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Collapse Motivators

Method 9:  Collapse Motivators

What are Collapse Motivators?

Collapse Motivators are a Method of Global Leadership academics introduced by the Global Leadership Book of Knowledge . Collapse Motivators document processes that work against the success of civilization and humanity

What are examples of a Collapse Motivator?

1. Crimes against Humanity

  1. Access to Income – in a mature monetary society, citizens must be assured access to living-wage incomes via employment or government assistance. No exceptions; this must be a Constitutional Right.  As an example: In Ontario, Canada – 300 individuals per year are denied access to supports that amounts to 1/7th cost of living, by the provincial   – every year. A municipality (Burlington, Ontario – one of the most affluent communities in Canada) support-office workers who suspect ongoing audits missed unstated incomes, can insist on a multi-year audit of individuals that will have to legally implicate family members who helped with rents – and fraud charges will apply if these staffs wish it. The Municipal Mayor will explain it’s not their jurisdiction, Regional Councillors will ignore it similarly, Provincial workers and Human Rights Tribunals will abide by the stated law, federal Human Rights and U.N. Human Rights Tribunals – will both completely ignore letters of escalation.
    This hidden and unreported Crime against Humanity today equals German wartime WWII systems of government. The result has been to drive Canada to 138th in suicide with overdose suicide at record levels. In 2019, Canada became the highest male suicide rate in the G7, because hiring policies mandated diversity hiring that drove 30-serious social problems and a 1.49 fertility rate that loses 30% of the Canadian population, culture, and language every 20-years.
  2. Fake Job Lists – In 2015, Business lobbyists – supported by Universities favouring Wealth Theory, used “Lists of vacant jobs” to justify offshoring and onshoring. The requests were allowed in only Canada; because almost every other nation turned away these lists as bogus immediately.
    The 2010s saw a wholesale shift to corporate hiring by MBA business generalists and Human Resource administrators. Neither were experts in the industry silos they were assigned to lead, neither could train new workers; and worker to manager ratios rose as well.  If a resume didn’t match a text search or missed a meaningless certification, the job was reported unfillable by local resources – and this could happen if applicants were “expensive” (10-years from retirement – ageism) or didn’t meet new Diversity lawss designed to save businesses from paying pensions. Prior to this change, an expert middle-manager would recognize the skills needed through other queues in a resume – and then would train a local worker through any gaps until they were experts too.
    Obvious expert leaders were not hireable as they were not “fits” (not followers; they wouldn’t get along with managers who knew nothing of the skills required), so these fake Job Lists became larger as male suicide rates increased.
    Today, these lists are used to either force senior expert workers into humiliating low tasks – reporting to people with a fraction of their human capital at starvation wages; or, to literally starve them into suicide, homelessness, and destitution.
  3. Diversity and Inclusion in high-income nations. 94% of 70 high-income nations run at unsustainable birth rates. Canada’s 37-million population loses 30% every 20-years as a mathematic certainty. This is a genocide and extinction impacting populations at a rate greater than WWi, WWI, and the Spanish Flu combined. See research articles here 1, 2

2. In Government

  1. Unsustainable Capitalism – Herbert Hoover used unsustainable capitalism (Neoliberalism) to create the Great Depression, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) used sustainable capitalism to create the greatest economy in history. FDR’s Policies did this for the U.S. in the 1950s – and for many other nations still-successful to this day 70-years later due to FDR Constitutions at work in Japan, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Norway, and others.
  2. Nationalism – responsible national self-sufficiency is essential for every nation and is their highest priority. As nationalism is accomplished, a World Government should be supported by every nation that co-ordinates autonomous productions for the needs of all nations – similar to the planning outlined in the thesis World Peace
  3. In Government, ineffective silos of State, Federal, and Municipal Administrations cost every economy an average $4 billion lost daily in 200-nations due to low social contract scores, imports, scale-up trickle-down support, and sales economies that stall economic productivity in 200-nations
  4. In Political Science, Left and Right Political Parties both argue for scientifically-proven collapse policies, focusing on messaging that can win elections with little understanding of what is responsible leadership. This is easily seen in the broadcast of meaningless reports, and the systemic suppression of scientifically meaningful reports and social sciences in academia (see “Our Academic Mediocracy”)
  5. Medical – ignores cures to prefer more-lucrative lifelong treatments
  6. Policing, Prisons and Youth Detention – Private Prisons encourage incarceration and keep people uneducated and unproductive. Numerous cases of judges taking bribes and incentives
  7. Private Seniors Homes – Famously encourage neglect and loneliness and drive-up cost of living. Clean and social old age centers are the focus of advertising that operations often fall short of.
  8. Taxation – The UAE, like many other nations, have no income tax. They accomplish this through social ownership of a small percentage of production. Most com
  9. Taxing the poor – The poor have the least money and often no-wealth in starvation-wage countries like the United States. Taxing them, therefore, creates a productivity impact for the poor and a  diminishing return on investment for any government.
  10. SEED versus Scale-up Trickledown – any nation stagnates under trickle-down governments that funnel tax and debt to existing businesses while ignoring essential mid-size self-sufficiency infrastructure and opportunity.
  11. Finance Industry – is essential until it becomes bloated and will damage any economy after this point.
    IMF Financial Industry Index

    Large Finance Industries are Harmful

  12. Suicide – Ignoring reports of suicide is unconscionable – an evil unempathetic society, as is a failure to correct conditions that commonly lead to high-suicide rates. Unemployment, Female Hiring, Divorce, Starvation Wages, Cost-of-Living Bubbles all lay under the control of Government to balance good lives. Fentanyl and Heroine overdose deaths can fairly be considered Suicide Deaths as well. We’ve all seen with COVID now, that medical reporting commonly misrepresents cause of death, and we do need accurate reporting. COVID is worse than the flu and has killed hundreds of thousands more than a typical 80,000 flu death season in the U.S., but false reporting just gives conspiracy theorists grounds for ignoring basic isolation protocols.
  13. Immigration – is an unsustainable policy which means it is inappropriate during mature capitalisms and is helpful during boom economies. During mature capitalism’s high unemployment and imbalance, immigration creates hyper-competition and starvation wages as employers are required to hire by Diversity laws.
  14. Guns – Guns kill people as a scientifically provable fact. Guns within city limits – No; Hand Guns – No; Rifles for sport hunting – Yes; Military-grade “assault” rifles – or semi and automatic weapons- No. Keep it simple
  15. Tobacco – the consumption of tobacco products has a social and healthcare cost that many societies agree to pay. Governments often charge steep taxs on tobacco products – designed to offset medical costs much higher than non-smokers
  16. Alcohol and Drugs – the consumption of intoxicants has a social and policing cost that many societies agree to pay. In policing, alcohol must prevent the operation of a motor vehicle or other dangerous equipment. Marijuana is a gateway drug that lowers society’s trepidation about “taking drugs” – this is undeniably true. Addictive substances and addictive personalities make legalizing drugs unsupportable. Decriminalizing the illegal trade in gateway drugs like Marjiuana is a responsible option, but decriminalization can not extend to the operation of equipment or vehicles. None of this advertising belongs in front of children under the age of 18 to 21.


3. Business

  1. Procurement’s Lowest-Bid-Wins approach creates Starvation Wages. Risk Mitigation (Zero Risk requires expensive insurances to be secured by vendors ( preventing small vendors from submitting), Tender announcement and submission fees (for Merx and similar annual fee-based job-boards),  create artificial barriers to entry and opportunity for qualified applicants, Zero Risk, Win-Lose, non-expert review; are all approaches that cannot be permitted to stop innovation, to deny experts with incomes, and to create Starvation Wages.
  2. Business’s Human Resources – hiring practices cannot eliminate economically essential family values, living wages, single-family incomes, family pensions, nor genocidal anti-family-values and female hiring policies (we sees this in 94% of high-income nations today)
  3. Business – Bonus and Rewards for externalizing Social Costs must be tethered and regulated. Unsustainable Business Practices and Business are parasitic to both economies and societies
  4. Finance’s Asset Management and scale-up investment cannot eliminate SEEDed productivity, opportunity, full-employment, living wages, and pensions for 90% of the planet – see Worthwhile Industries
  5. Insurance – most forms of insurance are not suited to business. Healthcare, Auto Insurance, and also Home Insurance drive cost-of-living and lower quality of life

4. In Academia

See Our Academic Mediocracy

  1. Human Capital – See Our Academic Mediocracy for a detailed report.
  2. Credentialing – Credentialing and Certification programs have taken on greater importance as our mature capitalism’s hyper-competition climbed due to unsustainable policies of immigration, onshoring, offshoring, and non-leader hiring.
  3. In Economics, Wealth Theory’s 70% collapse rate in 207-countries cannot be permitted to create hardship and civil unrest during mature capitalisms
  4. In Economics, Theory – generally, should be removed from curricula where no support for foundational principles can be confirmed by a scientific method. This should include Behaviour, Micro and Macroeconomics, Doughnut, and any other theory-only regiment of instruction
  5. Statistics Gathering – the first step to solving a problem is identifying that you have one, and what is measured can be improved. Accurate and more-detailed reporting must be tracked consistently in every nation. Social Scientists need to confirm what are the relationships between inequity and everything else, suicide by income quintile, savings by income quintile, productivity by income quintile, U-6 Unemployment reporting and not U-3, and so on. Today, essential data collection and meaningful reports are rarely collected and rarely distributed consistently as they must be. The Federal Reserve pie-chart above – was run for one budget report in one country only, and was never repeated. As voters, we need to ask “Why?”, and to not vote for political parties who hide or change essential reports.
  6. In Student Finance, there should be financial accommodations for every eligible student applying for and accepted to programs. When you consider money is printed from thin air and the fact that our people are our greatest asset; education, human capital, and access to credentialling are vitally important for national self-sufficiency and productivity. There is no valid business case to deny access to education
  7. Ambiguous Terms – scare words like Socialism and other ambiguous terms like Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality, permit socially irresponsible and also dangerous and criminal policy to be accepted or even added into law. The Use Case for International Monetary Systems is the GL-BOK’s Standard of Research for disambiguation
  8. Private Schools – primary, middle, and secondary private schools should be discouraged. Community schools encourage families with money to ensure that programs have what they need
  9. Human Capital Exclusions – First CASE STUDIED in the research paper “Our Academic Mediocracy“, Human Capital comes from individuals with experience, research contribution, and problem-solving from the working world, who need access to credentialling and who must be contributing to our Boards, education curricula, and sciences. Compare German cars to North American cars, or theory-only economics to actual science (sciences that had to develop external to academia due to a bureaucracy of mediocrity here), to understand how important this is to national quality and success
  10. Anti-Family-Values – Core families, single incomes, living wages, and family pensions are essential to the success of any economy and society. Bibles teach the essentials of scientific societies and should not be confused with religion. Business practices that operate in contravention to these needs are unsustainable and undesirable as they work against economic prosperity. The teaching of utility family models (step-siblings and parents) begins for Canadian schools in grade-two today
  11. Computer Science reporting to Business Faculties – In many universities, Computer Sciences are organized into Business Faculties. This effectively leaves engineers and leaders (computer science students are experts and leaders), under the direction of non-leaders. Computer sciences can build business solutions of course, but it’s also important that they have the freedom (which means “access to incomes”) to build beyond the confines of a leaderless and collapsing monetary system.
  12. Feminism – In high-income nations where violence towards women is low, the teaching of anti-family-values and feminist hiring policies amount to Crimes against Humanity and the self-genocide of 94% of 70 populations. The science here is simple; populations must maintain 2.2 children per woman and men must be able to complete 30-35 year family pensions. A 1.5 national fertility rate for a population of 35-million amounts to the forfeit of a life every 53 seconds, and also the forfeit of language and culture as 30% of the population is mathematically certain to reduce every 20-years. World War I, II, and the Spanish Flu didn’t impact populations this severely. Put plainly, Men are protectors and providers – and not strangers, innately flawed, nor discardable; Women are matriarchs and community leaders – and not captains of industry and single-parent providers. The defining attribute of a sociopath is an inability to see the harm they cause, and so failures to self-correct year-after-year (as we see in Iceland today) should prompt a denial of voting-rights discussion. Testosterone is distracting and can be troublesome in any animal as in humans – but it’s important, and humans are only not-animals by our education. Terms like toxic masculinity and emotional females, are bullying and therefore unacceptable.  See Female Equality
  13. Diversity and Inclusion – racism, ageism, and sexism are an effect caused in societies with low civics education levels and high inequity. Calls to correct Racism – without also correcting Inequityamount to weapons of mass distraction. What happens when symptoms are corrected while ignoring the underlying disease? The symptoms re-emerge reliably – and usually worse than before also. Diversity is an ambiguous term – which is always a hint to tell you which politicians care only for votes – and not voters. See “Individuals are smart, groups are dumb” in “Our Academic Mediocracy” and also Diversity & Inclusion
  14. Homosexuality – Incidence of homosexuality is higher in countries that teach and encourage homosexual lifestyles (1). Why is this true?
    In genetic science, human beings are developed from lungfish – as are frogs who can change their genders when an environment calls for one gender over another gender – for procreation and survival. Humans hiccup, our anatomy is near-identical to frogs. Animals evolve over millions of years, and they also evolve during a single lifetime similarly. Some animals regrow lost limbs, some catch food with their tongues from a meter away; truly, life has found a way to survive and to adapt to adversity and ever-variable conditions. The fact that we reproduce a working and improving image of ourselves that survives for hundreds of millennia is nothing short of incredible.
    Before and during puberty, humans are most-easily influenced to adopt their lifelong gender-identity. A farmer sees that stallions and bulls have very different behaviours than do mares and cows. Boys must manage similar testosterone-driven impulses, and be taught to be respectful protectors and providers by strong male role models (John Wayne, Superman, Denzel Washington, Brad Pitt, etc.). Adopting honorable masculine traits will be important to their lifelong testosterone production, good health, and social contribution. Girls, who revere strong matriarchs and are supported properly, will ensure that we sustain populations with good lives, homes, and communities. After puberty – after 17 or 18 years of age, people are what they are and deserve to be happy – as every parent wishes for their children. Before puberty, however, children are impressionable and a higher rate of homosexual influence statistically works against population sustainability. Scientifically, therefore, children need protection from news, curricula, and prime-time programming that discourages traditional core family values and heterosexual lifestyles. Late-night adult movies and shows, and university curricula, must teach both this precaution at the same time that it must also teach acceptance and respect for others who evolve into homosexual lifestyles as an adult.
    In summary: Respect and empathy – Always; Homosexual daytime programming – No; Gender confusion in grade schools, middle, and high school curriculums – No; separate public Male and Female washrooms – Yes;  with mixed washrooms, etc.: in household or adult-only settings – like universities, where security and culture permits

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