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    Introducing Transition Economics 

    The Science of Sustainable Cyclic and Automating Economies

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    Transition Economics is the Science of profiting from the resetting of social and economic policy and from Economic Injectors – like Renewable Automation and Foreign Debt, which can offset normal Late Capitalism inequity that occurs in any successful Capitalist Economy – every 60-years or so.

    3d-temat-5 temature

    Click here to read about TE Maturity Modeling and TE-Mature Policy

    Fully 72% of global economies are in a Collapse trending today. Transition Economics (TE) offers an important teaching and learning framework that explains scientifically, statistically, that this is perfectly normal and correctable.

    Opportunity is highest when Inequity is lowest

    3d-te-8x5Transition Economics is critical today because our economies have run their normal course and are no-longer sustainable by the status-quo policies that worked so well at the start of a new “boom” economic cycle in the 1950s. Per the normal cyclic behaviour of 60-year repeating Capitalist Economies – recorded for 4000 years now, our economy will Collapse – unless we bend status quo to permit a responsible economic Reset to take place.  To order the book Transition Economics, click here.

    cycleTEM600ineqWe see the same phenomenon when strategies that worked well at the start of a Monopoly Game, do not work at all near the end of the game. Cycle Economists call these cycles Kondratieff or K-Waves; and these waves of economic boom and bust, have been documented back to Ancient Babylon.

    TE Maturity Models discuss #TEMature policies that sustain Spring Economies and avoid Winters altogether, but if these steps are not taught and enacted, Winter Phase economies MUST switch to a number of key new policies in housing, in guaranteed reverse-tax incomes, and in automation engineering supports that safely and responsibly restore incomes, spending power and the restart of a new and viable Economic Cycle once again.

    Failing this Transition, economies continue right on to Collapse – until either “new wealth” (the California Gold Rush ended the Great Depression of 1835 for one example), or wars / revolutions / populism / dark ages & plagues reset the economic cycle by distributing wealth forcefully.

    To understand the role of supports for the Middle Class AND “The 49%”, see this article.



    Order the Book today !!



    Transition Economics was first introduced in World Peace – The Transition on Christmas Eve 2015. TED and Nobel Selection Committees review submissions for Transition Economics in 2016.

    Aristotle called projects in pursuit of a sustainable Good Life and Society, a “Right Plan”. At CSQ Research we have built that Plan and work tirelessly to communicate and work with World Leaders to do their part in building World Peace in a rapidly scalable and sustainable way via #WPProjects.

    See our forums at Twitter and Google+, read the book, and sample articles at WP Magazine at .


    World Peace is just a Project !

    Let’s get building again !    Learn more at and Get the Book here, at Amazon, or at Apple!

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