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Our Executive

The Worthwhile Industries International and Worthwhile Ventures Capital Executive Team operate with an oversight and shared-services model which permits smart optimization of Robotics Teams, Operational Teams and our international Investment Managers

Edward Tilley Chairman Worthwhile Industries

Edward M Tilley

CEO Worthwhile Ventures Capital
Chairman, Worthwhile Industries International

Worthwhile’s Chairman has the skillsets needed to design and implement a Worthwhile Ventures Group of CAMPUSes successfully every time

  • Canada’s Larry Page and AirBnB Team all-in-one; Edward is an established manager with a proven track record
  • Edward is the author of five books on Sustainable Economics & Government Policy as needed to serve as our organization’s “Right Plan Architect”
  • Bootstrapped ten hi-tech companies including AirBnB & Zillow (Market Caps $29B & $50B) competitors
  • He has not missed a funded target for $100M+ budgets in 20-years in FP50 Organizations delivering billions of dollars in hitech services annually
  • Edward’s unique experience, research work, books (which all included Project Management and he is founder of SUSTAIN Project Management Method as well); his one-million lines of code and 250+ successful projects and major programs led in career

These are the skillsets needed to design and build a Worthwhile Ventures Group of CAMPUSes successfully

Michael Losey

Michael Losey, MBA

Chairman, Worthwhile Industries CAMPUS – Canada

Michael is former General Manager Intria/Hewlett-Packard and lead for CIBC Canada, Bank of Ireland and Senior Programs lead for IBM. Account Lead to billions of dollars in managed services annually and the person responsible for Hewlett-Packard receiving ten consecutive years of #1 Best Service Provider Award by Gartner. We believe Michael to be the most talented Hitech Executive on the planet, and Worthwhile beams to find Michael as a member of our teams


Alan Ellis

SVP Strategic Partners & Joint Ventures

Allan is the Special Honours Mathematician from RHC London University who brings thought leadership to our team alongside his network of  connections to some of the biggest companies and Economic Development leadership teams in the world


Modker Almutairi

SVP Investment Relations & Management – Middle East

Modker brings 30-years of Investment Banking experience in the Middle-East Region along with his network of connections to some of the brightest companies and leadership globally

 Linda Burlson Marketing Worthwhile Industries

Linda Burlison, MBA

SVP Marketing


Mariusz Sokolowski

Chief Technologies Officer

Our goto for all matters complex and grand. We ask for the impossible everyday and Mariusz delivers it everytime

 Rachel Pinnington PR Philanthropy Wortwhile Industries

Rachel Pinnington, BSc

VP Public Relations & Philanthropy

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