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    Our Moon Launch and Greatest Legacy

    Clean water, groceries, energy, and household supplies arrive at your doorstep daily, without interruption – for the rest of your life, for the lives of your children, and that is just the beginning – in Worldville.

    The World Peace Transition Program (click here to read the FAQ), at the direction of 200 World Governments running just one project each, has replaced your manual economy and installed your sustainable automated production economy instead – and, this morning, it has brought the basic human right of a good life to your front door – and to your entire community.

    Can you remember when Governments ran the world’s greatest engineering and technology projects? Space Shuttles, Satellites, Nuclear Super-Ships and Submarines, Moon Launches, Mach 3 Jets, Modern Cars at 1/20th todays price, Industrial Robots, and modern GUI Computers. The last 45 years have not been nearly as impressive – with the notable exceptions of engineers without financial limits like Larry Page and Elon Musk. How many experienced engineers and mathematicians sit home unable or unwelcome to contribute? Many more than you might think unfortunately – and so Worldville residents have special income safety nets for engineers to afford them to tinker or join teams of other engineers to realize the most sophisticated automations.

    In 1962, John Kennedy spearheaded 14 Projects in support of a successful 1969 Moon Launch. World Peace Transition, in comparison, requires just 19 projects with 250+ sub-projects that are spelled out (see WP Projects’s FAQ) and monitored step-by-step by the United Nations and individual country WPA Reports (World Peace Agendas).

    Worldville 1 – is new construction. From field testing to a serviced community in just months – with only a crew of robotic engineers working the bugs out of each version release. By version 2.0, in year two, three variations of everything are supported as well as full support for integrated/interrelated systems. Assembly Lines that build road-building robots that build roads; robots building autonomous service installers; and so on. 250 services and products later, a fully functioning community, town, and then city emerge within just two years.

    In Worldville, 100% clean-fuel driverless transports deliver groceries to your door; ferry the elderly to friends, community and healthcare centers – or to work if they choose. Kids make their way to free childcare and education as long as they like – and when they are ready to take a home, it is assigned at age 18 or 19 if desired with first priority of homes given to young families who want to live within the neighborhoods where they grew up. You can use your assigned android or apple tablets – or smartphone – to call for pickup anywhere and anytime – or you can take your own car to work and worry about the parking. Incomes are guaranteed for all, sufficient to meet their basic needs – and logically, every basic need is automated, so no-one is starving nor cold.

    Worldville 2 – is a little more tricky; the fully supported existing community. Mortgage or Land Grant options are made available as appropriate and young families can take a home in their neighbourhood without foregoing their university studies. Usury is illegal in this community and switching between one system of ownership to the other is supported in keeping with work ongoing in our major academic institutions known as the new field of “Transition Economics“.

    Automations Target Top Export

    A Good Life, in an automated civilization, in a family friendly community, without security concerns, where life is respected; a life with equal opportunity, strong family and community values, universal healthcare, with advanced technology, 100-year longevity, and the assurance of liberty and the pursuit of happiness too. Read this article if you are wondering how all of this is affordable – and an automated economy is absolutely is affordable and far more sustainable than our present manual economy as well; the Business Case for Empathy is an update to the financial and social benefits of Worldvilles as well.

    Annual GDP statistics prove again and again that citizens who are able to contribute to profitable GDP production do. In the case of Holland, Dutch citizens who have most of these social perks, generate 50% more wealth (GDP Export) than an American and almost 200% more than a Canadian Citizen.


    Worldville’s Pilots take two years to roll-out and could launch in 2018. Renaming these new villages will be awarded as we get closer to final construction. No mere amusement park attractions, these are connected, automatically built and serviced sustainable villages capable of growth to many thousands of people.

    The 250+ technology projects laid out in Chapter 7 of World Peace – The Transition, are often robotic projects that an advanced high-school robotics team can accomplish, and others are sophisticated engineering projects given to the largest of 200+ countries assigned World Peace projects.  Click here to read “Beyond the Driverless Car”.

    This automation is happening now without planning, so let’s plan it and run it properly – with #TEMature Policy and responsible Safety-nets so that transition happens quickly, painlessly, and even profitably. Sponsor or join a Worldville-building Transition Project today. Click here to see the TEDTalk.

    Aristotle called projects in pursuit of a sustainable Good Life and Society, a “Right Plan”. At CSQ Research we have built that Plan and work tirelessly to communicate and work with World Leaders to do their part in building World Peace in a rapidly scalable and sustainable way via #WPProjects.

    See our forums at Twitter and Google+, read the book, and sample articles at WP Magazine at .


    World Peace is just a Project !

    Let’s get building again !    Learn more at and Get the Book here!

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