The World at Our Hands Report

Transition EconomicsWorld at our Hands Report sequences all current economic TEP Chart Proof surveys in order of causality. This means that the policies and measures which cause advancing economies – are first at the top of the list – and then the measures that create less improvement – or have adverse impacts, are at the bottom of the report. This sequencing permits an easy visual confirmation of which measures improve economies with the highest probability

The following list is a central repository that we update to include as many TEP and related Transition Economic surveys as quickly as we can validate them. These surveys become our decision-support building blocks for selecting proven-successful policy every time.

An explanation on how to build TEPs, and that TEPs can take a little practice to master – is explained in End of War Chapter 4. View explanations of Social Contract and Social Contract Product Reports to see how combination TEPs are created


Research contributors are invited to add to the World in our Hands Report by sending your TEP surveys in email to Download the TE Proof Chart template and data here

New TEPs must include supporting data and citations for new data sources. Contributors’ names are published here in the report pending review; we regret that we cannot accept all submissions and will prefer to accept submissions for the following TEPs with priority:

Full-employment | Non-trade-based Advancing Economy measures | Rental Poverty | Mortgage Poverty | Home Affordability | Nationalism | Open Markets | Small Government | Estate tax | Middle-Income | Female Inequity (First World) | Female Inequity (Developing Nations)

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