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GroundBots are autonomous renewable forestry and landscape-management systems.

Top-20 Hardwood, Softwood Products, delivered by sister company DeliveryBots; alongside the industry’s broadest range of Landscape Management solutions.

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Renewable Resources: Building and Landscaping/Garden Products produced with state-of-the-art life-cycle managed farms and just-in-time delivery to lumber yards, job-sites, and homes.


Landscape Management: Affordable, safe, autonomous landscape, lawn-care management tools and services.


GroundBots automate the Grow, Manufacture, Delivery-to-Market solutions needed – reducing costs and improving quality competitively – with the socially-responsible Policy, Research and Advisory Resources needed to ensure that everyone in our community can benefit this important Economic Injector in renewable building materials and land management systems.

Programs ensure that seniors and communities have affordable ground maintenance options – and that families can benefit from both locally grown and exported sales of renewable resources to meet the needs of communities worldwide.

These are the systems that our resource economy will compete against tomorrow. GroundBots keeps economies competitive.




Robotic Renewable Resource and Landscape Management promises improved cost and quality exports, safer and more profitable operations, and reliable, affordable and convenient delivery to local communities as needed.

Ok Google / Hello Siri  – deliver a 24 2x4x10′ spars to Mr. Hill at 123 Sustainability Way, before 8 am next Monday; with repeats on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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Renewal Resource Management and Exports Automation



Integrating with popular global eCommerce Apps like WhatsApp for local ordering

autotractor TP-500-097-A

Configurable Harvesting, Pulp and Milling Processes



Top-20 Building Products, Soil, Sod and Garden Supplies


Yard or Snow Maintenance Year-Round


Always Safe, Always Life-Cycle-Managed; Always Sustainable Community Engineered; and always DeliveryBots compatible

From as little as $1 per delivery

Maintenance, installation, and end-of-life waste-recycling are built right in when combined with other compatible Worthwhile Programs like DotDomo Homes, FoodBots, Robotic Roads, DeliveryBots, GroundBots, Cirenergy, PharmaBots and others.

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