Political Parties and Government Administration

ACT Parties and CSQ ACT Certifications ensure that your vote is doing the most good for your nation. In large democracies over 15-million population, marketing groups test messaging aimed at sweeping away your vote for the benefit of special interests, and not “for the people”

Ultimately these attempts to manipulate democracies lose economies trillions of dollars per year and create hard lives, populisms, extremism, dystopia and wars too

A CSQ Certification badge tells voters that policies used by this Government and Political Party are proven to turn-around economies in scientific research.

Policies that sound great, but are not, include:

“Low-Tax” – sounds great, Not great. This policy protects the rich from taxation, it stalls economies through inequity, and it increases debt whose servicing is then heaped back onto the taxpayers least able to pay the debt

“Death-Tax” – formerly Estate Tax, protects the rich from distributing their estate wealth. OxFam reports that $32 trillion dollars are kept in tax-havens at cost of many millions of dollars – because rich households and public companies cannot possibly spend it all but then also choose to not redistribute excess incomes through tax that pays for the infrastructure they depend upon to collect that wealth too

“Open Market” – housing is not a business, it’s an essential like food and like air

When you don’t know what to stand for, you can fall for anything …

CSQ Certifications and ACT Parties rely on 30-policies researched in 220 nations by transparent and scientific Transition Economics measures proven to rebuild Social Contracts and prosperous economies


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