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    The Golden Rule

    The Golden Rule says “Love your neighbour as yourself” and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. You don’t have to like him – but you do have to ensure he is fed and safe. The Golden Rule is in every religion on every continent in every Millenia – for good reason; because it is Sustainable.

    Feed a man a fish – and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish – and he will eat for a lifetime – and so will his family, but he will become a target for starving neighbours (the 200-year fall of the Roman Empire was a good example). Sustainable Right Plans, provide for the ongoing basic needs of life for all societies – and this is the reason that the efforts of the U.N. have faltered these past 70 years – and need ever greater funding annually.

    How could we ever hope to afford the needs of 80% of the planet that do not have a Good Life – the basics of what they need – today? We never could produce the solution manually, its just too large of a problem. The solution to sustainability, in fact, lies in automation. Only by automating the construction of machines that automatically provide food and water, and then roll out 250 connected smart factory systems automatically as well – until they can automatically create “Worldvilles” (sustainable, automated villages, towns, and cities) as required, can we ever to achieve Peace in our time.

    Fortunately, most of the technology projects needed to build a Worldville are quite a bit less complex than the Driverless Car Project was. That Autonomous Driving Car Project, conceived and run by a famous engineer with no financial limits (Larry Page of Google), took just two years to produce a version 1.0 that has since logged one million miles of accident-free driving. WEALTH DISTRIBUTION at home provides an American Dream too – without any automation, and that will give us more than enough time to build #WPPROJECTS, a Right Plan of 250+ automation projects developed by Canadian think-tank CSQ Research and assigned to 200 countries to be coordinated by the .U.N.

    Learn more about #WPProjects at Google+ and Twitter and get involved by joining a project team in your community. Worthwhile Projects are the important deliverable of a meaningful life, so we here at CSQ certainly hope for your help and vote when #WPProjects are tabled in your next business, government, and social gathering.

    Read about #WPProjects and how automation and social projects work toward building a sustainable World Peace that can be our generation’s greatest legacy – in World Peace – The Transition.

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