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    Fixing the World – its Child’s Play

    Capitalism has troughed (failed) every sixty years for the past 3500 years. Do an internet search on Kondratieff Waves to confirm this easily.


    The Code of Hammurabi also confirmed these sixty year phenomenon. The Code is a large stone onto which the King of Egypt and Babylon carved the law of the land in 1750 BCE – hence the expression “Carved in Stone”. The code acknowledges repeating troughs in Capitalistic societies and further, it instigated the world’s first documented Economic Controls – “Jubilees” – that prevented Great Depressions proactively. At a time when average lifespans were probably 40-years, Jubilees redistributed all wealth every 50 years to prevent suffering and revolutions – proactively. If “Jubilee” had been invoked today, all of society would have been reset to 1950s wealth distribution levels in the year 2000. We would have avoided 2008 and the Great Depression that followed it.

    Indentured servants were released after 7 years as were many other forms of debt – and this is still our custom today. The stone explains eye-for-an-eye justice and many other important tenants of law still deemed wise and prudent today. The stone resides in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.


    Wealth Distribution continues to resolve these “troughs” or Great Depressions but today, without a trained Monarch like Hammurabi – and with no Economic Controls, one-time-in-four a war or revolution was created. Keynesian Economics tried to ignore wealth distribution and led us into a World War in the 1930s, but the option of a World War is surely past now as our technology has grown so lethal that an extinction-level event would result. Yet we do see again in today’s Global Great Depression, that the financial industry are permitted to continue the same irresponsible practices that led us to war in 1939 – read about this here.

    The upside of our improved technology is that computers have improved to the point where we can automate our society’s Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Economy – and really have a reduced need of capitalism and its troughs for too much longer – as another option. See #WPProjects.


    • 1772’s Credit Crisis was ended by the American Revolution’s forced debt forgiveness – remember the Boston Tea Party? King George and the British Treasury got stuck with that bill for almost $1 million in 1776 dollars.
    • 1835’s Great Depression was ended by the California Gold Rush which multiplied America’s Gold Reserves ten-times
    • 1883’s Panic in the US was ended by new Immigrant Wealth
    • 1930’s Great Depression distributed wealth through WWII; and of course
    • “Jubilee” distributed wealth every 50 years for 1000+ years as carved on the Code of Hammurabi Stone – now located in the Louvre – ensuring that the misery of routine capitalist troughs did not turn into a revolution again the Kings of Babylon and Egypt.

    Financial Controls and Debt Forgiveness forcing Wealth Distribution has always reset Capitalist troughs into prosperity again – in the same way that any game of Monopoly has ever played-out and then restarted. Read about financial controls and Policy that TE-Mature here.

    The fact that we do not teach this in our schools and universities is a criminal failing of our modern society. I created a course and textbook for high-school students with these lessons to shore up this shortfall – CSQ Common Sense 101. Through responsible economic controls alone, it is absolutely possible to sustain Capitalism as has the Netherlands and other socialistic countries for twenty-five years now.

    And, our technology offers us a new option too. In World Peace – The Transition, one project is assigned to every country in the world so as to automate our production economy’s basic needs for a Good Life – and thereby create a sustainable civilization that scales to give us all the “American Dream”.

    With the right automation projects at work, that “lethal” weaponry can also become “livingry” as Buckminster Fulton put it. Disruptive technology, when deployed responsibly and in a well managed way, ensures that we never need to suffer these recurring capitalist troughs again.

    Self building Bridge

    With equality conquered by automation – and with our improved productivity paying for safety nets and free retraining and education, our petty concerns over race, religion, war and gender – vanish for the most part as well.

    It’s easy to resolve our society’s sustainability problem – so let’s get on with the work of it !


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