The Book – The Scientific Update of the Bible, Collector’s Edition


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The Book – Collector’s Edition

The Book: The Scientific Update of the Bible

Includes: The Global Leadership Book of Knowledge (GL-BOK)


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The Book



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Attention Rare Book Collectors: 49 remaining Gutenberg Bibles sell at auction for $35 million. “The Book” is an instant classic as the first scientific update of Ta Biblia and the Vulgate in 1,700 years. For a very limited time only,  “The Book” is available as a First Edition and First Printing

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“The Book” – is a very important, highly collectible, ground-breaking book and bible that includes:

  • Signed by the author
  • Boxed – for safe-keeping and gift-giving of the deluxe full-color highest-quality hard-cover bound book
  • Limited-production FIRST EDITION, FIRST-PRINTING exclusive run of 10,000 copies; the last 1,000 will be sold by auction so order your copy quickly!
  • 450 8″x10″ pages
  • 500-charts and visualizations
  • Glossary, Bibliography, Tables of Contents, Figures, Keyword Index  and access to online updates and forums
  • Single-use license Kindle e-Book with instructions to work with Read-aloud Android & Apple smartphones and computers
  • Proceeds from The Book fund scientific research that builds sustainably prosperous societies in every nation – and World Peace
  • Find an introduction to The Book and GL-BOK here
  • Printing and Shipping is expected to complete within 60-business-days – best effort (the highest quality control is our first-priority)

Made possible by The Scientific Societies Programme, Transition Economics, Social Contract Product (SCP) Report, ACT, TASK, WAOH, and SUSTAIN

ISBN: 978-1-987964-31-8

The Book, GL-BOK, and YouTube channel are Copyright 2021: CSQ Research

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About The Author

 * * *

“The Book” is a long-overdue update to The Bible, and the latest in a 4,000 year tradition of updates that teach us how to build sustainable societies reliably.

“GL-BOK” is the Global Leadership Book of Knowledge – an extensive scientific reference that explains the science, approach, and proofs that confirm both The Book – and the Bible.

The Bible is not religion; it began as a constitution of lessons and laws that sheppard the building of prosperous societies. The Bible was our society’s “Owner’s Manual”.

The sponsors of The Bible were great Kings, Governors, Judges, and leaders, and its authors were the top scholars and historians of their era.

Religions used the Bible, but the importance of any religion was greater when they could convince people that the Bible’s “God”, was a deity that only they could be the messenger of.

The Bible simply says that God – is “Good”.

The 1605 King James English Bible updated the 325 ACE/AD Greek ta Biblia, which updated the 279 ACE updates to the 763 BCE Hebrew Torah, which updated the 1763 BCE Code of Hammurabi as well.

“The Book” updates the Bible for a sixth time, in keeping with a long and respected tradition of Bible updates since our first civilizations.

“The Bible”, in Greek “ta Biblia”, means “The Books” (plural); and, the very great difficulty with having 73-books presenting important fundamentals, is that the message can get lost or muddled in so many tellings.

The Book, is a single book – and its approach differs because we can now teach evidence-based science and best-practice process that is appropriate for today’s educated and literate populations. 1,700 years ago people were uneducated, and sometimes brutish too; so, belief-based training was important – so that even the most wayward soul could be Baptised and fly straight thereafter.

The Book teaches 100% evidence-based science and best-practices that are proven successful and repeatable. “Best-practice” here in the Book is “epistemology” known to most of us as Project Management, Case Management, Change Management, Service Management, Six Sigma, SOP (Standard Operating Processes) – and similar important manufacturing and operating processes.

The Bible is scientific; the work of 300+ scholars – and it was the moon launch of its day as well. Its observations and lessons learned were taken from the rise and fall of dozens of civilizations over a 3,000-year period.

Storytelling was the only way to pass the Bible’s messaging forward, and as I say above – a world of magic and miracles was important to ensure that the roughest character could instantly change his behavior for “good”.

Today, we can understand that we make our own “miracles”. With good leadership and through our meaningful actions and productions, we can create personal, social, and human advance reliably – without guesswork and collapse born of mistraining in schools and on TVs and social media.

The Book explains contemporary quantitative science that supports the Bible’s messaging, but now in much greater detail, and The Book makes the work of hundreds of past scholars more relevant and interesting too.

Scientific Bibles will always instill important core-values of:

  • Family Values – which ensure sustainable fertility and respect of loved one;
  • the Golden Rule – respect for our fellow man ensures that we have all that we need to be productive;
  • Advance – the Holy Spirit of the New Testament is the creator that builds civilizations and advances humanity;
  • essential Laws included 10 Commandments and 613 examples in 4,000 year old case law, and
  • and also many sophisticated laws of economic reset, investment, physical science, and sustainability too

Econometric Science in The Book explains that Productivity builds strong economies reliably, while secular Wealth-theory’s Micro and Macroeconomics, Right and Left Politics, and other secular theory collapses our society and economies reliably – costing trillions of dollars in lost productivity which is unreported today.

What surprised us most during The Book’s three-year development, was how consistently sophisticated data science confirmed the Bible’s observations turned lessons.

The Book explains that we don’t want the religious theory that collapsed us in the middle-ages, and nor do we want the secular theory that collapses us today. Rather, it’s a scientific society that we want to teach and to vote for also.

*  *  *

Order The Book above and then check out The Book at YouTube as the channel takes to the air beginning in mid-August 2021!


Evidence-Based Science and not Belief-Based Theory

Bibles never made so much sense and never seemed so relevant – as The Book explains the scientific essential principles and building blocks of sustainable societies as explained by Scholars for 2500 years in the Bible


Highlights of The Book include:

  • The Global Leadership Book of Knowledge
  • Bibles and Right Plans; Eastern nations have doubled Western Productivity for 30-years
  • MEMS Data Science doubles economies reliably
  • Public Utilities, Zero Costs Pensions & UBI, Not Minimum Wages; Living Wages
  • TASK, SCP, Real Reporting, and Civics Education
  • Reliable, Scientific advance, leadership, prosperity, and abundance – without the lies!
  • The ACT Party – Left and Right? The only side is Advance
  • When you can’t find reliable Indicators of Advance? Aggregate!

Great leaders report problems and then explain how to correct them to advance us reliably

Edward Tilley, The Book, 2021


©2022 All rights Reserved, CSQ Research

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