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    World Peace – The Transition  PRESS KIT

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    US Copyright © 2015   Edward Tilley
    All rights reserved.
    Hardcover ISBN:  978-1-987964-07-3
    World Peace – Guaranteed Incomes ISBN:  1-987964-08-0
    World Peace – Guaranteed Incomes ISBN-13:  978-1-987964-08-0
    World Peace – The Transition – Paperback ISBN:  1-987964-04-2
    World Peace – The Transition Paperback ISBN-13:  978-1-987964-04-2
    eBook ISBN:  978-1-987964-05-9
    AudioBook ISBN:  978-1-987964-06-6

    Press Release

    This remarkable book by prodigious author Edward Tilley, sets out to show us all how to Save the World; by looking beyond doom & gloom reporting and a sea of modern problems without answers; to answer the most important question: how to build World Peace.

    For starters, does anyone imagine that they will starve once food is grown and transported to your door automatically? And once shelter, energy, security, transportation, and incomes are guaranteed sustainably as well? Germany has the strongest economy per capita in the G8 with free education, healthcare, terrific wealth distribution and a very positive future ahead of it. World Peace – The Transition, explains how we lost this American Dream – in the G8 countries – and then it explains how to put economic controls back in place to correct this.

    Manual capitalist economies like ours must monetize, and then distribute wealth, in order to succeed, so – as we repair our economies, #WPProjects – 250 World Peace Transition Projects – coordinate the efforts of 200 countries worldwide as they build just one project per country, in support of an automated, sustainable economy and Good Life for all. This international effort also creates a brand new export market that pays for safety nets which afford guaranteed incomes, free education, universal healthcare, benefits, retirements, childcare and more.

    One of these projects, the driverless car, took just two years to develop to an initial Pilot which has now driven one million accident-free miles. Once we automate the basics of life and human rights at home, these automations can easily be scaled worldwide to the 80% of this planet that do not have these basics today – so that all people can participate in a new sustainable global prosperity and World Peace.

    Solutions suggested here in World Peace – The Transition, are taken from wide-research in economics, engineering, history, business, technology, leadership, transformation (project management), and even philosophy, to create a simple straight-forward series of step-by-step instructions that lead society to a Good Life by a Right Plan (Aristotle’s name for the American Dream) – scalably and reliably for seven billion people. World Peace can work because it has worked before; It will work because it is already started and is already stumbling along a winding path toward completion. This book introduces the new field of Transition Economics to explain the detail workings of safety nets, guaranteed incomes and retraining programs for displaced workers as needed to permit automation in support of higher productivity.

    A Good Life is a life where basic human needs and human rights are met for all sustainably; a life where basic needs of food, clean water, family and family friendly communities, transportation, and energy are met by solutions in technology, transformation processes, and – common sense. No mere platitudes will do here. In this book, step-by-step instructions are laid out in 19 projects from the CSQ 100 Year Plan; just those projects that are needed to build a sustainable World Peace. We simply need to understand – “The Transition”.

    To build this plan, the author asks us to unlearn a dozen well-intentioned bits of nonsense that we have all been conditioned to believe since childhood, such as systems of housing, government policy, usury, monetary systems, tertiary economies and economic control. The reader is given enough reference material to validate the supporting research of decisions made at every step as well.

    John F Kennedy, Hammurabi, Da Vinci, Aristotle, Queen Elizabeth I, Alan Turing and Gene Roddenberry, all contributed to this plan and hopefully millions of Engineers and Builders among us, help to contribute to making this plan a reality. Get started today by tabling a #WPProjects 2016 Agenda at the United Nations, in your country, state, municipal councils, and business and academic boardrooms. See for  World Peace is just a Project – lets get building again!

    Author BIO

    Edward Tilley is a six-time hi-tech CEO, career Technologies Executive, Author, Speaker and Chairman of Toronto-based Think-tank CSQ Research.

    Edward is also the author of books CSQ Common Sense 101, Teaching Doers, Transition Economics, and over 30 published articles in Technology, Engineering, Economics, Philosophy, War, History, and Business.

    He is a big-picture, process-minded and strategic engineer, life-long student, and though-leader with the experience needed to research and build a unique and workable plan for World Peace – and this planning required his broad researches in history, economics, business, political and computer science, engineering, automation, and robotics. As a father and founder of one of the largest minor sports organizations in Toronto, with 800 young people and their parents in programs every year, came a profound understanding that family and society are important. Edward’s forefathers were Puritans and Founding Fathers, and so came the insight that history connects us all to the importance of leveraging lessons from the past; every bit as important as connections to the next generation and to their hopes for a bright future too.

    Regarding World Peace – The Transition, in Edward’s words … World Peace is an important topic and I hope that I’ve provided valuable insights. Writing this book has changed the way that I look at everything. A meaningful life has little to do with unreflective happiness nor religion, rather it is a life filled with worthwhile projects – where families is one of those important and worthwhile projects too. I choose to write books that are prodigious and maybe even epic, about projects that make the world a better place. Join me at where I look forward to reading about your BIO & your Worthwhile Projects in our CSQ Research forums too.

    Author Photo

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    Book Photos

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    Interview questions

    1. What are #WPProjects and why do they Save the World?

    See this link for #WPProjects.   See this link for the TED Talk slide deck.

           2. How did a credible solution for World Peace become a book?

    I wrote a book of techniques and checklists for improving the worthwhile, positive results of the decisions made by our young people. Improving the value of our decisions in life increase their CSQ – Common Sense Quotient. IQ is Intelligence Quotient; EQ – Emotional Quotient; and CSQ is a measure of the social responsible, worthwhile nature of the decisions we make. After all, High IQ and High EQ equally well described both a President and a Serial Killer; a more important measure was needed.

    Common Sense is a broad topic; there is Common Sense in discussions of the World; in Country; in Communities, Schools, and in Individual life. I am an Engineer; Phd-equivalent after one million lines of code and 27 years in an international Computer Science career. It has never been enough to say WHAT was needed; that amounts to vapid platitudes. No, I had to explain HOW to build whatever was needed. As I described a bright future through the book, I assembled a list of all the projects that were required to build a bright future. I leveraged projects from science fiction, from modern life, and from history which finally amounted to the CSQ 100 Year Plan.

    After writing that book, I looked at the Plan and realized that by cherry-picking just those projects that built a sustainable Good Life, I had in fact solved the problem of World Peace, I simply needed to explain – The Transition.

    3. Won’t corruption, status quo, and cost get in the way of building the projects that put an end to our reliance on money over time?

    Corruption, Democratic Pitfalls, Economic Controls, and Cost are all legitimate problems. Similar to any complex project, there is a process that resolves a solution to every problem. In the book, I explain the process that permits our working teams to resolve any difficulties, like these – which arise along the way.

    4. Are Wars inevitable?

    Absolutely not. First, the Golden Rule is much more than a platitude – its a sustainability model. By ensuring that all have our basic needs of life, humans naturally seek education and peace. Second, democracy – once properly performance managed – ensures that wars do not start, or do not continue, because democracies do not wage war on other democracies. The ancient rules of eye-for-an-eye measured-response become tried and true wisdom once again. In these two ways, put simply – Wars are averted.

    5. Do Wars resolve Great Depressions – like the current world-wide depression that we see today?

    Great Depressions have occurred every sixty years for the past 3500 years. They are resolved by Wealth Distribution, and they are prevented by Economic Controls that even a high-school kid can understand – and absolutely should understand as a democratic voter. How else can we protect our children from irresponsible management. The Great Depression of 1835 was ended by the California Gold Rush; the Great Depression of the 1930s was ended by World War II; Wars have ended Great Depressions less than half of the time. The importance of Wealth Distribution is the first lesson in the CSQ Common Sense 101 book and course because of this.

    6. What is the CMI? The Country Management Index? 

    The CMI is a measure of the performance of the management team of every country. It is maintained by CSQ Research and can be viewed at this link. Performance Management is an important skill that is necessary because, although Democracy is important, Democracy historically gravitates toward status-quo decisions – even when the status-quo is counter-productive to what is best for a society.

    Photos that can be used in a story about the book or its subject


    Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 11.36.05 AM




    CSQ 100 Year Plan

    Reprints or transcripts of interviews about the book



    Coming Soon !!

    Sample chapter

    Click here to view the PDF


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