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Transition EconomicsWorld at our Hands Report sequences all current economic TE Proof Chart surveys in order of causality. This means that the policies and measures which cause advancing economies – are first at the top of the list – and then the measures that create less improvement – or have adverse impacts, are at the bottom of the report. This sequencing permits an easy visual confirmation of which measures improve economies with the highest probability

The following list is a central repository that we update to include as many TEP and related Transition Economic surveys as quickly as we can validate them. These surveys become our decision-supports and building blocks for picking proven-successful policy every time.

An explanation on how to build TEPs, and that TEPs can take a little practice to master – is explained in End of War Chapter 4. View explanations of Social Contract and Social Contract Product Reports to see how combination TEPs are created

We begin the report with a study of FDR’s proven New Deal Policies – which he used very successfully to turn-around our last mature capitalism


Researchers and universities & colleges are invited to contribute to the World in our Hands Report. Sending your TEP survey in email to Download the most recent TE Proof Chart template and most of our recent working data here

New TEPs and Proofs must include supporting data and citations for all data sources. Contributors’ names are published here in the report pending review and acceptance of your research. We regret that we cannot accept all submissions and will prefer to accept submissions for the following TEPs with priority:

Non-trade-based Advancing Economy measures | Rental Poverty | Mortgage Poverty | Home Affordability | Nationalism | Open Markets | Small Government | Middle-Income | Single/Double Income Family | Female Inequity (Developed Nations) | Female Equality (Developing Nations) | SKILL versus WILL (Engineers/Technology Leads/Medical versus H.R./Legal/M.B.A. Generalist /Administration/Accountants) in Leadership/Boards/Sustainable Societies

FDR’s Proven Turn-around New Deal Policies

In the 1930s, Franklin Delano Roosevelt worked against conservative objectors to ensure starving Americans had the basics of life. His Second Bill of Rights policies laid the foundation for the American Dream’s strong Social Contract – which then built the greatest economy in history. Countries like Japan, Germany, and Italy – that lost the war, won the peace because these policies were added to their Constitutions via the Marshall Plan. These are the only G7 nations with advancing economies today

Political Opportunism & Mislabelled Voter Messaging

In the 1980s, American Political Parties pioneered marketing test-centers to develop messaging that garnered voter support for policies that were also preferred by wealthy political contributors. Dickens, Lord Byron, Hugo, Orwel, Hobbes, FDR, and many other writers wrote about the dystopia created by Low-Taxation, Low Estate Tax, weak government correction of unbalanced Salaries and Social Contracts. They also warned against government that was not for the people


The policy of Low-Tax, like all of these politically opportunistic Policies were selected in market tests because they sounded appealing to voters. At the same time, these policies have ensured inequity to the point where 95% of all income gains go to the Top-1% rich today, while they stall economies, multiply debt (which is serviced by every tax payer) and creates hardship which inspires revolutionary sparks in a powder-keg of avoidable anxiety

Low Death Tax

Middle Income & Female Equality

Political opportunism is rife in mature capitalisms. In the absence of strategic planning, civics training in our schools, and credible reporting, populist news presents petty drama and also whichever messaging tests best in market studies. These policies are broadcast in billion-dollar advertising campaigns and this keeps voters in support of 95% of all income-gains flowing to the Top-1% of wealthy. Middle Income is the largest percentage of working voters – and women, obviously comprise half of most populations

Unsustainable Birthrates

Double Income Families

Female Inequality – is the same policy as Double Income Families – sometimes called Double Income Traps. See “Low-Tax” policy to understand the economic impacts of Middle-Income election campaigns

Stock Markets

No Welfares. Private Healthcare & Insurance

The United States is the only G20 nation without Universal Healthcare today. After World War II, FDR’s Second Bill of Rights was added to the Constitutions of Italy, Germany, and Japan – and these countries are the only three advancing economies in the G7 today. The average number of paid vacation days here – is six weeks annually. These Universal Rights were added to several European Constitutions by the Marshall Plan and U.N. because of the estimated 40-million civilians who starved or died of disease after the war’s end

High Social Contract nations have some of the highest economies in the world per-capita. The opposite is true also; low social contract nations have some of the lowest economies too. The SCP Report manages the problem by measuring revenues lost to each economy. For example, America loses $37 billion dollars a day – or $13 trillion a year – to its low social contract; to its inability to empower citizens and take advantage of opportunity like high social contract nations do. The average loss to each country globally today, is $3.6 billion per day

Small Government

Open Markets & Laissez Faire Business Policies

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