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Should I change from Conservative to Liberal? Or Choose Neither Now?

The correct answer today today is – Neither.

In the United States, the Conservatives run 2 out of 9 sustainable “turn-around policies” and the Liberals run 2 or 3 sustainable policies too. Canadian Conservatives run 0 out of 9 and Canadian Liberals run none.

Sustainable Policies – policies proven to turn around mature capitalisms like today’s – are a 50/50 mix of Conservative and Liberal  Policy but clearly, it is possible for Right and Left parties to also prefer to support unsustainable policies only. Not all Right policies are sustainable – only some are; Not all Left Policies are sustainable – only some are.

When social contracts are low and economies are stalling, it’s important to vote for 100% sustainable policy only. Some unsustainable policy is permissible and even recommended when the economy, social contract, and birthrates are strong. At these times you want laissez-faire – policies that offer more flexibility – than when the economy, social contract, and birthrates are weak and collapse trending.

Right or Left designations, therefore, are meaningless whenever the political parties on both sides prefer unsustainable policy. In North America, this is true fully 70% to 100% of the time. Neither Liberal nor Conservatives offer 100% sustainable policy – so why then, would anyone try to convince another citizen to vote for unsustainable policy. It doesn’t help anything nor anyone.

Even if things are going well for you personally – by voting for the status quo party that you’re family votes for, you are shrinking your economy and creating national instability when you support unsustainable policy. Large democracies with populations greater than 12 million or so, don’t work well in a mature capitalism’s imbalances, because of status quo voting for unsustainable parties.

Only large democracies with FDR’s Second Bill of Rights have advancing economies today. I’ll explain why this is true in another post.

Thesis-driven ACT Parties are a Democratic and Constitutional Reform tool

The only Political Party committed to 100% sustainable policy, are the CSQ theses-driven ACT Parties. This is because these parties were created by a thesis in sustainable societies that works to avoid the World Wars that are created reliably by mature capitalisms (unbalanced CoL and Salaries/Low Social Contracts). Mature Capitalisms are dangerous, expensive (they cost the U.S. $37 billion daily and Canada $4.2 billion every day), preventable, and are only able to evolve into powderkegs in large democracies with no proper reporting of Social Contract losses.

The stock market’s performance is no indicator of a sustainable economy and nor is a GDP by itself (it doesn’t provide enough context). The SCP Report, alternatively, is essential to understand is an economy strong and improving. Realizing we have a problem, through reports, is the first step in solving our problems. Politicians talk about GDP and Stock Markets because they are always positive for the most part. “Vote for Us Again”, because they are doing a terrific job – when they are not.

So – let’s run through what policies are sustainable and unsustainable. Check why these are proven true at The World at our Hands Report.

First, typical Conservative Policy:

  • Low Tax (for the rich) – No (Not Sustainable)
  • Full-Employment – Yes (Sustainable)
  • Small Government – No (The role of government is to ensure Salary & CoL balance; Business cannot as it isn’t designed to)
  • Open-Markets – No
  • Nationalism – Yes
  • Single Income Families – Yes

Then Liberal Policy:

  • Social Contract (Universal Healthcare, Social Programs & UBIs, Low Cost of Living) : Yes
  • Wealth & Income Inequity: Yes
  • Middle Income: (basically the same as Low Tax) – No
  • Diversity –
    • Offshoring and Onshoring engineering – No
    • Offshoring and Onshoring labour – No
    • Female Equality / Double Income Families – No
    • Inclusion – No
  • Immigration – No
  • Debt Forgiveness – Yes

Here’s how all parties stack up in the October 2019 Federal Election in Canada …

Canada Federal Election 2019
Vote only for Sustainable Policy – anything else is Socially Irresponsible

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