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    Wealth Creation  in #WPProjects include:

    • Market Access Incentives & Controls
    • Automation of profitable Export GDP
    • Automation of World Peace Agenda Technology Projects
    • Automation of Self-Reliance and Imports
    • KPI Performance Management and Monitoring
    • Exporting #WPProject Technology to 200 other member countries
    • Wealth Distribution

    Wealth Distribution improves Wealth Creation all by itself:


    Click here to read more about why economic controls in Wealth Distribution, and even the Golden Rule, make an incredible difference to your community, country, and the benefits cascade worldwide easily. It makes intuitive common sense – when you consider that a citizenry that is 100% able to participate in Wealth building commerce, will tend to build more wealth per capita than countries where only 51% of citizens can participate. Not surprisingly, the statistics in the chart above – confirm this truth as well. People who can contribute, do.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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