All Abrahamic religions use anointing oil in similar celebrations, but you taught our kids that an important Canadian culture of wishing one another “Merry Christmas” was religious and offensive?

What is truly offensive, is that Canadian culture is misunderstood and then forbidden by the weakest generation of academics in our history.

The Bible warned us not to tattoo Republican or Democrats onto our foreheads; Revelation called “the beast”, the Oligarchies and merchant economic powers that would collapse us and enslave us for 1,000 years as did the medieval church. Our Constitutions must need to keep these reprehensible, unscientific, dim-whitted non-leaders off of our voting station ballots entirely.

There have been several “beasts” in history – Babylon, Persia, Rome, the medieval church of the Dark Ages, NAZIs, and today the Oligarchies who seek to make financial slaves of us probably assemble most visibly at WEF. Where is this sage bit of time-tested wisdom taught within our educational systems? No-where.

Revolutions per Decade

More Conflicts than at any time in History

v) Performance – Where is the scientific foundation of success in Canada’s curricula? Where is the Leadership? Where is the Advance?

We should all feel very certain that Universities have lost an essential scientific foundation – and their right-way-ness.

Men have 10-times the testosterone levels of women; the two genders are as equal as a right and left leg – but different in noticeable and complementary ways. Predictably, men will be successful in shorter degree programs that focus on problem-solving and building, rather than our current four-year programs of memorization and “rule-following” – set out by our teachers of obviously-failing systems of government and business. According to the Wall Street Journal (and Canada is worse), University students are 60% female, and graduate just 65% of all students in 4-year programs.

Brooking’s more extensive 2021 survey was truly shocking, showing male degree completion for four-year programs at just 40% for males and 50% for females in the US; Canadian stats show completion rates for 4-year degrees reported from 90% to less than 50%. The large discrepancy makes me ask are Canadian numbers audited?


What about ROI? Canada’s Return-on-Investment for 148 public universities and degree-granting institutions, which staff 8,000 to 10,000 each and cost the country $27.5 billion in 2016/2017 (adding 1.5% annually), has been today’s preventable national collapse.

Today’s collapse that costs us $4 billion daily (so $1.5 trillion annually)  and 63% of our economy – not counting social costs.

This performance warrants withdrawing credentialing entitlements – and then cutting ALL social faculties programs also. Does it not? They (Law, Economics, Government, Business, Finance, and Social Studies – are not teaching science and are not benefiting us as a quantitative fact; AND, this country would be dramatically better off with only engineering, medical, and pure science faculties, so as to do away with the clear lying and collapse carried forward by social faculty curricula grads.

Mental Health, Quantitative Easing, Mature Capitalisms, and Military escalations – are tactical problems created by the dystopic conditions created by your failure to teach strategic national advance.

CSQ Research is an independent organization, so in 2021 we could supervise a Ph.D. thesis Case Study that proved Transition Economics is important science. We used TE to validate and to update The Bible (“ta Biblia” means “The Books”). “The Book – The Scientific Update of the Bible” and “The Global Leadership Book of Knowledge” (GL-BOK), were a 460-page, 500-chart, civics reference textbook and course that explained how to use contemporary data science to confirm the Bible’s scientific 3,000 years of observation in successful civilizations. The thesis permits literate populations to use time-tested scientific civics lessons to build reliable national success in any token-based monetary economy. As Middle Eastern and European civilizations updated their civics “Code” every 1,000 years historically, the Book’s “Bible update” was 700 years overdue.

Why mention this? Your 8000+ university staff and faculties didn’t even teach advance last year – as you are absolutely mandated to, while Statistics Canada had to lie about Canada’s Ph.D. credentialing performance – to save face in comparisons with our neighbours.

Didn’t you also teach that the Bible is religion last year? How rhetorical and embarrassing – for you, and for the nation that sponsored you most of all.

vi) Where is Medicine? Just 60-years past lobotomies and 120-years past blood-letting, we arrive at the longest epidemic in history? Instead of simple civics lessons teaching virtual island isolations that would have landed us with New Zealand’s or The Vatican’s exemplary management. Instead, we left highways wide open from day one and injected fledgling vaccines in 5-year-olds. Medical groups are poorly trained in Canada; our media’s and our medical leads’ failure to report the actual science of island isolation (best practices) – used successfully by a hundred nations internationally throughout human history and 700-years of “yellow flag” maritime law, is unexplainable.

And how irresponsible and unwittingly evil (systemically unempathetic) is it, to turn the social problems created by an unqualified government’s abysmal leadership failings – into the “Mental Health” problems of impacted individuals? Shame on you for enabling a lie and “spin” on truth here; where is your common sense? CPAs (The Chartered Accountants of Canada) “Mental Health” campaigns are even more despicable than the government’s, so maybe support a rally against evil for a bit.


7. Academic Misconduct – Our proven-false theory in curricula, and Peer Reviews of concensus without evidentiary support, have allowed us to credential non-experts and non-leaders as the great majority.
One-sixth of graduates are expert engineers, computer science experts, builders, and natural science graduates, who are then entirely tethered upon graduation – by non-expert accountants or finance industry investments and devastating procurement approaches – in every system we teach.

This bizarre unside-down credentialing and certification duality means degreed graduates are both a requirement of employment – and an assurance of economic and social collapse. In the workplace, experts are uncredentialed and don’t meet the classic independence criteria for professional status, while non-experts are credentialed almost exclusively.

Business is the tactical undercutting of competitors in a countdown to zero. In a collapsing nation, Businessmen are not Leaders. Any theory or ideology that states differently is selling a narrative and truthless ideology.

Elon Musk never built a single car before Tesla, but he is an expert “systems builder” who understands performance management very well. After 19-years in business, Tesla builds a car in one-third the time that an 85-year-old Volkswagen does. Realizing their shortfall, Volkswagen is now working to reduce its build times to twice Tesla’s over the next three years. Both Tesla and Volkswagen, are learning and fixing their shortfalls; and, are both clearly smarter than our Universities because academics have been at their game for centuries and are oblivious to their broken systems today.

Elon Musk is a leader, clearly; and the solution to all of the problems listed above is simple: Performance Management. Responsible KPIs need to be built into each University’s Global Leadership Faculty. Put some of that sociopathic “Diversity budget” to a more socially responsible purpose than was originally intended.

As things stand today, Canada’s academia is a national liability and embarrassment. You assume too much and benefit our nation too little, programs are too long, faculties are silos that are blind to systemic collapse in real-life, and programs are too expensive (due to starvation wages and today’s “access to income” restrictions). Why do broad systemic collapses like this happen? Because you teach Collapse Motivators, and you don’t solve problems, like: financial slavery in Business, Finance, and Economics, and you fail to teach scientific Leadership in Government Studies and Law.


When a university teaches “Fixing Broken Systems”, it realizes that the twelve points above are a small subset of Collapse Motivators that must be tracked and submitted to a funded repair project. Realizing that you have a problem – is just the first step to fixing it, the second step is to fix the broken systems within your curricula: be they: a ballooning academic bureaucracy that purges leadership; or, schools that teach collapse without science; or, when universities actively refuse to credential external experts or to permit and incorporate human-capital contribution. Not everyone wants to do one thing for a lifetime, but your programs make career changes impossible for experts today, and you are teaching nonsense as a direct result of this failing – as we see here.

This letter creates an opportunity for Universities in Canada, as it did for UoT’s Governing Council. With this letter, you can lead the world in teaching advance – and in teaching smart self-repairing systems and curricula.

Put an end to your following of the broken systems of our collapsing neighbours. Harvard and Oxford Universities are obviously collapsing their societies, so why are you following their examples?

Correcting Arrogance and Ignorance

“The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance. “ – Albert Einstein

Big problems like these create a national liability, a Tytler Cycle, and an international embarrassment – because academic President’s Offices and Governing Councils fill their cups full of self-import, entitlement, cool-aid, champion stuff, or fear of essential change. Where a credible researcher realizes that he’ll change his opinion as often as observation demands it, you have taught yourselves (to be) unteachable. Will Smith explained that his mother took him back down to ground level after winning his first major award – by sending him to the corner store to buy milk. Canada’s Academic institutions need to go buy milk now – because like Will at the Oscars this year, they have lost something very important today.

And this cautionary tale of serious snowballing quality problems is correctable; so own it now – and fix it. A job title makes no one an expert, and an expert of fiction can never be a leader either. The lessons learned in our European Dark Ages were that we must always focus on the highest quality and social value of our education – and keep the focus away from bureaucratic gatekeepers and processes that forget this.

  1. At present, academic institutions show right-way-ness intermittently – as an exception. Academia is not teaching leadership, and is not Standing on Guard for Canadians.
  2. UoT’s Governing Council proved this year that there is little chance that your groups will recognize an essential “kick in the arse” for the opportunity that it presents.

Those who won’t read this note to the end, “are become death” because they’re oblivious to the great cost of their low performance. You HAVE NOT figured this out for yourselves, and remember that Einstein had to wait 20-years for academics to recognize something far less important than this letter. You WERE NOT going to figure this out for yourselves. An expert in leadership is needed here to direct you to change – so here it is: Change, improve, transition, advance.

You have everything you need, except for leadership.

How to cure a Cancer

“Those Who Do Not Learn from History Are Doomed To Repeat It” – George Santayana

Genocide and collapse fracture our civic foundations; they are problems that can’t be ignored. The dangerous powder-keg of mature capitalism that has created so many wars in the past, is re-occurring within a mature nuclear era for the first time today as well. Science MUST not be silenced and common sense MUST prevail.

I raised five teenagers and put 1,500 families annually through sports programs; which taught me that human nature wants to be “too smart” for wisdom. It usually takes a clear authority’s ultimatum or drastic defunding to restore advance again within unscientific settings like Canada’s Academic Institutions.

Regardless the result of future inquiries to global courts, university presidents, ministers, student newspapers, and international media – must acknowledge that a change must come like a trucker’s blockade.

Understand clearly that we DO NOT WANT our future generations to become a Universities Canada Chair like Mr. X, nor Ms. Y; nor a McMaster, nor a McGill University, which are a national embarrassment.


It’s weak to raise alarms without solutions, so here is a thesis-proven solution for all of the problems listed above. How do you teach academia to teach their students core values of Good, Respect, and the shepparding of Human Advance? The solution is straightforward …

  1. Teach Common Sense – Common Sense is the social benefit of our decisions (our policies). Where a high-IQ and high-EQ individual can be a serial killer or a president, a high-CSQ individual is a leader. You can’t teach anything when kids are falling out of programs at the same rate as ballot boxes in Canada; so ensure a mastery approach to science, and validate that a “contribution to human advance” resides in every evidence-based Faculty and lesson
  2. I mentioned the need for performance management above: Global Leadership Faculties: Scientific Societies Programmes, The Book (a scientific civic Owner’s Manual), GL-BOK, (Democratic Reform), TASK (Education Reform), TE, MEMS, WAOH, Strategy: Engineering Plans for Human Advance: Worthwhile Industries & WP Projects, 100 Year Plans, and CSQ Tests (similar to IQ tests). Your present social curricula does not mandate 100% evidence-based science – as all of it must.

A plastic surgeon enters the Operating Room with sophisticated tools and training so that he can be successful. A baseball bat is valueless to him or to his patient. Give our kids the tools of scientific, measurable, and meaningful terms, expert process, and continuously-improving systems that have proven themselves to ensure advance and success.

Our nation is collapsing and students are all denied these basic tools today – by this council of Canadian Academic Institutions. Do better.

cc – Every Education worker and Minister in the country – and elsewhere.

©2022 All rights Reserved, CSQ Research

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