CSQ 100 Year Plan – 38 Projects to a Bright Future

19 Social & Technology Projects are needed for World Peace. We call their 250 Smart Factories – Worthwhile PLC or #WPProjects.

Our Generation’s “Moon Launch” and Greatest Legacy

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 World Peace – The Transition


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The CSQ 100 Year Plan – 19 Projects to World Peace – and 38 Projects to an incredible Future…


The CSQ 100 Year Plan Detail

The CSQ 100 Year Plan is the long term innovation and social plan mandated to drive Common Sense projects that build sustainable societies and a Good Life worldwide. Where other long term visions of the future merely hope to guess what might come to pass, CSQ reports and showcase technologies that are worthwhile and therefore deserve our time, effort, and investment.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Build a family friendly society, a good life, more equal opportunities, and protection from threat and fear
  2. Increase wealth distribution and productivity as a society
  3. Identify socially important technology and make it work with priority
  4. Increase lifespans and well-being with improved quality of life at every age

Status Reports

The CSQ 100 Year Plan to a bright Future

38 Projects with:

i. Eight Regions – Very Short-Term, Short-Term, Mid-Term 8-10, Mid-Term 10-20, Long-Term 40, 50, 75, 100
ii. Three Priorities – A+, A, B
iii. Due Dates for Completion
iv. Detail Project Descriptions in the CSQ Common Sense 101 book
v.  Leaders in Industry and Government.
vi. Three Project Categories: Social Projects (6 – owner Government), Technology Projects, Healthcare Projects

Green-Checkmark-small –  checkmark indicates that Version 1.0 is already delivered

Priority    Due Date           Project Description                                      Company or Government Leaders

Very Short-Term – 1 to 2 years
A+       2017 TE-Mature Policies that balance automation costs and new profits                         Government
A+       2017 Create Wealth from sales of Re-shored Primary and Secondary Economy Goods & Guaranteed Incomes Government
A+       2017 Re-shore Engineering                                                                   Government
A+       2017 Education to set targets for Socially Unproductive Companies              Government
Green-Checkmark-smallA+       2016 Robotics                                                                         Caterpillar, Siemens, ABB, Boston

Green-Checkmark-smallA+       2016 Automation Software                                                                    SAP, Microsoft

Green-Checkmark-smallA          2016 Strategic Digital Transformation Performance Software                 DashFlows

Green-Checkmark-smallA+       2016 Treatment for Alzheimer’s

Green-Checkmark-smallA          2016 Clean-Diesel fuels & Rapid Charge Electric vehicles     Audi, VW, Mercedes-Benz

Green-Checkmark-smallA+       Driverless Cars & Trucks                                                                  Google & Tesla

A+       2016 Tricorders                                                                                        XPrize Foundation
Green-Checkmark-smallA+       2016 Communicators                                                                           Samsung, Google, Apple

A          2016 Video watches                                                                                         Samsung
Green-Checkmark-smallA+       2016 – Voice controlled Universal Translators                                     Google

Short-Term 3 to 5 years

Green-Checkmark-smallA+       2017 3D Printers for Clothing, Food, Everything               Feetz, Disney, Mark, AutoDesk, StrataSys
A+       2018 Creation of Matter from Light                                              Imperial College London
A++    2019 Worldville 1 & 2 – 250+ #WPProjects mitigate delays in Energy-Matter conversion.

Mid-Term 8 to 10 Years

A          2020 Holodecks – without feedback                                                                Microsoft
A+       2022 Clean Energy – Cold Fusion and Plasma Fusion
A+       2023 Robot Maids – with Rapid Charge Batteries                               Honda, Moriyama

Mid-Term 10 to 20 Years

A+       2024 2 day, 4 hour Work-Weeks @ Full Benefits                                   Government
A+       2025 Fully Diagnostic Medical Imaging                               Fujifilm, GE Healthcare, Siemens, Philip
A          2025 Holodecks – with touch feedback                                                          Microsoft
A+       2035 Self-Powered Replicators – food, gold, clothing                    AutoDesk, StrataSys
A+       2035 Start ‘The Transition’ from Money to Social Utility                    Government

Long-Term – 40 Years out

A+       2055 End of the Monetary System – in G7 No taxes
A         2055 The Singularity – Computers Programming Computers
A          Impulse Engines

50 years out

A+       Human Cloning
A+       Reverse Replicators – which convert matter to energy and back again.

75 years

A          Consciousness Transfer Technology
A+       Anti-Gravity
B       Warp Drive – Negative Energy Technology

100 years
A          True Artificial Intelligence
A          Transporters

Copywrite 2015 Edward Tilley – all rights reserved. As presented in the book CSQ Common Sense 101 – 2015 DashFlows Book Group

Overall Status: Yellow
Social Status: Yellow
Technology Status: Green
Healthcare Status: Yellow

250 World Peace Transition Projects – are #WPProjects

JUST ONE PROJECT is assigned to each country – until our replicators can compose these things like water and cars – directly from energy. We are a planet where 80% do not have a Good Life; the scale of this problem is too large to tackle without the sustainable automation of the basics of life – per Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. #WPProjects automate our basic needs and set a new standard of Human Rights that include sustainable guarantees of Clean Water, Food, Shelter, Clean Energy and Transportation and much more. See Worldville.

What is the upside? Robotic automation is quick. It took two years to build version 1.0 of a driverless car that has logged one million miles already.

Help us out by spreading the word and bragging about a terrific plan on social media and get us onto the Agenda of projects for the United Nations and for your Country!

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 11.36.05 AM

CSQ Research and the “Right Plan”

At CSQ Research, we build Strategic Plans for countries, and for the World, to a standard that Aristotle called – a “Right Plan”. A Right Plan was a list of worthwhile projects that build a Good Life and sustainable Society. Why do we prefer this method? Because this ensures Sustainability and creates a world that our Children will be proud to call their own. At the end of the day, this approach also builds what philosophers call a Meaningful Life – wherein meaningless squabbling over race, religion and gender evaporate, and prosperity is sustainable – and this sounds pretty good to us too.

Building to a Right Plan does not take longer; its is easy to understand; easy to implement and successful near 100% of the time that it is run properly. If this does not sound like a description of your government nor business’s track record, consider calling our Program and Policy Experts to get you headed in a better direction.



World Peace is just a Project !

Let’s get building again !    Learn more at csq1.org/mag and Get the Book here!

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