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    Driverless Cars

    Driverless cars are all the rage at CES – the Consumer Electronic Show in Los Vegas – this year (Click here to view the Video).

    These are some Brilliant Designs – but where is our imagination ?

    Next we need:

    1. driverless trucks
    2. automated transfer of loads to
    3. automated warehouses that deliver field-to-door:
    4.     a. food,
    5.     b. water,
    6.     c. household items – all automatically.

    Select a #WPProjects team and get started today!

    Other Ideas:

    1. Cars should either link together train-style to share engines and save fuel.
    2. Suggest your ideas below …

    Never heard of the World Peace Transition Projects? Its a Plan for 200 Countries to build JUST ONE PROJECT that automate our current manual basics of a Good Life. Why? Because is only once we have the basics of life reliably, that we can begin to think of the needs of others – the Golden Rule. 80% of the planet does not have the basics today, and there is no way to scale to this level of need without automation, and, once we do build “Worldvilles“, a sustainably better life and economy begin.

    No more crisis of racism, religion, gender inequality, nor even Great Depressions – as these were merely symptoms of our inequity caused by non-socialistic policies within our manual economy. We all win – and when we build the robots that build automated systems, we quickly scale up to a sustainable, democratic World Peace.

    Read about the projects …

    …the Cities of the Future

    … the step-by-steps process to build Pilot v1.0 within just two years.

    Take a look at the #WPProjects’ TED Talk and read all about how to get involved by reading “World Peace – The Transition”

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