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Worthwhile Venture Capital’s  Renewable Automation Infrastructure builds communities at a fraction of the cost-of-living of today’s conventional neighbourhood. Renewable Automations ensure a Good Life while saving trillions of dollars – and while protecting pensions and improving our economies worldwide dramatically

21 initial Worthwhile PLC Companies are CSQ-Certified, Life-Cycle-Managed, and valuated at $2.8 billion in a number of Finance Rounds. We anticipate $1 trillion in profit, good will, good jobs, and IP (Intellectual Property) here. Newest Finance Round began February 2nd, 2017

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WorthWhile Funds

WorthWhile Funds offer investors smart, targeted  options per country and per Industry Groupings:

  • Food
  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Infrastructure
  • Real Estate

Your investment builds an unparalleled Worthwhile community in a WorthWhile Inc investment Fund.

Renewable Automation Index

The only Index Fund supporting the Renewable Automation technologies that build better communities sustainably. The CSQ Research RAI list of companies, contribute to the building of sustainable, life-cycle-managed robotic automation

30 Years ago, companies like Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, and others started a wave of technology that landed a world of information in the palm of our hands. This next 30-year wave will be given to those companies that can automate a spectacular sustainable society globally

Add the RAI Company to your ethical investment portfolio today

WorthWhile Ventures

Worthwhile Ventures administer the SEED or Round A-D Funding needed to support the build #WPProjects 250 Connected Smart Factories that automate our manual economy and provide a Sustainable, Abundant Good Life. Renewable Automation of food, goods, housing, supporting #TEMature social policy, energy, transport & more.

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Worthwhile Funds

The Financial Products that make a sustainable difference. Consider adding to your Portfolio:

  • Renewable Automation Index
  • WorthWhile Canada Fund
  • WorthWhile U.S. Fund
  • WorthWhile Europe Fund
  • WorthWhile Asia Fund
  • WorthWhile Foods
  • WorthWhile Energy
  • WorthWhile Transportation
  • WorthWhile Real Estate
  • WorthWhile Infrastructure

Renewable Automation Index

Going the right thing for generations to come has never been easier than adding the Renewable Automation Index to your . Read more about the RAI List and past performance here.

blocksRenewable Automation is the next twenty-year wave in technology investment. Speak to your financial professional about adding the Renewable Automation Index to your portfolio.




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