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    Socialistic Policy is Good for Business … AND


    Find a massive update to this article at The Business Case for Empathy.

    Wealth Distribution – and automation of our minimum needs of food, water, shelter, security and other needs – was the basis of the American Dream. 2500 years ago Aristotle called it a “Good Life” and the Plan of worthwhile projects needed to build this Good Life within a sustainable society he called a “Right Plan”.

    I found myself defending Socialistic Policy during a recent political discussion – and that discussion sent me back to one of my books to assure everyone that Socialistic Policies are very, very Good for business – as supported by the statistics. My favourite Google-Plus forum too, had become swamped – just like in our news programs – with stories of Religion, Gender Issues, and Race. Are these topics related?

    Question 1:  Does a Good Life with strong Wealth Distribution and Wealth Equity, create more Wealth for a country?

    Question 2:  Are arguments about Religion, Race and Gender problems, merely symptoms of Wealth Distribution Inequities?

    I will offer my summary and conclusions below – but rather than convince the reader with my words, here are the raw datum for your own analysis. I have assembled the statistics for countries that generate the most wealth per citizen (Export GDP per Capita) and compared these numbers for just a few example countries to confirm – Are responsible Wealth Distribution and socialistic policies Good for Business?

    GINI – is a statistic that measures country-wide wealth distribution pretty well;

    HDI – is the UN’s less-than-perfect Human Development Index; I say less-than-perfect because 45% of Hong Kong’s residents live in 8×8 apartments without a window – and still the country gets a quite-high HDI. Wealth Distribution is considered little in this calculation.

    Export Quality – is an assessment of GDP quality, and not necessarily quantity, diversity, profitability where I

    The Golden Rule says – Do unto others as you would have done to you. We can seldom consider this if our own needs for the basics of shelter, food, clean water, and security are not already met. See Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs from bottom to top …

    The American Dream – during the 1950s and 1960s, America, and most of the G8 countries, enjoyed all of the benefits of a well wealth-distributed society and K-Wave Spring (search K-Wave Economics Financial Sense to explain). Ready access to employment which included comprehensive benefits and retirements, affordable housing, and secure communities, led to an economy and lifestyle that became the standard for the civilized world. The American Dream stopped being an option for the last G8 to support it – which was Russia. Perestroika ended support for a Good Life for its citizens in 1986.

    Incarceration Rates, Longevity, and other Stats:


    I found that:

    1. Citizens who enjoy good Wealth Distribution and a Good Life – a Life with free healthcare, education, family-friendly communities and good security –  Citizen-for-Citizen, DID create more Wealth for their country. So, therefore, Wealth Distribution IS Good for Business – and so is Socialistic Policy which include policies like free University, Healthcare, and so on.
    2. Thirty-eight to fifty million citizens in Countries with Socialistic Policy and good Wealth Equality often report reduced incidents of race, religion and gender concern.
    3. Discussion and News of Race, Religion, and Gender disparity was more often found in countries with high incarceration rates and severe Wealth Inequality: Countries with few Very Rich and many, many more poor.
    4. There was an exactly reverse relationship between GINI (Wealth Distribution) and Incarceration Rate where more Inequity resulted more Incarceration and shorter lifespans as well.
    5. Wealth Distribution is the Problem – and the Symptoms of that problem include Race, Gender, and Religion “Crisis” in the News.

    What did you find?

    Read more about understanding solutions important to all of our futures in “World Peace – The Transition”. Available at Amazon, Apple and your favourite e-Book provider.

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