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We talk a lot about Franklin Delano Roosevelt at ACT. FDR was the U.S. President that built the American Dream and the greatest economy in history. FDR’s fight to add his Second Bill of Rights to the American Constitution was obstructed but these policies were added to the Constitutions of Italy, Germany,  and Japan after the war. Today, they are the only G7 nations with advancing economies, six weeks of paid vacation, they have lower tax rates, full healthcare, pensions, and free education in many cases. FDR’s policies are proven successful – even in mature capitalisms like today

Not Conservative, Not Liberal
Sustainable and Prosperous

ACT Parties talk about Sustainable policy. That’s because ACT began as a thesis in a non-theoretical new science called Transition Economics (TE). TE takes a scientific approach – which means that we deprecate meaningless conservative and liberal categories – and instead, only endorsed policies which are proven to boost economies – both statistically and in observation too

Canada has more resources than the Middle East in every way – and yet growth is not even 1% per year here. Our failing has been in leadership and in planning


ACT competes against multi-billion-dollar ad campaigns from our southern neighbours. Special Interests sought to collapse the U.S. in the 1930s, and they’re alive and well today, teaching voters to build a dystopia – as if that is in their benefit too. Read Dickens, Hugo, Orwell, Lord Byron, Hobbes, Rousseau and many more to understand the landscape that policies like Low-Tax, Low Death Tax, Small Government, and Open Markets build.

Your Donation gives a Canadian message a chance to be heard – and gives you and your children the chance of a prosperous future too

Our Policies

Social Contract is the most important building block in a strong economy. FDR’s Second Bill of Rights (1944) created the American Dream and the strongest economy in history. Today, 70-years after the Marshall Plan implemented FDR’s Rights into the Constitutions of Germany, Italy, and Japan, these countries remain the only G7s with advancing economies.

Social Contract

Social Contract

Full-employment is access to income. In a monetary society, money is like air that we all have to breathe. Policies that work find income are on-shoring (Diversity hiring quotas) and off-shoring (Globalization).


Unemployment TEP
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Housing in Canada has reached a breaking point – for everyone who needs to live and breath in this country. Young people, old people, any people – are feeling the stress of run-away rent and mortgage poverty.

How do we Fix this?

Housing must be affordable – for everyone. We live in a very cold country with February months dipping to -30c in most areas save British Columbia. In 1982 the price of a home in Hamilton, Ontario was $30k and salaries were $30k to $40k; in 1985 the same home was $90k; and today it’s $600k for the exact same run-down three-bedroom starter home. Vancouver and Toronto are in worse shape than this and salaries.

First – Walk away mortgages.


Context is vital in voting. Is the message you are hearing truthful – and is the information important as well?


Education TEP

The Issues

Canada loses $4.2 billion a day – $1.5 trillion a year – to an opportunity shortfall. Canadian Exports-per-Capita are a fraction of other countries our size and its not that we don’t want to be productive.

In a monetary system, freedom is the gap between Salaries and Cost-of-Living (CoL). When Salaries fall to Cost of Living, Freedom is lost; and when Salaries fall below CoL, Social Contracts are lost and economic productivity falters

When salaries do not meet CoL, they can be called starvation wages. ACT corrects Salaries with Full-Employment Policy and then we start to work on cost of living

Salaries Fall since the 1970s

Unsustainable Incomes

Inequity has risen 20% since 2010 in Canada. That’s a big lift in inequity and its an important problem for us to address.

Income Inequity

Income Equality

First, lets start by defining what is rich? Rich people that we would call the top 1%, have incomes of $1 million per month in Canada – and $1 million per week in the U.S.. Poor in Canada can include anyone who’s incomes do not meet their cost of living. Region by region, CoL changes and so there isn’t a dollar-rate that can be assigned to this.

Having rich people is not a problem, but having poor people that cannot be productive for the economy – that is a big problem.

Wealth Inequity

Wealth Inequity

Low Social Contracts build great wars reliably – again and again. There are more conflicts worldwide today than at any time in history, and this was true for World War I & II as well.

Mature Capitalisms build populism, currency wars, trade wars, social problems and then real wars – by 2028 if war commencements of the past repeat

Mature Capitalism & War

Revolutions per Decade

Our Mission and Vision

We build sustainable nations reliably

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