CSQ Research is reaching out to world leaders to provide early access to the MEMS

“Double Your Economy Challenge”

CSQ is the world’s leading expert in enterprise Global Leadership data science and civic policy performance management consoles for governments, country builders, regulators, and economic developers in Ministries of Economic Development, Law, Business, Finance, Government Policy, Education, and Social Programs.

MEMS advances national economies and societies reliably with leading evidence-based science. MEMS prevents harmful ideologies, mistakes, and guesswork; reports hidden opportunities; works to recover an average of $4 billion per day lost in every country today; and establishes a national, regional, and international scientific Standard of Research – for the new trading partners that MEMS introduces. 

The Double Your Economy Challenge


Leadership, Standard of Research, and Scientific Societies Programme

MEMS - Economic Enterprise Decision Support Application and Double your Economy Challenge

MEMS takes your programs from tactical and theory-based, to strategic and scientific with highest-probability-of-success policies

MEMS A.I. restores evidence-based science to government programs again

New to evidence-based Civics? 

No problem. Evidence-based Global Leadership adheres to Sir Isaac Newton’s recommendation that “Science must be simple”.

A scientific approach differs from our current theory-based and ideology-based training, and it’s more interesting and credible for Ministers, analysts, policymakers, and voters too.

In science:

  • Production, productivity, abundance, and self-sufficiency create a strong economy reliably
  • Economy and society are inseparable and causal to advance or collapse
  • Experts of evidence-based sciences – are Leaders
  • Leadership determines collapse or advance 100% – because collapse is correctable
  • Science is simple – allowing unscientific maths and modeling to exit social degrees
  • Simplification reduces course-length to address 60% male/40% female dropout rates
  • Values of Good, Respect, and Human Advance versus harmful ideology
  • Most ideologies are harmful. Wealth Theory is proven-false and deprecated in evidence-based science, as are Left & Right Divisionism, Marxism, Neoliberalism, Libertarianism, and Anti-family policies; for important reasons.
  • Evidence-based economics is a computer science
  • Mankind is our Business and humans come first

MEMS takes on the heavy lifting and data science of evidence-based policymaking, leaving governments able to easily explain their shepparding of national advance


The largest evidence-based, context-validated econometric library in the world

WAOH World at our Hands Library

Become an Expert Nation Builder 

MEMS makes proven-successful decisions simple and quick

Ministries and Political Leaders receive:

Extensive, cached, up-to-date MEMS Consoles, world data, and access to thousands of performance-measured, socioeconomic consolidators internationally.

7/24 Call Center support when you need it. Computing infrastructure, and MEMS Consoles – accessible by any supported browser-enabled device – tablets, Macs, PCs, Phones, etc.

Features of MEMS include:

  • Strategic Economic Targets –  like CSQ’s “Double Your Economy Challenge”
  • Social Contract ROI – recover the $4 billion lost daily to every nation
  • Strategic Social Targeting and Reporting
  • Constitutions that guarantee success
  • Public Policy comparisons in 220 countries – over 200-years in some cases
  • International Trade & Opportunities Assessment
  • Transition Economics – evidence-based science & performance management
  • Causality-based Threshold Analytics
  • Context-based validation
  • Policy Decision Support
  • Inequality Cost Reporting 
  • SEED vs. Scale-up, Impact, ESG, and similar analyses
  • Strategic Planning – Collapse versus Advance Status and performance
  • Strategic National Right Plans 
  • Provincial/State/National/Regional Trade/International Partnerships
  • TASK Academic Scientific Societies Challenge curricula tracking
  • And much more …

CSQ Research’s Certificate Programs for Government – and for Political Parties, assure that only responsible, well-trained leadership groups can be added to ballot cards. CSQ Certificates appear on your communications, marketing, and websites

A well-deserved higher rank in the international Social Contract Index is assured as your programs refocus on highest-probability-of-success policies and on proven Good, Respect, and Human Advance


Reach out with questions and for a demonstration of the MEMS Console and Enterprise-wide Programs…

Best Regards,

Edward Tilley

Edward M. Tilley
Chairman, CSQ Research and Worthwhile Industries
CEO, Worthwhile Ventures Capital

First Canadian Place
100 King Street West, Suite 5700,
Toronto, Canada

CSQ Research: +1 (289) 998-1499
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Direct Phone & SMS Text: +1(289) 834-0072

CSQ Research Curates WAOH, the world’s largest evidence-based context-validated Econometrics Library, and the Global Leadership Book of Knowledge – GL-BOK

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