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    EconomyTech ° RAI ° SUSTAIN ° Social Responsibility

    Corporate Social Accountability is Business’s chance to lead the world to a bright new future. The unfortunate fact is that business rarely does – historically speaking. Today, the communities which make our success possible globally – are also:

    • Accelerating an economic collapse-trending in 72% of nations worldwide; example economies include U.S., France, Canada, U.K.
    • Corporations are being called into The Hague on-trial for Ecocide and Crimes against Humanity
    • Financial Industries are proven to damage economies in every academic research paper we can locate
    • Teaching our MBA grads unsustainable “externalization of cost” and creating Bonus Programs or Quarterly Reporting Programs – which ensure only socially-irresponsible short-term-benefit thinking can be promote.

    Companies: hoard profits, offshore work, avoid tax, fail to invest in operating companies, lower wages, and fail to self-police until governments must either regulate them or social instability drive investors to push-back on risk of a total loss due to revolution.

    Throughout 4000-years of documented history, governments have had to implement controls on commerce in order to reset the natural inequities created by successful capitalism – by its design.

    Until now? This is the question isn’t it. Have Business Leaders finally matured to the point where they can balance needs of commerce and society. We want to think so.

    Why? Because working heads-down to become the very best at walking straight over a cliff, fails the most basic test of good common sense. Working to make opportunities larger so that a company can share in a strong and stable economy – now that does make sense. Better to reset and balance inequity, that permits economic boom once again – as we see in the teachings of the science of Transition Economic (described in this chart).


    Protect your organization and investors from social instabilities that risk every business endeavor large or small – with CSQ Compliance and Certifications.

    At CSQ, you can look to a stalwart and incorruptibly transparent source of guidance within the CSQ Governance and Compliance review and training team offerings that work to ensure that the focus of your management team is safeguarded from distraction. You do not have to figure out all of this planning on your own.

    Whether your group is sponsoring an important CSQ Social or Technology Project (see our Forums and, or you need to confirm how well thought-through are the goals set out by your committees in Strategic Planning, Ethical Investment or Due-Diligence in Usury and non-asset-backed lending, there is a CSQ Compliance program available for your needs.

    Courses and Seminars

    The professional body for over 15,000 social responsibility and sustainability professionals from around the globe.
    CSQ Research sets the standard for the content and delivery of environment and sustainability training through robust quality assurance processes and provides professional development support in line with map.
    CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility Workshops
    • One-hour Seminar Series Updates & Luncheons
    • CSR Guided Training and Certificate – 30 Day Training minimum requirement – Level 1
    • CSR Executive Certificate – 60 Day Training Cycle recommended – Off-site Training available – Level 2
    • CSR Executive Masters – 4 months recommended – Level 3

    Benefits include:

    1. Insurance for your projects
    2. Funding for your projects from financial institutions seeking more socially-responsible projects
    3. Corporate Governance
    4. Aboriginal Community Sponsorships
    5. Environmental Assessment
    6. Health and Safety KPI Dashboard
    7. Documentation and Training Best-Practice

    Also consider that an investment in CSQ Certification brings:

    • Leadership in CSR -Corporate Social Responsibility Mandates
    • Leadership in Sustainable Government and Corporate Policy
    • Peace of Mind for Voters & Policy Organizations
    • Higher staff job satisfaction, productivity, and attendance.
    • Higher revenues and sales
    • Assurance of Compliance for Ethical Investors
    • Oversight on Ethical Business Practices, Bonus, Compensation, High Performer Recognition
    • Mature Status Reporting and Project or Process Template Libraries
    • CSQ Ethical Business Practices Logo for your website and marketing
    • Strategic Long Term Business Planning

    Look for the CSQ Logos “Certified” and “Monitored” on your next project or investment to confirm that social, financial, procedural, and unsurpassed levels of ongoing monitoring for measures of success and performance in Government, Non-Profit, Public and Private Licensed Corporations.

    CSR Research LogoCSQ Certs





    Visit WP Magazine at,,, or #wpprojects to get started.








    For Certification and Training Programs, or to fast-track monitoring of your performance targets, visit or CSQ worldwide offices at [email protected].


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