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    Building Good Lives fixes Social Problems

    First, its important to level-set any discussion of up-rise and evil – by clarifying that we are deep in the clutches of a global Great Depression, and not a simple “Recession” as the newspapers, our leadership, and the Keynesian Economics experts employed directly by our financial industries, would rather we believe. When we don’t acknowledge this, the fact that we are in a Great Depression, we are not then compelled to look at the wealth distribution solutions that have corrected all Great Depressions every sixty years this past 4000 years.

    I often talk about the importance of the Golden Rule – because it says that if we give people abundance in the things that they need,  they won’t have need to want, to hate, steal, rape, seek vengeance, violence, and so on. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs says as much too – a person who can’t feed their children or one who is crippled by a disease who’s cure is too expensive to afford, can neither simply do nothing; nor will they be able to find the time to pursue fine arts, to generate new commerce and wealth for their country, nor work for oppressed people living elsewhere in the world – for obvious reasons.


    A Good Life for everyone was the American Dream – and in Canadian society, revolutionists stopped being revolutionists because they had what they needed. More than this – we committed to “Stand on Guard” to defend this Good Life and great society of ours because we had a very good thing unique in all the world. We had one-income households that afforded education, cottages, healthcare, security, on and on, similar – to other G8 and G20 nations in the 1960s. North Americans abandoned extremist religion and Europeans also abandoned their own church’s extremists once they had the things they needed too.


    When people do not have their basic human needs and rights; when the things they need in order to live within a family-friendly community are scarce – which is true for 80% of our planet by the way – people will ever turn to militias and revolution in a desperate bid to survive. Two cows will graze peacefully for a lifetime in abundant pastures; introduce  a scarcity – one portion of honey for example – and then they will they fight over the scarce honey. Ironically they never needed honey to begin with, and; just as ironically we have no need of scarcity by way of our technology’s capacity to build abundance the same.

    Adherence to Islam’s violent passages (there are 100+ violent passages; Christianity had many of these too but Emperor Constantine had the authority to revise and qualify open-ended violent passages at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD) – is religious extremism AND revolution. History reminds us that extremism is going to reignite when conditions become intolerable – because it is loud, self-effacing, and it forces change and specifically – it forces wealth distribution. Revolution – is just a symptom; as was any revolution in history be it Russian, French, American – pick your Revolution really. Brexit, Canada’s vote for Justin Trudeau, Donald Trump, are similar protest-votes by an electorate ignored and forgotten by leadership and their supporting panels of clearly incompetent “experts”. A Good Life is measured at home – and not by trade agreements theory.

    Most countries are feeling increased social problems: record high divorce rates, housing bubbles, record incarceration rates; all symptoms – of our world’s inability to build a Good Life for all. The U.S. actively maintains a dividing line of people who have nothing at around 40% (according to the 2010 Fed Reserve).


    Notice that the line is not at 51% because that small shift would create a change in the status-quo. A Hillary Clinton will work diligently to ensure that $100 million makes it into specific communities (of voters) whenever its needed – and in doing this, the line of inequity is carefully preserved. Hillary has been able to make big funding amounts appear on a days notice by some of the reports of her media-covered loyal supporters. Elsewhere in the world, the average Netherlands citizen, living in a country that still enjoys the American Dream, generates 300% more wealth (measured in GDP Wealth) than a Canadian and 150% more than an American, because all 100% of their citizens can participate in the economy. They have housing, childcare, healthcare, retirements, incomes – all of them.

    The underlying cause, the “disease” responsible for these symptoms, is inequity – and specifically, a scarcity of the things we need like Childcare, Retirements, Guaranteed Incomes and Employment, Healthcare, etc. In Canada, abrupt income interruptions, squandered private pensions, stalled launching of families (my five 20-something kids are grasping at straws to start a life), government workers don’t have enough benefits to fix their teeth, to afford daycare and mortgages, for just a couple of examples.

    And what happens when Canada is forced to return to a 5% bank rate – kaboom. In new subdivisions, we can expect upwards of 30% of families to be evicted from their homes by the Sheriff – and to where? You do not want to know how inadequate Canadian safety nets are when you run out of income and then savings – you simply won’t sleep at night.

    There are solutions for all of these problems too – this is not another doom-and-gloom report; far from it. If you want to cure this disease, #WPProjects at  is a step-by-step guide to voting and then building the projects needed to create Sustainable Abundance at home and then worldwide in just a few years. Actually solving this issue is the part that we do understand in point of fact. The world’s first fully automatic farm in Kyoto produces 30,000 head of lettuce daily just this year – now add croutons and parmesian… Caesar Salad anyone? No – not anyone – rather, everyone!

    The point in this discussion is that – Our politicians are not recognizing – and then not enacting the corrections that cure the underlying disease of inequity and scarcity. If leadership don’t recognize what are the sources of the problem; if they continue to ignore the learnings of dozens of past Great Depressions; and that they are surrounded by a failed academic and economics expert panel today; they and we can not hope to target a sustainable solution and cure – which means that a deepening circular cycle of social problems will continue.

    Worse than having a leadership with no “Right Plan“, when we don’t have an informed public – a voice of reason and “cure” comes along like a Bernie Sanders in the U.S., and he cannot gain the widespread support of both the rich and average citizens who defer to status-quo. It worked for my father – so it must be the way to go now.


    Status-quo doesn’t work at the end of a game of Monopoly; the one remaining hotel owner cannot continue to play on – although he might surround himself with Milton Friedman sycophants who try to convince him so. ? Who was Milton Friedman, he was an “expert” that reassure the 1% that they are not directly responsible for social problems erupting everywhere. In the US, incarceration rates are five times higher than the next highest G7 country; extremists are responsible for 11,000+ gun deaths and 500+ mass shootings take place every year. Its estimated that in major U.S. centers, a large and rising percentage of young female students now turn to sex work in order to cover rents and pay down student loans because $7 per hour jobs don’t meet ends; our educated daughters and sisters choose between prostitution and destitution. The newspapers and media say it must be religion; it must be race; gender inequality is rampant; no – the problem is wealth inequity – in fact.

    Our housing, lending, and income systems were all designed to work in a single-income one-job-for-life Good Life that worked splendidly right up until the 1970s; Russia was the last to lose this among the G8. Our “Greed is Good”, “Winners are real men – and real Americans” – choose your poison here; but our devaluing of empathy for our fellow man has cost us dearly in much more than just income.


    Ignoring the underlying cause of all of these social problems, our media focus on the symptoms of hatred and violence – which are absolutely unacceptable things of course – but these symptoms aren’t going anywhere until the underlying disease is cured either.

    Many online videos talks about these social problem symptoms brilliantly –  Religious Extremism, Racism, Gender Inequality – and about how education and strong measures should be used immediately to curb any notion that violence will ever be an acceptable standard for behaviour in civilized nations.

    More importantly, Religious Extremism need corrections that will effectively cure the underlying cause of the problems so that everyone can have a good life and all can live in a family-friendly society.

    We want to protect victims of injustice – and to do this best we need to discuss both tactical immediate – and at the same time, strategic solutions that really solve the underlying problem sustainably once and for all.

    Parents struggling to discuss these issues with young family members might find a few important discussion points here:


    To put an end to the worry and downward spiral in our society, we need to see the problem and rally behind planning that fixes these social troubles once and for all. The driverless car took two years to Pilot – and 127 million miles are driven in just two years with accident rates a fraction of driver-miles. We really do have the power to easily build a better society – but not through wars and point solutions that don’t strike at the heart of the problems of inequity.

    The Golden Rule is not a platitude; what it really is in fact, is a time tested and proven sustainability model.

    To see the related article “Financial Industry Windfalls at the expense of Citizens” – click here.

    Edward Tilley


    Author’s Notes:

    This is the reason that I wrote World Peace – The Transition; and architected the World Peace Transition Projects, a strategic solution summarized on Twitter and Google+ as #WPProjects.

    #WPProjects is a Proof; which means that it is the simplification of 1000+ pages of research that examine and spell-out how do we actually build Good Lives in every society scalably. We can roll these solutions out worldwide in just a few years while we target tactical immigration, education and policing solutions immediately. Read the summaries for #WPProjects at and then dig as deep as you like in the 500 page how-to guide available at Amazon and other major book resellers (click here for more).

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