Public Policy

Standard of Research Certification

Government and Political Organizations

The Double Your Economy Challenge

Read about Political Party Endorsement and Government Certification here


Investment and Finance Industry Regulation

Spending and investment policy that collapses economies and societies are a thing of the past

Certification, Monitoring, and also Regulation, can strategically double economies while protecting against tactical harmful unproductive corporate profit

Read more about Finance Industry and Government Regulation here

Education & Leadership

Academia and Leadership Training

Science is Reality
Only experts can be Leaders

75% of degree credentials teach fiction (proven-failed theory) without science. They can build nothing and can’t be experts nor leaders …

60% of males and 40% of females DO NOT complete their degrees

Global Leadership Sciences Dashboard Graduates by Gender

Our universities, boardrooms, and investment committees are filled by accountants, business generalists, professors, and lawyers trained in tactical theory which is proven to collapse economies and societies reliably. Not Experts, Not Leaders …

Learn about TASK – The Academic Scientific Societies Challenge (tassc = TASK)

CSQ Certifications

For Government

ACT Parties and CSQ ACT Certifications ensure that your vote is for the people AND doing the most good. In today’s large democracies (over 15 million), marketing think-tank messaging is tested and aimed at sweeping away your vote for the benefit of special interests.

Policies that sound great, but are not, include:

“Low-Tax” – sounds great right? Not right. This protects the rich from taxation, it stalls economies through inequity, and it increases debt.

“Death-Tax” – formerly Estate Tax, protect the rich from distributing high estate wealth

“Open Market” – housing is not a business, it’s an essential like food and like air. Open Markets are what Dickens and Lord Byron wrote about before basic social supports were available

When you don’t know what to stand for, you can fall for anything …

CSQ Certifications and ACT Parties rely on 30 policies researched in 220 countries by transparent, scientific Transition Economics measures, to ensure your vote rebuild Social Contracts and restore economies.



For Business

Germany’s Volkswagon is an example of an EconomyTech Company: VW builds robotic assembly lines, which build world-class engineered products, that build superior export wealth for the German Economy

EconomyTech are clean solutions for sustainable self-reliance, national prosperity and Good Lives. Advanced Industrial companies that interoperate to build self-sufficient, affordable automated communities and export diversity are essential to a sustainable economy in an automating landscape. CSQ Certification for Companies and for EconomyTech, tells investors and customers that your company is working to boost the local economy through productions that build abundant export wealth, and to reduce overall cost-of-living while improving quality of life.

See a list of 250 EconomyTech products at our WPProjects page

To view example CSQ Certified EconomyTech Companies, click on an icon …

 DeliveryBots GoodBots RoboRoads DotDomo2 FoodBots PharmaBots MiningBots Cirenergy2 GroundBots wpprojects

Voting for CSQ Certified ACT Parties and Investing in EconomyTech is a transformative and positive change for the Capital and Venture Capital Financial Industries.

It’s a change that promises to focus government and commercial investment into technologies that build a bright future sustainably

SUSTAIN Project Management Certification

SUSTAIN – Sustainable Project Management protects your organization and investors from project shortfalls and socially irresponsible decisions through SUSTAIN Project Management Certification. At CSQ Research you can look to a stalwart and transparent source of guidance that builds Standard Operating Procedures, in-house Business Case Method, SUSTAIN Social Responsibility Governance and Compliance, and successful projects every time.

Take the initiative to get your organization registered at and get started.

Whether your group wishes to Certify your Company, or simply take a SUSTAIN Course, you will be creating and running well run projects in Strategic Planning, Business Transformation, Engineering, Government Policy, or make-or-break Product Development Projects in no time. Whether you count yourself an experience project lead or novice, CSQ Certification will meet your needs and quite likely advance your career wherever successful projects count as merit.

Benefits include:

  • Build anything scalably, reliably and flexibly – Nothing is too complex and nothing is too large.
  • Meet sustainability targets every time
  • Strategic Business Planning and Investment
  • Meet CSR / BSR corporate social responsibility mandates
  • Flexible enough for Government Policy, Democratic Policy, and the needs of legislators too
  • Higher staff job satisfaction, productivity, and attendance
  • Lower Stress Levels office-wide; SUSTAIN builds transparent, professional and productive workplaces
  • Higher revenues and sales volume
  • Differentiation among your competitors as a SUSTAIN Certified Sustainable Leadership and Transformation Team
  • Mature Status Reporting and Project or Process Template Libraries
  • CSQ SUSTAIN Logo for your website and marketing
  • Assurance of Social Responsibility Compliance in SOP for Projects and Operations – for Ethical Investors

Renewable Automation (RA) Certification

Renewable Automations are products, companies, and countries that build and support automation with full life-cycle management capabilities. From construction to maintenance to end-of-life and upgrade, Renewable Technology companies build self-sufficiency and unprecedented high-quality, low-cost goods sustainably.

blocksRA Certified Companies are listed in the RA-Index, or RAI. Click here to access the RAI for your Investment Research Organization

The difference between an RAI Certificate Holder vs an EconomyTech Company? EconomyTech companies automate solutions in Economy-improving solutions that work with other EconomyTech solutions – to automate communities and exports (see the WPProjects list here). RAI Companies build renewable automation tools; RAI Countries enable the creation of both RA and EconomyTech companies through Engineering Safety Nets and similar sustainable policy supports.

Look for the CSQ Certification logo on the website of your country or next business investment opportunity. Contact us here to get your company and country’s programs Certified.

CSQ Certs

Look for three levels of Certification Compliance:

  1. Certified and Monitored – Your trained, in-house Project Teams build RA that is confirmed by CSQ Research Compliance Engineers at regular intervals
  2. Certified – Project and reporting teams are certified trained in building life-cycle managed automation.
  3. Monitored – CSQ Research reviews specific Renewable Automation project/product releases as requested.

Contact us here to get your company RA programs Registered and CSQ Certified

Why CSQ Certification?

ACT Government Policy, EconomyTech,  Corporate Social Accountability, and SUSTAIN Certifications are a big-picture solution for the training and governance needed to build sustainable nations and good lives reliably.

We’re a young world with a bright future ahead.

The unfortunate fact, historically speaking, is that our understanding and education systems have held us back from building sustainable agrarian societies, then monetary societies – and today we are automating societies as well.

We’ve paid dearly for our leadership shortcomings, in time lost, in hard lives, and in loves lost to wars too.

  • A 72% international economic collapse-trending rate including most of our large democracies – U.S., France, Canada, U.K.
  • Corporations are hoarding wealth, creating inequity that is choking their own success
  • Financial Industries are proven to damage economies in every academic research paper we can locate
  • We have taught our MBA grads unsustainable “externalization of cost” for their essential security, infrastructure, education, & health care
  • Creating Bonus Programs or Quarterly Reporting Programs which ensure only socially-irresponsible short-term-benefit thinking.

Large Multi-national conglomerates can hoard profits, offshore work, avoid tax, fail to invest in local companies, lower wages, and not self-police their social irresponsible behaviors until governments must either regulate them or social instability drives investors to push-back on executive teams that risk total loss due to civil unrest and violent uprises

For 4,000-years in documented history, governments have had to implement controls and corrections on commerce in order to reset the natural inequities created by monetary system cycles – and by successful capitalism.

Business is not designed to balance needs of commerce and society. Government’s role is to implement balance that sustains strong commerce and opportunity – but business can help.

Working heads-down to become the very best at walking straight off a cliff, fails even the most basic understanding of good common sense. But working to make opportunity larger so that your company can share in a strong and stable economy – that does make common sense. Better to reset and balance inequity, that permits economic boom once again – as we see in the teachings of the science of Transition Economic described in this chart.


Protect your organization and investors from social instabilities that risk every business endeavor large or small – with CSQ Compliance and Certifications.

At CSQ, you can look to a stalwart and incorruptibly transparent source of guidance within the CSQ Governance and Compliance review and training team offerings that work to ensure that the focus of your management team is safeguarded from distraction. You do not have to figure out all of this planning on your own.

Whether your group is sponsoring an important CSQ Social or Technology Project (see our Forums and, or you need to confirm how well thought-through are the goals set out by your committees in Strategic Planning, Ethical Investment or Due-Diligence in Usury and non-asset-backed lending, there is a CSQ Compliance program available for your needs.

Courses and Seminars

The professional body for over 15,000 social responsibility and sustainability professionals from around the globe.
CSQ Research sets the standard for the content and delivery of environment and sustainability training through robust quality assurance processes and provides professional development support in line with map.


  1. Attract Capital and Venture Capital Funding
  2. Project Funding from financial institutions seeking more socially-responsible investment
  3. Improve Corporate Governance
  4. Easier Insurance  for your projects
  5. Aboriginal Community Sponsorships
  6. Environmental Assessment
  7. Health and Safety KPI Dashboard
  8. Documentation and Training Best-Practice

Look for the SUSTAIN Logos “Certified” and “Monitored” on your next project or investment to confirm that social, financial, procedural, and ongoing monitoring for measures of success and performance in Government, Non-Profit, Public and Private Licensed Corporations. If it’s not on our website, the product or organization is not certified.

CSQ Certs

For Certification and Training Programs, or to fast-track monitoring of your performance targets, visit and contact CSQ worldwide offices at [email protected].

CSR Social Responsibility

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility Workshops
  • One-hour Seminar Series Updates & Luncheons
  • CSR Guided Training and Certificate – 30 Day Training minimum requirement – Level 1
  • CSR Executive Certificate – 60 Day Training Cycle recommended – Off-site Training available – Level 2
  • CSR Executive Masters – 4 months recommended – Level 3

Also consider that an investment in CSQ Certification brings:

  • Leadership in CSR -Corporate Social Responsibility Mandates
  • Leadership in Sustainable Government and Corporate Policy
  • Peace of Mind for Voters & Policy Organizations
  • Higher staff job satisfaction, productivity, and attendance.
  • Higher revenues and sales
  • Assurance of Compliance for Ethical Investors
  • Oversight on Ethical Business Practices, Bonus, Compensation, High Performer Recognition
  • Mature Status Reporting and Project or Process Template Libraries
  • CSQ Ethical Business Practices Logo for your website and marketing
  • Strategic Long Term Business Planning

Look for the CSQ Logos “Certified” and “Monitored” on your next project or investment to confirm that social, financial, procedural, and unsurpassed levels of ongoing monitoring (for measures of success and performance) in Government, Non-Profit, Public and Private Licensed Corporations.

CSR Research LogoCSQ Certs

Visit WP Magazine at,,, or #wpprojects to get started.

For Certification and Training Programs, or to fast-track monitoring of your performance targets, visit or CSQ worldwide offices at [email protected].

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