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    The Guardians of a Collapsing Democracy

    In March, CSQ Research called on the appointed protectors of Canada’s system of Government: our Governor-General, the Attourney General, Elections Canada CEO and Commissioner, and Chief Justice of our Supreme Court – to defend Canadians from Constitutionally-protected-aginst political lying, one-sided media reporting, a 1.5% annual population infanticide, and broad social and economic collapse across our nation in 2022.

    This is that letter:

    Date: March 16, 2022


    Attn:        Her Excellency Mary Simon, Governor-General of Canada
    Msr. Stéphane Perrault – Chief Electoral Officer
    Mr. Yves Côté, Q.C. – Commissioner of Canada Elections
    Hon. Chief Justice Richard Wagner, Supreme Court of Canada
    Hon. David Lametti, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada

    General Wayne Eyre,  Commander of the Canadian Army Chief of the Army Staff
    Select International Media and Academia

    Your Excellency, Honours, and Gentlemen,

    Expensive, dangerous, irresponsible, and unfortunately – even treasonous – describes Canada’s democratic gatekeepers who are ignoring stern warnings from experts in socioeconomic data science presently. Unlike academia, data sciences and tools like Transition Economics and MEMS deal exclusively in observable, repeatable science, facts, and findings – without ideology, theory, and emotional narratives.

    Today’s Canada is a nation paralyzed by its verifiably incompetent democratic “leaders” – who are also permitted to behave in a criminal manner according to our Constitution’s CCRF#7.

    Who I am is Edward Tilley; I am the patriarch to a 500-year Canadian Family (native St. John’s, Nfld), a community leader, a relation of founding father Samuel Tilley, FDR, and the Bush family; I curate the world’s largest econometric library (WAOH) and Global Leadership Book of Knowledge. I’m the founder of Transition Economics, author of eight extensive theses in Scientific Societies – including a very recent scientific update of the Bible.

    The Bible is not religion as many of us are taught; its first five books were an update of humanity’s first Constitution upon which 800 national Constitutions since 1792 are based. I mention it here because all nations with the Bible’s full list of human rights (in Constitution) are advancing and successful today. Regrettably, Canada is not one of the nations on this list.

    I am an expert in building successful countries, and I’m a concerned Canadian. In econometric science, Good, Respect, and the shepparding of Human Advance, build strong nations reliably. A Father, Son, and Holy Spirit was the storytelling used by 300 scholars in 325 AD to explain to a then-illiterate population, these same scientific “lessons learned”  based on their observing 3,000 years of civic rise and fall.

    According to science, Charles Dickens was correct, Mankind is our Business, and we can easily confirm this by the 100% advance of high Social Contract nations in the evidence-based 176-nation survey TEP Chart below. It takes a religion, ideology, or theory to suggest that something else is true.

    A Liberal Party is re-elected twice in Canada now because “Female equality” campaigns win democratic elections. This is true in a majority of high-income democracies today and all of those politicians have to actively hide the national infanticides that their laws create – as do we. Our 1.4 fertility rate forfeits 600,000 infants per year in Canada. Why? Because “Family Values” are required to sustain any population; this is why that “policy” is in the Bible. Hidden also, are the 40+ social problems including Canada’s world-leading suicide rates, a hidden economic loss of 63%, and the lowest production growth since the 1930s. (see citation)


    Inequitymp.jpgGDP Growth CAN Hist.jpgSCL-G7.jpgSocial.Contract.jpgFM Fert Canada.jpg


    Our PM’s $1.3 billion annual payment to the CBC appears to purchase for his Party, TOTAL control of a ONE-SIDE-ONLY STORY. A narrative and propaganda that pounds away in Canadian homes 18-hours a day – no different than Orwell’s novel 1984 warned us against.

    History, I think, will record this era like many past mature capitalism resets have – as a cautionary tale of systemic Democratic and Constitutional failure, resulting in populism and a mob-like consensus born from systemic misreporting and gullibility. Our national civics curriculum has failed to protect our population from a Crime against Humanity at our voting booths. (see Notice to Academic Institutions for that explanation).

    The only “side” that Canadians should be able to vote for is Advance – and they should never be forced to have to vote only for Collapse. Yet, “Left” Parties in Canada collapse us and invoke worldwide chastising through War Measures; while “Right” Parties offer Neoliberalist ideologies that collapse any nation reliably just as they did in the 1920s. Aristotle called any nation that ensures its citizenry can collapse only, an evil form of government. In Canada, we now see how the assurance of collapse can be allowed and built.

    In my last letter to most of you (attached below), I suggested THE solution: ACT Parties  (see ACTCanadian.com) are designed-in-thesis political parties that ensure Canadians can only vote for policies proven to Advance any nation.

    Economies are high transaction systems, just like a busy casino. In a high-transaction system, highest-probability-of-success policies will build success as a mathematical certainty. Economic Science really is this simple, and there can be no valid reason we can’t double our economy by teaching this – but today we don’t even it allow it to be read in our Grad Schools (see citation).


    ACT Parties will cost a fraction of the $1.3 billion that we spend today on Media, but the tens of millions in advertising dollars needed to “reprogram for success” our democracy of 35-million, is an essential task that is impossible to fund privately.

    I’m asking strongly that common sense and social sanity be funded in Canada as a mandated Constitutional Project now, so that “Good – in actions and in law”, can be restored by the guardians of our Constitution: Elections Canada, our Attourney General, by our Supreme Court, and by our Governor-General as well.

    Failing to respond again to this letter and request, will instruct my group to advance a petition explaining an easily-proven Infanticide in Canada – to the World Court in the Hague, Netherlands. The bureaucracy of the U.N. is even more ineffective than ours, but their process will record names and offices in posterity, and this might help the other 63 of 70 high-income nations that find themselves similarly victimized by their poor-performing democratic systems.

    By this letter, I am requesting:

    1. an online meeting with democratic department leads – perhaps led by a Program Lead from Elections Canada,
    2. the “Right of Facilitation” – to respect time and productivity in this meeting, and
    3. no less than a working timeline for a plan to rebuild Canada’s Constitution-led advance – within the coming four weeks.


    Edward Tilley

    Edward Tilley,
    Chairman, Worthwhile Industries and CSQ Research
    CEO, Worthwhile Ventures Capital

    On the Web: https://WorthwhileInc.com

    Author Page:   https://www.amazon.com/Edward-Tilley/e/B01MY6ZZHI

    LinkedIn:   https://www.linkedin.com/in/edwardtilley1/

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