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The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

MethodSocial Contract Loss SCL Report 5:  The SDGs & Transition Engineering

In 2015 the United Nations set out Global Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs) for every nation

Bibles have proved very well that setting down Goals by themselves, is not a successful method to build a Scientific Society. Any engineer can tell you that it takes a clear transition plan with focus, budget, resources, proven process, and clear timelines to build any goal. Not building Sustainable Development’s very large and complex projects, cost economies an average of $4.3 billion every day today

The GAP:

The gap between planning and financing the SDGs is great. The U.N. estimates that only 1% of SDG Programs are approved for funding by Investment Committees internationally Finance Industries have taken a status-quo and laissez-faire approach to building them, and Governments have failed to understand the cost and risk. COVID is an excellent opportunity to see the resilience of economies that would have called themselves “leading”, not exposed for the house of cards that actually are.

Not only does this leadership gap cost $4.3 billion per day in Social Contract Losses (see the Reporting tab), but it leaves nations vulnerable to economic mismanagement and pandemic and other shortages as we see today in our lumber and metal shortages

The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals #6 Clean Water and #2 Abundant Food – See FoodBots tours for abundant local food and water solutions

#3 Strong Social Contracts and Good Lives are managed reliably by automation and social programs – in the same way, that FDR built his New Deals above. The monetary system quickly becomes irrelevant once we automate the scalable assembly lines that produce all the things we need. Welfares and support for the poor become entirely free, and #1.

Poverty can be eradicated like it was Polio or any other curable disease and social problem.

The Golden Rule and American Dream are models that leveled the #9 Inequities of all citizens – so that all could be productive and contribute to a strong economy

#3 Healthcare – Healthcare spending is a near causal indicator of a successful economy. Like most social contract investments, $4 is the Return on Investment (ROI) for every $1 spent See

#4 Education

#5 Gender Equality is a very different issue in developing nations than it is in developed nations. In high-income nations, Single Income Families are an imperative of sustainable populations and are presently needed urgently to turn around starvation wages, racism, sexism, ageism, division, and unsustainable fertility rates. RESPECT is a key policy of sustainable education and public policy. Men and women are like right and left legs, essential to one another, and family values are a time-honored sustainability model reminded to us in every bible

#7 Energy – is the start of it all. Prosperity requires abundant, reliable clean energy. See Cirenergy for the How explanation of how we build this everywhere…

#8 Work and Economic Growth – Access to Income/Full-Employment, and strong social contracts (Salaries that afford all Costs of Living) are proven above to build prosperous economies reliably

#9 Industry Innovation and Infrastructure – just look to Worthwhile Industries for this planning, and also for the perfect marriage of the #11  20-minute-commute cities and communities that every nation needs. No community is complete without responsible life-cycle management and end-of-life planning for all of its productions

#12. Environment and #13 Climate are handled by well-engineered Circular Economy SOPs and Special Projects as needed

Transition Engineering

Worthwhile Industries is CSQ Research’s thesis-driven do-tank and engineering plan for World Peace (sustainable, self-sufficient societies). W.I. is an organization dedicated to building self-sufficiency before 2030 for every nation – in a world where 90% do not have pensions. Worthwhile Industries presents global investors with the opportunity to build SDGs through Bonds and Finance Projects that build automated production, SOPs, and rollout. The assembly lines needed to actually build national SDGs include … Worthwhile Industries at Worthwhileinc.com

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