SUSTAIN Project Management Method

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    SUSTAIN Project Management System

    Building sustainable solutions small or large, requires a mature system of project management that ensure changes happen both successfully and reliably. Change, Projects, Transitions, New, Improved, and similar expressions are all words that describe the need for good project management process.

    Projects need not be physical changes, they might build organizational changes, or new policy in democracy or government.

    Many projects must be able to run side by side so that hundreds of projects can work through a best-practice methodology that guarantees – yes, guarantees – success reliably; without also considering or forgetting related projects ongoing around us too.

    Do all changes need to be built? Actually – no they don’t – and we are going to try to save you a lot of time and expense by establishing clear criteria in what is, and what is not, a “worthwhile” project as well.

    Sustain is completely PMLC, Agile and SCRUM compliant, its simple to learn, powerful to use, and will take your productive projects in technology, democracy, government, business, education – anywhere – to the next level successfully every time.

    SUSTAIN Project Management Certifications

    SUSTAIN – Sustainable Project Management is important.

    Protect your organization and investors from socially irresponsible decisions with SUSTAIN Compliance and Certifications. At CSQ you can look to a stalwart and incorruptibly transparent source of guidance within the SUSTAIN Governance and Compliance review and training team offerings that work to ensure focus of your management team is safeguarded by distraction from distraction. You do not have to figure out all of this planning on your own.

    Take the initiative to be proactive and get your organization registered at

    Whether your group wishes to Certify or simply Take the SUSTAIN Course, or you need to confirm how well thought-through are the projects set out by your committees and organizations in Strategic Planning, Business Transformation, or make-or-break Projects, there is a CSQ Compliance program available for your needs.

    Benefits include:

    • Build anything scalably, reliably and flexibly – Nothing is too complex and nothing is to large.
    • Meet Sustainability Target every time
    • Meet CSR / BSR Corporate Social Responsibility Mandates
    • Flexible to Policy and Democratic Policy or Law Maker’s needs
    • Higher staff job satisfaction, productivity, and attendance.
    • Low Stress; SUSTAIN builds  Transparent, Professional and Productive workplaces.
    • Higher revenues and sales volumes
    • Differentiation among your competitors as a SUSTAIN Certified Sustainable Leadership and Transformation Team.
    • Mature Status Reporting and Project or Process Template Libraries
    • CSQ SUSTAIN Logo for your website and marketing
    • Assurance of Compliance for Ethical Investors
    • Strategic Business Planning and Investment

    Look for the SUSTAIN Logos “Certified” and “Monitored” on your next project or investment to confirm that social, financial, procedural, and ongoing monitoring for measures of success and performance in Government, Non-Profit, Public and Private Licensed Corporations. If it’s not on our website, the product or organization is not certified.

    CSQ Certs

    For Certification and Training Programs, or to fast-track monitoring of your performance targets, visit or contact CSQ worldwide offices at

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