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    Leadership at the Polls

    This coming fall is federal election time for the United States once again and whether you are a Republican or Democrat – or in Canada a Conservative, Liberal, NDP or other, your vote could really make a difference if you cast it for the right candidate.

    In the past 30 years, North American democracies fell short of good goal setting in deference to all-out bids to get elected in short four year windows. Building a better future for your family was a distant and unlikely result, as there just was not a mechanism for smart long-planning inside of these scattered and often unrelated four-year agendas.

    As a result, in G7 countries like the UK, most families, similar to my five children in Toronto, may not be able to buy a home until in their 30s, nor launch a family easily in the city where they grew up. The UK are five or ten years ahead of us in this way; there are riots in the street and desperate promises by politicians to add hundreds of thousands of affordable homes in London – in one recent newpaper front-page.

    What we want is simple:

    1. A good life
    2. Family friendly communities
    3. Equality of Opportunity
    4. Freedom from fear
    5. Maslow’s basic needs of life – food, shelter, love, security, healthcare

    Socialistic policy in the Scandinavian countries, Netherlands and even Germany, result in their citizens having free education, a good life, and the highest per capita Wealth Creation (GDP Export) in the world – indeed Socialistic policy is good for Business, Race, Gender and Religion problems and everything else.

    We, the parents and voters in North America watched simple goals fall aside, when we failed to demand the basics of social planning from the people whom we elected into leadership roles in public office.

    Can we correct big shortcomings within our society? Of course we can; Every Problem is Solvable. To get us back on track, here are a few checklist items to take into consideration when selecting the candidate and party that deserves your vote next. And then, when you find the right candidate – for heavens sakes vote!

    For a Status Report on where Political Party Policy in North America aligns with this checklist click here...

    1.  Build a Long Term Plan – and also build the “Long Term Social Agenda” Law needed to protect it.

    The Democratic System of government is great at administering status quo, and abysmal at correcting big social issues – like Big Tobacco, or Guns in the US, or run-away housing bubbles. Long term commitment was a strength of having a Monarchist System of government. Backing in 1750 BCE, The King of Babylon carved their Economic Control of Debt Forgiveness every 50 years into the Code of Hammurabi stone now located in the Louvre in Paris. He, and a thousand years of Monarchs lived in a Capitalist society as we do now, Capitalism troughs every 60 years for 4000 years – but we don’t teach our kids about this – and we don’t teach our kids the Economic Controls that correct it. I talk more about this below.

    Fixing this shortcoming of Ecomomic Controls and Planning is simple enough, you just need to enact laws that safeguard long-term planning and goals – and then permit change only through a referendum.

    The CSQ 100 Year Plan (see lays out 38 detailed projects as needed to meet the social targets stated above, over 5, 10, 20, 40 and 100 years. It took a 30 Year Plan like this one, to shape China into the third wealthiest country in the world in 2015. By cherry-picking just 19 of these projects, I was able to discover a sustainble five-year solution to World Peace. “Right Plans” are powerful tools.

    So – question number one for your candidate, is – What is the Countries’s Long-Term Plan? (Canadian, UK, other readers should be asking the same).


    2.  Create Wealth as a Country – by selling Primary and Secondary Production Economy products which leverage our Technology & Engineering

    Did you know that Canada is the most highly educated country in the world – according to Wikipedia? By supporting and showcasing 3D Printing, Robotics, Automation & Performance Management technology in mining, farming (Primary Commodities), and manufacturing (Secondary), we build wealth that ends labor disputes, employment issues, bankruptcies, tax troubles and more.

    Money and tax issues come to an end altogether once mature replication technology is deployed to every home as well, so keep Technology and Engineering on the forefront of social and business investment at all times. The US is already started down this road – and Canada lags quite a bit.

    3.  Project Execution – Run According to a Plan, On-time and On-budget

    Vote for Engineers who lend their impeccable project leadership prowess to ensuring important goals get built reliably, on-time and on-budget. Leaders, MPs, and the PM, should be stakeholders present in a one hour status meeting held weekly to resolve the country’s highest-level project roadblocks. Politicians must be engineers – driven by contribution; as was Steven Jobs; and not salesmen who are driven by their own personal gain. They must have a process to recognize when things are headed off the rails – and understand how to pull them back on track every time.

    4.  Balance wealth distribution in our society.

    Good Wealth Distribution drives positive social well-being; the data correlates what you probably already sense is true. Multi-billion dollar gains in the Financial Sector during a economic downturn means that a government leader should be on the phone and insisting that our monopolies hire and fund hi-tech – thereby driving our best and brightest toward engineering; and not simply toward reducing the risk of optimal profitability for financial companies.

    Multinational companies, too, are running out of cheap foreign labour, and will be re-shoring for the first time in 100 years during this next ten years, so this is a terrific opportunity to strike a healthy socio-business balance again.

    In antiquity, some 4000 years ago, Mesopotamian and Egyptian Emperors enacted debt forgiveness; or “Jubilee”, every 50 years to avoid war and uprising – because they lived in a Capitalist Society as we do.

    Since 900 AD there have been eighteen Kontratieff-Wave (K-Wave) “Winters” or “Great Depressions”. All were broken by wealth redistribution and most needed a war to make that happen; the last two were the Great Depressions of 1835 and 1929. 1835 was overcome when the California Gold Rush multiplied North America’s Gold Reserves 10 times and distributed wealth. 1929 was broken by a trough war called World War II.

    We entered the most recent K-Wave Winter in 2013 – which we had a chance to avert in 2008, but debt forgiveness didn’t go far enough. The most obvious blunder now, knowing what we know about K-Waves, would be to wander into another Trough War – or a World War III.

    Tax reductions for the poor; are like fly-swatting an elephant by the way. Tax reductions for the rich are like overfeeding a dangerously obese elephant as well.

    What is your candidate’s 10 Year Plan for pragmatic Wealth Redistribution?

    5.  Full Pensions and Benefits for Reduced Hour workers

    Alongside robotics and automation technology, comes the need for fewer workers – but business profits increase as well. This disruptive change is good for the country’s businesses, and so citizens also need these innovations to be good for society at the same time. Does anyone believe that the major banks or AT&T or Bell or Rogers face international competition from their land-tied monopolies? Certainly not. Yet, fully one-third of many major labor forces are given “part time” designations without pensions nor benefits. Do governments and taxpayers not see these pension burdens headed their way?

    It is incumbent upon our Universities now to stop teaching Business Ethics that are socially irresponsible; an Engineering Ethics approach needs to be adopted and bonused instead. This was Henry Ford’s model of Capitalism alongside Trickle-Down economics that worked – but that model is very far removed from the “Pure Capitalism” model we see employed in business since 1995, with just a handful of terrific, very notable exceptions.

    It is important for our businesses, in this economy AND in this time of technology change, to share automation and efficiency win-falls. Bonus execs who effectively integrate profit with programs for new hiring, reduced work hours, over-50 workers, increased pension, dental and benefit solutions. As this situation has gone unchecked for too long, offer correction now too; do major banks need multi-billion profit quarters in perpetuity? Make your customer the priority again; stockholders are just fine – and they don’t coach your kids’ football team.

    What is your candidate’s plan to pension and benefit two, three and four day workers?

    6.  Affordable Housing

    Governments must protect against foreign investment, Lending Usury, and rent market abuses within our present Economy. In the U.S., 70% of “home-owners” have a mortgage – and of those mortgage-holders, the stats are saying that most of these will never pay off the debt now. This is especially true in Bubble Real Estate Markets in Canada and the US. Our employment works against a mortgage too because jobs are no longer guaranteed nor stable.

    Our employment workplaces work against a mortgage too because jobs are no longer guaranteed nor stable. The insurance and benefits impact of this instability cannot be understimated. It is for these reasons that socialistic countries are guaranteeing incomes and taking on health-care as a country now in Finland and Netherlands.

    It’s a lot cheaper and more effective to give a billion citizens federal money and lower interest rates, than to fly over another’s sovereign air space with cannon & soldiers.

    This is North America –  and we were ever different from Europeans in just this way. We could own a home, a cottage, we had a family friendly society, a good life, equality of opportunities, and protection from threat and fear. We might be too-easily squandering our children’s future when we take this topic too lightly.

    What is your candidate’s plan to launch families into houses in the community they grew up in?

    7.  Keep engineering at home.

    Disney, BMO, CIBC, Royal Bank, Canada Post, Purolator – are all sending Engineering work to India and China – while we graduate our kids from University to a workplace without decent jobs, nor incomes sufficient to start a home and a family here. We publicly shame our teenagers in frustration when they behave with this little common sense.

    The Netherlands has kept engineering in-country by law for 20 years and their high-tech leads are thriving. Top marks – really. If you feel your company is stuck in a bind and can’t turn this around, reach out – we can usually reduce cost as we fix this within a short timeline to make you fully CSQ Compliant.

    How do we turn this around as voters?

    1. If large Canadian businesses won’t do this in good conscience, procurement departments in our largest plcs, governments, and crowns may need to be held accountable to new federal guidelines, and even penalties in law similar to the Netherlands and others, that keep engineering & hi-tech talent searches and outsource management within North America.
    2. Do you think for one minute that China gives away its intellectual property or capabilities? Why do we?

    How will your candidate keep smart, skilled job markets – that give our companies a competitive edge – vibrant here at home?

    At Home:

    In Technology:

    In HealthCare:

        … this list continues, but you get the idea, there is a way forward that corrects 30 years of decline. Make your vote count. If your MP or favourite party doesn’t have answers, call them up and make your vote contingent on their making these changes. Voters have the ability to drive positive, peaceful, democratic change – and even the duty, until we find that we do have leaders that can take it from here.

    Vote and Invest

    Put your Vote and Investment to best use by supporting leadership by Engineers, Legal, Medical, Sales and then distantly Business – in that order.


    • Leadership Bench Strength – Vote HiTech and Engineering Project Leads
    • Insist on Long Term Planning
    • DashFlows Dashboarding and Transparent Management by KPI
    • Support for a World Peace Agenda Country by Country
    • Socialistic Policies and the Human Right of a Good Life.
    • Follow a CSQ Voting Chart (from World Peace – The Transition & CSQ Common Sense 101
      • Project-List


    • World Peace Technology Projects – See Chapter 7
    • Automation of Production Economies
    • CSQ 100 Year Projects
    • CSQ Policy Analysts, Futurists, Training and Monitoring Gurus – Contact us [email protected] or Call
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