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The RAI – Renewable Automation Index

Products and services that can be consumed only once are non-renewable. We often think of energy when we think Renewable because Fossil Crude Oil supplies on earth have finite limits; where geothermal and water-powered hydro energy – are effectively limitless and self-renewing 100% of the time day-or-night. Wind and solar power generation are examples of Part-time Renewable Resources.

Automation tools like conventional robots are non-renewable similarly; however,  Automations that provide for their own life-cycle-management and robotically build themselves – these automations can in fact be considered “Renewable”.

When these Renewable Automation resources break, they fix themselves; they apply their own upgrades, manage their end-of-life, their productions improve and mature organically – just like a renewable resource.

When these Renewable Automations produce basic social necessities like food, clean water, shelter, energy, transportation, and tradable engineered goods and services, societies become self-sufficient and export economies prosper.

These renewable manufacturing technologies, and the social policies that make them possible, create self-sustaining resources ongoing – and so we term these production lines Renewable Automation (RA).

Two Indexes

There are two RAIs: a Country and a Company Index

The Goal of The RAI Company Index is to recognize companies that design and build Renewable Automation and EconomyTech.

The Goal of The RAI Country Index is to recognize Countries that sustain their economies with Transition Economics Maturity Model (TE-Mature) Policies; policies that also support the building of Renewable Automation. TE-Mature Policy, like investing in RA, builds additional economic injectors for your country – similar to purchasing foreign debt for example. Read about what are economic injectors, and why are they important, on our TE-Maturity Models page.


TE-Mature policies include Engineering Safety-nets, sufficient Guaranteed Income supports, and policies that Reset spending-power in housing, energy, healthcare and education – a summary chart of policy supports is listed below.  See our Introduction to Transition Economics page here.

The Company RAI

30-years ago, companies like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco and others stood at the cusp of an incredible wave of technology growth. Today, Renewable Automation companies stand at the precipice of our next 30-year revolution and wave in technology.

Initially, the Company RAI is available to investment houses and government procurement teams on license restrictions

Renewable Automation Companies are leaders in the Life-Cycle Management – this includes Build, Maintenance, Upgrade and End-of-life waste management and recycling

Access the Company RAI by emailing us directly at info@csq1.org


CSQ Certified EconomyTech

The Country RAI  

The Country RAI shares goals and policy with the Transition Economics Maturity Model; two of the TE-Maturity list Policies – Engineering Safety Nets and Renewable Automations – are tracked here. For this reason the two lists are combined and a copy of the list is below. Read about the Maturity Levels on the Transition Economics Maturity Model page by clicking here.



Often we see that the more-mature Transition Economics Maturity Level countries (TE-Mature Countries) also ranked higher on The CMI Country Management Performance Index as well.

Transition Economics Maturity Models include monitoring for Renewable Automations and so the two lists – “”RAI Country” and “TE Maturity” – have been consolidated for this reason.

Click here to see the consolidated RAI and TE-Maturity List

CSQ Certification for RA Organizations

Look for the CSQ Certification logo on the website of your country or next business investment opportunity. Contact us here t0 get your company and country’s programs Certified.

CSQ Certs

Look for three levels of Certification Compliance:

  1. Certified and Monitored – Trained in-house Project Teams build RA that is confirmed by CSQ Research Compliance Engineers.
  2. Certified – Project and reporting teams are certified trained in building life-cycle managed automation.
  3. Monitored – CSQ Research reviews specific Renewable Automation project/product releases as requested.

Contact us here t0 get your company and country’s RA programs Certified

The RAI Country List

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The RAI was introduced in Transition Economics – The Science of Sustainability3d-te-8x5


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