3-Seasons | 52-weeks | 44-minute Media/TV Episodes

WP-TV is a Media Series that explores the building of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Sustainable Societies. WP is directed by 3500 pages of SSP Program research, six theses in sustainable societies, SDG production, planning and finance, and it

In every meaning of the word, WP-TV is Good TV, that teaches voters and young people, What are Sustainable Policies? Business? and the Social Programs that build larger marketplaces and prosperous economies. WP-TV features:

  • Franklin Delore Roosevelt’s American Dream – created the strongest economy in history
  • ACT Parties – concept-only democratic parties that forward sustainable policies only
  • Common Sense – is the social contribution of our decisions. The curriculums of our courseware in Common Sense are discussed and examples taken from around the world
  • Transition Economic’s World at our Hands Report examines accessible and interesting historical and econometric Proofs of what are Sustainable and Unsustainable Policy
  • A world more …

Episodes run in a format similar to Planet Earth, Nova, Cosmos, or Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation

The Production Bible for WP-TV explains a cast of two leads and a familiar 4-part sectioning for every episode

Contact Us – to learn more and to get this important production funded and broadcast

WP-TV - Worthwhile Ventures

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