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    Read all about the incredible Blue Diesel from Audi. Clean, carbon-zero diesel fuel with more energy than fossil-fuel based diesel.

    Audi's e-diesel Distilled from Blue-Crude


    • The President of Audi runs this fuel in his own A8
    • Better Power and Distance than Fossil Fuel Diesel
    • Car runs quieter on this fuel
    • Price comparable to Fossil Fuel
    • Price likely to fall by 40% once mass production begins

    About e-Diesel:

    4 Steps are Required to make it:

    1. High-Temperature Electrolysis – H2o Steam at 800C to H – yield 135% of hydro efficiency vs 73% for electrolysis at room temp.
    2. Concersion – Carbon Glaxide to Carbon dioxide
    3. HydroCarbons – Carbon & Hydrogen = Long-Chained HydroCarbons – Blue Crude
    4. Refine to produce e-Diesel

    The process is 70% Energy Efficiency and is Carbon Neutral when fueled by Wind Farm electricity.
    The only waste by-product is Heat and Oxygen.

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    • This topic was modified 5 years, 2 months ago by etilley.
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