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Robotic Roads

Robotic Roads are robotically life-cycle-managed roadway and infrastructure construction and maintenance solutions. Gravel, asphalt, concrete roadways driven by industry standard Computer Assisted 3D Design, GPS, and Robotic A.I. Technologies.

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Roads, automated equipment, and the assembly lines that build these robots are the main focus of our design and operations teams. Bitumen and Concrete road materials production are key to solutions as are maintenance, upgrade, and all aspects of life-cycle-management as they relate to road construction.

Robotic Roads builds and maintains road networks. Programs like “No Kid Goes Without…” and “Parents for the Planet” ensure that kids have a roof, a bed, groceries, access to healthcare, at the same time that our solutions are profitable for investors and communities. And all Worthwhile PLC solutions are scalable to meet needs of communities worldwide.

Robotic Roads is what a solution for sustainable infrastructure should look like. WorthWhile programs and Robotic Roads technologies promise to build abundance a Good Life that everyone can enjoy.

Robotic Roads


Robotic Roads


Recycling & Resurfacing

One-Pass Recycling and Resurfacing is an example of efficiency



PotHole Repair, Snow Removal and Cleaning never looked so good


New Construction

We Robotically level the road surface. Apply the Preparatory Base Bitumen or Asphalt Prep


Gravel top, asphalt or concrete to specification


Polish to finish specification


And line the finished surface

Stop endless annual Infrastructure spending with Robotic Roads. We build Robotic Road systems that reduce construction, maintenance and end-of-life costs while improving the quality of your road networks sustainably.

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