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World Peace – The Transition FULL-COLOR Hard Cover

Pre-order the FULL-COLOR Hard Cover edition – due January, 2016 –  and SAVE 15% on the retail Hard Cover book price.

#WPProjects Automation is our Generation’s “Moon Launch” and greatest legacy. Planning out the Transition properly keeps us focused on which technology and social policies are worthwhile – for investment, voting, and also for helping us see what is not as useful.

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Highlights Include:

  • 200+ Countries Build Worldville
  • The Meaning of Life
  • 100% Employment
  • Social Accountability
  • Safety Nets & Income
  • Worthwhile Projects
  • Pensions & Benefits
  • Human Rights
  • Epistemology & Education
  • Aristotle’s Right Plan
  • World Peace TED Talk
  • A Good Life and the American Dream

World Peace is the American Dream – or as Aristotle called it, a Good Life. It starts at home with a better life for each of us. Pick one or two of 200 projects and get working on it from countries around the world. An automated production economically emerges quickly with help from every country worldwide. Through Economic Controls, we reset a new cycle of Wealth Redistributed prosperity in capitalist societies, as we continue building our Pilot Worldville projects. Once a Good Life and World Peace are built, we turn our attention to the CSQ 100 Year Plan again and things really get interesting.

Welcome to Worldville !

Within three years, hundreds of robotic automation projects start and complete their Version 1.0, and then 2.0, etc. as our Production Economies Automate. In the same way that Audi builds cars automatically, water, energy, healthcare, homes, cars, and all of the things we need for a Good Life to arrive at our doorsteps as needed – without human intervention.

World Peace is sustained by the combining of Top-Down Global Goals projects at the United Nations – with Bottom-Up projects that are tracked and monitored transparently in each country’s World Peace Agenda here at

At some time between 2035 and 2045, engineers will have developed Replicators, 3D Printers, Cold Fusion Energy Packs and Robotic Automation capabilities to a level where traditional 3-tier production economy labours are no longer required. By then, we will be 20 years automated already.

There is no science fiction here and no divine providence, just real progress achieved by straightforward engineering and social projects.

Based on the lessons learned in CSQ Common Sense 101, we know that when Production Economies are automated or by-passed, and are no longer required to produce all of the things we need, we no longer have need of money, taxes, nor accounting, banking – on and on.

The Transition will be the most significant transformation in human history since civilizations began in support of our manual production economies 10,000 years ago.

A Good Life with everything we need and no need of money nor masters – is a better world, as confirmed by the founding father of Academia’s modern university curriculum and Technologia, and one of mankind’s most influential thinkers, Aristotle in 322 BC 2500 years ago.

Our best and brightest minds need not waste time improving profitability for a 1% – rather they can devote their productive careers to Society, Medicine, Engineering, Exploration, Science and Socially Beneficial Technology. There can be 100% employment, universal healthcare, two-day work weeks – when we like, the perfection of Medical Imaging technologies and a cure for Cancer and other critical illnesses.

“The Transition” maps out the social, economic, medical and technology projects needed – and then provides clear instruction, precautions, and risk mitigations as needed to change safely and peacefully from a routinely unstable Capitalist model – to a stable and productive Social Utopia if we choose it.

A Good Life; a family friendly society, with equality of opportunity, and freedom of fear. World Peace – The Transition explains how to create the society that we always wanted to give to our children, and a world they will wish for their children as well.

Look for The Transition in November 2015.

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