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    World Peace

    “World Peace” has been the popular, passionate, safe and admittedly vapid wish of beauty pageant contestants since the 1920s. What more big-picture, honorable and noble pursuit can there be? But answering the judges’ next question was more difficult. When asked how to implement World Peace, pageant contestants faltered. The answers to this question of “How would you build World Peace?” has been one of the less impressive parts of the show.

    Until now?

    According to a new book “World Peace – The Transition” – released this month by prodigious author Edward Tilley, whenever a beauty pageant contestant is asked “How will she help to Build World Peace”, she can confidently assure judges of her commitment to help inspire the world to pursue worthwhile projects that build an automated production infrastructure feeding and furnishing basic human rights to all of mankind – automatically.

    Sandra Bullock’s character Gracie Hart, in the familiar pageant scene of her 2000 hit movie “Miss Congeniality”, responded “harsher punishment for parole violators”.

    If World Peace seems too complex to solve to you – as it is for most, consider that this is not true. Rather, its all in the setting of good goals – says the author as he asks “Does anyone believe that we will all starve once food and clean water arrive at our doors automatically? Of course not.” As to the size of the finished deliverable? 80% of the planet does not have a Good Life – nor many basic human rights or food and clean water – today, and we could change this for the great majority within just two to five years through automations. Remember, Google’s driverless-car took just two years to deliver a release 1.0 and Pilot that has logged one million miles now.

    Aristotle called this type of planning, building a “Right Plan” – of worthwhile projects that lead on to a meaningful and Good Life. The reason that we do not have World Peace as yet is that we cannot reasonably look at the problems of others until we have solutions for our own needs first. Once we have a sustainable Good Life through automation in our own community, then and only then, can we look to extend self-sufficient communities globally. This is how we achieve World Peace.


    With so much news of race, religion and monetary system “non-issues” occupying our complete attention, and no leadership educated in how to transition automation responsibly – through safety-nets that provide incomes to displaced workers, G20 societies continue manual productions that ensure slaves and masters toil needlessly. “Slaves and Masters” is another reference to Aristotle’s incredible thinking on this topic and production economy automation from 2500 years ago.

    “World Peace – The Transition” explains the step-by-step planning, approach, and execution plan for one of our biggest problem-solving need yet – World Peace. If you are wondering why its important, one only has to remember that the Golden Rule is common to every philosophy and religion both today and throughout antiquity as well for a very important reason. “Help your neighbour as yourself”  is not simply a nice sentiment, rather it is a sustainable building block of society, of business and of life. As proof that socialistic policy works, the author cites GDP Export per Capita (Wealth Creation) in Netherlands and Scandinavian countries that is 50% higher than Americans – and 300% higher than Canadians. It makes sense when you consider that the average wealth creation of a nation will be higher when 100% of their citizens can participate. Today we scatter and squander the work of most our gifted engineers and, as a direct result, we cut off our own hands in the attempt to build wealth sustainably.

    Edward explains that it is never enough to stop at foretelling “What” the future holds; it is just as important to explain to our engineers, and children too, “How” to achieve the projects that make it possible to solve this most important of all problems. In this way, you will find World Peace – The Transition differs from all of the other books, movies and TV shows that have ever discussed the topic.

    Realizing futuristic depictions of innovation, of robots, and of excellent lives, takes worthwhile Goals, smart planning, proven project process, brilliant engineers, clear directions and hard work – and then anything is possible. Whether its a trip to the moon, or a robotic crop harvester, or an automated mine, or an entire automated production economy – anything is buildable. World Peace, therefore, is just a Project.

    #WPProjects ‘ Right Plan of technology and social projects transitions us all to a Good Life, American Dream and World Peace as soon as we put into the hands of enough sponsored scientists, engineers, governments and citizens as needed to get it done reliably. Its a lot of work, so 200 countries are assigned JUST ONE PROJECT and no single nation nor group is unduly burdened. With adoption, a successful outcome is unstoppable – at the same time that a new world export market is created as well.

    Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 11.36.05 AM

    A Good Life, a robotic maintenance-bot in every home, two-day, three-day or even three-hour work weeks; perhaps even an anti-gravity car in every driveway as well. Family-friendly communities, where equality, human rights and liberty – are assured to all, right around the world.

    So many books set out to inform and entertain, and then – once in a very long while, a book really changes your life and makes a difference too. This was that book for me as I don’t think I will ever look at the world in the same way again.

    The next time that you see a Hollywood movie or beauty pageant, remember that you played an important part in bringing that future a lot closer to becoming our generation’s greatest legacy. Support #WPProjects in your country and community.

    Read more about #WPProjects at, Twitter, Google+, and WP-Magazine and Documentary and News series coming soon!


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