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MiningBots design and build robotic mining solutions that increase safety  and production while reducing cost. Automation is the future of mining and Worthwhile’s MiningBots work with Cirenergy Fuels & Power Plants, DeliveryBots Autonomous vehicles, and DotDomo Building-Manufacturing Automation to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive mine to market strategy.

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MiningBots build products and services that make mining as safe and autonomous as possible, in:

  • Services
    • consultancy, temporary developers, transportation, brokerage, financial consulting, machine sales, risk assessment services, power supply, equipment leasing, Software and technology, safety services and data mining
  •  Metals
    • Aluminum
    • Coal
    • Copper
    • Diamond & Precious Stones – both manufactured and mined
    • Metal & Mining Brokers/Distribution
    • Metal Refining Processing including galvanization
    • Precious Metals
    • Specialty
    • Steel
  • Lithium – ask about partnering Lithium Production with GeoThermal Energy Plant productions
  • Metal Process Automaton – for Galvanized, Stainless, and numerous
  • Raw Resource transportation by Sea, Rail, Pipeline, Air and Ground

Contact us about the problems you face and we will discuss what our Campus Engineering Teams can do about them.

Our systems scale to meet the needs of companies large and small in every region worldwide.

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Robotic mining and transport increases safety, quality-control and reduces cost sustainably.

mine-methods block caving


mining-combo under-mining




steel_processGalvanizing Process

Processing Foundaries and Factories



Mill Automation


Always Life-Cycle-Managed


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Worthwhile Ventures Logo DelBot2GoodBots RoboRoads DotDomo2 FoodBots PharmaBots Cirenergy2 GroundBots wpprojects

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