Model Economy * Model Society = Leadership


Reliable Economic Development

Evidence-based Science and A.I. assures Human Advance

Theory and ideology are dangerous, expensive, and unnecessary; and collapse is correctable also

In the 1920s, we saw the unemployed were lazy, welfares were unpatriotic, we encouraged laissez-faire in finance, small government, low tax, and open-markets in business. There were few pensions nor living wages, divorce skyrocketed, and politicians were rewarded and made rich by their sponsors in discount stock and real estate schemes

FDR turned around their collapse and his corrections built not only the greatest economy in history, but also seven decades of success for FDR Consitution nations too. Not all nations were as lucky; as  Oligarches relied on Friedman, Stigler, and even Nobel Prize committees to convince large-population democracies to forget the Great Depression’s hard-learned lessons

The Nobel Prize for Economics was separated from other prizes specifically because micro and macroeconomics – is not science; it’s theory.  There is no science that validates supply, demand, cost, profit, labor, stock valuation, trickle-down, finance accounting, advance economies; and proofs in actual science confirm that this support for Wealth Theory collapses economies reliably only

In science, Productivity builds strong economies reliably

Wealth-theory collapses economies and loses $4 billion daily to every economy on average.

Productivity / Social Contract / Confidence of Good Lives – is proven to build strong economies reliably, while most of Micro and Macroeconomics’ Wealth-theory and its habit of hiding reporting about the hard lives of citizens – collapses nations

Economic Development teams are country builders – but tools, sciences, and civics training that ensure evidence-based, repeatable, proven-successful policies for economic growth have not been available to us. MEMS changes that with the science of Transition Economics

Model Economy * Model Society (MEMS) lets you build a reliably successful socio-economic turn-around easily – by a “Right Plan” as Aristotle termed it (the Bible called this planning Right-Way-Ness or Righteousness)

Where Academia has aligned with theory and ignored science since the 1980s, MEMS is 100% scientific and validatable

IMF, WEF, World Bank Frameworks use Micro and Macroeconomics’ Wealth-theory, which means their measures are often meaningless and their track records collapse internationally

Wealth-theory :

  1. is proven failed because it ignores productivity, thereby creating collapse reliably
  2. ignores automation and human capital contribution,
  3. is blind to Mature Capitalism imbalances, and
  4. completely ignores Social Contract (Social Problems) Losses equaling trillions annually

Doughnut Economics, Environmental Economics, Relationship Economics, are another example of theory-only. Doughnut cannot determine successful policy just as it cannot explain why it’s Social Contract underpinnings work well in mature capitalisms. Doughnut Economics will be useless (will create the U.S.S.R.) in boom economies 20-years from now – and will only rarely be more than dangerous and unnecessary guess-work between then and now, because it’s not a science

Science proves that Social Contract, and the productivity it creates, is essential and causal to economic advance. Academic curriculums, peer-reviews, and policies that don’t validate their foundations are deprecated using the scientific transparency of Transition Economics (TE)

Reliable Turn-around

Transition Economics and MEMS are game-changers. Watch the 2011 movie MoneyBall to realize the simplicity and impact of a scientific probability-based approach. Academia, Economists, and Economic Development methods are every bit as arcane today as baseball was before SaberMetrics was implemented. Proven-failed theory was collapsing 70% of 207 economies before COVID, which means that at this point a chimp with a dartboard has a higher probability of success than an Ivy-trained economist

The mathematical certainty of 60-year imbalances (Mature Capitalisms), were pre-empted by Jubilee Year resets in the Code of Hammurabi 4,000 years ago, and documented again in ta Biblia in 325 (see Leviticus 25/26), yet Economists ignore these time-proven best-practices entirely

Today, most nations have failed to preempt our most-recent very expensive, dangerous, and preventable mature capitalism, and we’ve also enabled it through a systemic academic mediocrity that falsely peer-reviewed near 100% of the curriculum in faculties of Economics, Business, Finance, and Political Science

Leaders must offset the income impacts of important automation transition, prevent starvation wages – in asset management hiring, procurement process, and accounting. We must control runaway costs-of-living, and ensure sustainable capitalism and SDG SEED in financial policy. Fertility rates are unsustainable in 94% of high-income nations for 20-years, cheered-on by academia. Anti-family-values policy prevent family pensions and drive poverty, suicide, and 40 serious social and economic problems 

Going forward, Socioeconomic problems will be recognized and corrected through a Scientific Societies Programme (SSP) of your own

Recover $4 billion per day

Every nation on the planet loses an average of $4.3 billion daily to Social Contract Loss, to social problems, and to unsustainable policy that lingers uncorrected for decades in many large democracies today. Don’t be that nation

With Model Economy – Model Society, economic development leaders can make their entire economic “pie” larger reliably. The UAE seeds opportunity and reaps fantastic economic results, and so can you

Solve the Problem

The first step in solving any problem is realizing that you have one – Zig Ziglar

Transition Economics (TE) and Econometrics report hidden problems. TE deprecates much of traditional micro and macroeconomic theory and relies scientifically on actual cause-and-effects seen in surveys of 220-nations

Where Economics explains how a horse should move – in theory, Transition Economics explains how a horse actually does move – in reality

Sustainable Policy Manages Risk

Every nation tracks dozens of government, business, finance, infrastructure, and social services. MEMS proves which are the policies that contribute to an advancing, abundant economy, and which are the policies that lead to collapse. MEMS tracks 2,000 indicators and indexes in 200 countries with over 60+ years of data, to confirm the highest percentage probability of economic success – to support responsible policy decisions

Stock Markets – are important to operate for capital formation but their performance is irrelevant to economic success; GDP Reports – are always positive, they hide problems, and often misreport inflation as growth; Right and Left policy is meaningless – only sustainable policy matters and is socially responsible to vote for; immigrant population growth offers zero benefit to economy; FDI In – Foreign Direct Investment – and military spending, are harmful; Annual Inflation of greater-than 4% is harmful, and so on. See The World at our Hands econometric library for a hundred of examples

Growth can be built reliably in any nation

Casinos are regarded as safe and recession-proof businesses that also help tourism and surrounding communities. They are reliable because they only allow transactions to occur through games that always offer a small percentage-probability-of-success “for the house”. With TE, we can run our economies according to this same proven model. We can run nations scientifically, realizing that unsustainable policy is expensive, unproductive, and also dangerous

Decision-Support for national Right Plans

Right Plans with Artificial Intelligence built in

IMF, WEF, and World Bank MacroEconomic Frameworks omit the essential Social Policies that ensure reliable national productivity. Scientifically, this is the reason that wester economies fail so often. A nation’s greatest resource – is its people; any community’s first priority – and business – is good lives. “Mankind is our business” and contrary tellings of this basic scientific truth are fictions – and self-defeating, short-sighted fictions as well

Model Economy * Model Society is a decision support AI tool that provides the data and infographic tools that permit Economic Development professionals to create a Right Plan of proven-successful policies for business, economy, trade, social, and finance – and to monitor and report progress

Capabilities include:

  • Economic Targets
  • Social Targets
  • SDG Public Utilities (Welfare and Pension programs at fractional cost)
  • Trade
  • SEED vs. Scale-up decisions
  • Policy Roles and Responsibilities
  • Investment versus Spending analysis
  • Return on Social Contract investment – the lost average $3.6 billion lost daily in every nation
  • Strategic Right Plan status and success

See an example Right Plan and MacroEconomic Framework in Section 2 of our World at our Hands Report page  …

Our offices are located in Toronto, Canada, and Paris, France – and our customers and communities are located in every country on in the world

The easiest Business Case EVER

MEMS’ features are explained fully in the first scientific update to the Bible in 1,700 years – “The Book”. Bibles were not religions; they were built to be an owner’s manual that explains how to build successful societies

The reliable recovery of $4 to $30 billion (US) per day lost to unsustainable policies makes any Business Case for MEMS, the easiest decision your Economic Organization will ever make

MEMS’ Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and API offerings were developed from the 2018 thesis End of War – Managing Mature Capitalism and builds an important Engineering Plan from CSQ Research’s Scientific Societies Programme.

Model Economy * Model Society isn’t a tool – its a solution

Model Economy * Model Society

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Model Economy & Society – lets you to compare your current stats and policies with those of advancing nations quickly and easily. We provide every country planner with the tools, data, and training to keep your nation moving steadily toward sustainable success and prosperity

Application updates, Training & Certification – are bundled in your MEMS SaaS Program which includes:

  • A public web portal landing page
  • MEMS SaaS application
  • raw and Excel-compatible data and infographic templates
  • Your own Economic Development in-house Team Page

A CSQ Consultant will respond to your enquiry within one business day

Social Contract

Fertililty & Double Income Traps

Jobs & Immigration

The TE Top 100 Sustainable Policies

A high standard of research is critical in determining causal and sustainable policy. Model Economy * Model Society provides access to a full suite of Data Science monitoring and interactive dashboard reporting tools. This is a sample from the TE Top-100 – a  list computationally-selected from several thousand reports, to identify the top determiners of successful economies globally

To make it onto the World at our Hands Report, every indicator is measured in 200 countries by trade balance, by growth, in high income nations only, by SCP and Social Contact, and by other other causal measures such as Export per Capita and GDP, Capital Formation, GDP-PPP per capital, and others as well

Scientific, evidence-based decision support for Policy

International surveys explain just about everything in Model Economy, so agendas and unsupported speculation can never enter into decisions supported by MEMS . CSQ Research works with world governments to identify important targets, and then these tools will advise, report, and monitor your progress. We assist Policy Committees, Leaders in Government, Economic Development groups, and multi-national business organizations, to deliver big-picture country-building Right Plans that work

“Right Plans” are an invention of Aristotle who had the foresight 2,200 years ago to explain the importance of building strong national policy and Good Lives for our citizens. Our WAOH –World at our Hands Library, is a unique opportunity to look beyond shortsighted, low-context experience and media reports, and instead build a strong future that is well-worth handing down to future generations


Model Economy * Model Society suggests a higher-probability approach

Model Economy * Model Society’s data science creates planning with responsible policy. Policy, quantitatively proven to prevent collapse and to ensure turn-around in Mature Capitalisms that restore balance and productivity reliably

MEMS programs introduce Economic Development groups to much more than simple software tools and training in econometrics, we introduce Scientific Societies Programme and Global Leadership governance approach as well

Policy Case Study – Consumer vs Production Economies

Production and Consumption Economies are important to balance well in any successful economy.


  • Consumption – 75% of GDP
  • Manufacturing – 5.7% – too low and should be at 15%+
  • Industry – Ok at 24% but you would not want this to fall more


  • Consumption – 82% – too high
  • Manufacturing – 11% – too low and should be at 15%+
  • Industry – 18% – Too low


  • Consumption – 79% – too high
  • Manufacturing – 10% – too low and should be at 15%+
  • Industry – 25% Ok but marginal

CSQ ‘s Model Economy * Model Society (MEMS) is an Economic Development program that creates these infographics quickly and easily – as needed to optimize your Economic Development.


Ours is a time of rapid change through automation. Automation can build reliable and scalable SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) – and creates an opportunity for our civilizations to migrate to hybrid systems of free welfare and pensions when needed, rather than to just rely on our present monetary systems which can imbalance. 20% of our planet still does not have the basic human rights of clean water, food, secure shelter, education, and the other building blocks of a self-sustaining successful economy and Good Life.

Rolling out automated SDGs solves much of that problem – see

Building a Right Plan

Building a plan of policies, projects, and KPI measures that sustain advancing economies, culture, self-sufficiency, and thought-leadership best practices – builds a prosperous future. Right Planning is straight-forward work – but it is also misunderstood by most democratic nations. Political leads lack the basic civics training needed to run countries responsibly – and that’s where experts are essential. Inclusivity? Opinions, right leaning, left leaning, are not best-practice thought-leadership and have little to do with responsible, scientific country planning


Building your Social Contract and SDGs

CSQ Research leads the world in proven Sustainable Policy Analytics, Social Contract Programs, Academic Sustainability Courseware, Democratic and Constitutional Reforms, and in effective SUSTAIN Project Management Method that gets your country and businesses aligned with a brighter, more worthwhile and profitable future

What’s Your SCP Score?

Mature Capitalism

Past Mature CapitalismsModel Economy * Model Society creates planning based on four-thousand pages of theses and research. Great philosophy (thought-leadership),  great process (epistemology), and the latest data and data-sciences in econometrics are now right at your fingertips

Mature Capitalisms are times of global economic (monetary system) imbalance when World Wars ignite (with an 80% probability in recent history). If history repeated and a World War blew-up from today’s Mature Capitalism “powderkeg” once again, it would be the first World War to occur within a mature nuclear era, wherein an extinction level event would occur in every likelyhood

Charts to the right and below confirm that world conflicts are at their highest level in history this decade – just as they were during our last two World Wars

Revolutions per Decade

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