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CSQ Research is a full-service global fact-tank, STEM development, and strategic civic consultancy firm that brings evidence-based scientific Advisory to countries worldwide:

  • CSQ Sponsors and Administers the MEMS Double Your Economy Challenge
  • MEMS is the leading evidence-based policy decision support tool for government, academia, and regulators
  • We Curate the evidence-based Global Leadership Book of Knowledge (GL-BOK) and Global Leadership Magazine
  • WAOH – is the world’s most extensive context-qualified free online econometric library
  • Transition Economic – TE is the most mature evidence-based civic science today
  • Reliable Economic Consultancy and Advisory
  • Our Scientific Societies Consultancy builds proven success in Public Policy and Constitutional Reform
  • Political Science and the ACT Party Thesis explain Democratic Reforms
  • TASK explains essential scientific Educational Reforms
  • Certifications and Endorsements programs and training
  • CSQ 100 Year Strategic Right Plan introduces Strategic Right Planning
  • Infrastructure Self-sufficiency and Investment – See Worthwhile Industries
  • International Trade and Regional Partnerships
  • CSQ explains Investment versus Spending; education versus indoctrination; and advance versus collapse

Our offices are located in Toronto, London, and Paris; and we connect remotely to the 220 countries internationally.

MEMS – is the world’s leading data science tool and evidence-based civics Knowledgebase

MEMS - Economic Enterprise Decision Support Application and Double your Economy Challenge

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Enterprise Decision Support – for scientific Policy, Planning, Economic Development, and monitoring that corrects an average $4 billion daily loss to most economies

WAOH World at our Hands LibraryMEMS allows finance and economic development leaders to find opportunities and correct problems quickly and easily

CSQ Research curates data and consolidators for every country with the tools and training to keep your government ministries moving forward reliably to sustainable abundance and success. Find our evidence-based scientific Standard of Research online at WAOH

Edward Tilley, Chairman and CEO


Author, Lecturer, CEO, and Chairman, Edward Tilley is the leading evidence-based Global Leadership expert in the world today

Curator of the WAOH Econometric Library and Enterprise Decision Support application MEMS, Edward is a 20-year Hitech Finance Executive and Polymath who pivoted into Economic Science when he saw our global collapse was unchecked in 2015

Edward’s eight Scientific Societies Series theses founded the new econometric science of Transition Economics, presented two competing engineering plans for World Peace, and created the Global Leadership Book of Knowledge (GL-BoK) which builds Scientific Societies programs in universities and governments globally

In career, Edward created Worthwhile Industries, The Home Deal – an AirBnB competitor that grew up in the infertile innovation markets of Canada; he founded his country’s largest minor sports organization; his Dashflows Dashboards won Hewlett-Packard the Gartner #1 Service Provider Award for ten consecutive years. He built the Internet, Cloud, Banking and Government national intranets, Trading, and ERP (Business and Manufacturing) systems – that make our businesses operate every day today.

Worthwhile Industries is the largest corporation in the world under development; a parallel program to the UN’s SDGs and builds energy-generator Cinenergy, FoodBots, Robotic Roads, DotDomo Real Estate Developers, MiningBots, GoodBots, and other important finance programs followed.

Edward led dozens of companies from enterprise-sized to startups, 300+ major projects, portfolios managing $2 billion annually in mature PMOs running 900+ projects a year. Complex engineering is just another day at the office.

CSQ Research programs, enterprise apps, and strategic planning are known to World Leaders and the United Nations. His theses and published articles comprise an impressive body of work made available to government, academia, and libraries.

CSQ Research Programs

Economic Policy and Economic Development Advisors

CSQ Research’s Policy Advisors work with world governments to identify important targets. We’ll advise reporting and monitoring to track your improvement against. We assist Policy Committees, Leaders in Government, and multi-national business organizations, to deliver big-picture country building Right Plans that have the foresight that builds strong countries and also builds a Good Life all citizens. Our World view is a unique opportunity to look beyond our siloed experiences and build a future worth handing down to our next generation.


CSQ Research are Analysts and Academic Fellows, Engineers, Scientists, and Country Planners. Accountants pay for it all, but we plan for the planet based on four-thousand pages of theses and research – in philosophy (great thinking),  process (epistemology), and the latest data science in econometric Transition Economics. Ours is a planet automating within a mature capitalism, at a time when World Wars have occurred, and if history repeated they could also create an extinction level event.

CSQ suggests an alternative and a planned course. Automation is a cure-all – for our present monetary economies – and also for the 80% of our planet who do not have the basic human rights of clean water, food, secure shelter, education, and the other building blocks of a self-sustaining successful economy, Good Life, and World Peace.

CSQ Research leads the world in Proven Sustainable Policy, Social Contract Projects, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), Country Management, Academic Leadership, Democratic and Constitutional Reform, and in effective SUSTAIN Project Management Method that gets your country and company aligned with a brighter, more worthwhile and profitable future.

Building a Right Plan

Building a plan of policies, projects, and KPI Measures that sustain advancing economies, culture, self-sufficiency, and thought-leadership best practices – sustains a prosperous future. Right Planning is straight-forward – but far from obvious to most democratic nations where political leads lack the basic training need to run countries well. Sustainable strategies win both popular support and democratic elections; you need only look back to the Canadian Federal Election of 2015 and to the US Federal Election of 2016 to confirm that a campaign without this planning, stands little hope as well.


Building your Social Contract

What’s Your SCP? What should it be?

Thought-Leadership Processes

We facilitate best-practice workshopping and process in bringing Thought-Leadership to 200 World Governments and Leaders, to the United Nations, and even to the Vatican and major academic institutions. If your goal to align with policies and projects proven to build Sustainable Societies, CSQ Research Advisory services brings you TASK – Academic Sustainable Societies Challenge, CMI – Country Management Index, Worthwhile Industries, and ACT Sustainable Policy. CSQ Research has done the leg-work for you; through Technology Automation, Epistemology (Civics courses in Education), Democratic Election Process, Government Transparency Programs, Transition Economics and Engineering that train builders, doers, innovators, and countrymen to work together to deliver a bright future for each country.

In 322 BCE Aristotle wrote that the Right Plan was – the one whose ends, means, practical thinking and purposeful action result in a Good Life. A life full of things you need – and not necessarily a life full of everything you want. With a little luck, goods in body and soul, and by making a habit of good choices that reflect moral virtues of temperance, courage, and justice, a Good Life should be sought and found.

2500 years later his writings went on to shape modern curriculum in every University and then feeder school in the world. We did not get his templates right these past thirty years, but there are quick fixes and course material available now to correct these omissions. Read The Business Case for Empathy

CSQ Trade Advisers

CSQ Research Trade Advisers bring clear focus to the goals, direction and progress monitors that bolster every country’s Management Team Performance. Tools like CSQ’s CMI Index assist your teams in spotting which businesses and trade to support and give a clear comparison the success of decisions made by other management teams worldwide.

CSQ Working Groups include leaders from the worlds of banking, pharmaceuticals, law and innovation to identify opportunity, resources, and investment that promise rapid GDP improvement based on best-practices worldwide as well.

Should you choose to participate, #WPProjects builds a new International Trade Network of 200 World Leaders building 250 Connected Smart Factories – at the same time that it builds a sustainable society at home.

CSQ Research brings the world’s leading Management Team to your Organization and Country.

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